The Maat Continuum

                                  by Sor.'.Nema
             published in "Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick"
                            Volume I, Number 5, 1983
                                 with permission
    Nema Victory Maat Continuum
    The Priest(ess) of Maat, presently working in the Aeon of Horus, has the evolution of Man as his/her major theme. It were well to have a clear understanding of the nature of the next step in our Racial History, so that every act maybe judged in the light of the proximate goal. Our genetic unity, like the Forgotten Ones, has been buried under Aeons of time; time that has seen the incredible proliferation and diversification of individuals, families, clans, nations and empires. Our unity lives in the Racial Unconscious; our legends and our gods, though given various names, attest to the unity as much as do our chromosome patterns. The task of those working the Double Current is to bring the Racial Unconscious to the waking consciousness of Man. Our essential unity must be brought down from the astral planes and made manifest in the Kingdom. As discrete atoms of individuality, we cannot deal with the forces of the elder Gods and the threat of planetary annihilation. There is no time for the process of natural selection; we must effect a mutational leap, a "quantum jump" to the state of being a new species. In the possibility - future from whence came the initial contact of the Maat Current, this species exists. It consists of a planetful of individuals who participate in a gestalt-consciousness which expresses a super-persona, whose name was given as N'Aton. We are the ancestors of N'Aton, in that the individuals who comprise him/her are our collective physical descendants. We are N'Aton, in that our future incarnations participate in his/her essence. We are the Children of N'Aton, in that the "future heritage" of the Maat Current has been transmitted to us now to use for the manifestation of the Racial gestalt. Our Work is in all Spheres, In the Kingdom, we Dance the Mask for our sisters and brothers, so intuition may have the opportunity of a clear grasp of our innate unity. On the Astral planes, we seek and invoke the old gods, the Forgotten Ones, as a first step in the awakening of Man. Nightmare will be brought to the Dayside; the terror will be followed by the recognition that all men Dream thus. Following a common fear will be the common embracing of a long lost part of our nature. With the embrace will come the energy for the willed mutational leap into being a new species. Mind will apprehend the necessity and logic of reunification, if the prejudices and biases of training can be cleared. For too long has Mind prostituted itself in the rationalization and justification of philosophy and deeds based on egocentricity. Mind's task is to create a true language based on the commonality of its structure; the true structure of Mind is the universal Pattern of Consciousness, a pattern by no means restricted to the Race of Man. Mind's function has been analytical and linear thus far. To prepare for the gestalt, Mind must be trained in synthesis, and learn to grasp simultaniety. The means of learning are presented to Mind, through other Spheres; it remains for Mind to be still long enough to perceive them. A difficult concept for our present-day consciousness to realize is the nature of the gestalt itself, and its manifestation in daily living. Individuality is not sacrificed, nor are the familiar, relationships of love, family and friendship. The gestalt exists above and beyond individual relationships; it is an empathic linking of Man on a planetary scale. The individual business of daily life occupies the forefront of the consciousness; the life of N'Aton forms a harmonious background. There are a few individuals who choose to crystalize N'Aton's being in their own lives, and act as envoys or communicators with N'Aton's peers. The envoys are regarded with honor and trust, and could be considered a type of priesthood. While environment and human aberration guarantee against any "Utopian" languor or indolence, the gestalt changes the nature of human institutions, especially those of war, economics and politics. There presently exist small groups of individuals who comprise the seeds of Gestalt consciousness. The empathic connections are tenuous, forming and dissolving and re-forming according to the individuals' attunement to the Double Current. The formation of a seed-gestalt is a Magickal Child resulting from specific workings to that Willed end. VIII* will suffice, although the most effective rite is the Mass of Maat, as given in Liber Pennae Praenumbra. The Child (actually Children, twins; one manifest and one unmanifest) comes to be in Tiphereth. Additional individuals are attracted to this seed-Gstalt, guided by their Will - but not necessarily conscious of the nature of it. There follows, in most cases, a prolonged course of Ordeals for everyone concerned. These stern from the necessity that all be doing Will; and intense purgation of Karmic debt, cultural programming and ego-deception is usually required. The individual Kings pursue their specific Work, diverse and variegated as it usually is; but as a gestalt, they Work toward the common goals of the establishment of the Law of Will, and the evolution of Man. Cooperative work is the primary means of establishing a unified Will. It is not without difficulties. but these difficulties arise from the individualized ego and its attachments. Participation in a gestalt assists individuals to evolve beyond the concerns of ego, thus freeing them to follow Will, and Love under Will. Love, in terms of the Maat Current, has little to do with physical gender; it is "enlightened selfinterest", where the"self"encompasses the balance of Being and Existence. Practically. it operates from willed assumption of polarity. This assumed polarity is made possible by the development of the Gynander, the activation of one's male and female attributes. Although the human kalas manifest separately in the male and female bodies, by developing the Gynander-nature, one can achieve satisfactory Magickal results with any combination of individuals, or in solitary VIII* workings. The gynander is the female emphatic of the androgyne, the double-sexed figure most familiar in the West as Baphomet. Instead of exhibiting double sexual organs, the gynander conceals them, and operates from the sexual realm of spirit. The flow of force is from the spiritual to the material planes; the earthing of the sexual force follows spiritual union rather than preceding it. The gynander is versatile, and operates from No Difference in the matter of partners by assuming the correct polarity according to the situation. THE MASS OF MAAT This Mass should be undertaken only by Magickal Partners of equal ability and unified Will. It is a Working given primarily to the end of the formation of a seed-gestalt, although it may be employed for other purposes as well. if in some manner they foster the evolution of Consciousness. It is basically a heterosexual Working (albeit adaptable in certain circumstances), but within its structure the usual Solar-Lunar roles are reversed. The Eagle (referred to as the Bee) should have control of the energy-flows of the Chakras and the Sushuma and be able to direct the volume and vectors of all forces received from all sources. The Lion (here known as the Flower) must have the sensitivity and control necessary to operate in the Lunar mode; this requires the ability to control the bodies while at the same time operating from the state of No-Mind. Both celebrants should keep the viewpoint of the Observer, the Hadit-point. The Temple and altar shall be candlelit and with incense burning (jasmine or musk). Any banishment should be done prior to the Mass. No Circle is cast. Bee: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Flower: "Love is the law; love under will. B.: "THELEMA" F.: "AGAPE " B.: "ABRAHADABRA" F.: "IPSOS" B.: "We offer this Mass unto Nuit." F.: "... that the Children of Maat manifest in the Kingdom." B.: "By the same mouth, O Divine Gynander," F.: "is Will spoken and the Honey shared." They begin the Dance with art and grace, continuing until the proper state is achieved for the following: Flower assumes the Corpse Asana, silently re peating IPSOS as mantram. Bee stimulates the first chakra manually and the second chakra orally until the Nectar is released. Flower continues in the asana in the state of No-Mind, and Bee assumes an asana that keeps the spinal column vertical but is comfortable to maintain. Bee consumes the Nectar, absorbing it at the heart chakra. It is there transformed into a radiant energy that Bee circulates from heart, to throat, to ajna, to bindu and then to the Sahasrara chakra above the top of the skull. The energy returns to the heart chakra and the cycle is repeated, with increasing velocity until the energy fountains up through the Sahasrara, unites with the Double Current, and rains down through the odies to collect within the uterus. After a pause for resting. the Dance resumes, Again, Flower is Lunar and Bee is Solar. Bee mounts astride; the first Nectar within is further energized, and the cervical Gateway is opened. The flow of the second Nectar unites with the first and is joined with Bee's own kalas. The combined substance, imbued with the energies of the Double Cur rent from the prior asana-cycling, transforms into the Honey of Maat, also called talarn. Flower orally withdraws the talam from Bee's chalice, then shares it in a kiss. (In XI*, the elixir is named malat.) The Honey of Maat not only contains the complete essences of the combined human kalas, but is thoroughly charged with the extraterrestial and extratemporal energies of Shaitan/Maat. Both Bee and Flower, in the consumption of the talam, obtain a balance of the kalas and are thereby true Gynanders. They become the twinned Magickal Children of their own Working, and constitute the nucleus of a seed gestalt. Through a series of Masses, additional strength and manifestation-tendency is given to this seed; shortly there will be drawn to them other individuals capable of merging with the gestalt. It's entirely up to the judgement of the particular seed whether or not to formally initiate new individuals, via participation in the Mass or by other rites. In most cases, the newcomers will not be ready for such Work until after they have made considerable progress in development on all planes. The original seed will have the responsibility of Hierophant toward those individuals drawn to them. This means that they also have the right to sever connections with any who prove unwilling to participate in the life and work of the gestalt. The Work of the Gynander - aspect of the Maatian Magickian, although dealing with sexuality in its course, is primarily that of circulating nourishment and communication throughout the species. In considering the bee-and-hive analogy of LIBER P.P., the function of the individual may be apprehended. The Gynander Magickian eats the Universe and the Nothing by means of experience; the events in which he/she participates constitute the Nectar, the primary raw material. The Magickian is changed by his experiences, which enable him to change the experiences, by Understanding, into the honeyessence of Wisdom. This constitutes the Inner Alchemy of Maat. Then, upon encountering other individuals of the species (or other cells of the gestalt), this Honey is passed along, shared, circulated. It is rare, if not impossible, for the honey Wisdom to be communicated directly. One Dances the Mask in such wise as to cause an opening to occur in the other's consciousness, and through this opening the energies may flow. In dealing with uninitiates, the best Dances are paradoxes, zany humor, nightmares of the Forgotten Ones, and leading on of the consciousness to a "stopping of the world", as Don Juan puts it. These Dances can usually breach the defenses of Rational Mind and permit the other's Intuition to receive and perceive, however briefly. With Initiates, silence and simplicity are all that's required. It's wise to remain receptive oneself for the honey-Wisdom of others. The importance of Working in the Gynander-aspect lies in the need of a species-wide, mutational leap. With each individual changed, to some degree, by the communion of the Honey of Maat, there is an increase in the Will-toward-change on a planetary level. This, in turn, increases the force exerted upon the Astral menstruum, shaping it into the desired image of Man Awakened, the gestalt. The more individuals commonly Working toward this evolutionary end, the more clear and precise the Astral image grows. Fed by the power of the Forgotten Ones and augmented by the Hunger of the underfed segments of the contemporary population of earth, the Astral gathers enough force to manifest itself in the Kingdom. The Priest(ess) of Maat, therefore, uses every opportunity to touch the springs of perception within others. Every encounter, from a nod in passing to the depths of sexual union, should be subtly employed to communicate the Wisdom of change and becoming. In most instances, a secret planting of the seeds of change is all that can be accomplished, at least to conscious appearance. There are too many people and not enough time to concentrate on intensive instruction. With the possible individual who is ready to become a full Worker of evolution, one might recommend a course of study and discuss pertinent questions. In the sphere of the Gynander, however, it is prudent to beware of the dilettante or vampire - and waste no time with these types. Heed the Wisdom so painfully wrought from experience. It's the wise Bee that sups of its own Honey.

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