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    Hermann Joseph Metzger
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    Naber to Montenegro, 29-X-68

    Dr. med. Günther Naber Allensbach, October 29, 68. .... Dear Fra. Theophilus, In the meantime I have received 3 letters from you, dating September 9, October 4 and October 11. Inasmuch as Br. Englert is still in Italy I was unable to get in touch with him. Generally speaking I agree with him in the judging of the conditions in Stein. I have been there for 10 years now as a guest and have always been received with cortesy and hospitality. I would not like to be ungrateful towards my hosts. If I nevertheless join the general criticism, so it is because there are motives of importance. In these 10 years I have not experienced any furtherment of importance through the Order. Most of the brothers that I know are equally disappointed. But each open criticism of this sort is being done with a mentioning of and scolding of duties not fulfilled and with reminders of holy vows. It is overlooked that duties can never be accomplished without some enthusiasm and that joy of work cannot be brought about without present example to look up to. The contrary is there the case: one is often enough devoid of spirits through the negative example that the authority represents. There are sure there that feel "Lust" (This word Lust has a double meaning in German, on one hand it means enlightment or have a mind to, on the other hand it means avoir envie, desire, to wish for, lustfullness. The translator) but for other fields, and there are few in favour which have found in the conduct of P's [Paragranus = Metzger] a licence for his own and similar wishful thinking and conduct. It is known that many others have quietly retired from the O[rder]. The reasons are surely for "Initiates" the obvious conduct of P's. which is contrary to his teachings and talks, in his deficient psychogogic ability, as well as secret-mongering and missing sincerity. "Do as thou wilst" [sic] has there only a theoretical meaning, to have ones own opinion is looked at as treachery or is laughed at. Therefore one talks like the canaries do the same as its master - or one remains silent. About essentials or spiritual problems most rarely is talked about, the talks that are left are of the spirit of the average beertable discussion. The events that brought this sweldering unsatisfaction to eruption, are important enough but also only an event. The point in question - as you probably have heard from Br. E[nglert] - are rather primitive womanstories which each stupid could have arranged more cleverly. It is possible that these are appearances of psychic destruction of alcohol or some other suffering, then one should have some patience and indulgence. The communication of Br. E. concerning his disignation [sic] as OHO is right. On the legality of this act which has been executed in the presence of witnesses is no doubt. Fra. P[aragranus = Metzger] has voiced at that time his intentions to step in the background altogether. However I do not know how one thinks of it in Stein today, after one looks on Br. E. as an apostate. The Fraternitas Saturni was founded as a thelemic Lodge of its decesased Grand Master Gregorius at Berlin. She is not of the OTO and has lost importance today. The work which has been done there has been rejected by Fra. P. The pamphlet "AtumZion" is a purely private undertaking of Br. A[udehm]. He has been initiated in Stein but has received his essential initiations some place. The very hard attacks which he undertakes against Fra. P. are in my opinion too much of a personal polemic and offer too little substantial arguments [Note by PRKoenig: P.R. Audehm's Recollections might be published soon]. But if there should be for once something brought to light and not as so far has to remain hidden in benevolent silence, also such action might be justified. If and whether a reorganisation of the Order is planned in Frankfurt and whether there is for it a de facto or de jure possibility, I do not know. So far things are still floating. And now dear Frater Theophilus I have given you my opinion on the situation in the Order. On all other still open questions I will write to you later. I remain with my heartiest brotherly greetings.

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