Montenegro to Englert, 19-I-69 - Ordo Templi Orientis

    Ordo Templi Orientis
    Gabriel Montenegro Vargas + the European Thelemites
    Hermann Joseph Metzger
    O.T.O. in Switzerland
    Montenegro to Englert, 19-I-69

    P.O. Box 76 Daly City, Calif. 94016 19 January 1969 Care Frater Telepharos: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. I wish to thank you for your letter of last December, enclosures, and for the copy of Dr. Hemberger's book, as well as for your confidence. Regret that due to the Holidays I was unable to answer sooner. Some of the things you tell me about Stein are most revealing. Perhaps now, you, your wife, Sr. Uta, and Bro. Audehm will understand why I had no choice other than to assume the attitude I did while there. I believe Paragranus has had a great opportunity to in fact fill the Office of OHO, it would appear that he did not, or has not made the grade; however, this is not for me to say. It is the Doing, the action which brings about reaction inevitably. These are serious matters of great responsibility, and many phantoms appear on the Way, the greatest problem being that of the Ego. Aside of Karl Germer, the results have thus far been the same. Even with the Grand Masters appointed by 666 Himself. Here is the characteristic pattern: The individual begins by imitating A.C. both as a genius and as an ordinary human being endowed with unusual idiocyncrasies [sic]. This is followed by the creation of new Orders and Fraternities, bestowing upon themselves great honors and bombasic titles and Degrees; they become revisionists of the Teachings, and endeavour to become immortal by "writing" their own books, and in general, muddle up the Thelemic teachings with erroneous concepts, including their own petty, self-centered prejudices and ideas. In my last letter I pointed out to you the contradictions regarding your appointment as OHO at Stein. Now then, you state your German Group consists of about 19 members; that you have decided to discontinue any further contact with Stein; and you add: "We are independent." My question is: How do you propose to carry on with the work of Thelema? a. - On the strength of your 18th Degree under the banner of Fraternitas Saturni? b. - Under P's 3rd Degree Charter issued to you, Sr. Uta, and Bro. Audehm, under the sub-heading of "Weltbund der Illuminaten"? c. - Or as OHO as understood by Stein? On the other hand: Is your aim to by-pass the claim for jurisdictional authority and just be the Head of a German Gnostic and Thelemic Group? I would appreciate it very much if it be your will to inform me as to the above. I regret that my limited knowledge of German does not permit me to properly evaluate Dr. Hemberger's book on "Experimental Magick." However, if we are to judge it by the introduction of the author on the books cover, we should assume he is a man of great magical powers, and of extraordinary learning and erudition. Even so, I am inclined to refret that so bright a young man, would not rather take a deep dive into the Ocean of Thelema, where every imaginable means and Way of Initiation is to be found, left for our benefit by a Magus 9=2 of the A.·. A.·. Yes, the Master Therion experienced everything he wrote about, ths he had his own bibliography within Himself. In closing, please let me tell you dear Brother, that my interest in the Great Work rests deeply in seeing the establishment of Thelema in accordance with the Rule of the Order and its instructions as left for us by the Master Therion; as He, and all the outstanding Initiates of the Order would have it; as Brothers, different in point of view and in the degree of awareness or Initiation, but with one Great Purpose in mind, to aspire to the City of the Pyramids and to the most Holy Order; in the outer by the way of the OTO; in the inner by way of the A.·. A.·. (After all, the wisdom and the knowledge of the Order of the Illuminati rests within the body of the O.T.O.). My very best to you, Sr. Uta and Bro. Audehm. To all! Love is the law, love under will, [sign.]

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