Montenegro to Englert, 30-XI-68 - Ordo Templi Orientis

    Ordo Templi Orientis
    Gabriel Montenegro Vargas + the European Thelemites
    Hermann Joseph Metzger
    O.T.O. in Switzerland
    Montenegro to Englert, 30-XI-68

    P.O. Box 76 Daly City, Calif. 94016 30-XI-68 Care Frater Telepharos: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Regret inability to answer sooner yours of 25 October. I had been out of town taking care of family business. I trust you and your dear wife Utah had a pleasant and restful vacation in Italy. Some of the things you confide in me regarding Paragranus and Stein are indeed disturbing and most regrettable. Since receiving your letter, I wrote Fra. Beatus as per your suggestion for needed clarification. However, I must say, I still do not understand your claim and/or appointment as OHO; because the point in fact is that "succession" per se, implies OHO; and vice versa. Germer never claimed anything else. All other offices are subservient to the OHO. But let me quote what Liber CXCIV in the Blue Equinox has to say in this regard with reference to in intimiation to the Constitution of the Order:
    "The Supreme and Most Holy King is appointed by the OHO. He is the ultimate responsability for all within his holy kingdom. The succession to the high office of OHO is decided in a manner not here to be declared; but this you may learn, O Brother Magician, that he may be chosen even from the grade of a Minerval. And herein lies a most sacred Mystery."
    The above observations must not be interpreted by you as an effort on my part to discredit your claims; I am not in any position to do so, but certain contradictions are self evident: Now to your questions - as promised: Death of Crowley: Baphomet left definate instructions in his Will for Karl Johannes Germer to be His successor. Also, that a meeting be held by the Sanctuary of the Gnosis (all IX°+ OTO members), one year and 11 days after His death, something which never took place due to World conditions at the time. Had this meeting been held, Germer would have received 100% backing and approval on both sides of the Atlantic. In any event, Germer was acknowledged Successor with full powers, as I state in paragraph four. Death of Germer: Germer did not provide for a Successor in his Will. (I had the privilege to discuss several important things with him the last time I visited him at West Point, California. I did not know, of course, the nature of his Will). Mrs. Germer: This Lady does not have any occult knowledge, Grade or Initiation of any sort. She was instrumental in leading Germer into isolation. The New Jersey Headquarters, once moved to West Point, California, became the Country Home and residence of The Germers. Karl's explanation to me of this was not satisfactory. To my knowledge, Mrs. Germer has this far refused to communicate with anyone for years. I trust she still is among the living. I thought perhaps Stein would have the material by now. However, it is my belief and opinion that an effort should be made so that the assets of the Order be left in responsible hands. Gnostic Mass: The Gnostic Catholic Mass is a Thelemic Ritual of Ceremonial Magick, left to us by The Master Therion Himself, who was not only the Magister Templi, and the Magus who brought down the new Word to humanity for the New Aeon of Horus, but who was also Ankh-f-n-khonsu, the Priest of the Princess, and the Prophet of the Lovely Star; therefore, I question the wisdom of making any changes, significant or otherwise, to His writings, particularly the Holy Books. Much could be said in this regard. Other Thelemic Groups in America: I do not know of any other Groups. I understand there is some activity in Brazil. One hears about New York, Los Angeles, and even San Francsico, but nothing for sure. As to the original California members, will state that most of them have die. And those few who remain have either lost interest or live too far apart from each other. Contrary to popular believ, Pasadena was not the sex cult it has been made up to be; on the contrary, it produced at least 7 High Initiates, among whom was Baphomet's last personal representative for California; the Venerable Frater One, One, One, (Roy Leffingwell) who was my Master and Neophyte in the A.·. A.·. There is at present in America, and particularly in California, an explosion of occult thought which amounts to an excuse for looseness among the so called Flower Generation, pot smoing, coupled with wrong thinking and irresponsible behaviour. At a low level, this is part of Thelema in action. However, it is of utmost importance that Thelema, at a high level, become well established on this plane, even if we can see and know that Thelema is active in Higher planes and levels, making itself manifest in every field of human endeavour. Yorke: I know' Yorke's thinking along these lines from letters to Germer and other members of the California workings. I have never communicated with him. The fact is that Germer authorized him to provide Paragranus with Thelemic material. My position: Even though my experience at Stein during my visit, turned out to be unhappy, I have at various times endeavoured to establish rapport and understanding without success. I wish to acknowledge the many good qualities Paragranus possesses, and my admiration of the Spirit of Fraternity manifested by all of you for one another; also, the loyality which was self evident, for Paragranus, by everyone, but most particularly by the Sisters. However, loyality has its boundries; it does not mean total and/or unquestionable submission to the individual Will of another, whether he be one's Guru or the OHO himself; such obedience beongs only to Adonai, to Him and to none other. Amen. Personally, I liked very much everyone I met while in Switzerland, and felt spiritual affinity with P. to a degree, but his attitude and his antics, soon raised within me the questionable, placing me on the defensive at all times. Furthermore, it was not long before I detected certain serious Thelemic errors in his modus operandi, which I could neither ignore nor accept, no matter how hard I tried. Judging from what you and Fra. Beatus have told me in your letters, your disagreements with Fra. Paragranus are genuine, based on Thelemic principle; not on personal squabbles born out of a sense of ulterior motivation; you further convey the idea that your position is irrevocable. There seemed to be so much fraternity in the name of Thelema manifested by all at Stein, that one cannot help but regret it. Is it not possible for you to help Paragranus see his mistakes at all? Perhaps not. I could have helped; saw what was wrong; had a message; tried to convey it - was not heard. On the other hand; saw what was good, and shall always remember the expressions of fraternity and kindness I received while there; for this, I should not like to be remember[ed] as ungrateful. The one thing which you must realize is that by making the affirmation: "It is my will to build up the law of Thelema in Germany," and further, by affirming your position in the Order, you incur a serious responsibility, this, whether within or without the Holy Kingdom of Stein. Remember this well, dear Brother, within the tenets of the Order, The Bortherhood holds us responsible, (I say this from personal experience) to whatever declarations or affirmations we make, and particularly to the Oaths, (Holy Vows) we take, because these are binding. Inasmuch Fra. Beatus had asked me similar questions, and your interest is mutual, I am taking the liberty of sending a carbon copy of this letter to him. I trust this meets with your approval. Do you care to tell me how many Brothers and Sisters there are in the German group? Also the extent of your English Thelemic library. Do you have any of the Manuscripts of the Order? A copy of the letters of 666 to "Cara Soror" (This is a most important work by The Master Therion, it answers all questions. Germer had a few copies mimeographed and bound in book form in 1953 - very hard to find). Before closing, let me call your attention to the way you write down the Law. You invariable place a coma after Do what thou wilt. It does not belong there. I have written frankly and generously, I do not know if I have answered all your questions. This is a vast subject, let us give it further discourse and elucidation. Best fraternal wishes for all. Love is the law, lover under will. P.S. Please thank Bro. Audehm for his pamphlet "AtumZion" - I have not had time to apply my limited knowledge of German to it as yet, but will do so soon. Would appreciate getting anything else he puts out. c.c. to the Venerable Frater Beatus.

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