The Maat Continuum

                                  by Sor.'.Nema
             published in "Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick"
                            Volume I, Number 5, 1983
                                 with permission
    Nema Beauty Maat Continuum
    In the Maatian system, Tiphereth is not the Sphere for meeting one's Angel; this Operation should have occurred before Work with the Maat Current is begun. Rather, it is the Dance of the Warrior, realizing and manifesting the essence of Horus on the Outer, and the Black Flame on the Inner. The proper Work of this Sephora is a meditative and constructive Magickal Retirement, followed by the establishment of a power vortex in the Magickian's home geographical region. A Magickal Retirement rarely can be accomplished on the physical plane; the pace of events requires the presence and the attention of the Magickian. It is possible to simplify one's activities, to some degree, and this would be the first step in the process. Make some time in which to be alone and undistracted. Establish a definite period of time for solitude on a daily basis and adhere to it. Banish the ghosts of the Masks that have accumulated during the day, then gradually withdraw from Existence into Being. Dancing the Mask can be a dangerous process if one doesn't periodically return to non-existence, or the state of pure Being. Increasing skill at fashioning the artificial Egos renders them increasingly more credible, even to themselves. Once the Masking has advanced beyond the awkward prototype attempts, the Masks acquire an autosentience and limited viewpoint of their own. The most difficult Mask of all is the everyday Mask of Tiphereth, even under the aegis of Horus, or the Warrior. This particular Sphere requires the dismantlingaf the "natural" Ego and the creation of a new one. One uses most of the natural components, eliminating the counter-productive and adding new elements. The daily Mask is never a finished product, of the flow of changes requires frequent revision and adaptations to suit current conditions. As a matter of fine-tuning to the subtleties of environmental flow, this Mask should possess a degree of self-adjustment capability. For more radical adjustments, one should retire to Being to assure a viewpoint of Tao, and then proceed with the re-modeling. The other Masks of the Dance are relatively easy to fashion and animate, being tailored to a given Sephora or Path. The daily Ego Mask requires much more attention, if for no other reason than it reflects the entire Microcosmic Tree. It were well to effect a competent transformation initially, so that subsequent adjustments will not require undue time and effort. In asana, confirm the location of the Observer, or Hadit-point, within the Ajna, or pineal body. Then project the Observer beyond the bodies so that it is self-contained. Turn its observational faculties Inward, creating a hollow sphere. From this center of Nothing originates the flow of undifferentiated energy from which all may be fashioned. The englobing Observer (now functioning as Nuit in relationship to the flow) beholds the essence of Will. The very act of perception creates Form within the hollow sphere, Form which echoes the essence of Will and which surrounds the Force of the flow. The Observer then returns to the mode of Hadit, removing itself from the surface of the Form/Force, and positioning itself within the Flow, ready to be borne along in the immanent motion. Upon this release, the energy begins to expand, shaping itself to the Form of the Will. It proceeds "down the Tree" toward manifestation, until it encounters the "natural" Ego reflected in Tiphereth. At this point the Observer acts from Chesed; it determines the distortion of the Ego from the Form of Will, and judges the best means of reshaping the Mask so that Will may be Danced. The most accurate indicators of needed change are "disastrous" events on the Outer and unusual amounts of pain, anger, indignation or misery experienced internally. This may seem obvious and elementary, but the human tendency to seek the source of unhappiness "outside" the self is ancient and strong, and often delays effective action. Using pain as an ally, the errors in any Mask can be detected and corrected as soon as they manifest, or even before manifestation occurs. Any malfunctioning of the daily Ego Mask will impede the doing of Will. For the initial Mask-crafting, as well as for subsequent adjustments, the following sequence of procedure should prove an adequate guide for Consciousness. State the Will in as simple and clear terms as possible. Assess the personality and character to see how the present way of acting and responding assists the doing of Will, perhaps listing the "pros and cons". Review the astrological factors, together with inherited traits, value systems, education, religio-philosophical training, and consciously-acquired abilities and ideals. Check on the actual performance thus far manifesting in the present incarnation: are you doing your Will? What prevents its full achievement? It's helpful to remember that your ego is an illusion, an aggregate of factors assembled by your True Self to function as a vehicle for the fulfillment of your incarnational purposes. It can be assumed that your Ego lacks its necessary efficiency because of an awkward arrangement of its factors. The patterns of a "natural" Ego are set, at least in part, by Karmic history, misinformation, and youthful ignorance. Upon discovering one's Will, the imperfections of Ego reveal themselves to a discerning Eye, and the new daily Mask can be crafted from the components that remain after the necessary Ego-death. Grafting the Mask of the Warrior is indeed a spiritual re-birth; the major difference between a Mask-Dancer and the "reborn" of other systems lies in the Willed formation of a Magickal Child, one's own daily Mask. One is Father and Mother to oneself, fashioning the seed in Wisdom, and nurturing the newborn Mask in Understanding. Magickians Working with the Double Current assume full responsibility for their "child-selves", their Willed Masks. To entrust one's re-Formation to another entity, no matter how sublime a Saviour, is not onlv ethically abhorrent, but constitutes an extreme of spiritual laziness. The Willed Mask is still an illusion; it's more artistic and efficient than the "natural" in dealing with other illusions, but it achieves no more "reality" by having been aligned to Will than any Ego can possess. The trick of Dancing the Mask lies in achieving a fine balance between belief and awareness. There must be enough belief that the Mask is self to Dance it convincingly, and a constant awareness that the Mask is not Self, but an illusory instrument for changing an illusory Universe. Once the destruction/rebirth process has well begun on the Inner, and the "natural" Ego is being transmuted into the Mask of the Warrior, one may turn attention to improving the efficiency of the "extended Self", or Willed control of the Outer environment. Imagine, if you will, a field of force surrounding the planet Earth, similar in its way to the electro-magnetic field detectable by the magnetic compass. This field of force may be considered the "astral body" of the Earth's instrumentally-detectable field, moving along lines of flow parallel to the lines of force in the "physical" field. This "astral" field bears the Magickal Current, whose "frequency" depends upon the Aeon under consideration. Whenever events of Change occur in sufficient magnitude, they use and contribute to the Magickal Current then in effect. This employment of the Current creates an eddy in the flow of the astral field, in the form of a vortex or whirlpool. The pattern of this vortex leaves an impression in the physio-astral environment, creating power places, holy grounds, sacred lands. Some geographical locations on the planet have witnessed such great events of Change that they form the major foci of the astral field. These are known as World-Navels, or Planetary Chakras. Lesser events create lesser vortices; nevertheless, these secondary locations are recognized as power places. There are many unknown power places of a tertiary nature. These tertiary places may be divided Aeonically. From the prehistoric Nameless Aeons, there still remain the vortices created and maintained by geologic or climatic activity, or else fashioned by ancient and vanished races. These have been maintained by the elementals of the location, and can be joined to the frequency of the Aeon of Horus with little trouble. These prehistoric vortices remained attuned to the frequencies of their generation, and were employed during the Aeon of Isis by superimposing the particular frequencies of that Aeon. These would be places like Stonehenge, large caverns sacred to Ge, oceans and forest groves. The wise priestess or priest took full advantage of natural astral resources in choosing a temple site. The vortices begun in the Aeon of Isis concentrate in the earliest cities, temples, burial-sites, anonymous groves and cross-roads. These places can be adapted for present purposes by transmuting their frequencies into those of the present Aeon, but the rewards for such efforts provide but a minimal return in terms of effectiveness of the resulting vortex. Osirian power places, such as cathedrals, battlefields and prisons, are ill suited to the Thelemic Magickian. They carry the forces of restriction, op dependency. One can render a positive benefit to the planet, however, by invoking the forces of Shaitan, as the form of the Tarot Trump of the Tower, whenever one encounters such places. This will be useful to neutralize the impress of the Osirian frequencies in the particular locale, and permit the power place to heal itself by reverting to its natural, geological frequencies. One may begin the creation of a power vortex with the frequencies of the Aeon of Horus simply by establishing an active Temple in the desired location. Frequent use of the Temple in rites employing the 93 Current will magnetize the molecular structure of the environment in the patterns most conducive to the nature of the Current's flow. The strength of the vortex depends upon the clarity of the impress, which in turn depends on the amount of "voltage and amperage" the Magickian can control. BY joining the Maat Current and the 93 into the Double Current, however, one can create a vortex with an "extended lease", as it were. This not only ensures the duration of the vortex well into the Aeon of Maat, but also adds the increased intensity of supplemental power from the future. The vortices created now by the Double Current will be/are being used and maintained by the Maatian priesthoods "downwhen" in the Time Stream. These even include the power places on present coastlines that will be submerged in the Aeon of Maat by Seismic activity and other geological forces. The advantages to the contemporary Thelemic Magickian in establishing such a Double Current vortex lies in the time-negation effect peculiar to the vortex itself. A gyroscope counters gravitation and random external forces by its internal rotation. Likewise, a Magickal vortex counters the entropy of the Time Stream by its internal spiraling. By using the Maat Current in conjunction with the 93, the Temple within such a vortex merges, in a way, with the Temple in the Aeon of Maat; the Workings conducted on either end are performed in a truly timeless locale, and are concelebrated rites. The forces of Change thus generated by all who use the vortex are not cumulative, as in the "normal" power places, but simultaneous and immediate for all participants, regardless of their native Aeon, century or year. The increase of Magickal force is exponential according to the number of Magickians using that force. Since time is negated within a Double Current vortex, all who have achieved "Temple rights" to it are aware of the nature of the Workings conducted therein. The forces of Change are morally neutral, of course; however, it is well to remember that Consciousness is evolutionary by nature, and instantly detects any attempt to impede or divert evolution. This is especially true in a situation of multiple employment of a power vortex in which all Workings are occurring simultaneously. Anyone attempting to use a Double Current vortex for Black ends is quickly attended to and neutralized by the other participants. There is no particular procedure for using a vortex once it's established, other than performing a ritual within its precincts. This is best done at one's own Altar, which forms the center of the vortex. More than one Magickian can work within a vortex along space coordinates, of course. The spatial dimensions of a vortex are quite flexible. The vortex may be expanded or contracted by the Magickian to suit various purposes. Normally it conforms to its geological region, but can, on occasion, be planet-encircling. There is no clash of vortices at overlapping boundaries, because each vortex operates at its own particular frequency. One employs it by attunement, much as one selects a radio station or a television channel from among a myriad of broadcasting frequencies. Therefore, there maybe a number of transceivers (Magickians) operating in an area without interference, each functioning on his or her unique frequency, yet able to tune in on all available wavelengths. VORTEX RITUAL On the floor of the Temple, with space sufficient for movement between it and the Altar, place a round iron container. (The old-fashioned cast iron "Dutch Oven", sans lid, is excellent.) Within this small "cauldron" is placed the Pantacle, if possible, the Chalice is placed atop the Pantacle, or North of it if need be. Within the Chalice, place a plain gold ring. The Altar should hold the candle(s) and incense-gold candles and any "solar" incense. There should be wine and a Cake of Light, and a medium-to-large feather upon a copy of Liber AL. vel Legis, Sword and Wand are also on the Altar. Bathe as ablution before the rite. The Magickian may Work robed or nude, in either case, as much copper jewelry as possible should be worn. In the Sign of the Enterer, approach the Altar from the South. Light the candles and incense with the words: "To the Light of the Children. Place the right hand on Liber AL, holding the feather vertical, with the end of the quill resting on the book, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. "It is my Will to establish a Magickal vortex of power, spinning the Aeons of Heru and Maat. "To this end, I Call my children, my brothers and sisters of the Aeon of Maat to my assistance. I ask their use of the vortex in their native time; in aid of guiding them, I hereby consecrate this place under the sign and the seal of the Feather." Lean forward and pronounce the following Words in such wise as to vibrate the feather while it rests on the book. "ABRAHADABRA" "IPSOS" "QANESHANTATOR" Place the wine near the cauldron, and the Cake of Light within, resting on the Pantacle. Stand to the South of the cauldron facing North. Grasp the Wand and the Sword together, with both hands, the Wand pointing down the blade. Touch the Eastern point of the cauldron's rim with the blade's point, saying: "Give the force of Air, O Raphael, to the Spiral of Nuit here centered, in the Name Heru-Ra-Ha." Turn the Wand at right angles to the blade, along the cross guard of the hilt and pointing to your right. Touch the Southern point of the rim with the blade, saying: "Give the force of Fire, O Michael, to the Spiral of Nuit here centered, in the Names Shaitan/Aiwass." Turn the Wand so it's again parallel to the blade, but pointing upward along the hilt. Touch the West. ern point of the rim with the blade, saying: "Give the force of Water, O Gabriel, to the Spiral of Nuit here centered, in the Names BABALON/Maat." Turn the Wand again perpendicular to the blade and pointing to your left, Touch the Northern point of the rim with the blade, saying: "Give the force of Earth, O Uriel, to the Spiral of Nuit here centered, in the Names Nuit/Hadit." Remove the Chalice from the cauldron and place the Cake of Light atop the Pantacle. Place the Sword across the top of the cauldron, blade pointing North. Pour wine into the Chalice, and with the Wand in either hand, proceed with VIII*. The Elixir may be transferred from Wand to Chalice or from Chalice to Wand in the process of commingling it with the wine. Replace the Chalice in the cauldron and again take up the Sword in the right hand. Dip the blade point in the Chalice to wet it, then trace the circumference of the cauldron's rim, deosil for the northern hemisphere of the planet, and widdershins for the southern hemisphere. Gradually increase the perimeter of scribing with the Swordpoint, all the while lifting the blade until you are whirling it overhead, chanting at an intensifying pace: "ROTA, AROT, TARO, OTAR, RATO, ORAT, TORA, ATOR" At the apex of intensity, the Sword will be heldded vertically above the head, pointing and vibrating. At this point the Magickian may experience a perception of power and "otherness" coursing down the Sword and through his/her being. This confirms the vortex's being employed in the future. (There's no need of concern if this isn't felt immediately, however, as it may require further experience with the vortex for the characteristic sensations to be identified.) Place the Wand and Sword on the Altar, then with the fingers of the right hand, trace an outline of wine about the cauldron on the Temple floor. Move the cauldron away, place the Cake of Light in the center of the wine-circle, and let fall a few drops of the wine from the Chalice onto the Cake of Light. Take it up and eat it, consuming the wine also, - to Nuit. Remove the ring from the Chalice and place it on a finger. (Wearing the ring provides a direct link to the vortex when Working away from the Temple.) Return the Pantacle and Chalice to the Altar, saying: "So it has been established, for the end of Going and growth." "So mote it be." "Love is the law, love under will." Extinguish the flames and depart.

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