Naber to Montenegro, August 68 - Ordo Templi Orientis

    Ordo Templi Orientis
    Gabriel Montenegro Vargas + the European Thelemites
    Hermann Joseph Metzger
    O.T.O. in Switzerland
    Naber to Montenegro, August 68

    Fra.·.Theophilos! Your last letter of July 22 has disturbed me greatly. After the arrival of the shipment of the Book "The Equinox of the Gods" here some weeks ago, I immediately informed you about it on a postcard, inasmuch as I was not able to write to you more extensively. Also for the reading I have to wait for times more quiet. In any case I would like to thank you again for the generous present. It has arrived here well and undamaged. Especially valuable it is to me due to the reproduction, which so far I only had seen in Zurich. From the publishers "Thelema" [Metzger] nothing new has appeared since "Selbsterkenntnis". The duties of innkeeper, host, cook etc. to run the inn "Rose" at Stein and also the renovation and building programm of expansion take up all the time of the concerned, as we are told. We get there very seldom inasmuch as I am making plans and am investigating the possibilities of a change and therefore am away a lot investigating new possibilities. The occupation as a country doctor does not satisfy me and we hope that we can better [improve the living situation] ourselves very soon. Your request to mediate between you and Fra Paragr. is at the actual moment very difficult. For some time events are about to happen in Stein, about which it is not good at present to talk not even to hint. I would like to ask you not to refer to it in your letters to Stein. It seems that they isolate themselves there very much. The viewpoint as to what Thelema is, seems there to be reserved for their interpretation, in comparison to which we all remain small children. The spiritus (Sanctus?) which flows in abundance from the voluptious breasts of wisdom generates some sort of ecstatic consciousness, the extent of which we can only wonder about trembling of venerate frissons. Therefore we can do nothing else than to remain in submissive humility and in the meantime talk with each other in childish wonder and stammer about the conditions and realization of Thelema, as you had shown, dear Brother, in your last letter. I would be better if many things could be told once orally. Inasmuch as for us here there is no possibility to undertake a trip to the US, we have to have hope to see you here in Europe once again. With pleasure I would like to know many things: i.e. whether you are in contact with the widow of Germer; what you know about the happenings about the successorship of A.C. up to the most recent events and whether there are still authentic documents about it. My letters and the letters which I receive from you are being translated by a Swiss brother, who has a better command of the english language than I. With heartiest brotherly love and also kind regards from Sr. Barbara.

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