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    Ordo Templi Orientis
    Gabriel Montenegro Vargas + the European Thelemites
    Hermann Joseph Metzger
    O.T.O. in Switzerland
    Montenegro to Naber, 4-X-68

    4 October 1968 Care Frater Beatus: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. A couple of days ago, I received an answer to my letter from Bro. Englert, in which he explains the nature of the "big differences" that exist between Stein and the German Brothers. Frankly and openly, he relates to me the existing circumstances of unthelemic conduct, which finally led him to send a "letter of indictment to Stein." However, there are a few things which I do not quite understand, and so, I am writing to you, at his suggestion, to see if you can give me a more comprehensive picture of the situation, so that I in turn, may better be able to answer his letter. Just what is actually taking place? He states that he was designated in your presence, not only as a X°-OTO, but also OHO; something which would give him world-wide jurisdiction? My first impression was that you folks in Germany were to work independently. Am I to understand a complete take over is contemplated? While in Stein, my impression was that Bro. Englert was a new comer into Thelema; in his letter he states he has been a Thelemite of long standing, well within the Sanctuary of the Gnosis. He also mentions the Fraternitas Saturni. Can you tell me something about the history of this Lodge and its founder? I am sure you understand the sincerity of my concern; my only desire being to be, in some way, of service for the good of the Order; assuring you that our communications regarding this delicate matter, shall be kept, as you have hinted in your letter, in strict confidence, as provided in this respect under the III°-OTO. To my recollection, I have not heard from Stein since 1966. Bro. Englert tells me he has left for a 4 week vacation in Ischia. In any event, Care Frater, please answer soon. With heartiest Brotherly love and my kindest regards for Sr. B. Love is the law, love under will, [sign.] P.S. - P's conduct seems incredible!

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