Theodor Reuss - O.T.O. Ritual - VII°

Ordo Templi Orientis
Theodor Reuss

The Theodor Reuss O.T.O. rituals

Compiled by P.R. Koenig

VII° Grandcouncillor of the Mystical Templars
Magus of the Light
Graal Comrade and Theoretical Rosicrucian
Brothers of the Light of the Seven Congregations in Asia.


Mysteries of the Mithras cult.

Introduction The East is violet with S.S. vide: Alpha Aesch Majm - Omega
On the violet hung altar lies a golden staff, sword, imperial orb, Bible, Constitution - fumigations - clock - sandlewood, myrrh, salt.
In the middle of the Temple the cubical altar with fire (great spiritual lamp [sic] and redfire) and a lid for the covering of the fire. World-egg on pillar.
Throne on platform behind altar.
Stools surrounding ovally the fire.
Two pillars in the east with N and Hod. X encircled by a serpent.
Small table with clothing of the Candidate. Time: - Only Saturday or Sunday
Officers: - Wisest Master [WM] and High-Priest: white air (purple) Wise Cancellarius: red fire (yellow) Wisest High-Priestess [HP]: blue water (white) Wise Mystagoge (Initiator): green earth (violet [sic]) Marshall: black (white) Clothing of the Knights: - Whole robe in the colours above or a white long robe with the above coloured over-coat, violet cord (lion-belt) Violet belt with [Salomons sign] Violet head-band. Opening WM: (Enters the Temple with Knights and the Knights sit around the fire): Knight Marshal make sure that our work will not be disturbed. M. (Goes out and looks, closes the door from the inside, places himself across from the priestess by the door and says): Wisest Master we are undisturbed. WM: Then help me, wise Brothers of the Light, to kindle the sacred fire. (The spiritual fire with Magnesium and Strontium becomes enkindled red whereby all brothers heave their hands high and when it burns lay both hands crossed over their eyes, whereby WM says): Great Javeh O Lord our God, we thank you that you have placed your sacred fire in us. May it never be extinguished in us. Now and forever. Amen! All: Amen! - (long drawnout) - thereby all arms and hands are released. WM:. What was in the beginning? Canc: - the Word WM: Where was the word? Canc.: with God WM: And What is the Word? Canc: God the Lord WM: What was in the word? Canc: The life. WM: So what is God the Lord? Canc: The beginning, the word and the life. WM: And the beginning, the word and the life are what? Canc: They are one. WM: Who gives proof of this Truth? Wisest High-Priestess: High Priest John and the seven congregations in Asia, which are called the Brothers of the Light. WM: Dearest and wisest High Priestess remind our wise brothers, what the spirit of the seven congragations said. HP: Who has ears to hear, let him hear: Who conquers, to him shall no harm be done from other death. WM: And what else? HP: Be ye innocent like the dove and smart as the serpent. WM: And finally what command must all wise brothers strickly follow? HP: Hear ye! Obey and be silent! WM: Amen, so be it forevermore. (sit themselves around the fire) WM: Our task for today is to initiate a Knight Kadosh into our circle. Br. Initiator proceed to the Candidate and then lead him in the proscribed art and manner into the Temple. C: (Bows himself with both hands over his eyes to his forehead and goes out and leads him thusly into the Temple to the West before the fire, after he seeks entrance by scraping.) WM: Br. Candidate and Knight Kadosh! Since unfathomable time worthy Brother, there were people who, bound by secrecy, worked with unbreakable bonds and united powers to learn the secret forces of Nature and to fathom them. These Societies have in the run of time taken on various names to escape impending doom. They cloaked and concealed their special teachings, their special wisdom, and their secrets under hieroglyphs and symbols, so that never an uninitiate, or profane person could understand, but only the initiates and trusted students. And they did this with serious and good intention and fore-thought to the point that they made it inaccessable to the profane but not vulgar. It would also have been dangerous, and it is in a certain degree and manner still so today, to have truths be known to the vulgar world, which must for the good of the common people themselves always remain secrets. These Societies, as I already said, were known under various names to the public and the names replaced each other in turn, the forms under which these fraternities appeared in public replaced each other, and only the kernel of secret teachings of the [Hermetic] Brothers of the Light, that illumines in the East remained the same since the most ancient times. This secret teaching, this secret wisdom, this secret knowledge has been proved and tested as the rock on which the storm- weathered life could find new footings in the most turbulent times of this world, on which the highest spiritual knowledge could be saved from extinction for a new life, which would make MontSalvat the salvation rock of life. Hatred, Envy, Slander, Heresy, Greed, False witness, Persecution, Obscurantism, Intolerance, False piety, Hypocrisy, False civil and religious morality, and corporeal death lie in wait in all directions for the adherents of this secret teaching, this secret wisdom, this secret knowledge, this our secret Order teaching. Only today we suffer more the civil death. Are you prepared to take onto yourself this danger and gladly suffer this civil death, for the secret knowledge which will be made accessable to you in our Order. If so, may you answer me with Yes. Candidate. Yes. WM: Wisest High Priestess and Brother Cancellarius, lead the Knight Kadosh to the Altar so that he may take an oath. H. and Canc. lead the C. to the east with crossed swords. There the C. kneels down on both knees, the crossed swords on his head, hand on staff with terrestial globe. (Marshall rings softly) All raise themselves and hands high. WM: Brother Kadosh, speak the following words after me: - I Brother NN Knight Kadosh and Knight of the Rosy-Cross swear by the unknown and only valid law of nature to strictly hold secret all the mysteries of the OTO and the Brothers of the Light and all practical teachings of the same. I promise thru my whole life to remain true to all the duties of the Knights and Brothers of the Light. Should I break my oath or act against my Brothers, may the head of the Order publically brand me as a traitor and expel me from the Order. Let all terrors of the darkness gather themselves around me and all Light drain out of my spirit, out of my soul, out of my body, and the primal essence, which is 1,2,3, shut me off eternally from Grace and Love and Mercy. Amen. All vibrate A-m-e-n. (They let their hands fall) WM: (With the command-staff he taps the left shoulder): May Jehova hear your oath, may he himself graciously accept you and make you strong to serve him faithfully. (right shoulder) May Jehova receive you graciously as a Knight and Brother of the Light of the Order OTO. (Head tap) May Jehova bless you as a new Brother of the Light of the Order OTO of the seven Congregations and churches in Asia and liberate you from the second death. All. A-U-M (incense smoke) WM: (Raise up C. and kisses him seven times on the mouth) I embrace you and greet you as a new Brother of the Light. Receive your Order vestments. (white tunic with violet loin-belt, violet band and hexagon) The particular secret signs of recognition of the Brothers of the Light and the VII degree of the system of our Order are signs and words. The sign is of a question: - The questioner lies his right hand on the left hip of the other. There is an answer. the other does the same, then both lay their left hands flat on their forehead over their eyes and bow their head slightly to the right. When standing in order in the Temple both hands are folded over eyes. The words are: Nezach and Hod which are spoken in turn as the above contact motions are carried out. They are the two pillars on which rests the Universal Temple and signify here Victory and Splendour (positive and negative). The password is Komiel, it is the name of the angel that stands before the Hermetic wisdom. The sacred word is Shemhamphorash. Now let yourself be tested by the wise High Prietess, the Cancellarius, and the Marshal. (It is done) Marshal: Wisest Master, the new Brother has proven himself a member of the fraternity of the Hermetic Brothers of the Light. WM: So let him take his place between the pillars Netzach and Hod. Speech. Beloved Brother of the Light! In this degree you are finished with being just a Mason. Now begins your path and your study as an esoteric Rosicrucian. You are a Comrade of the Graal, Magus of the Light and you have received ([as a] Mithras-servant) the first hint of the true meaning of the Rosicrucian and mystic symbols and hieroglyphs. As a Freemason one calls the teachings and meaning Building-stones that you must hew with your spirit and work into a structure, to be able to erect the Temple of Truth. You will need to use your own power, craft, and knowledge to bring all the pieces together. We offer you only the raw, unworked material that a suitable stone contains. From the explanation of the Catechism you must prove what you require to make the material into a suitable stone. It will depend on the success of your work whether you can be received later into the degree of the order in which a test is made of the example and correctness of your work is demonstrated. If Success fails you in your work, you can not ask the solution from the order. Closing of the Temple WM: Does a Brother yet wish to speak out for the welfare of the Brotherhood or of the OTO ? (questions around and settled) WM: Because none has come forth, I proceed to the closing of this Chapter of the Brotherhood of Light. Dearest Brother, Master of the Ceremony, who is the End? C: The Beginning. WM: Who is the Beginning ? C:God the Lord WM: Then who is God the Lord? C: The Beginning and the End. WM: And what is the Beginning, the End and God? C: One. WM: Who gives proof of this Truth? H: High Priest John and the seven congregations in Asia. WM: Inform the worthy Brother of this proof in words of our wise Brothers of the Light. H: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the End, so said the Lord, who is and was and will be. I am the First and the Last. WM: The Lord will remain, but we close this assembly and cover the sacred fire in the world-egg that we will find it again when we come together again to serve the Lord. Amen. All: Amen. Catechism Q: How much is one? A: 2 and 3 and 1 Q: What does the seal of Solomon signify? A: Nine Q: Why? A: Because it is the same as the sign of Jehova. Q: What is the number of completion? A: Four Q: Why? A: Because it is the same as ten. Q: What is the number X?A: The great Rihe-number [?] or the indestructable Unity. Q: What does One signify? A: The power of light (Phi) Q: What does 2 signify? A: The solar, lunar property Q: What does three signify? A: The component [alchemical symbol] or the trinity Q: What does four signify? A: The great divisions- or the Quanternary [Element symbol] Q: What does five signify? A: The essence of light (Angel) Q: What does six signify? A: The revelation of the main colours, blue, green, red, violet, yellow, orange. Q: What does seven signify? A: The Quanternary and Trinity (as above) and also the orbits of the lights of the planets Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune Q: What does eight signify? A: The eight periods of the days of creation and their significance for the racial development, i.e. Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan is the whole week. Q: What does nine signify? A: Threefold completion. Q: What is ten and what does it signify? A: The number of completion. Q: What does 0 signify? A: The end and the beginning in the end. Q: What was there then? A: Light on the command of Elohim (I) Q: And then? A: Evening and Morning or the first day. Q: When? A: After the division of the light from the darkness Q: When does the pure virgin without flaw reveal herself and when does she conceal herself? A: She reveals herself in the morning and conceals herself at noon. Q: And on what is the whole world founded and composed? A: On the two pillars that are Netzach and Hod (I-) Q: What is the completion? A: 1,2,3, and 4. Q: How do you explain it? A: The explanation can on by the Value of the numbers only be suspected, though not declared. Q: What is the most perfect fire? A: The fire that blazes and is not consumed. Q:How do you explain it? A: One does not explain it, one only experiences it. Q: What must one not say when one comes to the stone (I) in the Temple of Solomon? A: Not Majim (-) Q: What is Elohim (Lord) A: Light without colour and Light with colour. Q: What is colour? A: The Will Q: How much are they together? A: Perfectly One. Q: What does the serpent signify? A: The eternal life. Q: How long did Moses fast on the Seha Majim?A: 40 days. Q: What did he bring with him? A: The extract of Nature and the eternal law. Q: Do you know Christ? A: Yes, and all brothers of the light must know him. Q: Who was he? A: The means. Q: What is the means? A: He taught and made public, that the beginning and the end make One. Q: How was it when he died? A: Dark. Q: What did he say as he died? A: It is finished. Q: How does one know the Light? A: Through the darkness. Q: Why did Daniel praise Jehovah? A: He knows what is in the darkness and with him is the Light. © P.R. Koenig 1993/2000

[Copy of the German original in the paper version of: P.R. Koenig: "How to make your own McOTO".]

Theodor Reuss Ordo Templi Orientis Grossrat VII° der Mystischen Templer Bruder Brüder des Lichtes der Sieben Gemeinden in Asien Grals Genosse Theoretischer Rosenkreuzer Mysterien des Mithras Kultes Grandcouncillor of the Mystical Templars Magus of the Light Graal Comrade and Theoretical  Rosicrucian Brothers of the Light of the Seven Congregations in Asia Mysteries of the Mithras cult
Theodor Reuss Ordo Templi Orientis Grossrat VII° der Mystischen Templer Bruder Brüder des Lichtes der Sieben Gemeinden in Asien Grals Genosse Theoretischer Rosenkreuzer Mysterien des Mithras Kultes Grandcouncillor of the Mystical Templars Magus of the Light Graal Comrade and Theoretical  Rosicrucian Brothers of the Light of the Seven Congregations in Asia Mysteries of the Mithras cult

Russian translation of Reuss' VII° ritual: ТЕОДОР РОЙСС — РИТУАЛ VII° O.T.O.
English: VII°

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