Ritual of the Fraternitas Saturni
About the Smoke-Ritual

The Master of Ceremonies feeds the smoke pan with the appropriate drugs. (Basically: incense, in addition depending upon the character of the lodge: Sandarak, Mastix, Styrax or Benzos) — then he steps with it before the Lodgemaster and bows before him. While he waves the pan, he speaks:

Hode hae sophia estin!
Here lives the wisdom!

After a complete clockwise turn, he waves the smoke pan at those present in the south, west and north of the lodge and speaks the greeting:

Eiraenae Hymin, Adelphoi! — Eiraenae Kai Eleutheria!
Peace with you, my brothers! — Peace and Freedom!

When he stands in the direction of the Lodgemaster after the execution of a complete turn, he speaks while regularly waving the pan:

Ho Ophis Ho Archajos, Ho Drakon Ho Megas
The ancient snake, the great dragon,

Ho Aen kai Ho on kai Ho zon eis Tous Aionas Ton Aionon
Who was and who is and who lives through the eternity of eternities.

[Line 2 can be dropped in special cases:]

Meta tou Pneumatos sou!
He shall be with your spirit!

After a bow in front of the Lodgemaster, he asks:

Recte dixi?
Have I spoken right?

The Lodgemaster answers:

Recte dictum est!
It has been spoken right!

After concluding bows, the Master of Ceremonies places the smoke pan aside, covers it and returns to his seat.
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