Ritual of the Fraternitas Saturni
Liturgy for the Master of the Chair

For the opening of the lodge only the Officers are in the temple room; the lights are lit, the smoke prepared, as well as the lodge implements.

2. Overseer: [hits with the hammer 3x strongly on the door to the atrium, opens it wide and speaks:]
"The Lodge is open!"

The gathered brothers and sisters enter the temple room and take their seats.


1. Overseer: "In order, my brothers and sisters!"

Master of the Chair: 3 hammer strikes:

My brothers and sisters! Cross your arms over the breast and close your eyes! — Wipe off the restlessness and the worry of the weekday! — Relax yourself! — We meditate on silence, peace, harmony! -- Breathe with me silently and deeply in ... out! --

5x altogether — each soft stroke — by 2. Overseer.

1. Overseer: In order, my brothers and sisters!
We will now perform the smoke ritual! --

2. Overseer: 3x silver bell!


The Master of Ceremonies [2. Overseer] feeds the smoke pan with the appropriate drugs. — then he steps with it before the Master of the Chair, bows, waves the the smoke pan 3x towards him and speaks or sings:

Hode hae sophia estin!
Here lives the wisdom!

After a complete clockwise turn, he waves the smoke pan at those present in the south, west and north of the lodge and speaks the greeting:

Eiraenae Hymin, Adelphoi! — Eiraenae Kai Eleutheria!
Peace with you, my brothers! — Peace and Freedom!

When he arrives in the east again, he waves the smoke pan 3x at the Master of the Chair and speaks:

Ho Ophis Ho Archaios, Ho Drakon Ho Megas
The ancient snake, the great dragon,

Ho Aen kai Ho on kai Ho zon eis Tous Aionas Ton Aionon
Who was and who is and who lives through the eternity of eternities.

Meta tou Pneumatos sou!
He shall be with your spirit!

After a bow in front of the Lodgemaster, he asks:

Recte dixi?
Have I spoken right?

The Lodgemaster answers:

Recte dictum est!
It has been spoken right!

After concluding bows, the Master of Ceremonies places the smoke pan aside, covers it and returns to his seat.


2. Overseer: 3x bell

Br.1. Overseer, what time is it?

1. Overseer: It is the hour of the work and the brothers and sisters await the light!

3x3 hammer strikes.

With this I open, by virtue of my office and my dignity of the day's work, a just and perfect lodge of the Fraternitas Saturni.
My brothers and sisters! Hear the law of the new aeon:
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law and the word of the law is — Thelema --
Freedom of action and freedom of spirit! — The tool for the action is our love! --
Love under will! --
Compassionless love! --

2. Overseer: 3x bell strikes!

Invocatio Magica

After the bell, all rise. — The candles are extinguished and the last flame lights the 3 tines on the black candle of Saturn.
[2. Overseer.]

Master of the Chair: crosses his arms over the breast and announces solemnly:

As master of our venerable brotherhood I call the spirit Saturn, the guardian of the threshold! --

2. Overseer: 3x in seperate bell strikes!

Master of the Chair: at each bell strike pull the sigil of Saturn into the air with the oath fingers (thumb, first finger and second finger) of the right hand.

[Saturn Sigillum]

Holy Saturnus: I call you! --
Holy Saturnus: We honor you! --
Holy Saturnus: We bow to you! --

Raises the arms, spreads them, the palms face upwards and the thumbs are spread. -- Stays standing with the arms raised until the end of the response.

In your name we work!
With your help it is achieved!
In your spirit it works,
today and for all time!

The master remains standing with raised arms.

1.A.: In the name of Aratron: The truth shall be revealed!

2.A.: In the name of Zaphkiel: The truth shall be paired with wisdom!

Master of the Chair: With your strengh we go to work!

During the last words the Master of the Chair lowers his arms and again crosses them over the breast. All of the remaining people present likewise cross their arms and call out together:

All: So should it be!

3x bell strikes

1. A.: In order, my brothers and sisters!

Those present sit again. With the triple bell strike, the invocation proper ends. The lodge is opened according to law and tradition.

Remembrance of the absent brothers and sisters

The master now gives 9 slow bell strikes and speaks:

We remember in the spirit of solidarity the absent brothers and sisters, who are not in our midst, but are still associated with us. The magical influx in the lodge reaches all and gives them strength and peace in the name of the demiurge Saturn.

Close your eyes and put yourself into a meditative state! — I call the names of these brothers and sisters. — Let the name vibrate in the chakra centres of your etheric body! --

1. Overseer: In order, my brothers and sisters!

2. Overseer: 3x bell!

We remember: ...

1. Overseer: [each time after 5 names rhythmically:]
Lam Yam Ram Wam Ham Om

2. Overseer: at each syllable softly strikes the bell
Harmony and peace to all beings in the All! — AUM! --

2. Overseer: 3x bell

Lodge Work

Lecture - Proclamations - Admissions - Expulsion -
Organisational Questions

Closing Ritual

3 Hammer blows

I end here the spiritual work of the lodge! --
Br. Master of Cermonies, extinguish the lights! --

2. Overseer: extinguishes all 3 black candles of Saturn. --
covers the tapestry — bows in front of the altar. --

Master of the Chair rises and spreads his arms: --
We connect ourselves now with the nameless, that stands behind all that was, is and will be! --

Hit with 3 spread fingers of the left hand the symbol of Malkuth:
3x [Malkuth]

2. Overseer: 3x loud bells

1. Overseer: We close our eyes! Emptyness is now in us and in the silence each image dissolves! --

2. Overseer: 3x soft bells.


From the nameless is formed the first name: [loud and solemnly]

2. Overseer: 1x bell!

1. Overseer: We greet Nuit, the eternal mother, the godhead of the night, the lord of the sky!

2. Overseer: 1x bell

2. Overseer: With your union we find the deep peace of eternal harmony!

1x bell!

All brothers and sisters keep their eyes closed!

2. Overseer: raises and lights the great candle of Hadit - bows --

3x silver bell!
All brothers and sisters open their eyes and look at the shining candle of Hadit.

The light of Hadit — the symbol of the eternal father — shines! — Like the shining ray penetrates the depth of the room, so will it light in us! --

1. Overseer: From the light we develop strength!

2. Overseer: It works in will to right conduct!
Threefold is the light's effect! --

1. Overseer: It works in the spirit!

2. Overseer: It works in our hearts!
It works in the action! --

2. Overseer: 3x bell!



2. Overseer: 3x silver bell!

The work is now done. Each one goes his own way. The bond of brotherhood remains! — And so it is always reinforced, let us step in the chains of brotherhood! --

The brothers and sisters step, form a circle and join hands with one another.

1. Overseer: My brothers and sisters! Close your eyes, lower your head and breathe deeply and calmly with me Out ... In [5x] and concentrate!

2. Overseer: in addition 5 quiet bells!

In the name of Thelema, the law of the will! — In the name of the great demiurge Saturn we are now joined in a magical chain of Brotherhood, we leap into a strong current, in a magical influx, that protects us in the spiritual temple of the lodge.

We are one strength!
We are one will!
We are one desire!
We are one harmony!
We stand in the Saturnian light of godhead, now and for all time!

1. Overseer: Coniunctis manibus spiritum saturni imploramus!
Gratias agamus Saturno!
Nos adiuvabit veritatem cognoscere
et superare perfidiam inimicorum nostrorum!


We now dissolve the chain, raise the head and open the eyes. --
Go now in peace, my brothers and sisters, because

Love is the law! --
Love under will! --
Compassionless love! --

2. Overseer: 3x silver bell!

Br. 1. Overseer, what time is it? --

1. Overseer: Mete es — and the work is complete!

2. Overseer: 3x bell!
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