Vienna Decision

    District Court Josefstadt 1082 Wien, Florianigasse 8 Tel: (0222) 40177 Please use below number 2 Nc 90/98d-4 Decision --------- Concerning Deposit: Depositor: Michael Sperlhofer, owner of the non prot. firm "Edition Ananael", Esplanade 14, 4820 Bad Ischl, represented by lawyer Dr. Michael Walter, 1980 Wien, Laudongasse 25/6, Deposit Opponents: 1) Ordo Templi Orientis, non-profit organisation in the state of California/USA, repr. Dr. Karsten M. Gutsche, Rechtsanwalt, Stubenrauchstrasse 70, D-12161 Berlin-Friedenau, 2) Anthony Robert Naylor, Literary Executor for Aleister Crowley, Essex House, Thame, OX9 3LS, United Kingdom/England, on account of deposit according paragraph 1425 ABGB, 1) The accounter has to pay the sum, number 431/98 of 18'000 shilling to the custody department of the Higher Regional Court Vienna, Justizpalast, 1016 Vienna, on the account 5460.016 and to report on the action. [end of page 1] 2) The custody department of the Higher Regional Department Vienna has to take custody of above mentioned sum and to report. 3) The deposit is accepted by the Court and the deposit opponents [OTO and Naylor] shall be informed. 4) Payment of the sum only takes action when both opponents [OTO and Naylor] agree or if there is a Court decision. 5) The depositor must pay all future royalties/money directly to the Custody Department of the Higher Regional Court Vienna on the above mentioned account. Founding The decision is based upon paragraph 1425 ABGB and the according legal decisions. District Court Josefstadt 1982 Wien, Florianigasse 8 Dept. 2, 17 July 1998 Friederike Strauss [stamped and signed] (end of document)

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