The Maat Continuum

                           ELEVENSTAR WORKING
                              (scriba Nema)
                       Private Circulation in 1998
                             with permission

 The first encounter I had with Elevenstar occurred in the late 1970's
 with a soundless voice telling me, The thrones must be filled.
 Usually the voice isn't so cryptic, but since it wasn't going to
 elaborate, I filed the statement away in memory. The meaning would come
 over the next few months in the form of unlearned knowledge, without
 many visual or audible clues. The information concerned both theory and
 practice, purpose and methodology, as any complete magickal Working
 must have.
 The practice part manifested on several occasions in which I
 participated, and on several others conducted by colleagues elsewhere.
 I was present for the ritual at Winterstar in 1985 at Atwood Lake,
 Ohio, at the Math of Chrystal Humm in Spencer, New York in 1987, and at
 the Harmonic Convergence public ritual in August, 1987 in Seattle,
 Washington. These were all group rituals, but the rite can be adapted
 for individual use.
 The Thrones correspond to the Spheres on the Tree of Life, plus the
 non-Sphere of Daath; eleven in all. A throne is the mastery and
 practice of a given Sphere in the life of a Magickian-Priest. With
 dedication to the Elevenstar, the mastery and practice extends itself
 to monitor and adjust the global operation of that Sphere.
 A full course of Initiation ensures knowledge of the essence of the
 Spheres, whether or not the tradition includes Qaballah as a formal
 pert of its course. Elevenstar aims to coordinate Magickally a
 collegium of practitioners world- wide who operate a particular Sphere
 in mastery within their personal lives and who assume responsibility
 for that SphereÕs function in the lives of our species. The
 practitioners donÕt have to know each other personally on the physical
 plane or have to live in a single area. The minimum number of people
 required to manifest the Elevenstar is twenty-one; two for each Sphere
 and one for DaÕath. There is no maximum limit on the number of
 The Elevenstar collegium is a talisman of Priests who effect the
 development of humanity directly via their own self-evolutionary work.
 ItÕs a prototype of the species we are developing into, Homo veritas,
 and serves as both a Magickal model and a seed-crystal around which the
 new species can form itself. As it grows, it radiates its influence to
 touch those who are on the brink of change and encourages the awakening
 of all human souls.
 The Elevenstar activates that part of our DNA which enables the
 functioning of double consciousness without undue effort and practice;
 while Homo sapiens individuals can become Homo veritas by dint of Will
 and hard work, the next generation can be born as Homo veritas.
 In order to understand the nature of the Elevenstar formation, each
 point of the star is assigned a Sphere of the Tree of Life; the
 following gable gives the Sphere, its corresponding godform, and the
 pair of Tarot Trumps that characterize its nature.
 Considering the factors together can give a holographic clue to the
 nature of each Throne. An important thing to remember is that the
 points are arranged in a circle; there is no linear hierarchy is in the
 Tree of Life. The Thrones are equally powerful, important, and

1. (10) Malkuth  Nuit The Aeon--The Universe
2. (9) Yesod  Hadit The Hermit--Lust
3. (6) Tiphereth  Ra-Hoor-Khuit The Sun--The Moon
4. (4) Chesed  Pan The Devil--The Tower
5. (7) Netzach  Babalon Priestess--Hierophant
6. (5) Geburah  Shaitan-Aiwass The Magus--The Star
7. (8) Hod  Therion The Emperor--The Empress
8. (2) Chokmah  Will  The Chariot--Fortune
9. (3) Binah  Love The Lovers--Art
10.(1) Kether  Truth The Fool--Adjustment
11.(11) DaÕath  Heru-Pa-Kraat The Hanged Man--Death
 The points of the star are placed as follows in the order of their
                                 1   2
                             4            5
                        8                      9
                           6                 7
                             10           11
 The lines between the points may be drawn with intervals varying
 according to the situation. The point arrangement can be used as a
 Tarot layout as well as a ritual pattern.

 Nuit is the starry night sky, arching above the Earth. She is the
 space(Universe)-time(Aeon) continuum, everything that exists in
 physical reality. Her Sphere is Malkuth, the Kingdom. Initiated
 perception sees physical reality as an expression of the absolute, the
 tangible result of the play of the four elements, the three gunas, the
 ten Spheres, or any other combination of forces. Nuit/Malkuth includes
 subatomic particles and the binding forces of the atom as well as all
 existing galactic clusters and everything in between.
 The Cosmos is an illusion springing from the reality of Nothingness;
 nevertheless, this illusion/Maya/Malkuth is the object of Magickal
 work. We work in Maya to assist its changes; we devote our time in the
 flesh to guarding and assisting the course of evolution throughout the
 There are some Initiates who havenÕt achieved the proper appreciation
 of physical reality, preferring to only work on the Astral. The
 earthing is the most important part of Magick; it completes the circuit
 of energy thatÕs necessary for change. Unearthed by the Initiate, the
 energy seeks its own grounding. The means it uses to ground may be
 twisted, damaged or destroyed.
 Nuit as the image of the Kingdom puts the importance of the physical
 world in its proper perspective. She is vast, beyond the ability of our
 finest scientific instruments to encompass Her. It is a royal and holy
 condition, to be part of the body of Nuit.

 Hadit is the point of view that experiences the starry night-sky and
 the space-time continuum that is Nuit. His Sphere is Yesod. This is the
 Sphere of Lunar energies, the Racial Unconscious, the Astral planes,
 atavisms, and emotions. Hadit is a dimensionless point of awareness,
 the ultimate self-consciousness. The Sphere of Yesod is the base of
 HaditÕs nature, but by no means is it the limitation of that nature.
 Emotions convince us of our reality--I feel, therefore I am. The
 Trumps, Lust and The Hermit, indicate the type of balance to be
 achieved in mastering this Throne.
 Lust means more than just sexual desire. It is the universal force of
 attraction that permits shapes to maintain coherence in the constant
 dance of Matter/energy. Lust is the voice of Nuit calling to Hadit, the
 yearning of Hadit for union with Nuit. The force of Lust permits the
 perception of the interconnectedness of all things in a vast,
 glittering webwork.
 The Hermit is the essence of the single unit, complete in itself, a
 seed, a cell that contains all potential proliferation and growth.
 Ordinary perception sees the hermit as solitary and isolated, out of
 contact with others, dwelling apart in the wilderness. Initiated
 consciousness sees the Hermit as the Universe contained within the
 self-aware point of view. The desire of Lust is fulfilled in the
 completion and self-sufficiency of the Hermit.
 This Trump pair indicates the formula for mastery of Yesod. As Sri
 Ramakrishna once expressed it, Which is better--to taste the sugar or
 to be the sugar? A fine balance of the tension of desire with the
 relaxation of fulfillment will enable the point of view to be sane,
 healthy, and to maintain a true vision of the Work. If we work with
 distorted vision in the Astral realms, the manifestations in the
 physical world will be distorted also. Magick works by bringing events
 into physical existence through energizing Astral constructs of the
 desired manifestations.
 It is in and from the Astral menstruum that we fashion the armature or
 framework around which matter-energy takes form. With sanity and
 balance ruling the Throne of Hadit, the manifestations of the
 Elevenstar are pre- formed precisely on the Astral, leading to precise
 and accurate actualization on the physical plane.

 Ra-Hoor-Khuit is the hawk-headed representation of the sun, Ra, as
 Warrior. The Sphere of his Throne is Tiphereth and the designated Trump
 pair is The Sun and The Moon.
 The Warrior is the person who is aware of the environment and remains
 ready for correct action. As Castaneda's Don Juan Matus says, A
 warrior must be impeccable. This means that the Warrior deals with
 internal imperfections and weaknesses, correcting them before the
 environmentÕs forces can destroy the Warrior through these breaches in
 his/her spiritual integument.
 This Throne operates through the combination of the Sun and the Moon.
 Ra-Hoor-Khuit is a solar god. In the latitudes of Egypt, the sun can
 be devastating to human life, burning, fierce, relentless. So it is
 with the force of True Will. Nothing can balk True Will of its
 The Moon shines by reflected light, generating none of its own. The
 Warrior of the Throne of Ra-Hoor-Khuit becomes Will-in-action; when
 this Magickal transformation happens, the Warrior's bodies and
 faculties reflect the fire of Will. One becomes the channel for Will,
 and in the process, becomes Will itself. This is the Sun. One's bodies
 align with the purpose of channelling Will, and in the process of the
 channelling, reflect the internal flow in their beauty of form. This is
 the Moon.
 The Throne of Ra-Hoor-Khuit coordinates all the Thrones in the process
 of manifesting Will, that is, carrying out the purposes of the
 Elevenstar collegium. In practical terms, the Throne takes the myriad
 of possibilities presented by the Throne of Pan (Chesed) and chooses
 which strands of events are to become mainstream reality. This choice
 is made by the entire Elevenstar acting through the Throne of
 Ra-Hoor-Khuit. The essence of this Throne is harmony and balance,
 wherein harmony is the correct proportion of influences from all the

 The Throne of Pan represents Chesed (Mercy) on the Tree, and its Trump
 pair is The Devil and The Tower. There seems to be an incongruence
 here; Chesed is Mercy, and is traditionally attributed to Jupiter.
 These images are more benign than those of the Devil, the Tower, and
 However, Pan is the All-Begetter as well as the All-Devourer. The Devil
 is the surprise of existence. The joy of surprise enriches the sense of
 humor (Joveiality) which is so necessary to the Throne of Pan.
 One function of this Throne is to maintain the proper level of levity
 in Elevenstar. Too much gravity paralyzes action. Gravity makes one
 pompous and stodgy if allowed to exceed its proper measure. Thus the
 thunderous laughter of Pan in the Sphere of Chesed destroys the evil of
 taking oneself too seriously.
 The Tower is the force of destruction. In its function of architect and
 judge, Chesed must choose what needs to be cleared away from the
 building site, or what part of the block is chiseled away so the statue
 can emerge. The Tower card in the Thoth deck depicts the Eye of Shiva
 blasting the tower of false certitude. (My mind's made up, so don't
 bother me with the facts.) The Throne of Pan keeps an open mind in the
 Elevenstar by maintaining impartiality and balance in discovering and
 presenting the options of action to all the Spheres.

 The Throne of Babalon supervises the initiating force of Netzach; the
 Trumps are The Priestess and The Hierophant. The Throne of Babalon
 focuses the Magickal Current on all the Spheres. Her influence causes
 quantum leaps of comprehension.
 The Sphere of Netzach is linked with Venus. It concerns relationships
 and creativity. Initiation can be seen as progressive stages in the
 relationship of the individual with the Cosmos. In Elevenstar, the
 Throne of Babalon inspires all the Thrones to continue internal
 development so that the function of the Thrones becomes more efficient
 and effective.
 Netzach is the basic Sphere of Sex Magick, one of the most powerful
 ways of Initiating, though not necessarily one-on-one with the
 candidate. A general approach is the use of Sex Magick to activate
 oneÕs own Hierophantic ability and power. One is then capable of
 radiating the Initiatory energy without having to plan specific
 actions. On the other hand, Initiation through making love with the
 candidate can be effective if all conditions are right. It's wise to
 remember that a Magickal link is formed with everyone with whom you
 have sex. This link provides the channel through which Initiatory
 energy is transferred. The link works both ways, so it pays to be
 selective in choosing partners.
 It's also wise to remember that a Hierophant need not know more than
 the candidate in order to be effective--the Hierophant need only know
 the candidate. In this knowing, one works the Priest/ess emphasis using
 intuitive empathy to deal with colleagues Angel-to-Angel, or at the
 level of our starry natures.
 The Trumps of the Priestess and the Hierophant aren't redundant. Both
 deal with the Initiatory process but from different directions; in
 simple terms, the Priestess is the carrot and the Hierophant is the
 The Throne of Babalon supervises Initiatory energies both internally
 with the Elevenstar and externally with the human race at large. An
 example of the Priestess mode is the vision of Homo veritas; the
 knowledge that human evolution doesnÕt end with Homo sapiens enables us
 to consciously direct, for the first time in our history, our
 transition into a new species. An example of the Hierophant mode is
 Nightmare, a dark type of Elevenstar initiation: surround the
 deliberately obtuse, the spiritually stubborn sleepers with images of
 their fears and atavisms, and they gladly choose to awaken.
 A balance is struck between the modes of Priestess and Hierophant. On
 the Tree, both Trumps pertain to paths that cross the Abyss; the
 Priestess links Kether and Tiphereth, the Hierophant links Chokmah and
 Chesed. The Throne- holders of Babalon might find that a secret lures
 better than a statement.

 The Throne of Shaitan-Aiwass commands the Sphere of Geburah. The Trumps
 are The Magus and The Star.
 Although Geburah is traditionally considered a martial Sphere, the
 essence of it is strength, not aggression. The function of the Throne
 of Shaitan-Aiwass is to provide power, endurance, and duration to the
 Elevenstar Working (Vishnu/preserver aspect) and to remove all
 interference with the manifestation of Will (a Shiva/destroyer aspect.)
 The throne-holders of Shaitan-Aiwass deal with power and power-sources.
 This Throne requires the ability to recognize power psychically and to
 be able to channel it into the Work Magickally. Most Initiates of my
 acquaintance can sense a power-place or power-object. The
 Throne-holders of Shaitan-Aiwass refine and intensify this sense
 through a yoga peculiar to this Sphere. They become the power through
 union with it, then direct themselves totally into the Work at hand.
 The Geburah function here is to link the Work with the inevitability of
 Will/Tao/Magickal Current. The Magus speaks his word so the falsehood
 thereof ensnares the souls of men. This is so because all words are
 false in that no work can completely encompass and express the truth.
 The Star represents the Magickal current.
 If the Work at hand is spoken and spoken of as truly as possible, it
 will manifest. The Magickian becomes the Word as he/she becomes the
 power. Information (the Word of the Magus) combined with power (the
 Current represented by the Star) is a major way of Magickal operation.
 This way of Geburah uses the Logos formula reshaped for the New Aeon:
 The Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.

 The Throne of Therion (the Beast) expresses Hod on the Tree, and its
 Trumps are The Emperor and The Empress.
 Hod is associated with the godforms of Mercury, Hermes, Tehuti,
 Hanuman, etc. The Beast is a figure taken from the Book of Revelations
 to represent a humanity responsible for its own destiny, an unfallen
 species which needs no salvation other than its own awakening. Our
 growing mental, emotional, and moral complexities have outpaced our
 understanding and wisdom. These complexities , ungrasped and
 unprocessed, give rise to the Nightside of our nature and to the
 concepts of evil and sin.
 Tehuti and the other Mercurial gods (glyphs for inquiry, thought and
 memory) taught Magick, science, art and craft to mankind. Our
 difficulties stem from ignorance, not from Original Sin. Hermes is a
 healing godform, Hanuman a loyal assistant; Mercury is logic and
 One function of the Throne of Therion is to reason, to manipulate
 facts, events, and patterns in ever-changing constellations, then
 communicating the configurations which exhibit the most logic to the
 other Thrones for consideration. Thinking alone is rarely an adequate
 base for action; it works best in conjunction with intuition and
 Another function of the Throne is the monitoring of health--of the
 individual, of the Elevenstar collegium and of the species as a whole.
 Healing is accomplished through balance and proper infusions of energy.
 A third function of the Throne of Therion is teaching. Teaching differs
 from Initiation in that teaching presents a description of an
 experience to a person; with Initiation, a person lives through the
 experience. Knowing the description of an event can help one recognize
 the event when it happens, but in no way can a description substitute
 for the experience itself.
 The Emperor and The Empress describe the attitude and methods suited to
 this Throne. The Emperor is a figure of responsibility and power. The
 Empress is a figure of generosity and care. These Trumps reflect the
 influence of Chesed (Pan) in the processes of Hod/Therion. Intellection
 is guided by the more spiritual faculty of intuition. Responsibility
 governs the processes of reason; a running comparison of theory with
 fact keeps thinking true. Communication of rational truth is kept lucid
 and as simple as possible.
 In practice, the Throne of Therion processes options for action,
 assessing the merits of each choice, and presenting the findings of its
 work to the other Thrones. It considers ways of implementing a chosen
 manifestation; it considers ways of presenting information.
 The teaching function of Elevenstar is not essentially concerned with
 educating the general public (although obvious opportunities are not to
 be neglected); rather, information is to be made available to
 Initiates, Adepts and Priests who may qualify and have an interest in
 the Elevenstar Working. Internal education is the main area of concern
 with this Throne, not through didactic statement, but rather through
 discussion and demonstration.

 The Throne of Will is attributed to Chokmah on the Tree; its Trumps are
 The Chariot and Fortune. The concern of this Throne is with the
 evolutionary next step of humanity, and this concern is dealt with by
 the linking with the species as a whole through the DNA.
 This Throne requires psychic contact with the human DNA in order to
 activate the next segments beyond their present operations. This is
 done by using the sphere of awareness or the molecular level and
 learning about the particular glow that characterizes activation. One
 then projects energy into the atoms at the edge of the glow, causing
 the light of activation to spread.
 The Trumps of The Chariot and Fortune both depict wheels, which signify
 go-ing or progress as well as a helix when the wheels move sideways
 along their axles as they rotate. The wheels reflect the expanding
 universe with galaxies coalescing as starry bubble-froth as well as the
 Primum Mobile aspect of Chokmah.The Chariot images Krishna as ArjunaÕs
 charioteer in the Bhagavad-Gita while Fortune's wheel is akin to the
 inexorable Jagernath cart of Shiva.
 In the matter of human evolution, the Throne of Will guides our self-
 development. Humanity today differs from historical and prehistorical
 humanity in that our technology permits us to control our environment
 to a greater extent. This environmental control has increased the
 number of mutagens we live with, as well a s providing the means of
 recombinant DNA research, and worldwide instantaneous communications.
 The technology of change on all planes increases in its performance and
 subsequent benefits according to the amount of information freely
 available about it.
 We have the means to shape ourselves in accord with our highest
 visions. That we have yet to do so indicates the nature of the task of
 thus Throne. In conjunction with the Thrones of Pan, Therion, and Love
 in particular, the Work of the Throne of Will concerns the shaping and
 sharing of what humanity is coming to be--a self-conscious species that
 acts ethically toward itself, its home planet, and all other species it

 The Throne of Love accommodates Binah; its Trumps are The Lovers and
 The essence of love is union; the Work of this Throne is to unite past,
 present and future in one eternal mode of being. The Trumps for this
 Throne are the two most obviously alchemical cards in the Tarot.
 Alchemy deals with transformation; in the Elevenstar, we transform a
 divided and competitive species into a cooperative, consciously unified
 one by achieving these qualities as individuals and then applying them
 Magickally. We are at a point of technological development where old
 formulae of living need not apply. By the sweat of thy brow shalt thou
 earn thy bread spoke of a time when human and animal labor were the
 only means of agriculture, construction, travel and
 materials-processing. Today, our machines and computers could provide
 the necessities and luxuries of life for everyone were it not for the
 concepts of profit, wealth and exclusivity.
 Binah is traditionally the Sphere of Time, of Saturn. In the mastery of
 this Sphere, the Throne of Love sees the unity of our species from its
 dim origins to its translation beyond the physical plane. From our
 beginnings we grow numerous and scatter, settling far-flung places,
 diverging in habits, languages and customs. We adapt to climates of all
 We adopt a psychologically correct religion for the needs of our times;
 institutions which encrust religions try to preserve outmoded forms. We
 transcend sectarianism when freedom of inquiry prevails and science
 flourishes. Science produces technology, technology changes our ways of
 living and therefore of ways of seeing the universe and our place in
 it. Attitudes and instincts which helped us survive in
 pre-technological times are deliberately changed into power-sources for
 creativity, guided by the vision of ourselves-to-be.
 If news stories and current events seem to contradict this description,
 the Work of the Throne of Love lies in the area of contradiction.
 The Lovers is attributed to Zain, a sword, and to the sign of Gemini--a
 depiction of humanityÕs present condition of a people divided against
 itself. The Art card links with Sagittarius and through the imagery of
 the archer, the components of bow and arrow combine in action to become
 a single engine of accuracy, velocity, and penetration.
 The secret of unity lies in shared Work.

 The Throne of Truth lives in Kether; its Trumps are the Fool and
 Adjustment. Truth is Themis in Greek.
 The task of the Throne of Truth is to attune itself to the Tao/Magickal
 Current/Will. Our physical bodies, our minds, our aesthetic sense, our
 art, all attest to the Intelligence which informs existence. We are the
 essence of and the vehicles for the Will of Intelligence and of
 Intelligence itself.
 Intelligence means, according to Webster, the ability to learn or
 understand or to deal with new or trying situations; the skilled use of
 reason; the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one's environment
 or to think abstractly...; information (concerning an enemy). I
 broaden the last to include any type of information. Attunement to
 Intelligence is attunement to one's deepest self, the core of
 Nothingness at the heart of all things.
 The Trumps give us a hint of the necessary viewpoint for the Throne of
 Truth. The Fool is the Zero, the innocent youth, one who is open to
 everything and experienced in nothing. There are no expectations,
 prejudices or preconceptions. Adjustment is the card of balance,
 proportionality and aesthetics. The Throne of Truth is totally open to
 the flow of existence from nonexistence; the flow radiates through the
 Throne to the Elevenstar in balanced rays. Anyone operating from the
 throne of Truth will radiate to the general environment also, but since
 the throne operates in the Vision of No Difference, the dynamics of the
 Elevenstar are projected onto the planet at large--all the better to
 link with.
 The duties of this Throne are the most abstract and mystical of the
 Elevenstar and can only be detected in operation through an aura of
 intense life about the operants, an aura that generates feeling of
 excitement, peace, joy and wonder without any particular color to them.
 In practical terms, the Throne of Truth requires a condition of no-mind
 meditation in its Priests. All available personal time is to be devoted
 to this meditation until the practice evolves to constancy during all
 other activities. The Throne of Truth is a dangerous responsibility
 since any imbalance can sever connections with the other Spheres and
 Thrones. In the collegium of Elevenstar, Thrones assist each other.

 The Throne of Heru-Pa-Kraat controls Da'ath and its cards are The
 Hanged Man and Death.
 The extra-arboreal Sphere of Da'ath is sometimes called Knowledge; an
 attribute of Heru-Pa-Kraat is silence. The four powers of the Sphinx
 are: Know, Will, Dare, and Keep Silent. The task of the Throne of
 Da'ath is to maintain the invisibility of the Elevenstar.
 This invisibility is not only to prevent intrusion by the unawakened,
 but to maintain the proper aesthetics of Elevenstar's nature. Our Work
 is necessarily behind the scenes; other groups, Orders, covens, etc.
 can have the honors of interfacing with the general public.
 The Throne of Heru-Pa-Kraat uses the images of The Hanged Man and Death
 to accomplish invisibility. The Hanged Man (Mem, water) recalls the
 reflective and refractive properties of water: keep moving and you'll
 not be seen; flow and you'll be invisible. The Trump Death (Nun, fish)
 maintains invisibility beyond the realms of the physical planes. There
 are individuals who have achieved initiation into certain aspects of
 Magick but who have not achieved the necessary spiritual
 transformation. Sometimes these incomplete ones seek out groups in
 which they sense power, hoping to fasten onto the power-source for
 their own imbalanced intentions.
 Since one must have died, in the Initiatory sense of the word, to be a
 Priest of Elevenstar, the Death Trump will strike terror into the
 incomplete ones, since they fear this type of death. The Ego is not
 only slain in the Abyss, but reconstructed according to Will and placed
 in its proper position within the individual. There is a definite death
 of the Ego in the process of mastery, and this the incomplete ones
 avoid--else they would be complete.
 The twenty-first priest who works the Throne of Da'ath posts
 him/herself at the gateway to the Nightside of the Tree, Since Maya is
 dualistic, every positive force is balanced by its reciprocal negative
 force. The shadow-world of the Nightside of the Tree has a sentience of
 its own; at times it tries to establish its mirror-reality of Dayside
 events as mainstream reality.
 The duty of the twenty-first Priest is to monitor for any such attempt
 as well as for any imbalance of forces. To do this, one must become
 familiar with the Nightside on a conscious basis. One method of doing
 this is to use the sigils and names from Kenneth Grant's Nightside of
 Eden and the Shadow Tarot by Linda Falorio. Other methods may be
 devised from the ingenuity  of the  practitioner.

                          Organizational Notes
 Those who wish to operate a particular throne will be able to find the
 Elevenstar. Throne-holders are not to recruit others to this Work, but
 are required to provide the necessary information to sincere enquirers.
 Acknowledgement by current Throne-holders of the aspirant's mastery of
 his/her chosen Throne is all that's required for an aspirant to become
 a participant. This is open to debate.
 The length of time any person operates a particular Throne should be
 limited to a year. As mentioned before, all participants should be
 capable of operating from any Throne; a limited term for holding a
 single Throne will prevent individual and group imbalance. In such a
 practice will the Elevenstar be as protean and flexible as the Work
 demands. When the time comes to change to new Thrones, trust the
 Current to provide the omens and portents to indicate which one it
 should be. Trust your intuition. The Current will guide you and your
 colleagues to adjust in harmony.
 Regarding the Elevenstar ritual itself, at this phase of Elevenstar's
 development--participants do not have to be Throne holders. The more
 throne holders who are participants the better, though, since like
 attracts like. The nature of Elevenstar rituals is such that they
 inspire and instruct the participants about the Thrones, thus providing
 a greater likelihood that participants will become Throne-holders.
 Depending on the number of ritualists available, there may be multiple
 representations of the Thrones, or a need for a ritualist to represent
 more than one Throne. All participants call the god-names of the
 Thrones in unison, so a precise match of numbers isnÕt crucial.
 The following format is a suggested method; improvised variations are
 fine, as long as they work.

                             ELEVENSTAR RITE
 Materials: Eleven votive candles, a tray of sand or earth, a bowl of
 water, incense.
 In preparation for the ritual, participants wash their hands before
 entering the Temple. When the ritualists are assembled, a time is spent
 in meditation. These acts serve to clear the attention from other
 concerns and ready it for the work at hand.
 Though a traditional banishment is unnecessary for this rite, there is
 a procedure that gathers in and concentrates awareness and energy in
 the ritual space. The god-names and gestures proceed widdershins
 (counterclockwise) at the beginning of the rite for ingathering, and
 deosil (clockwise) at the end for distributing the forces. All stand in
 a circle. The tray of sand/earth and the other materials are at the
 center of the circle for distributing the forces.
 South--Shaitan; SE--Heru-Pa-Kraat; East--Ra-Hoor-Khuit; NE--Hadit;
 North-- Nuit; NW--Maat; West--Babalon; SW--Aiwass. Touch the ground
 with both hands.
 (Actions and gestures are up to you; each ritualist should turn in
 place to face the direction of each name invoked.)
 Kindle the incense and pass it from hand to hand around the circle;
 each one breathes upon the smoke, saying, Abrahadabra. The thrones
 must be filled. Place the incense centrally in the tray of sand/earth.
 Pass the bowl of water likewise. Each participant sprinkles a few drops
 toward the center of the circle, saying, Abrahadabra. The Thrones
 shall be filled. Place the bowl next to the tray, to the West of it.
 Each candle is lit, passed around the circle, then placed in its
 appropriate position in the tray according to the order given
 previously. With each candle, chant and clap (*) as it is passed

 Fill the Throne of the World, Lady Nuit ** Lady Nuit**.
 Fill the Throne of the Moon, Lord Hadit ** Lord Hadit**.
 Fill the throne of the sun, Ra-Hoor-Khuit ** Ra-Hoor-Khuit**.
 Fill the throne of Jupiter, IO Pan ** IO Pan**.
 Fill the Throne of Venus, Babalon ** Babalon**.
 Fill the throne of Mars, Shaitan Aiwass ** Shaitan Aiwass**.
 Fill the Throne of Mercury, Therion ** Therion **.
 Fill the throne of Uranus, Will ** Will **.
 Fill the Throne of Saturn, Love ** Love **.
 Fill the throne of Pluto, Truth ** Truth **.
 Fill the throne of Neptune, Harpocrat ** Harpocrat**.

 After the last candle has been place in the tray, join hands and circle
 dance to this chant:
   As the fire burns,
   As the earth turns,
   As the wind blows,
   And the water flows,
   So the Priests wake
   and their Thrones take.
   So mote it be** so mote it be.
 After three repetitions, all touch the earth with both hands, then
 perform the dispersal:
 South--Shaitan; SW--Aiwass; West--Babalon; NW--Maat; North--Nuit;
 NE--Hadit; East--Ra-Hoor-Khuit; SE--Heru-Pa-Kraat.
 Again touch the earth with both hands. Extinguish the candles, douse
 the incense in the tray, and depart.

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