O.T.O. Inquisition and the O.T.O.F.  Intro III

      Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon
      Preface to the Inquisition III

      Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 11:26:10 +0100
      To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch
      From: "O.T.O.Foundation" 
      Subject: Inquisition
      Herr Koenig,
      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
      We refer to your email of May 19th, concerning the Inquisitorial
      interview between ourselves and Mr. Ben Fernee, at that time acting GIC
      for the Caliphate OTO.
      Firstly we deplore your pseudo-academic plea of "researcher's
      neutrality". You must think us either stupid or ill-informed if you
      assume that your long term project of study of the "OTO Phenomenon" is
      seen by us or anyone else as anything other than an effort to debunk and
      expose the OTO in ALL manifestations, at least post-Reuss, as either
      fraudulent or worse. The same goes for your manifest view of Crowley. We
      suspect, but cannot "prove", your role in the dropping of mention of the
      Foundation in Naylor's book as the argument centered around the validity
      or otherwise of Tegtmeier's 18' in the FS, and the formulations used by
      the party who claimed Tegtmeier's degree invalid were recognisably yours
      from numerous contexts where you have attacked Tegtmeier's integrity.
      We also deplore the fact, which again argues against your integrity,
      that you have published on your website materials concerning us and the
      Foundation with the likes of Joseph Collins and Marcelo Santos as
      source, without in THOSE cases bothering to contact us first for our
      comments in the interests of "neutrality". In our view this makes you
      either a very sloppy and inconsistent researcher or a biased and
      hypocritical one.
      You should know that in view of the nature of some of the accusations
      made against us in the Fernee interview we took legal advice before
      responding to your e-mail. It seems that there is little we can
      do to prevent your posting the inquisition report/interview; however we
      reserve the right to take relevant legal action against both you and
      your ISPs if any actionable accusations against us made in that report
      or elsewhere are repeated without qualification to the effect that they
      were and are groundless. In particular this applies to any accusation
      direct or reported that concerns our children.
      It was a previous Master who reportedly said "If a man would force you
      to go a mile, walk with him two" and again "if a man smite thee
      turn the other cheek, IN ORDER TO HEAP COALS OF FIRE ON HIS HEAD IN THE
      DAY OF JUDGEMENT" so with that in mind (and taking a particular delight
      in the heaping of hot coals on the head of such as yourself) we make the
      following statement. In spite that the Fernee interview was and is an
      internal document of the COTO and an internal archive document of the
      OTOF and that on both those counts the only way you could have it in
      your possesion is by a breach of confidence and good faith by your
      source, in spite of that we accept that you will publish.
      In addition to the demand that you make it clear that libellous
      statements in the report/interview were and are without ground, we
      insist that BEFORE you publish you provide us with the exact text of the
      interview as you intend to publish it so that we may compare it with the
      text we hold, made at the time, and agreed accurate as transcript by all
      parties at the time, not reconstructed from illegitimately held
      notes/tapes by persons like J. Collins and his paramour Susanne Williams
      who hold us even less dear than you do, so that we may examine it for
      discrepancies, omissions and additions.
      Moreover, it would be reprehensibly negligent of you not to mention the
      fact that Mr. Fernee has spoken of his previous attitude of complete
      subservience to the Caliphate as being "wrong and weak", and that he
      appears to regret his part in the affair. We can supply text to
      substantiate his position, should you not have it.
      We further demand that we have sight of the "Preface" before publication
      so that we may correct errors of fact in a response which you will
      publish together with the said "preface".
      We further ask - nay, demand - that you give us space on your site to
      answer and comment on the references to ourselves and the Foundation in
      materials published by you with the said J. Collins and Marcelo Santos
      as source. We for our part will provide a positional statement on the
      whole question of "legitimacy" and the OTO heritage.
      Do this and you go some way to demonstrating your "Neutrality",
      do it not and we will demonstrate you an hypocrite in every forum we can
      Love is the law, love under Will.
      Sr. Phoenix, (Irene Fraenkl-Rietti) and Fr. Prospero
      (David Rietti), Trustees of the Ordo Templi Orientis
      Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 18:38:46 +0100
      To: "Peter-R. Koenig" koenig @ cyberlink.ch
      From: "O.T.O.Foundation" 
      Subject: Re: Inquisition
      Herr Koenig,
      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
      Material has been received intact. We are currently checking through the
      transcript, and should be in a position to submit a contribution to you
      by the end of next week.
      Love is the law, love under Will.
      Sr. Phoenix, (Irene Fraenkl-Rietti) and Fr. Prospero
      (David Rietti), Trustees of the Ordo Templi Orientis
      Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 18:12:43 +0100
      To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch
      From: "O.T.O.Foundation" 
      Subject: Re: preface
      Lieber Herr Koenig,
      We are pleased to inform you that the technical problems are
      resolved, the backlog has cleared, and work on the preface proceeds
      Our best wishes,
      Phoenix & Prospero
      Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 18:13:46 +0100
      To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch
      From: "O.T.O.Foundation" 
      Subject: Invalid documents
      Dear Koenig,
      We note with regret that you have been issued with invalid
      documentation that purports to elevate you to the IX' OTOF and to make
      you a Bishop in its associated EGC.
      Initiation into the IX' of OTOF is only ever done by the prescribed
      ritual, in the physical presence of the Candidate, inasmuch as it is
      dependent upon _actual contagion_ to be valid. Moreover, a IX' of OTOF
      has particular oaths to swear, regalia to receive, secrets to learn,
      grips and signs to be instructed in, and a host of other associated
      obligations. 'Remote initiation' into the IX' of OTOF, or initiation
      simply by issuing a certificate, is absurd, impossible and invalid.
      Without giving anything away, we may mention that Crowley's reference to
      'defects in the Mass' in Liber Aleph is relevant in this context. We
      also draw your attention to the oft-misprinted term 'vicegerent' as it
      appears in the Gnostic Mass.
      Also, initiations into the IX' of OTOF - even were they to be fully
      carried out otherwise in terms of the ritual - are only ever done by
      authorization from the relevant Supreme & Most Holy King, and Fr. Piarus
      X' did not give any such authorization. His name was printed upon the
      document without his knowledge or consent. He has notified us of the
      same, in writing.
      As a further consideration, any X' is only empowered to authorise
      Initiations into the IX' within his or her own Kingdom, so neither
      Piarus nor the Brazilian Sovereign Sanctuary had any ability or
      authority to initiate to the IX' outside of the Kingdom of Brazil, even
      if they had wanted to.
      These remarks apply equally to rank within EGC, which is only ever
      conferred by a 'laying on of hands' and requires both the physical
      presence of the Candidate and the authorization of the X' in his/her
      Office as Prince-Archbishop of EGC for a given nation.
      Now, you may in your historical researches have come across instances of
      other OTOs or EGCs conferring authority or degree simply by issuing
      Charters, certificates, and so forth. This activity does not concern us,
      nor does it oblige us to act or to set policy in a given way; still less
      does it set a precedent which supercedes our own carefully formulated
      and explicit policies. Since the founding of the OTOF, it has been our
      perogative to determine policy however we see fit, irrespective of what
      may have been done by others. Other OTOs have failed in the past for
      want of proper procedure. It was with this in mind that we established
      procedure very thoroughly _first_, before initiating any members beyond
      the Degrees they had previously held in other recensions of OTO.
      Unlike the impoverished Crowley and other beleaguered persons in the
      past, we are in the fortunate position of not _needing_ to promote
      people into our Degrees simply by issuing them with certificates or
      papers. We have the complete rituals, and we have the necessary
      membership. Actual physical Initiation has been the way we have done it
      from day one.
      If you had a genuine desire to become a IX' within OTOF or a Bishop
      within its associated EGC, you should have contacted the International
      Secretary at the standard mailing address for the Order. For the sake of
      goodwill, we are prepared to consider an application from yourself to
      join the OTOF, if you wish to be numbered amongst us; but we do not
      consider that this is very likely!
      It is unfortunate that Marcelo Santos has misled you by issuing you with
      worthless documentation. However, it is fortunate that the problem has
      been detected and corrected now, while all the parties concerned are
      still alive and capable of communicating with each other - surely a
      first in OTO history!
      We confidently expect that you will remove from your website and
      elsewhere any claim to hold membership of any kind in OTOF or in its
      associated EGC, which you do not hold either in fact or in law, and we
      assure you that we hold you to be 'more sinned against than sinning'
      here. We are aware that Marcelo Santos is a friend of yours, and we are
      _not_ trying to sow discord between you, but as a scholar and a
      historian, we do not expect you to leave this matter uncorrected. We
      remind you that Santos was perfectly aware of the rules and regulations
      for initiating people into the IX' or consecrating Bishops while he was
      still a member of OTOF.
      (As to the document itself, if it is to remain on your website - as you
      might consider appropriate, given your interest in the curiosities of
      history - then we do insist that it be accompanied there by this letter,
      reproduced in full.)
      Degrees within OTOF are not equivalent to Degrees within any other
      organization. OTOF is a closed shop. It has very distinct boundaries. We
      do sometimes admit members at the Degree which they previously held
      within other recensions of OTO, but _only_ after due procedure has been
      followed. Marcelo Santos has never been able to carry out any
      conversions of Degree into OTOF, because he was never issued with the
      relevant documents, though he made a point of asking for them. Moreover,
      any such degree conversion is a) subject to the authority of the
      relevant X' in any case, and b) does not permit simultaneous membership
      in any other lineage of OTO.
      As a closing comment, we would be interested to know if Marcelo charged
      you the standard fee for Initiation into the IX' (which would really
      amount to fraud, had he done so) or instructed you as to where you
      should send the annual subscription fee for that Degree, since - had you
      considered the document to be valid - you would naturally have been
      wanting to renew your subscription so as not to lose your membership
      automatically at the end of the year 1999 in accordance with OTOF
      policy. (You may be interested to know that cessation of membership for
      non-renewal of annual dues is one Crowley policy that we _have_
      We remind you that OTOF is a legally constituted, coherent, discrete and
      _active_ organization which operates according to strict rules. This
      applies particularly strongly when conferral of status or membership is
      concerned. Policy may be ascertained by asking the people currently in
      charge; it is neither necessary nor profitable to examine the relics of
      the past in the hope of finding out how it conducts its business today.
      Our best wishes,
      Phoenix & Prospero
      Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 18:09:13 +0100
      To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch
      From: "O.T.O.Foundation" 
      Subject: Re: article
      -- Hr.Koenig,
      "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."
      Yes, it has taken longer than expected to complete the preface to OUR
      satisfaction regarding historical accuracy. What is your problem that
      you are so cramped for time? You claim to be an historian yet you fret
      like a journalist.
      For Hell's sake, the story is already half a decade old, you are your
      own publisher so who's breathing down your neck?
      Perhaps the truth is that you have your nose so far up your own arse in
      megalomaniac self-importance that it does not occur to you that being on
      your website, and having some degree of approval from you, is not the be
      all and end all of Ourselves or Our Organisation's existence. Strange as
      it may seem, We and Our growing membership have a life; which is why we
      do not attribute the global importance to your pseudo-historical, but in
      fact propagandistic publications and website that you (and spiritual
      eunuchs like Marcelo Santos and Joe Collins) clearly do. If that offends
      you we really could not give a damn! Go ahead without us, we will find
      other, less tainted, ways to let the truth be known!
      "Love is the law, love under Will."
      Fr. Prospero & Sr. Phoenix
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      More about all this in: Andreas Huettl and Peter-R. Koenig: Satan - Jünger, Jäger und Justiz

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