The Maat Continuum

                                  by Sor.'.Nema
             published in "Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick"
                            Volume I, Number 5, 1983
                                 with permission
    Nema Afterword Maat Continuum
    It's been about eight years since Liber Pennae Praenumbra was written; the present commentary is considerably more recent, but it was written in the same metaphorical context as its subject. The passage of time hasn't rendered Liber P.P. false or obsolete in and of itself, but it has afforded growth in the perspective of which it is the seed. Magick is a peculiar human endeavor. It's a philosophy, a lifestyle, a hobby, an obsession, a subculture, a point of view, a way of looking at oneself and the universe that de mands growth and change. There are as many methodologies in practice as there are Magickians, all of which, in the English-speaking "Western World" at least, have been influenced by the unique genius of Aleister Crowley. The Maat material is rooted in the work of Aleister Crowley - the very name "Maat" comes from his system as representative of the final He' of Tetragrammaton, the Daughter, the stage of evolution designated for manifestation or "earthing". The Egyptians held Maat as Truth, the highest good. She is not so much a personality as an abstract principle of ethics and behavior, an essential honesty in living. These past eight years have seen the growth toward this abstraction accompanied by an increasing awareness of the need for profound change in the individual and in humanity at large. There is further material in preparation detailing means whereby the whole of human society can be restructured, means which can assist the transition from our present inadequate and artificial institutions to a way of living that originates organically in the nature of our humanity. Such has been the course of this development that it is of necessity addressed to the Magickians of the world, both the formal and informal. The formal Magickians are those of us who have undertaken a number of practices to the end of self-knowledge and/or "spiritual attainment", usually in an environment hostile, or at best indifferent, to our endeavor. We read a lot on the topic of Magick and related subjects, correspond with others of like interest, or, should we be fortunate to live near other Magickians and friends, spend long hours in discussion or argument, group rituals and adventures, etc. Many of us print magazines and newsletters for circulation among the worldwide "occult" community. There's a connection among Magickians, witches, druids, and other practitioners of non-Judeo-Christian rites; some individuals have multiple membership in a coven, a Magickal order and other groups. The commonality of interest lies in the failure of the "Established" religions, governments and economies to provide a way of life satisfactory to the needs of the human body, mind and soul. The informal Magickians share in this dissatisfaction, and have gravitated into associations that would, in all probability, reject the appellation "Magick". Who are they? They include: Science fiction writers and fans (who also have a thriving underground publishing network); political activists of various stripe who are still trying to effect a revolution to outmoded and failed systems; garnespeople of the Dungeons and Dragons type; the Society for Creative Anachronism; Erisians, Libertarians, former Flower Children; avant-garde artists of all media; scientists whose entireties are open to the impact of their discoveries - almost any human being of clear intelligence and creativity who sees beyond the dream of personal financial and reputational success. It is to both types of Magickian that the Maat material must address itself, in order that the intended changes in contemporary human life occur before we destroy ourselves. Formal Magickians are invited to examine this proposal: To effect global change, while at the same time removing from ourselves a type of invisible restriction of our own growth, we must let go of the parameters of Crowleyanity and archaism of any kind. The awesome accomplishments of "the Master" have shaped our awareness into a relatively narrow view that knows not how to think, discover or create in truly new ways. We accept his work and methodologies as our unquestioned premises, adopt his interests as our own, and spend time and energy going over old ground. So great is his light that it tends to blind. Other archaisms that the Initiate family ought to closely examine for current usefulness include gods and goddesses, the Qaballah, the Enochian "language", the Tarot, the I Ching, various other divinatory rnethods, Orders, Covens and Lodges with hierarchal structures, dramatic rituals and sexmagick. That which is True and universal will withstand honest scrutiny; that which human consciousness has outgrown will suggest its own successor or replacement. The Maat material has employed terms, metaphors and concepts derived from Crowley's work. This now seems to be a bridge or transitional device that has served its purpose and presently awaits transcendence. We need to express ourselves lucidly in the common language, rather that relying on Magickal shop-talk or jargon. Not only will this help to integrate our consciousness, but it will also provide a communications-facility with the informal Magickians among us. The proposal to the Informal Magickian is to suspend disbelief in Magick long enough to give it a fair trial in practice. It will require some hard work, study, action, and sometimes surprising changes within the practitioner. The upcoming Maat material will endeavor to streamline the process without neglecting essentials. The existing literature abounds in metaphor unintelligible to the modern mind without the concomitant experiences and the linking of experience to reference. These past eight years have seen a heartening response to the Maat material from various adepts around the world. They have used it successfully and creatively to produce further theory, practice, art and change, adding to the Maatian literature and opening new avenues of exploration. Unfortunately, certain opportunists have also manifested and have attempted to subvert the "Maat Current" to their own irrelevant ends. The Maat material is open to all who would use it for its intended purpose: the development of individual consciousness and the effecting of worldwide species/societal change. It will not "prove a point" for any individual or group, nor be a grindstone for personal axes. For anyone who attempts to use the Magick of Maat for purposes other than those stated above; who would claim it as their "own", or would use it to validate personal or group superiority, lineage, or authority, it carries an automatic curse: BY THE SAME MOUTH THAT INVOKES MAAT UNWORTHILY, ARE THE STRICT TERMS OF SELF-BINDING DECLARED; BY THE SAME MOUTH THAT WOULD SUBVERT THE FEATHER, ARE THE FAINT SCREAMS OF DISPERSAL CRIED FORTH. So mote it be. 7/7/82 Maggie As of Spring Equinox, 1982, I am no longer a member of the O.T.O. My resignation was the result of a lengthy period of contemplation, and is an ethical imperative. There are no regrets for having been a member and no regrets for resigning. All heirarchical structures are defunct, based as they are upon ideas of superiority/inferiority relationships. We are equals, freemen and freewomen. No one can initiate another; we can but work together toward a new way of life. We are One, we are None. Nema Maggie Crosby

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