Montenegro to Naber, 30-XI-68 - Ordo Templi Orientis

    Ordo Templi Orientis
    Gabriel Montenegro Vargas + the European Thelemites
    Hermann Joseph Metzger
    O.T.O. in Switzerland
    Montenegro to Naber, 30-XI-68

    Dr. Gabriel Montenegro Vargas P.O. Box 76 Daly City, California 94016 30-XI-68 Care Frater Beatus: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. It was not my intention to delay so much in answering your kind and informative letter of 29 October. The same is true regarding Bro. Englert's communication. But I had been away on family business, and you know how fast time passes by. I am enclosing herewith c.c. of my letter to Bro. E. I have done my best to be candid, impartial, and straightforward, with only one thought in mind, that it may serve a good purpose. Please not carefully how clearly I point out to our good Bro., the apparent contradiction regarding his claim and/or appointment as OHO, and the implications thereby. I can well appreciate your feelings and your disappointment regarding Fra. Paragranus and Stein. At the same time, one must be grareful for courtesy and favors received. But I understand what you mean when you say that regardless of whatever consideration, you join in the general criticism because there are motives of importance; in other words, there are times when a man cannot compromise because a principle is at stake. Believe me, care Frater, after more than 30 years on the Path, I too, have suffered many disappointments. Sometimes with others; other times with my own self. But it is important to persevere and endure all things till the end. As it is written: "How should it be otherwise, O man, whose life is but a day in Eternity, a drop in the Ocean of time; how, were thy trials not many, couldst thou purge thy soul from the dross of Earth? Is it but now that the Higher life is beset with dangers and difficulties; has it not ever been so with the Sages and Hierophants of the past?" I say, let us be of good cheer and carry on! And now, care Frater Beatus I must close. Do answer soon and give me your general impression, telling me also about "all other still open questions" you mention in your letter. Advent is here, and I already begin to feel the gentle vibrations of the coming birth of the Cosmic Christ. This is indeed the most auspicious time of the year for spiritual progress and for Union. I shall be expecting one of those beautiful Christmas cards which only the Germans know how to make, and with which you favour me during La Fiesta de las Luces. I remain as always, with my heartiest Brotherly greetings for you, dear Brother, and for Sor Barbara. Love is the law, love under will. [sign.]

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