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    Naber to Montenegro, 15-II-67

    15.2.67 Care Fr.·.Theophilos Thank you very much for your kind letter of 3-5-66 and for your Solistice greetings. The delay of my answer is due to quite a number of akward things that happened last your [?]; firstly there was continuous pressure of work that even prevented us from having a holiday. Then I could find no possibility of having my letter translated, my knowledge of the English language being not sufficient to write an English letter. So, my wishes for the New Year were just short greetings accompanied by the photos which had been prepared long ago and which, I hope, will be a nice memory of our visit to St. In the meantime, many things have changed there. Certainly, there is steady growth in everything, but it often seems to us as if - as measured against the progressing powers all over the world - we cannot get out of a certain stagnation, being too much absorbed by our daily duties and by the fight for existence. You have been inquiring about my wishes for a book by A.C. Beside the new editions of the Ps[chosophic] Society, which are certainly known to you and 777 and Magick, I have none in my possession. So, I would rather leave it to your inspiration, especially as I do not know exactly what, except the Equinox-volumes, has been edited in individual volumes; maybe the book Thoth? We shall be very pleased to hear from you again, and we remain with best wishes, also from Barbara. yours sincerely [translation by X]

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