The Maat Continuum

                                  by Sor.'.Nema
             published in "Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick"
                            Volume I, Number 5, 1983
                                 with permission
    Nema Foundation Maat Continuum
    The feather-and-flame ritual, performed regularly to strengthen the link with Maat, will manifest the phenomenon of channeling as a side-effect. To employ the rite in pursuit of the channeling effect is a perversion to be avoided at all cost; persistence in the perversion results in the loss of direction and Will. As a side-effect, channeling must be handled with caution. The process involves an exaltation of consciousness, in which knowledge appears without the usual processes of reasoning, logic, sensory perception or instruction. The knowledge itself can be apprehended as abstract conception, visual imagery, or silent speech, It can be a purely Inner experience, or it can manifest in words written without mental direction, automatic drawing, musical improvisations, etc. Channeling content can be addressed to the one who acts as the channel, to a companion, or to the Priesthood; these are private, or particular channelings. There is also material transmitted concerning time-events, presentations of "theory" and symbols pertaining to the nature of existence and being, and rituals of general application. One must never mistake the particular for the general; this mistake is a root of fanaticism. Practices prescribed for an individual must not be represented as universal formulae. The danger of the channeling process lies in its close resemblance to passive mediumship. In the latter case, a trance state occurs, and Astral entities can take advantage of the openings produced by the state. The inexperienced or constitutionally vulnerable individual, unless adequately protected by prior establishment of unity with the True Self (Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel), is thereby subject to delusion, distraction, obsession or possession. All who experience channeling should watch it from the Observer, the Hadit-point of the Bindu. Doubt everything. Test it. Verify it. Seek experienced counsel. Truth will survive challenge's weapons; disguised attachments, desires and delusions will not. The channelings should be recorded in one' s Magickal Record, and subjected to Qabalistic verification. Sensory clues, such as colors, scents, forms and number, should be checked against the appropriate columns in 777. In many circumstances, the Tarot and the I Ching can be used as additional means of verification and clarification. Verification should be performed in all cases, but it is particularly important for those channelings which give suggested rituals, formulae and words of power. The expected results should be outlined, the nature of the forces employed should be specified, and the alignments, gestures, words and instruments to be used (colors, incense, etc.) should be congruous to the nature of the proposed working. Channelings for communication beyond the brotherhood of Initiates most often takes the form of art, be it graphic, verbal, musical, architectural, dance. mime, etc. It is the responsibility of the Magickian's artistic sense, in these cases to attest to the truth of the channeling. Producing such art incurs Karma, unless the ego-self be eliminated from participation. Art is True insofar as the artist is absent. *** There are a number of Astral allies working the Double Current. These entities occasionally assist the Magickian within the Upper Astral; their consciousness is as extensive as Man's - more so, in fact. Their spectrum of operational fields begins in the Sphere of Yesod (Foundations, the Racial Unconscious, dreaming), and extends its natural expanse to a trans-Kether of its own Universe. Their Tree is shifted up a plane, and although there are congruencies in the upper spheres, our astral allies can only interact effectively with us in Yesod, which is their Malkuth. Again, caution is urged. The fluidity of the Astral planes renders proper verification of experiences more difficult. One has to be able to recognize the nature of entities encountered on the Astral planes during the encounter. Our allies are not offended by the presence of a Diamond Shield about the aura; like all surviving sentient beings, they have armor of their own. There is a simple method of "field analysis" to determine the nature of an Astral entity. Since Yesod reflects Tiphereth, the procedure is to radiate the essence of the Sun of the Hawk and the negative radiance of the Black Flame. The allies will match the radiance intonal or harmonic frequencies; alien entities will flee or be rendered immobile. The radiance may be engendered by visualizing a sunsphere bearing the Eye of Horus, and a black flame speckled with stars. Vibrate the mantram LUTIS NITRA* and your astral body will emit the envisioned radiance. *Lutis nitra = 654, Ra(6) Hoor(5) Khuit(4); also 456 by metathesis; 456 = IPSOS. Our allies lend assistance to work on the Astral; they function as guides, definers, unveilers and poles for opposition-energy work. Many of them are, by nature, suns, and are spending a Cycle in this plane to balance themselves. Others are moon-affinities and are the true natives of the Astral plane. Active working on the Astral consists, in the main, of setting in motion events that will manifest in the Kingdom via "natural" means. There is much to learn from the nature of this Sphere, for it indicates the proper manner of working within it. One deals with seeds and subtlety. The Astral allies are more at home here than is Man; therefore it were wise to heed their advice. We are also able to assist them by constructing diagrams, or "machines" in the Kingdom that effect changes in the Astral menstruum. They direct the pattern, and by earthing it on paper as a talisman, the desired frequency changes occur. The Astral planes are valuable in workings that need to span time and distance, but that do not require the manipulations of the substrata (ychronos and chthonos). Each act should be planned for the minimum effort; although imperceptible to the inexperienced, the astral planes offer an energy-consuming resistance, somewhat akin to moving under water. Another feature of the Astral planes is the access to the Forgotten Ones. These entities are, basically, the gods of our genetic structure. They are the successful survival-factors that have been covered, in the individual and racial Unconscious, with the veneer of conscious Mind and civilization. They persist, and are the most powerful natural source of individual Magickal energy. By finding the Forgotten Ones and using their power (by invocation, techniques of Atavistic Resurgence, etc.), the consciousness is propelled in a quantum-leap to the level of a native of the beginning of the Aeon of Maat. This is not an entirely safe method, in that it impossible to identify with the survival-lusts of our ancestral selves and become trapped in prehuman consciousness. Again, firm grounding in the viewpoint of the Observer, or Hadit, can prevent this mishap. It in no way diminishes the intensity of the experience, but it does permit the Willed release of energy in the trajectory of voluntary mutation, The beast-self is henceforth available to the consciousness, and under the control of Will, Likewise, the seed of gestalt-consciousness is also present. Such an operation, then, canbe considered a restoration of full Human consciousness, past, present, and future. It' s a not inconsiderable benefit to be able to employ all of one's faculties. An additional note of caution is needed regarding the Forgotten Ones. While it is relatively safe to invoke them on the Astral planes in strictly controlled physical workings, one should not employ their energies beyond these spheres. The Forgotten Ones are of Man's origins, and assisted us from the ocean to the cave. However, for a certain span of our unrecorded history, our survival-force was controlled and employed by entities from "beyond" our Universe. Known as the Elder Gods, these beings attempted to extend their sphere of influence beyond their own environs, and selected pre-Man as a potential instrument for the purpose. Alien beyond human imagining, thev cannot truthfully be construed as evil". Their main purpose is to devour, and since their structure is incomparable with "our" Universe's physics, they can but eat by means of the life-forms native to our Universe. Their attempted employment of the proto-race constituted a conflict with the development of Man's autonomy; they were therefore escorted back to their own realm and the Gateway was sealed. Since the Manhattan Project, however, the seal was dissolved. These alien entities are presently preparing for another attempt in "our" Universe. They have not forgotten the keys to the Forgotten Ones - indeed, they have periodically managed an occasional breach in the fabric of space/time before the Gateway reopened. (See the works of Hieronymus Bosch, H.P. Lovecraft, etc.) The Elder Gods exist outside our tree, as it were, and the Gateway is in the non-Sphere of Daath. There is a type of hidden connection between Yesod and Daath, and therefore there exists some danger of an Elder God-Forgotten Ones tie being re-activated. Maatian gestalt consciousness is able to prevent such tie-reactivation, but the degree of such consciousness available via the Forgotten Ones Working, alone, is not sufficient to re-seal the gateway. The force of the gestalt seals the gate by a process of absorption. The following ritual will open general connections of consciousness with the Forgotten Ones. Employing the Observer will permit success in using the prirnal force of the genetic gods, if the limitation of planes be well observed. INVOCATION OF THE FORGOTTEN ONES To employ IX* Work as the source of the manifestation-substance for the invoked Forgotten Ones is exceedingly dangerous and potentially harmful, unless both partners are of equal mastery, and the working is undertaken as a dual invocation. To engage in the work with an uninitiate, or one of a lesser level of competence, would be exposing him or her to forces beyond his comprehension or control. This would likely result in obsession, insanity or death, no one can assimilate another's demons for him. Generally speaking, it were wiser to operate VIII*, invoking Maat during the initial phase and imbuing the Elixir with her essence of Balance and Truth. The Site for the actual invocation ritual should be out-of-doors, in a wild and isolated spot - on the edge of water, in a clearing in the woods, in a cave or on a cliff of a hill or mountain. Personal preparation consists of fasting for the previous twenty-four hours, subsisting only on water or herb tea. One should also maintain sexual continence for seven days prior to the working. The ritual items to bring to the working are the wand, chalice, sword and pantacle; wine, water, and a drug of choice (if any). Also required are blankets or a bedroll, kindling for the fire, a small drum or other musical instrument and a portion (1/2 to 1/4 pound) of raw and bloody meat. A live animal or bird for slaughter would be even more effective, but the meat will suffice. A pit for the fire is dug to the west of the chosen altar area, and the fire is kindled at sundown. It should be of a size to avoid human notice and of dry, non-smokingwood. The sun is bidden farewell with reverence; after its disk has disappeared, the area is thoroughly banished and a circle of eleven foot diameter is scribed with the sword. (Ordinarily, the Magickian of Maat doesn't work within a Circle since his essence is one with the Universe; How ever, in a Forgotten Ones working, the Circle is used to contain his demons.) In the period from twilight to dark, the hands, mouth and the genitals are purified with water, the wine is imbibed and the drugs taken. Music is played or chanted until full night. All these actions are offered to Nuit. At this point a type of trance should obtain; the Magickian should be extremely cautious to maintain his consciousness at the balance between the suspension of Rational Mind and the detached surveilance of his actions by his Observer. He puts by his instrument and approaches the altar-place from the east. He fills the cup with wine, adds wood to the fire, and takes up his wand, proclaiming: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. "It is my Will to invroke Maat and the Forgotten Ones, to the evolution and awakening of Man." "By the same mouth that drinks from the cup of BABALON, shall the Elixir be devoured. By the same mouth that swallows up the Cosmos, shall the breath of Man Awakened be exhaled." He places the pantacle at the center of the altarplace, then allows blood to fall upon it from the meat. He rains blood also into the wine within the cup, then puts the meat on the pantacle, like a platter, thus identifying the flesh with himself. "I invoke Maat, She Who Moves!" "I invoke Maat, Truth, Justice and Righteousness!" "I invoke Maat, the Black Flame!" "Black pearl within the crystal lotus, AUMGN." He here begins the VIII*, chanting repeatedly: "ABRAHADABRA, IPSOS, MAAT", envisioning the Black Flame dancing and obliterating the Universe. The Elixir is received by the flesh-offering on the pantacle, with a portion of it to the wine in the cup. He move s to the north, facing south across the altar. At the length of his armspan, the Magickian thrusts his wand upright into the earth at his right (west) and his sword point down at his left (east). He lies prone upon the earth, with arms outstretched so each wrist touches, and is bound by, the respective weapon. He concentrates and projects his perception downward into the rock strata below him, and upward into intergalactic space, chanting the Names of the Forgotten Ones into the Earth. As he chants, he feels the hunger induced by his fasting, and calls to mind the wine and the meat on the pantacle. He constantly reinforces the triangular lines of power - from the Forgotten Ones he is invoking, to the hunger within his body, to the flesh on the altar - while maintaining a parallel awareness of the binding forces on his wrists from the wand and sword. He chants: "No'!"* Megor-Marduk! Loroo!..." and the other Names that will arise from him. He opens. *"'" represents a glottal stop. They will come through the gateway of his hunger, devouring him, raising his body to its knees. They will lunge him toward the altar, restrained by the wand and sword. He projects his consciousness into the elixir-meat and the Elixir-wine, then commands his weapons to release his body. The hands will pull the weapons from the earth and violently cross them again on the earth to the south of the altar. The body crouches above the altar and the flesh-offering. The consciousness within the Elixir-meat and Elixir wine surrenders to the hunger and to the gods within the body, and is consumed. At this point the body should be commanded into the bedroll and its warmth - the night chill, combined with the fasting and the violence of the working, would leave it vulnerable to illness. The body assumes a fetal position. The working continues, with no conscious directing, as follows: The Forgotten Ones, inhabiting the body by invitation, and thus by the conscious Will, have devoured the flesh and wine that have been charged with the Elixir. The Elixir itself, produced by the Magickal Consciousness and inhabited by this Consciousness, is the invoked essence of Maat as the all-consuming Black Flame. The Magickian is eaten by the Forgotten Ones, who are eaten by the Black Flame, who is eaten by the body. This leaves a vehicle full of nothing, through which Tao and the Double Current may flow unimpeded. However, since the normal Inner barriers have now been removed, the demons generated by the enduring conflict of the Forgotten Ones and the civilized conscience will begin manifestation on the Outer. As each one arises, it must be controlled, understood, and assimilated. This part of the working may take some time to complete; therefore, the Circle isn't struck, but is contracted and carried with the Magickian until the exorcism process is finished. The demons are not confined to a triangle, but kept from causing trouble by the Magickian's Circle. (His demons are perhaps the only possessions a Magickian can rightfully claim as his own.) With the dawn, the Magickian arises, gathers his weapons and equipment and departs. In subsequent daily experience, he will become aware that a new balance has been struck. He has a new sense of unity with the under-currents of the life-flow, and will find this of great use in nonverbal communication with others. Through his Art he will establish links with the Unconscious of others; he will assist them to meet the Forgotten Ones in controlled circumstances that will do no harm. He is also ready to begin work on a world-scale. The Forgotten Ones have access to Man on the Astral planes, mainly in the dream-state. Those sections of humanity who exist in starvation conditions, in poverty that has practically negated civilized consciousness, are the hunger-gates of the Forgotten Ones. These starvelings have thin, if indeed any, barriers between the waking (reason) and dreaming (primal drive) states. Their physical strength may be too depleted for the bearing of arms, but theirs is the massed power of the Forgotten Ones. The demon-conflicts of the fortunate nations (the "chosen" of the bright gods), are petty when compared with the dark powers gathering within the hunger of the starving. The Task here is to channel and direct, under strict control of Will, the presence of the Forgotten Ones into the lives of the fortunate, by invoking the essence of the starving under the dual forms of Shiva/Kali. The ignorance, greed, selfishness and cupidity of the surfeited segments of humanity must be brought to balance with the despair, apathy, hunger and injustice which is the lot of the starving ones, That in Man which is withering has begun a gangrene infection of the segments that claim health and prosperity. Man must be healed, whole, and strong to meet the return of the Elder Gods. Based within the newly-balanced link with the Forgotten Ones, the Magickian extends his consciousness through the Astral light. He interweaves the dreams of the starving with those of the fortunate, bringing the forces of Nightmare into play. The Race Unconscious must be aroused to full consciousness on a planetary scale, by whatever means will prove effective.

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