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The 'Caliphate' Book Patrol — Fahrenheit 418

(2) Francis King: The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O.

 Yahoo group: Aiwaz Thelema Message 621
                 From:  satyra_x satyra_x@y...
                 Date:  Wed Sep 11, 2002  7:03 am
                 Subject:  censorship by califate on ebay
                 WHY *YOU* MAY NOT BE PERMITTED to sell your used books on ebay!


                 ok i found it, but would like to keep my source "confidential"
                 therefore i have removed identifiers, however you certainly
                 have enough left *here* to check it out with ebay yourself and
                 see if this is indeed the case. or for that matter, check with
                 oto_legal_department@m... who seems to be claiming they have
                 a right to interfere with the rights of US and other citizens
                 to sell their USED BOOKS on ebay!!
                 PS: if you discover it was a "fake" complaint tim, by a phony
                 alleged oto, please let the list know, i am sure everyone wants
                 to know. i don't think it's a fake, though, since there was a
                 SWORN STATEMENT filed that now prohibits the selling of books
                 on ebay, not just by califatos, but by EVERYONE.

                 From: whyended@e...
                 To: [apersonwhowantstosellabook@n...]
                 Subject: VeRO NOTICE: eBay Listing(s) Cancelled - VeRO Program
                 Date: [in the spring of 2002]

                 Dear [xxx (apersonwhowantstosellabook@n...),]
                 We regret to inform you that your listing:
                 [xxxxlistingnumber] Secret Rituals of the OTO - Francis King
                 has been ended at the request of Ordo Templi Orientis , a
                 member of eBay's Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program, because
                 they filed a sworn statement that it offers a product or
                 contains material which violates their copyright, trademark or
                 other rights. In the interest of protecting all eBay users, we
                 end such listings to avoid any association with potentially
                 infringing or unlawful items.
                 We understand that sometimes mistakes can be made. If you feel
                 your listing was ended in error, please read the VeRO Program
                 Memberâ*s About Me Page. To help you find their About Me page,
                 we have compiled a list of About Me pages located at:
                 If you are unable to find the appropriate About Me page, or if
                 their About Me page does not answer your questions, please
                 contact the VeRO Program Member directly by emailing them at
                 Of course, eBay is available to answer questions, but since
                 only the rights owner understands their products and policies,
                 we encourage you to contact them first. If we agree a mistake
                 has been made or the VeRO Program Member notifies us, we will
                 allow you to relist the item.
                 We also understand that even if your item is infringing, you
                 may have been unaware of that fact, and may have listed the
                 item with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, even if this
                 is so, you still could face potential liability, so ending the
                 listing is still necessary.
                 Please review our Prohibited, Questionable & Infringing Items at:
                 and Why Was My Auction Ended Early By eBay? at:
                 to learn more. All Bidders have been notified and any
                 associated fees have been credited to your account.

                 **Keep in mind that listing of prohibited, questionable or
                 infringing items, or the re-listing of ended items without the
                 approval of eBay, can result in your suspension from eBay.
                 Thank you for your cooperation.
                 Teresa (whyended@e...)
                 eBay Inc.
 Message 626
                From:  satyra_x satyra_x@y...
                Date:  Wed Sep 11, 2002  7:47 am
                Subject:  strange new world odour of the califate
                Strange New World Odour of the Califate


                Your little son Timmy needs emergency surgery, and to try to
                raise some extra cash, you decide to go into your basement and
                see what's down there that you haven't touched for more than 30
                years. Perhaps there's something of value in your collection of
                old but not antique volumes.
                Aha! there's a bunch of silly books, but who knows, some
                collector might pay good money for them. And so you make up your
                list, and off it goes to eBay.
                You *own* these books, you paid good money for them some years
                ago. it was your college days, and sometimes you even skipped
                lunch to buy a new book. shouldn't be any problem to sell your
                own property, eh?
                A knock comes at the door, and it is the Califate Book Patrol,
                equipped with flame throwers, just like in Fahrenheit 451. Black
                booted and asbestos suited... "Where are OUR BOOKS!" they
                Gasp! eBay had notified the Califate Book Patrol that you had
                listed a book that THEY OWN! never mind that when you bought the
                book, the Califate was not in existence, with the Marvel of Time
                Travel this Corporation now retroactively owns your book
                collection. ALL OF IT, every single book that mentions any of
                the following words at least ONCE, "ritual, france, francis,
                breeze, bill, hymen, oto, crow, crowley, star, woman, man,
                birth, initiation, sun, moon, and secret". The Califate claims
                the copyrights to all these words AND MANY MORE!
                They shove you aside and proceed to pile up the books you had
                readied for shipment to new owners. They push little Timmy down,
                despite your cries! And once they have what you THOUGHT was your
                property piled into a pyramid, they turn on the
                flame-throwers.... all that is left is a pile of ash. They even
                burned your daily newspaper, because they own ALL THE WORDS that
                Aleister Crowley the Prophet invented.
                (apologies to Ray Bradbury)
               ----------------------- [snip]


 Yahoo group thelema93-l Message 12202

                 From:  "scarlet ibis" scarletibis@1...
                 Date:  Tue Oct 1, 2002  3:19 pm
                 Subject:  Re: no burnings

               --- In thelema93-l@y..., Rick Gorton tez666@e... wrote:
               > 93, P: The Caliphate is not burning any books, why the analogy
               > to Fahrenheit 451?

               Not speaking for anyone in particular, the way I understand the
               analogy is the restriction of the sale on eBay of (a) privately
               owned book(s), bought way before the UK (no other) courts decided
               this or that about things may "subsist"ing. . . this interference
               with books that are *privately* owned, and one time, bought and
               paid for. If you saw the film F451 you remember the scene where
               the "book patrol" enters a private home and piles up the books
               and then sets fire to them. The analogy is not to the fire I
               suspect (though there is that "comment" thing) but the
               interference with books that are privately owned and were
               acquired legitimately.
               The eBay restriction makes the books, should one decide one no
               longer wishes to own them, good only for use as fireplace logs I
               guess. It certainly is an abuse of copyright law, since it does
               not appear the Caliphate is planning to rush the SROTO into print
               and for sale to the public anytime soon.

               > The courts decided fairly on the ownership of copyrights. All
               > the examples you are using are violations of legitimate
               > copyright law.

               So the Caliphate *is* planning to rush SROTO into print soon for
               sale for a profit? Please, when, where and how much? Copyright
               law is supposed to protect the creator's rights to *make a
               profit* after all.
               Hey wait, a minute, aren't they getting tax breaks for being a
               not- for-profit religious organization or something? So how
               exactly is the Caliphate losing money by making books they NEVER
               planned to publish and sell unavailable? please, tell me
               again...? Bore us to death, quickly. . .
               Oh scratch that. Please just let the Caliphate lapse into the
               obscurity they so *richly* deserve.
               Amen and So Mote It Be.



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