Montenegro to Naber, 11-XII-67 - Ordo Templi Orientis

    Ordo Templi Orientis
    Gabriel Montenegro Vargas + the European Thelemites
    Hermann Joseph Metzger
    O.T.O. in Switzerland Montenegro to Naber, 11-XII-67

    P.O. Box 76 Daly City, Calif. 94016 11 December 1967 Care Frater Beatus: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Thank you for your letter of the 4th inst., and for the kind and philosophical expressons you convey to me. I regret the reason for not writing sooner was due to the language barrier. Your previous letters have been written in English, well enough for me to understand fully; after all, English is not my native tongue either. Anyway, I shall be happy to hear from you in either language, notwithstanding the fact that English would be more desirable. You are right, time marches on. It does not wait. What a pity! Would time but wait and cease to be forevermore, at a moment of ecstasy, or even during one single moment of inocent happiness: how wonderful it would be! But then, would rapture be no more? Nailed to the cross of suffering; clamoring Death which does not come; we go through life leaving little pieces of our hearts here and there - but in the end, "there is that which remans", and that amounts to pure Joy. "But ye, O my people, rise up and awake. Let the rituals be rightly performed with joy and beauty." And after all, dear Brother, for us, the awakened, that is what life is or should be, a Ritual in continuity; from birth till death; from the unreal to the real. You make reference to a nostalgic memory of a certain blossom-time. It sometimes comes to my memory. I regret things turned out as they did. It might be wise to leave further comment on this point for another time. I am glad you had some alchemyst visitors from the U.S. But who is Frater A. I am sorry to hear you could not attend. Are you situated very far from Stein? I am enclosing a copy of a new printing of The Book of the Law which just came out here. Could this be the work of the people who recently visited Stein from America. I think the reprinting of AC's works would no doubt be a good idea, only that I would like to see it done under better presentation, stating source and authority thereto. It is hard for me to imagine that it would be done thusly under the auspices of Frater P. However, things have changed here tremendously within a certain segment of the academic community; also since the Hip movement started some two years ago. Perhaps some of the old timers might raise a question; but who am I to object at this time? Please give me your impression and opinion after you have read the comment on the back page. The text of the Book itself is a "lift" from The Equinox of the Gods. I have not forgotten the book I promise you, only that I have been waiting to see if I could recover a Thoth I let someone borrow quite sometime ago. I have now lost hopes. So please answer by return mail and let me know if you would be happy with an Equinox of the Gods, and I shall forward smae to you immediately so that you receive it before Christmas. Had a visitor here from Zürich last September. A fine young lady who interpreted a few times during my stay there. I did my best to be a good host, treating her a Sister, even though, by her own admission, she has not accepted Thelema as yet. I hope her visit was pleasant, and that the purpose of her visit here, was duly fulfilled. Please give my fraternal best wishes to all. My very best for you and very beautiful sister-wife Barbara: may you be blessed this Advent, and may the Light of the Cosmic Christ shine before you forever. Love is the law, love under will. [sign.]

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