The Maat Continuum

                                  PANAEONIC MAGICK
                                    by Sor.'.Nema
               published in "Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick"
                                   Issue VII, 1989
                                   with permission
      Nema Panaeonic Magick Maat
      On Horus: "His formula is not yet fully understood." "Following him will arise the Equinox of Ma, the Goddess of Justice, it may be a hundred or ten thousand years from now; for the Computation of Time is not here as There." Aleister Crowley, Commentary on Liber AI (Ch. iii, v. 34). [Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on the Book of the Law; Symonds and Grant; 1974; 93 Publishing; Montreal; page 271.] In the writings of Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant and other Magicians, there is a system of dividing time, as humanly measured, into Aeons. This division has been useful in demonstrating the differences between an incumbent Magickal Formula and its successor, such as the Aeon of Horus replacing the Aeon of Osiris. The demonstration helps the Magician understand the changes in perceptions, outlook, and attitude that must be accomplished for the practitioner to be able to use the leading edge of the Magickal Current's evolution. The Nameless Aeon encompasses all of prehistory. Kenneth Grant, in "Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God", lists three separate prehistorical Aeons (0 of the Void, 1 of Chaos, and 2 of the Earth). For practical purposes, these can be combined into a single, nameless, Aeon, which would be a worldview of animism, dreamtime, and spirit Magick. All things are animated by spirits; there is an Underworld where knowledge and power may be gained. Food was obtained by hunting, fishing, and wild harvesting. The godform of this Aeon is Bes. The Aeon of Isis brings the Female force into focus as the Goddess: Mother-Creator, fertile Earth, changing Moon. The change of consciousness represented is that of having to take care of the creatures one depends on; instead of simply availing oneself of the natural harvest of game animals and wild plants, the herder and the farmer assumed the responsibility of care in exchange for control of the sources of nourishment. The Magicians of this Aeon took the Goddess, the Mother, as the clearest example of the type of attitude to have toward one's living. The godform is that of the Triple Goddess. The Aeon of Osiris shifted human consciousness to focus upon the authority of the Father-Creator, the law-giver who imposes hierarchal order on growing populations. Agriculture generated specialization of work which spawned cities as centers of trade and commerce. Population pressures spurred migration and territorial conquests, which gave rise to warfare and leaders of men. Force as coercion permitted slavery and serfdom, wherein food production could be commanded and demanded by the strong from the weak. The efficiency of this formula ensured its continuity until the development of science and industry provided a superior efficiency of production. The Osirian fonnula of the Dying God functions as a bridge between the agriculuual realities of planting and harvest and the industrial realities of "conquest" of and "dominion" over Nature, the plundering of resources and the pollution of environment. In its degeneracy, the Dying God formula is perverted into a rationalization for a number of insanities: resistance to Change, using force of one type or another to achieve and maintain power over other individuals, compulsive acquisition of material goods, and the notion that another entity can provide Salvation for oneself from particular and Original sin, the latter of which according to its Biblical account was a blatant case of entrapment. In this Aeonic system, the Aeon of Horus began in 1904 with the writing of Liber AL vel Legis. The formula is that of the Crowned and Conquering Child, the Prince who ascends the throne upon the death (transformation) of the King, his father. The monument of the Osirian Aeon, the Military-Industrial Complex of East and West, has achieved its apotheosis in the nuclear arsenals that are capable of sterilizing the planet. It's the mission of Horus to represent this existential ultimatum as the Lord of Force and Fire. The necessity at the base of the formula is neither subsistence nor sovereignty: it is survival. The Child is the point of the Aeon: the continuation of the human race. The Law of the Aeon is Love under Will; the application of this Law destroys the poison remnants of Osiris while at the same time it places power and responsibility in the hands of the individual. Running concurrently with the Aeon of Horus since 1974 is the Aeon of Maat. She is the Daughter, twin to Horus, and her formula is Truth and Balance. She compliments Horus' warrior nature with her measure and justice. She ensures the survival that Horus establishes by initiating a fundamental change in humanity: the awakening of the Racial Unconscious to Racial Consciousness. As Horus signifies the Atomic Age, Maat signifies the Information Age; her Word is IPSOS, "by the same mouth". In the Double Aeon, food production has at the same time become more automated and more home-grown organic, as business or belief. Recombinant DNA research and cloning promises changes in this area. The successful transformation of humanity into a doubly-conscious species brings about the Wordless Aeon, whose particular godform is Harpocrate. Physical speech is unnecessary with a shared Consciousness; therefore is this Aeon Wordless. There are other Aeonic clusters "ahead" of us in time, but they are beyond the scope of the present writing. In 1986, at the Winterstar gathering at Atwood Lake, Ohio, there was conducted a large group ritual called "The Circus of the Aeons." The intent and result of this rite was to earth all six Aeonic formulae in the present. The purpose of this writing is to extend the event to the individual level of Working. To do this, we will consider the commonalities and note the differences among the Aeons, to the end of developing a PanAeonic Magick. The power and efficacy of such an inclusive Magick cannot help but be greater than the use of any particular Aeonic formula alone. The first commonality that arises is the ancient Hermetic dictum: "As above, so below; as below, so above." Change in the Microcosm of the individual effects change in the Macrocosm of the world - and vice versa. All Godforms involved are anthropomorphic: even the Hawk-headed Horus has fully human aspects. The four core Aeons represent family relationships, while the two outlying Aeons are ancestor and descendant. The second commonality is human social context The images of the lone wizard or retiree of the Abramelin Operation have impact only as contrast. Most Magick is done through and with other people. A third commonality is aspiration of transformation. All living things strive to develop potentiality into actuality and produce viable offspring. The Magickal Children of each Aeon are to be understood in the light of the formula involved; evolution is evident. The aspiration is common to all, though, and is aligned with Nature and Tao. A fourth commonality is the removal of obstacles to the manifestation of Current or Will. Even when a Magician pitches the ritual toward obtaining a specific end, the net result is an opening in matter-energy through which the Current may flow more easily. The fifth, and most important, commonality is the necessity of earthing the Magickal energies employed. One puts change into action in the physical plane - wishing doesn't make it so. This includes both the doing of of actual ritual ("thought-experiments" don't count) and the application of the energy/information/insights to everyday life. In order to consider the contrasts of the Aeons for ritual purposes, let's compare the following tables: AEON SOCIAL TYPE COLORS GODFORMS TOOLS Nameless Hunter Black Dwarf Drum Isis Farmer Blue Mother Chalice Osiris Soldier Green Father Sword Horus Warrior Red Youth Wand Maat Witness Silver Maiden Pantacle Wordless Ambassador Gold Gynander/Androgyne Incense AEON MAGICKAL ACTS SCENTS TALISMANS SYMBOLS PRACTICES Nameless Dance, Dreams Pine Bone Staff Shamanism Copper Voodoo Isis Blessing/Cursing Rose Blood Throne Wicca Silver Kalipuja Osiris Banishing Myrrh Horn, Iron Sceptre Christianity Mithraism Horus Invocation Frank- Talons Eye or Thelemic incense Gold Utchet Magick Maat Vibrating of Jasmine Feather Feather Maat Word Mercury Magick Wordless Mudra, Gesture Sandal- Hair, Alloy: Child Silence, wood Brass, Steel Tao A PanAeonic Working can be used to power the usual ends of Magick; it can be used to acquire Wisdom from the full range of human experience. It can be used to speed our species' transformation, and it can be used to speed the individual's transformation. The experienced Magician will readily see how to apply the basics to individual need. It were well to establish oneself in the combined Formulae in a balanced fashion before undertaking specialized enterprises. For this purpose, the following ritual is proposed: THE PANAEONIC INVOCATION Prepare a private place as Temple, indoors or out. At the compass points place the following: East: sword, iron, green candle South: wand, gold, red candle West: chalice, silver, blue candle, wine North: pantacle, mercury, silver/gray candle Center: drum, incense, copper, steel/brass, black and gold candles After suitable meditation and awareness of the items around you, their positions and significance, beat the drum and dance around the Circle, widdershins and deosil. Invoke Bes with chanting as inspiration directs you, in time with the drum. When the energy has reached the proper pitch, lie at full length and call down to the Underworld. "I invoke you, Bes, ancestor of my bones. Lost in the mist of Time, you live in me in the patterns of my cells and the deepest parts of my brain. Awaken to new life within me; let the power of your passions and fears drive my Magick to its rightful end." Pause here. and after each invocation until you have become the god and see from His/Her perspective. Arise and approach the West. Pour the wine into the chalice, then pace the circle widdershins and deosil, asperging with your fingertips and the wine. Stop at the West and elevate the chalice, saying: "I invoke you, Isis, Triple Goddess; maiden, mother, and crone. Though I came from you and will return to you, you live in me in love and compassion for all things. Awaken to new life within me; let the power of your patience and endurance sustain my Magick to its rightful end." Drink the wine and replace the chalice. Approach the East; seize the sword and wield it about the circle widdershins and deosil. Brandish it as though fighting an enemy. Stop at the East, ground the sword and say: "I invoke you. Osiris, Dying and Rising Lord. Though you are the seed that gave me life and gives rebirth to all of Nature, you live in me as logic and control of action. Awaken to a new and purified life within me; let the power of your commanding direct my Magick to its rightful end." Salute with sword to brow, then replace the sword. Approach the South. Grasp the wand, elevate it, then trace spirals down and around you as you stride the circle widdershins and deosil. Stop at the South and say: "I invoke you, Horus, Crowned and Conquering Child. You are the Lord of Force and Fire, living in me as my True Will and its manifestation. Awaken to life within me; let the power of your invincibility speed my Magick to its rightful end. Touch the wand to the genitals, heart and third eye, then replace it. Approach the North, grasp the pantacle, elevate it, then spiral about it as a center as you move around the circle, widdershins and deosil. Stop at the North, and say: "I invoke you, Maat, Witness of Truth in all things. You are She Who Moves, that which is life itself in all my various bodies. Awaken my awareness of you within me; let the power of your balance manifest my Magick in its rightful end." Kiss the pantacle and replace it. Approach the center, ignite the incense, then cense the circle widder shins and deosil. Return to the center and replace the incense. Spread your arms heavenward and gaze up, saying: 'I invoke you, Harpocrat, infant Lord of Silence. You are that within me of which I may not speak. Awaken me to possession of your fullness; let the power of your innocence grace my Magick in its rightful end." Envision yourself as being of both genders. Reach out your awareness to the Universe; at the same time plunge within yourself to the Hollow Center. Stretch your sense of self to encompass the Earth, to become it and all its living creatures. When fullness of consciousness is achieved, pronounce the Words of Power. If it be your Will, here begin VIII* and use the Words as mantra, changing to the voice of command at the climax. Have the pantacle ready to receive the Elixir. If the use of VIII* is not your Will, vibrate each Word once in the voice of command, pausing between them to follow their vibrations into the Current. Say: "LASHTAL" "BABALON" "VIAOV" "ABRAHADABRA" "IPSOS" Place your finger to your lips in Silence. If VIII* was used, anoint the candles, tools, and metals and consume the rest. Sit in meditation in the center of the circle until your bodies are in balance with the forces, then extinguish the candles and depart the Temple. The PanAeonic Invocation will be effective in direct proportion to the Magician's state of attainment, to enable the Magician to make use of the ways of all Aeons. For those who have established and are working with a TransAeonic Vortex (see "Beauty"), this rite will extend the Vortex into the past, thus increasing its range and leverage. Time-travel Workings to the past are good for gathering information; changing the past through Magickal intervention is as yet problematic. Although imparting information pastward is possible, the receptivity of receiving individuals is conditioned by their particular world-views. We have a history of geniuses whose thoughts were "ahead of their time," but these are rare; pastward contactees are likely to flee in terror or attempt to banish you as a demon. Working futureward is also good for gathering information, if your worldview permits you to understand what you encounter. Be aware that the only time you can change events and situations is Now. The dimensions of Now are flexible in terms of human understand ing, though some see the Now as a dimensionless interface between Past and Future. Some Nows are longer than others; the Now of a normal human pregnancy is nine months long, whereas four minutes is the length of the Now of brain death or damage from oxygen-lack. By bringing the power of all the Aeons to bear upon the Now, PanAeonic Magick enables the Magician to increase the effectiveness and timeliness of his/her action. It also enables the Magician to act more wisely that is, from a broader and higher viewpoint than Work with any single Aeon can provide. The third benefit is the Magickal Link among the PanAeonic Magician and Initiates of all the various Traditions based upon a particular Aeonic formula. Such a Magickal Link is the basis of the worldwide neural system that manifests our Racial Consciousness; the more varied and numerous the participating individuals, the more intelligent the Racial Consciousness becomes. We invite our Colleagues to perform the ritual and let us know the results. Please contact and click on Nema's homepage

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