The Maat Continuum

                           A Comment on Communications
                              From the Aeon of Maat
                                  by Sor.'.Nema
             published in "Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick"
                            Volume I, Number 2, 1977
                                 with permission
    Nema Comment on Communications from the Aeon of Maat
    Beta is a commentary on the Book of Maat (Liber Pennae Praenumbra), also to be found at the main page on the Typhonian O.T.O. Nema is very interested in reactions to the Book of Maat. All communications may be sent via the hypertextlink at to the Musical, Magical, Mystery Farm. This commentary cannot be completely satisfactory to all. A certain level of background knowledge is assumed; it is inevitable that some will see a belaboring of the obvious, while others will find a great deal of it incomprehensible. To the former, I pray patience; to the latter, I recommend an intensification of study. It will refer to the text according to concepts, although the main referents are sections and paragraphs. To begin: 1. "By the same mouth" is the first statement of the formula of the Word of the Book. The speech and reception of nectar, creation and destruction, the cycle of Brahma - are conducted by the same mouth. "Mother of the Sun" - Maat is the Upper Air, wherein rides the Solar Barge of Ra. "Counterweight of the Heart" - the feather is in one pan, the heart of the dead is in the other pan of the scales of Anubis, judge of the dead in the court of Osiris. 2. The "nine gates" are the eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, anus, genitals. The senses and organs of eating, elimination, copulation, and excretion, are one, in that they are the interface between "self" and "Universe". 3. 2= 0. The Alchemical formula of Heru produces a Superconsciousness, the Zero. The Black Flame, a contradiction in terms, is the Zen reality that moves Hadit (the observer-point) from Hod to Da'ath, outside the Tree. Pra-NU is Prana, Prakriti and Nuit - the Universe expressed as breath, matter and stars - in short, the Creating Act of Brahma. Title - "She-That-Moves". Presented as neuter-female motion, Maat's balance is dynamic, not static. She remains upright because of motion. 4. This refers to the Isis-Osiris-Horus legend. As the Aeons progress, the Magickian has at his disposal the formulae from previous times in addition to the working formulae of his own incarnation-period. 5. The "promised land of milk and honey" is the outer reference; in addition, the Hindu "Ocean of Milk" or primeval matter, is refered to. The Gynander is the female emphatic of Androgyne. Magickally speaking, there is no difference. 6. The lord of Parts, Osiris, was installed as King of the Dead by his son, Horus, who is the Bird (Hawk) referred to herein. The Beast is Therion, who superseded the Aeon of Osiris with the Aeon of Horus by the writing of Liber Al. The Kingdom of the Sun is the territory of the Crowned and Conquering Child. The Eternal Child is Lao Tzu, and his way is the Tao. DIALOGUE Since an AEon supposedly endures for two thousand years, the Voice naturally questions the presence of Maat in the AEon of Heru, which is only seventy years old. Her reply indicates that there is no hard-and-fast distinction between these two AEons - that Maat is Heru's vehicle, both as Feather (truth) and Air (prana/life). The course of the ages is well-established by Set/Shaitan. The triple Veils of Maat are the forms of lsis, Nuit, and BABALON - different aspects assumed according to circumstance. Maat is lady of space and time - Prakriti Herself. None can fix limits to her manifestation, since She is the totality of manifestation. The mouth is her instrument - inhalation, exhalation, breath and speech. THE WORD OF FLIGHT Gods are not do-ers, but be-ers and go-ers. Balance is maintained by onward motion, such as the balance of the bicyclist, the airplane or the gyroscope. Hesitation, cowardice, indolence, distraction, or diverted direction all lead immediately to the Abyss and a plunge therein. The brake - the fatal flaw of god-consciousness - is the Egoself. Gods doubt not their powers, nor pride themselves upon their virtues. When Ego transforms into pure forward motion, motion without object or subject, then has the Magickian become a god. When motion is transcended, the Magickian no longer exists, is nothing. 1&2. The bird-images are according to the Tree of life as follows: The Swan is Kether, as it is a glyph of Aum. The Heron as Chokmah is a symbol of ancient and paternal Wisdom. The Owl denotes Binah, being a bird of night and darkness. Also the connection with Athena is implied, the stern patroness. The Raven is the bird of Odin, assisting his rulership in Chesed. The Cockerel is a symbol of the warlike nature of Ceburah, in terms of duel-to-the-death cockfights. The Hawk, Heru, is Tifhereth. The Peacock is Venus' bird, the singular image for Netzach. The Hummingbird is a type of Mercurial swiftness for Hod. The Loon cries at dusk, and is a dreamlike, haunting factor of Yesod. The Eagle represents Malkuth in Alchemical workings. In union with the Lion, she resolves Malkuth again into Kether. The Ibis of the Abyss is Thoth, giver of Knowledge to Man, and representing the non-Sephora Da'ath. 3&4. The one who snares is the Ego-self. Whether it be the Ego of another or the Ego of the self, the leaden results are the same. One cannot fly as long as one is bound to an identity. The balance of Anubis determines the purity of the heart-the heart versus the feather on the scales. Anything weighing more than Maat. Truth itself, cannot progress nor cross the Abyss. 5. None can restrict the Magickian save himself. 6. The form of the Black Flame, while having overtones of Binah, is the image of the Ain Soph Auer. Black is not, in this case, the absence of light, but the cancellation of it. The radiance and absorption is so finely balanced that the Astral vision percieves black as the color of the Flame. This is limitless light because its operative ecology constantly recycles all radiance without energy-loss. Matter/energy can only be changed, not anihilated. 7. This is the chart of the flow of the ninety-three Current. Maat here declares Herself to be the Current itself - and so She is, in the highest form of Prana. The Andromeda Galaxy is the proximate large-scale focus of the Current: Sirius and So] are the small-scale foci. The Current's generating origins are not yet stated. 8&9. This is a recapitulation of the godforms of the AEon of Heru. "Passing beyond" indicates the level of consciousness wherein the Magickian transcends the practice of Magick. When one ceases to exist, there is no possibility of "doing" anything. The veil of the "existence" of the Magickian is but an earthing-vehicle for the Current. Ritual may still be performed, but there is no-one performing it; it simply happens. 10-12. Chthonos is matter-energy. Ychronos is time. Together they constitute the space-time continuum, and are reciprocals. The works of Albert Einstein are perhaps the best reference to the nature of this relationship; the Magickian will find himself using these supraelements before completely comprehending the theories. They are not necessarily amenable to an intellectual approach. 13.- The remainder of this section is self-explanatory in the light of current historical trends of sexual equality. THE SHOWING OF THE IMAGE The consciousness of the human race is moving toward the state which will signal the advent of the AEon of Maat. This is a type of Gestalt-Persona, wherein the individuals will share, in addition to their unique consciousnesses, a planet-wide awareness and empathy of being Man. The long-dreamed-of Utopia of the race will manifest soon. There does already exist small instances of this group-consciousness. The gestalts are not yet stabilized in the Kingdom as of this writing. but those working with the Current 93 in proper fashion will have experienced the Gestalt. The vulture-image is shown to demonstrate the proportionate nature of Death in this consciousness. The lovers of Fire are the Parsees, descendants of the ancient Zoroastrians. THE GIVING OF THE WORD 1-8. Again, a recapitulation of what exists. 9-10. The reality of the Abyss, the "crossing" of which is a prerequisite of Maat-consciousness, is more textured than the term would imply. Only through the persistent exercise of the total individual Will, can the Abyss be transcended; the illusion of Ego is constantly being regenerated by the play of Nuit. The initial leap of accepting one's individual non-existence must be followed by continuous acts of death; only when the acceptance becomes an habitual mode of awareness at all times in the waking consciousness can one begin operating in terms of Maat. 11. In operating from the dynamic equipose of Maat, the Magickian achieves mastery of the Compieat Transmutation. He wills the generation of any Ego-mask needed for the Great Work, and employs it with consummate artistry. Only the purely ego-less may achieve the fullness of Maat; and only those firmly centered in Maat may use this technique of Ego-generation safely and successfully. The ordinary human consciousness needs familiar appearances in another with which to relate and interact. Therefore, the Magickian becomes the needed person at the proper place and time for those the Current directs his way. The Dance of the Mask begins with the invocation of a suitable godform. From the godform is taken the essence of the Mask, which is then methodically brought down the Tree via each Sephora until it is enriched and balanced with all the subtle nuances of a "Nature-generated" personality. It is then earthed in the Kingdom through action, social intercourse, and acceptance by other "Natural" personalities. Herein lies the danger: the play of Nuit (or the veils of Maya) are so subtle, persuasive and convincing, that a moment's lapse of control renders the Mask a "reality." Then, the process of Ego-death must begin again... and with greater difficulty, for a perfectly-constructed Ego is much stronger and resistant to destruction than a "Natural". The greater the care and craftsmanship that went into its making, the stronger is its will-to-live. Also, given the nature of the Race of Man, the Ego-masks that are most effective in changing the consciousness of the "Naturals" tend to lie in the extreme ranges of the illusion of "good" and "evil". An "evil" Ego-mask is easier to control and recall to non-existence, generally speaking, for the subconscious pressures of the "Naturals" acquainted with it tend to push it into oblivion ... except in cases where the Magickian is working with "Naturals" who are of similar predisposition. A "good" mask receives the subconscious support of its Natural fellows, and thereby requires the utmost delicacy and control on the part of the Magickian. It is advisable not to undertake the Mask of a saint unless there is physical access to one's Magickal peers. 12. A point is made here regarding the Mass of the Holy Ghost, as a preparation for the further instructions regarding the Mass of Maat. Indeed-the M.H.G. is most effectively performed by Magickians of equal ability who share in the Gestalt. The Eagle, having contributed her share of essence in the making of the Elixir, should participate in the consuming of it - otherwise a serious energy-imbalance results. For the Lion to be the only priest in this ritual is nothing more than psychic vampirism. 13-15. Herein is the procedure of the Mass of Maat given. Begin with the statement of Thelema. Banish, then meditate, using the Word of this Book as mantra. This will bring to the conscious minds the reality of bisexuality, regardless of physical form. The Lion becomes lunar, and the Eagle is the active, Solar agent for the first part. Maat is invoked. (551) The lion (Air) concentrates prana in the two lower chakras as Eagle (Feather) stimulates his Muladhara centre and receives the first flowing of the Swadhishatana chakra. Air rises on the planes. Feather, having received the Nectar, absorbs it at the Anahata chakra and moves it through the Vishuda, Ajna, Sahasrara (where it unites with the Current), down to the Bindu and back through the Anahata. This is repeated, with increasing intensity until the Prana "fountains up" through the Sahasrara and "rains" down through the persona, wherein it collects in the inmost of the triple-chambered-shrine. (The three chambers being vulva, vagina and uterus.) This pooled Prana is the combination of the initial Prana of Air and the essences of the five upper chakras of Feather. Moreover, by the circular process described above, it is in the utmost distillation, and is the "gold" referred to in the text. Feather awakens Air in the subtlest manner possible, again assuming the active mode of Nu-Kali. Union follows-the outer release being paralleled by the Pranic union of the Nectar of gold with lion-blood and Eagle-tears. Following this, Air becomes the Solar agent and Eagle is Lunar. "By the same mouth" is the Elixir obtained and shared. Some may be left for the charging of talismans, weapons, etc. The most effective mode is in the Moon-time, wherein the added vibrations of chthonos-ychronos are manifest. Thelema presently operates 2=0. The Mass of Maat uses this in the form 2+x=2/0 wherein the impossible manifests. It is a unisex working; role-reversal is carried to the extent of physiological possibility without resort to artificial implements. The Elixir is not a simple Alchemical combination, but is a triplicity (x=Maat) and, by extension, infinite. Dichotomy no longer applies. Energy is now a vector-function of motion, generated by three infinity-sources. Maat, priest and priestess are hermaphrodite-gynanders. By extension and in varied format, the Maat-working is valid for an individual or a group. The number and type of physical vehicles makes no difference. The homosexual possibilities are obvious. IPSOS = "IPSE" + "OS" = "the same mouth." Experience in its use has varied from the silent mantra-repetition to full-voiced vibration of it. It has moved physical objects when used aloud; in silence, it dissolves the self. It cannot be adequately discussed, only experienced. 5. Herein is named the source of the magickal Current, first mentioned as coming through Andromeda. "By the same mouth"... Man is the source. Our children's children, unknown generations hence, the true Magi of the AEon of Maat, are sending us the means of evolution. They, masters of the space-time continuum, are aiding us to evolve. We also are the children of ourselves. Each time we venture past-wards into the Akasha, our presence effects a consciousness-change in those we observe, especially ourselves in prior incarnations. Past, present and future are but reference-points in the organic development of the Race. Entropy is a constant, physically, and consciousness-development is its reciprocal. After we have achieved the race-consciousness, we shall join the Comity of Stars. This is a marvellous Intelligence that has existed from the beginning of this cycle, and shall endure to the end. The youngest members are those planetary races that have achieved global consciousness. There are those whom we see as stars ... plasma-beings whose race-consciousness form the galaxies. There are the absorptive ones whom we percieve as masses of interstellar dust and gas, such as the Horsehead Nebula. There are those who are willed supernovae, "quasars" neutron-stars, pulsars and "black holes". The ones who are composed of contraterrene matter (reversed atomic charges) were the origins of the concept of the Qlipoth, although their natures are most benign. These Brethren await our development patiently ... when all sentient beings have achieved complete awareness, we unite, and transcend the space/time continuum entirely. This is the essence of the Boddhisattvic Vow. Those of us who have willed to take the Vow are committed to the furthering of evolution toward this Unity. At the Heat-Death of the Universe, Or the Night of Brahma, we will again form the Ylem and allow creation to occur. The reason for the Dance is the joy thereof ... that, and no more. TAT TVAM ASI. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law; love is the law, love under will. By the hand of Nema.

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