High Court of Justice 2002

Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon

High Court of Justice 2002

    WEDNESDAY the 10 th day of APRIL 2002
    ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS (a body incorporated in California in the USA)
    (1) JOHN SYMONDS [Seal of the
    (2) Anthony Naylor Supreme Court of Justice
    (3) Mandrake Press, Ltd. 22 APR 2002]

THE COURT HAVING ordered 2nd May 2002 that an Inquiry be held as to whether copyright subsists in all or any of the works identified in the substituted Schedule to the Claimant’s particulars of claim (“the Inquiry”)
AND THE DEFENDENTS CONCEDING that copyrights subsists in all of the works identified in the substituted schedule to the Claimant’s particulars of claim of being the works of Aleister Crowley

1. that the Claimant’s costs of and occasioned by the Inquiry and the issue of whether copyright subsists in the said works up to [and including] 3rd September 2001 and the costs of this Order be paid by the Defendants. For the avoidance of doubt:
i. Each of the Defendants shall be liable jointly and severally for such costs
ii. Such costs shall include the costs referred to in paragraph 5(xi) of the Order of 2nd May 2001
iii. This Order is without prejudice to the Orders for costs made on 3 rd September 2001
2. that the costs referred to in paragraph 1 above shall be determined by detailed assessment if not agreed
3. that the said assessment shall take place forthwith
4. that thereafter such sums as are found due to the Claimant (if any) together with interest under the Judgments Act 1838 as shall have accrued from the date of this Order shall be paid by the Defendants to the Claimant within 14 days of the date of service upon the Defendants of the final certificate of the court pursuant to paragraph 47.16(3) of part 47 of the Civil Procedure Rules
5. that the foregoing shall be without prejudice to the power of the Court to issue an interim costs certificate pursuant to paragraph 47.15(1)(a) of part 47 of the Civil Procedure Rules

1. that Copyright subsists in all of the works in the substituted schedule to the Claimant’s particulars of claim as being the works of Aleister Crowley and which Schedule, for the purposes of identification has been initialed by the Master
2. that further to the declarations made by the Court pursuant to the inquiry held on 18th and 19th October 200[sic], the Claimant is entitled to the absolute title in the copyrights in all of the works of Aleister Crowley so far as the Court has declared by this Order that copyright in such works subsists

Kenneth Grant Aossic Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis
Kenneth Grant
John Symonds Aleister Crowley The Great Beast King of the Shadow Realm
John Symonds
Francis King
Francis King
Karl Johannes Germer
Karl Germer

Items of Historical Interest

In 1930, Karl Germer sent a description of the Aleister Crowley LTD. to Fernando Pessoa.
Aleister Crowley: This is the Last Will.
Karl Germer, Louis Wilkinson and Lady Frieda Harris.
National Grandmasters and OHOs of the O.T.O.

Some background information

Lawyers and Historians: The 'Caliphate' versus the Truth? — Introduction.

The Maine Decision 1984   [to the disfavour of the 'Caliphate']      |      The California Decision 1985   [to the favour of the 'Caliphate'].
Purchase of the copyrights on Aleister Crowley from the Official Receiver (OR).
The 1999 Particulars of Claim ['Caliphate'].
Financial Reports 1996-1999 of the 'Caliphate'.
Erraneous opinion on theInternational Copyright Situation. Text by Anthony Naylor before he lost his case against the 'Caliphate' in 2000.
What the 'Caliphate' does not want you to know. Text by Anthony Naylor before he lost his case against the 'Caliphate' in 2000.
Crowley's Probate. Text by Anthony Naylor before he lost his case against the 'Caliphate' in 2000.
'Caliphate' Capers. Text by Anthony Naylor before he lost his case against the 'Caliphate' in 2000. Based upon a draft by James Graeb.
Structure, Constitutions and Money. Partly written by Anthony Naylor before he lost his case against the 'Caliphate' in 2000.
Anonymous: Burning Down The House. 'Caliphate', Argenteum Astrum, James Wasserman, Donald Trump — Written in 2021.
Library of Congress, letter dated September 6, 2000.
2000, July: An analysis of the Bylaws of the 'Caliphate' and its Board of Directors. By James Graeb.
2000, July: Incorporation of O.T.O., Argentum Astrum and E.G.C..
2000: "Caliphate-O.T.O. Win" and the The Writing on the Wall. Text by Anthony Naylor before he lost his case against the 'Caliphate' in 2000.
Court Order of October 2000.
James T. Graeb, co-founder and IX° of the 'Caliphate', a lawyer, calls the 'Caliphate' a "Puppet Show Piece" and files suit vs William Breeze, William Heidrick, Marcus Jungkurth et alii in 2001.
The 2002 Ruling.
The Summary so far.

Ordo Templi Orientis - Trade Mark - Starfire Publishing Limited.

Some Things

Court Case Hermann Joseph Metzger vs Walter Englert in the 1970s.
1991 Opinion of a German prosecuting attorney's office on the body of the 'Caliphate'. Erfahrungsbericht eines O.T.O.-Mitglieds im Zusammenhang mit dem Gerichtsprozess 'Caliphat' gegen Hänssler-Verlag, 1990. Unsuccessfull attempt in Yugoslavia.
Censorship in the UK.
The 'Caliphate' Book Patrol: Fahrenheit 418.
Paul Joseph Rovelli versus the 'Caliphate', New York January 2000.
1998, July 17 - 2000 October Austrian situation on Copyrights     [German and English].
Trademark O.T.O.. By Leslie Anne Childress.
2007 'Caliphat' Kasino in Deutschland. English translation: 2007 'Caliphate' Casino. 2008: Honesty is the best Policy: 'Caliphate' O.T.O. / William Breeze lost in a legal case. Deutsche Version: Ehrlich währt am Längsten: Warum der O.T.O. gegen P.R. Koenig verlor.

Other Background

The 'Caliphate'.
Discussion about the instrument of succession. An introduction to the background, followed by a transcript of this discussion.
Minutes of the 11 IX°s 'Caliphate' election in 1985 where it was clearly said that the 'Caliph' is not the juro OHO.
Playgame of an O.T.O.-Fatamorgana — Statistics, Censorship, Name Dropping. 2011. Gaps in the Script of Esotericism: Hypocrisy and Hypercrisis – Oscar Wilde: Ambition is the last resort of failure.
Fetish, Self-Induction, Stigma and Rôleplay. 2011.

More about all this in: Andreas Huettl and Peter-R. Koenig: Satan - Jünger, Jäger und Justiz

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