Theodor Reuss - O.T.O. Ritual - I Degree

Ordo Templi Orientis
Theodor Reuss

The Theodor Reuss O.T.O. rituals

Compiled by P.R. Koenig

I Degree

Motto: "Poor  and without  means, not  naked and not clothed, not with
 shoes and  not barefoot  the Seeker  appears on  the threshold of the
(The Seeker  must therefore  undress —  lay aside all clothing! - Any
 jewelry that  he has  may for  the present  be retained.  - He gets a
 white shirt to put on - the left breast and the left arm are exposed!
 just the  same as  the lft.  knee and the right foot (as the worn off
 shoe) -  with bound eyes - a cord around his neck! - In his left hand
 he holds  a circle  opened 45  degrees - with one point on the heart.
 While the  candidate is  in the tomb chamber, the chamber of silence,
 he lies  this circle  aside but takes it up again as soon as his eyes
 are bound right before entering the Temple!) -
Trial of Earth:
(So prepared,  the Neophyte  will  be  brought  into  the  chamber  of
 reflection -  the chamber  of lost  steps. A  small  candle  will  be
 brought along,  which gives  just enough  light - the two candles are
 not yet burning! On the wall stand the words: Visita Interiora terrae
 rectificando invenies occultum lapidem veram medicinam + + +. - There
 the Neophyte makes his testament.
1. Do you believe in a divinity?
2. What is the determination of Man?
3. What do you expect of us?
4. What do we have to expect of you?
The Master of Ceremony brings the written answers to the Master of the
 Chair. Then  he turns  back to  C. and  calls upon him to give up all
 money, all  precious and metal objects and to lay them at the base of
 the altar  - To  make the reception effective the Neophyte should not
 wear any  crafted metal objects on himself - as well as no buckles or
 pins etc. - Now the MC goes to the Neophyte:
MC: Beloved  Neophyte, Be  greeted on  all three  points of our sacred
 triangle. As  master of  your lodge I greet you and offer you my hand
 to lead  you today  through the various stations of the ordination. I
 ask you  for your serious attention, your devotion and trust, so that
 your introduction  into the  sacred Order  of  Oriental  Templars  is
 consumated in  peace and inner illumination. Go now to your altar and
 light the  candle that  you find  to your left, and then stand before
  the mirror and speak the following words with a soft voice:
NN: Prosperous  light, thou symbol of illumination, let thy rays shine
 in the darkness and illume my path. -
MC: Now light the candle to your right and speak the following words:
NN: Light come to Light, so that in the crossing of the rays the fixed
 outlines and  shadows melt and die within each other. A symbol of the
 passing of pain and sorrow, a symbol of illumination.
MC: Seat  yourself comfortably  in the seat before "YOUR" altar verily
 as near  as possible  so that the shine of the candles, the symbol of
 illumination, illuminates your countenance and you can see your image
 in the  mirror. I  leave you  now to  yourself and  convey to you the
 protection of the A.C.A.W.!
(Explanation: When now the MC has distanced himself and has locked the
 portal from the outside, the Neophyte speaks the following words:)
NN: Before  I may cross over the threshold, I must look the terrors of
 my life in the eye. The fear of the threshold lies in wait for me; to
 counter it  I need  the strength  of the  divine within  me. (Look  a
 minute long on the mirror.)
(Explanation: Raise  yourself now and remain standing close before the
 altar. With  your index  finger of  your right hand draw a cross upon
 the surface of the mirror. This is done by you by placing your finger
 inthe middle  of the  mirror about  eye height  and  drawing  a  line
 straight down  about 10  cm long. The sweat of your finger will leave
 behind a faint trace on the glass. Then finish the Cross by drawing a
 line from  left to  right. --- Now step back a bit, look at the cross
 that you have made, and speak the following words with a soft voice:)
NN: Hail  unto thee,  thou revered  symbol of  live, of  love  and  of
 resurrection! In  the centre  point of  this sacred  sign appears the
 rose as  the symbol  of the  soul of man. Thou shalt henceforth be my
 sign! Hail unto thee, O Rosycross!
(Explanation: Remain  standing and concentrate on the nearly invisible
 cross that  you have made until it becomes clearer and clearer to you
 then faded,  it becomes  afain clearer  and then again fades. Observe
 exactly what  you see  and experience with this. Concentrate yourself
 this way about 3 minutes and then read further --- Now still standing
 press the  point of  the left index finger to the middle of your brow
 and say:)
NN: Peace.
(Explanation: Now  sit down again and read momentarily only one of the
 following questions  before you  in a  whisper. As  you do  look your
 mirror image  in the  eye and answer the question quietly. The answer
 is either  "Yes" or  "No" -  Look at  your mirror  image whenever you
NN: 1. Have you the desire to discover the mystery of your existence?
  2. Will you learn the terror of the threshold?
  3. Do you know your inner-self?
  4. Will you listen to the voice that answers there?
  5. Have you already heard your inner voice?
  6. Do you know that the voice of your inner self does speak to you,
     if only you give it a chance?
  7. Do you know that your inner voice is your guardian and the
     protector of your sanctuary?
  8. Will you allow your inner voice to speak to you?
  9. Do you know that this sacred guardian will always be there in
     this SANCTUM to guide and protect you?
(Explanation: You  have now pondered the questions that you have asked
 your mirror-image  and which you yourself have answered. You must now
 be fully  clear about it, the fact THIS room is therefore YOUR Lodge,
 YOUR SANCTUM,  YOUR Shrine.  You are the Neophyte on the threshold of
 initiation. And  with you  is the  most reliable  Guide and Protector
 that a  person can  ever have: the true inner self, the conscience of
 man, the  divine awarenes  within him.  Remember from now on, that, -
 whenever you  enter this SANCTUM - Your protector enters with you and
 everything is witnessed, what you think, say or do. He pays attention
 to your  thoughts, your  action adn inaction every hour of your life,
 with every  trial, with every victory of Right over Wrong, with every
 victory of the Righteous over those who are in error! --- You are now
 prepared as  far as  you can liberate yourself from false thoughts so
 that nothing any longer stands in the way of your introduction to the
 Order. Ever,  when your brother of the order crosses the threshold of
 a Temple,  he must  first purify his spirit and liberate himself from
 false thoughts.  Now slowly  read aloud the following seven sentences
 in a  whisper, as if you were speaking to your outer self, your body.
 While thinking over each question look your mirror image in the eye.)
NN: 1.  Before I  enter into  the spiritual brotherhood of the master,
 the brothers and sisters of the Order, I must tell thee, thou  mortal
 frame, that  thou art  nothing bu  the coarse  form in which my  true
 SELF dwells. (Look into the mirror)
2. Thus  what I  have seen  in the  mirror, is only a reflection of my
 mortal form  and thus  unreal and  passing. how  thou  art,  thou  my
 mortal body. (Look int the mirror)
3. You  can not change me. You are neither truth nor illusion. You are
 nothing other  than what  my true SELF makes out of you, and the true
 SELF will not change. (Look into the mirror)
4. Just as you find the cross between me and my mirror image, thus you
 find between  me the  world the  symbol of  your divine Ideal. I will
 strive after this ideal. (Look in the mirror)
5. You,  mortal form,  may only  contend for the place of my true SELF
 within me through my ignorance, for the true SELF is deserving of the
 right way.  From now  on the  true inner SELF shall command the outer
 self. (Look into the mirror)
6. In  the basis  I am  only that  which my soul is, which is at least
 divine. Everything  else is  transitory like the image in the mirror.
 (Look in the mirror)
7. I  command my outer self to inform itself, to do away with the veil
 and to  give my true SELF the possibility of developing, as surely in
 this sacred  moment as  when ever I command it. Then God is within as
 without  and  everywhere,  and  I  am  part  of  God,  bound  to  him
(Explanation: You have now finished reading, now lean back comfortably
 in your  seat, so  that you  can look in the mirror for a longer time
 with greater  concentration. Raise yourself and extinguish the candle
 to your  left. Then  place the  other candle near to the left side of
 the mirror so that by looking into your face at the same time you can
 see the  reflection of  the candlelight  in the  mirror. Sit yourself
 back again  --- Now  concentrate yourself and - sitting comfortably -
 look at  least 5  full minutes  long in  the mirror. Observe with all
 care what  occurs in  the mirror.  Before you  begin  to  concentrate
 yourself, speak  the following words softly, but in a commanding tone
 to yourself:)
NN: Reveal  yourself to me, O my Soul, and show me my SELF in the eyes
 of creation. (Look in the mirror)
(Explanation: Concentrate yourself now, until the Royal Brother enters
 --- then  when the  Royal Brother  enters, release yourself from your
 concentration and offer him the following greeting:)
NN: Salutem punktis triangul!
RB: Pax profunda!
NN more  to yourself in a whisper, however so that the entered Brother
 can hear  it: In  the presence  of the  Guardian of  my  Sanctuary  I
 announce to  the Brothers  and Sisters  of the  Order,  that  I  have
 adcanced toward  the terrors  of the  threshold withouth  fear for my
 soul. I  am hence  on a  Guardian of  the threshold.  I have cleansed
 myself and  commanded my true SELF, to formulate the dominion over my
 mortal body  and spirit.  I am  one with  you before  the sign of the
 cross and  in the  sanctum of my guardian! Hail unto thee, O brothers
 and sisters  of the  temple! I  ask you for yet more illumination and
 power for my entry thru the portal of the temple of instruction!
RB: So may it be!
(Explanation: Now put put the second candle and say in a soft voice:)
NN: In  earthly darkness  I proceed from there, Matter in the material
 word, yet the light of the illumination now lives within me.
(Explanation: The  RB again  binds the  eyes of the Neophyte and makes
 sure that  everything is  in order!  and he now leads the neophyte to
 the portal of the temple:)
RB: I  lead you  now to  the portal  of the temple - Poor and withough
 means, not  nakes and  not clothed,  not with  shoes and not barefoot
 appears the  Seeker on  the threshold  of the  Temple! (The RB knocks
 onthe portal  after the  biblical saying:  Seek and  you will  find -
 knock and  it will  be opened  - ask  and it  will be  given you.  --
Brother Guardian.: Sister G2! - one knocks!
G2: V.I. MofC - one knocks!
MofC: Sister G2! - Let us see who knocks so strangely on the portal of
 our Temple! -
BG speaking out: Who knocks so strangley on the portal of our temple?
MC: A  brother with  a woman  of good  report! (or: a free man of good
BG closes the portal forcibly again and gives the report to G2.
G2 reports the same to the V.I. MofC.
MofC: What is her name? (What is his name?)
G2: Brother G. What is her name? (his)
BG: Brother MC! What's her name? (his)
MC gives name, date + place of birth, confession.
BG finishes and repeats the report to G2.
G2 is to report this to the master of the chair!
MofC: What does she want? (he) (BW repeats this to the MC upon opening
 the Portal.  He answers  the question  to BG,  who closes  the portal
 abruptly again at the time, giving the answer to G2 who reports it to
 the V.I.MofC.
MC: To be received into the Temple of Truth!
MofC: Who vouches for her? (him)
MC: Brother NN (or Sister NN).
MofC:  Is   she  (or  he)  prepared  to  undergo  the  trials  without
MC: - Yes! -
G1 lays  the right  hand of  the seeker  on the ground: From earth you
 come, to  earth you  go, -  Hail unto  Earth! (puts  the sword on the
 breast of the Seeker, with the left hand!)
MofC: No-one can become a FM who is not free and of age! So I ask you:
 are you of age and free?
MC answers the question for the Candidate.
MofC: And further I must ask: - Are you prepared to undergo the trials
 along the  path of  Truth? You have to leave behind your old self, to
 test and  reassess all  old beliefs  of good and bad, of morality and
 immorality -  to goon  the journey  with a  virgin heart, in order to
 find new life. Are you prepared for that? -
MC answers the question for the Candidate.
MofC: We are prepared to fulfill your desire, if you now proove to us,
 that you  agree with  our ways. In service to the royal art we reject
 every intolerance  and force  of violence  and recognise  that behind
 every religion  stands A  TRUTH, which  bridges all  oppositions  and
 finds the  way to  the hearts  of all  people. The  membership to our
 group can  bring you  no material  advantage, it  would sooner expect
 sacrifices of  you. Should  oneof these  points not  be understood by
 you, or  should you  not be able to make these fundamentals your own,
 then tell  us frankly.  We want  as little as possible to have you be
 disappointed,  as   we  want  as  least  as  possible  for  youto  be
 disappointed by  us and  for us to be disappointed in you. - We leave
 you to  go in  ths case  without resentment and your name shall never
 again be  spoken inour  lodge. If  tho', it is your will to place all
 your powers in the service of the royal art, then entrust yourself to
 the Sisters and Brothers of this Order, that have gone the Way before
 you. I  ask you  three questions,  on the answers to which your final
 acceptance will depend:
1. Do  you will  to place  your self  just as  us in  the  service  of
2. Are  you  prepared  to  fulfill  the  duties  that  you  are  given
3. Are you prepared to cinfirm this with an oath upon the holy book?
Candidate: ... Yes ...
MofC: Blind  is man  from the  cradle to the grave, and however strong
 his longing  for the  light of truth, it may be he is yet not able to
 find it, neither with his own power nor with the help of his friends.
 We belong  to a  society which  from the  earliest times  was totally
 dedicated to thislight, and who joins us must go on a journey to find
 this light.  Three times  you must  travel from morn to even and once
 more to  even, and  so that  you do  not stumble  you will be lead by
 sisters and  brothers that  went this  way before  you. Sis. & Broth.
 guards accompany  then the Seeker on the journey through life, during
 which well  ask the  ACAW for  his support  - To order my sisters and
MC induces the Candidate to kneel down.
All stand and make the S.
MofC: Bless  the work ACAW, which we begin like your plan and lead the
 Seeker through the water of Purification! - Amen! So mote it be. -
All: Amen! So mot it be  (finish the S.)
MofC: And  now follow the call of my hammer for the first time! As A.!
G1: We  proceed on the first journey, from West to North, to the East,
 South and  back to the West. (in the North: dips the left hand of the
 Candidate in  water, let him make the cross: forehead to navel - left
 to right shoulder - one leads, when necessary, the Candidate's hand -
 ) (During  the immersion speaks): Hail unto the water! (speaks in the
 east): this  is the  way of self-knowledge (chain-rattle). The people
 think to  know you  but their  restraint shows  that they  are blind,
 imprisoned in self-delusion.
MC: Whom is lead into our group by curiosity only, has nothing to find
 in our  group,  for  in  our  group  simple  curiosity  will  not  be
G1: V.I.  MofC! -  We have  journeyed from West to North, East, South,
 and back to the West and have not found the light that we sought.
MofC: Further must you travel! (knocks) ---
G2: We  proceed on  the second  journey to  the South  - (in the South
 flames: either  Lycopodium, Eau  de Cologne, Alcohol - one brings the
 right hand of the Candidate over the fire and holds it there securely
 for a  moment.) -  Hail unto  th Fire_  (Clank of  weapons -  further
 travelling -  in the  Southeast speaks:)  This is  the way  of  Self-
 control. The  fires of  passion blaze  around  you  and  threaten  to
 destroy you!  (Here the end of the weapon-noise) Who comes safely out
 of this fire is near to the light! -
MofC: To  order my Sisters and Brothers! - (all stand up and begin the
 S.) - O Benefaction of the World, Help the Seeker to endure the trial
 of fire and to find the light - Amen! So mote it be! -
All: Amen!  So mote  it be! - (S. completed - weaponsclang - they seat
G2: We travel further through the North to the West.
MC: Who  will not  fight his  faults, he  has nothing  to seek  in our
 group, for in our group each must strive to overcome his faults.
G2: V.I.  MofC! - We have journeyed at your command and still have not
 found the light. -
MofC: You must travel further! ---
G1: We proceed on the third trip through the North to the East (in the
 East a  breeze with  the fan) - Hail unto the Air! This is the way to
 the Truth!  Be true  to your  self -  O seeker,  or you  fall into an
 abyss, out of which there is no escape! -
MofC: To  order my Sisters and Brothers! (All stand up. S.) - The Lord
 and Father of us all helps the Seeker to be reborn in spirit, so that
 she (he)  may be  fitted as  a building  block  into  the  Temple  of
 Humanity! - Amen! So mote it be!
All: Amen! So mote it be! (finish S. - sit).
G1: We travel farther through the South to the West.
MC: Whoso makes a difference between one person and another person, he
 has nothing  to see  in our  group, because  before the  highest  all
 people are the same. -
G1: V.I.  MofC! -  We have  ended our  third jourjey  and  again  have
 reached the  West. Yet  still we  have not  found the  Light, but  we
 believe that we are close to it.
MofC: After the Seeker has experienced the bitterness of life -
MC hands the Candidate a goblet with a bitter drink -
MofC: And  the goblet  of sorrow  has been emptied, let him proceed on
 the fourth  journey over the Tapis, the Construction plan of our life
 and let him near the Altar of the East with right angled steps.
G1 &  G2 lead the Candiate - the left foot will be placed forward, the
 right will  then be  placed at  a right angle in the curvature of the
 left foot.  Then the  right will be placed forward and the left drawn
 after in  the same manner, then the left placed forward and the right
 in the same measure placed near.
MofC: Are  you, after  you have  passed the  trials, still  willing to
 belong to our soicety? - If so, answer with: Yes!
Candidate: ...
MofC: Sister (or Brother sponsor) lead the Candidate to the altar. ---
 my Systers  and Brothers!  In order as M.! - (All stand up - make the
 S.) The  naked left  knee on the floor, the right hand resting in the
 hand of  the guide on the bible (John) and on the Holy Sword, in this
 place you  repeat to  me the  following oah sentence by sentence: "I,
 ... swear  and promise  solemnly herewith  - before  God the Almighty
  Creator of All Worlds - on the holy sword - in the hand of my guide -
 to protect  surely the  secrets of  the first M. Grade from a profane
 personality- To  keep the laws of the Order faithfully - and to speak
 to no-one outside of this occult circle concerning the conditions and
 events of  my Initiation.  - Should  I any time break this my solemns
 oath may  my sould  wander restless  in space  - and  be lost in time
 without measure.  This I swear by the wise masters of the East - that
 their eyes may fall on my work! - Amen!
All: Amen!
MofC (strikes with the Hammer on the C.): So I receive ou as A. of the
 FM Lodge  VERITAS MYSTICA  MAXIMA   (second strike  on the C.) In the
 name of  the Allmighty  Creator of  All Worlds - (third strike on the
 C.) With  the power  of my  office!  Raise  yourself,  Sister/Brother
All finish S.
MofC:  Beloved   Sisters  and   Brothers,  let   us  greet   the   new
 Sister/Brother in the masonic manner. With 3x3
All: (Applause) //-/ Husseh!
MofC: I  greet the new Brother/Sister (Leads the Candidate to the West
 and joins him in the chain, face to the East) -
MofC: To  the chain,   my  Sisters and Brothers! Sister/Brother NN, so
 will you  be named  from now  on -  what do  you most  desire in this
 moment? -
Candidate: (with help by MC) Light! -
MofC: Help  me, my  Sisters and  Brothers, to  give m.  Light to  this
 Sister/Brother. In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth and the
 Earth was  damp and  empty and  the darkness lay over the face of the
 deep and  the spirit  of God moved over the Waters and spoke: It will
 be Light! - and recalling in humility this sublime moment, I say: The
 Sister/Brother ...   will  be light!  - Sister/Brother  MC! Give  the
 Sister/Brother the m. Light !
MC takes away the binding, during which time the chain is closed -
MofC: This  chain of life binds you and us with the altar of Truth! It
 continues in eternity, it embraces all that ever stood in this place,
 may you  never forget this moment in which you first saw the light in
 the East  - may  you never be proved unworthy of this moment, may you
 not leave  us to  regret that  we opened  the portal  of the  Temple.
 Sister/Brother MC!  Release the rope! Sister/Brother ... is now bound
 to us with a strong bond! (rhythm. handshake of the chain)
All: Husseh! (Applause) // - / Husseh!
MofC: To your places my Brothers and Sisters! (Music)
(The newly  accepted Brother/Sister  is now dressed and instructed and
 then lead  to his  place - in honour of the occasion in the Northeast
 corner at the side of the Master of the Seat.)
                           L.L. Closing
MofC: Sister  G2! -  Has anyone  something to say to the betterment of
 the FM in general or this L. in particular?
G2: After  the order  of the  V.I. MofC I ask, has anyone something to
 say to the betterment of the FM in general or this in particular?
G2: Sister X, Brother Y, asks for a word - - - No-one else reports!
MofC: We  proceed to  the Closing  of this Lodge ! - THE DUTY IS GIVEN
 ME, in  the  manner  of  the  Mizraim-service,  Ye,  my  Sisters  and
 Brothers, to remind you to heed the meaning of the Holy TAO sign. (he
 makes the  S. with  the hammer)  - In an important hour you received,
 with the  blind before  your eyes,  the holy  meaning. Therefore  you
  know, how  the sublime name of God resounds in the deepest essence of
 yourself. The  world contains  glorious mysteries  in the  TAO-sound.
 (Sign). What  has become  to you a teaching on the altar of the East,
 shall in  essence become  your own  essence. In the heart has the way
 been laid for you to the Holy TAO from the altar of the East, written
 you the word, that has been spoken to you.
G1: THE  DUTY IS GIVEN TO ME, in the manner of the Mizraim-service, to
 release you,  my Sisters  and Brothers from the work. What the worker
 on the  Temple building  of Humanity calls the STRONG, may inspire my
 task. From yours hearts shall flow into the hearts of other men, what
 hearts can  form into  building blocks  of  the  great  Temple.  Your
 thoughts shall  fashion what  links can  create this Building. Out of
 your wills  shall pour  the cement which can be used for this Temple.
 In the  heart the  way has been layed to this strength from the Altar
 of the East. Write the word that has been spoken to venerate. o -
G2: THE  DUTY IS GIVEN ME, in the Order of the Mizraim service, Ye, my
 Sisters and  Brothers, to call to work. What the worker on the Temple
 building calls  beauty, may inspire my task. Look into the world that
 your hearts enliven, whose wisdom protects your thoughts, whose solar
 power nourishes  your wills. All of this is a beautiful expression of
 sublime powers  of the  mind. Receive  within you  the power  of this
 essence and it shall work without as beauty, that which lives within.
 In the  Heart the  way has  been layed  for you from the altar of the
 East. Write the word, that has been spoken to ye. - o -
MofC: Brother G1! - Why is your place in the West? -
G1: Just  as the  sun goes  down in the West, to end the day, so also,
 the Lodge  guard stands  in the West to close the Lodge at command of
 the master, after all Sisters and Brothers have received their dues.
MofC: Brother G1! How long do the apprentices work?
G1: From Monday Midday to midnight Saturday.
MofC: Sister G2! - What is the time?
G2: Exactly Midnight. -
MofC: Brother G1! - Because our work for today is ended, I command you
 to close the Lodge. (stands up) oo-o
G1 stands up -  oo-o
G2 stands up - oo-o
MofC: My  sisters and  Brothers, in  order as  M! The  light, that has
 illumined our  work, is hidden from the profane but it illuminates in
 our hearts.  Go out,  thou light - the work is finished - Who knows -
 does not fear the night - and if its darkness is so black, so thick -
 the motto  of the strong is - Through the night to the light. Who has
 beauty, is  since then  certain  of  himself  -  the  darkness  alone
 illumines him.  Help me,  my Sister and Brother guards, to extinguish
 the candles  (extinguishes the  candle of wisdom). Man expires as the
G1 extinguishes  the hall of Strength: Therefore watch after your Path
 of life! -
G2 extinguishes  the hall  of Beauty: And keep it pure, as pure as the
 flame! -
MofC steps down from the 3 tiered altar: Brother G1! How does one meet
 the FM ?
G1 steps  down from  the 1  tiered podium:  On the  same level, - V.I.
MofC: Sister G2! How does the FM act?
G2 steps  down from  a 2  tiered podium:  As the plumb-bob (or: as the
 line)! V.I. MofC!
MofC: And  they part  in a  right angle.  To the  chain my Sisters and
G1: So have we found ourselves! -G2: So do we act!
MofC: So we part!
All: And so will we all to come together again.
MofC: May  the benediction  of A.C.A.W. rest on us and on all the true
 and honourable  Sisters and Brothers of the whole world. May we erect
 the Temple of Humanity with them in brotherly love and masonic virtue
 according to the will of A.C.A.W. - Amen ! so mote it be! -
All: Amen! so mote it be! (handshake) Husseh! (applause) //-/ Husseh!
MofC: So  nothing remains  to us  other than to conceal our implements
 with secrecy  (right hand  on the  heart)  -  with  Secrecy!  -  with
All: With Secrecy! -
MofC: The  Lodge is closed, the Sisters and Brothers are given over to
 everyday life and daily routine.
All make the sign to the East - finish and go silently out. -
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More about all this in: Andreas Huettl and Peter-R. Koenig: Satan - Jünger, Jäger und Justiz

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Theodor Reuss' O.T.O. rituals
More on Memphis Misraim
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       Reuss' Memphis Misraim Emblem

  one of Reuss' O.T.O. seals

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