The Maat Continuum

                                SONG FOR BABALON
                                  by Sor.'.Nema
             published in "Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick"
                            Volume I, Number 2, 1977
                                 with permission
    Nema Babalon Maat Continuum
    There stands a woman, all arrayed in light. She is the shadowed mistress of the night, She is the sun-clad mistress of the day For all Freemen who stride their true Will's way. The woman rises in the east ... She is the scarlet rider of the Beast; And in her hand a chalice now she holds, A lotus-cup a-wrought of beaten gold. BABALON! my Lady, girt with silver sword, Whose name is given as a power-word ... Behold thy lover, travelled from afar, Impaled upon thy seven-pointed star. And thou, like Magdalen beneath Christ's Rood, Do capture in the chalice all his blood. For not one drop's to be witheld from thee, O BABALON! Whose dance will set men free, Each as a Star, to love his fellow-man And tread the hillside foot-paths of Lord Pan. O BABALON! IO PAN! to Ye all hail! Holy donors of the living Grail ... O Beast! O Scarlet Woman, BABALON, We will unite before this Aeon's gone. As Children of the Sun, arrayed in light, Like thee, my Lady, armored mirror-bright. Upon our brows, Heru's crown glows and gleams, The Silent Babe encircles all our dreams. Of love and life and laughter, we take our fill And live the Law of Love, Love under Will. per Nema

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