Theodor Reuss - O.T.O. Ritual - Orient Thuricensium O.T.O.

Ordo Templi Orientis
Theodor Reuss

The Theodor Reuss O.T.O. rituals

Compiled by P.R. Koenig

Orient Thuricensium O.T.O.
Opening of the Lodge

Master of the Chair: +
Guard 1: +
Guard 2: +
MofC: Help  me to open the Lodge my Sisters and Brothers. - Sister G2!
 What are the duties of the Guard before the opening of a lodge?
2. To  see if  the Lodge  is ready  and that  no profane desecrate our
MofC: Sister G2! do your duty.
G2 goes  out, locks  up, turns  back -  the G2  gives  the  touch  and
 password "T...n"  to G1  and he  gives it  to the MofC., then the two
 Guards return to their places.
MofC: Brother G1 are you FM.L.?
G1: My Sisters and Brothers recognise me as such!
MofC: How do I recognise that you are?
G1: By my Sign, words and the conditions of my acceptance.
MofC: Give me the sign.
G1 Gives the sign
MofC: Sister G2! - Why have you dedicated yourself to FM?
G2: Because I was in the darkness and wanted Illumination.
MofC: How have you been initiated into the L.?
G2: By three hard knocks.
MofC: What do they mean?
G2: The  words of  the sacred  writing - Ask, and it will be given ye,
 Seek and you will find, Knock and it will be opened unto you!
MofC: My  Sisters and Brothers! Let us make use of these instructions,
 let us  work without  rest, to  gain more  Light, that with it we may
 ever more near the masonic perfection. - Br. G1! - Tell me the L.W.!
G1: I  can only  letter it - Tell me the first letter, I will tell you
 the second. - ("I...n")
MofC: Sister G2! - Give me the password!
G2: "T...n"
MofC: Br. G1! When does the FM.L. begin its work?
G1: At midday - [very sublime] MofC.
MofC: Sister G2! How many officials are in the Lodge?
G2: Three - the MofC, the first guard and the second guard.
MofC: My  Sisters and  Brothers, in  Order as M.! Br. G1! Where is the
 place of the first Guard?
G1: In the West, just as the Sun sets in the West to end the day, thus
 stands the first Guard in the West, to close the Lodge at the command
 of the M. and to give the workers their pay.
MofC. Sister  G2! -  Where is  the place  of the  second Guard  in the
G2: In the South, just as the sun stands in the South, when it is high
 noon, thus  stands the second Guard in the South so as to be like the
 sun on  the meridien,  to summon the workers to rest and to make sure
 that they get back to work.
MofC: Br. G1! Where is the place of the MofC?
G1: In  the East,  just as  the sun rises in the East to begin the day
 and to enlighten, thus stands the MofC in the East, to open the Lodge
 to enlighten and to instruct the Sisters and Brothers in the M.
MofC: Because  I find  the power  of the  authority lent  to me in the
 East, I  therefore open the FM.L. according the ancient solemn manner
 of the FM! - (completes the sign) ++-+
G1 finishes the Sign ++-+
G2 finishes the Sign ++-+
MofC: My  Sister and  Brother Guards,  help me to illuminate the lodge
 ... (light the candle) ... Wisdom guide my building!
G1 lights the candle: Strength execute it!
G2 lights the candle: Beauty adorn it! (better: complete it!)
MofC: The  Lodge is  opened! Each  be mindful  of his duty and may the
 A.B.A.W. bless  our intentions - in Order is our work begun, in Peace
 it is  done, and in Harmony completed! May the A.B.A.W. make our work
 worthy of  his blessings,  lend  us  the  necessary  Light,  to  find
 perfection on  the way to M., to ban disorder from this place and let
 peace and  brotherly love rule! We reach our hands out! Amen, So mote
 it be!
All, rhythm. handshake through the chain: Husseh!
MofC: Brothers  of the  past -  you who have carried our movement into
 Humanity -  you who  saw further  than  we,  because  you  had  other
 opportunities  and   commandments  than   us,  we   ask  instruction,
 protection and help in the fuflfillment of our task! Locked on to the
 living chain  of the  Kingdom -  which binds all things, which serves
 the ancient  idea of  Humanity -  We are one with the children of the
 Widow and the Society of the Sacred! Where we err, may the all-seeing
 Eye illuminate  us -  that we  quit the  involvement, so evil will be
 conquered -  and the  Kingdom will come - in splendour beyond time! -
 Amen, so mote it be!
All: Amen,  so be it! - Tibi sunt (forehead) - Malchut - et (Breast) -
 Geburah - et (lft. shoulder) - Chesed - (rt. shoulder) - per aeones +
 (hands together)! (To you belongs the Kingdom, the Justice, the Mercy
 in the cycle of Creation) - Amen!
© P.R. Koenig, 2000

More about all this in: Andreas Huettl and Peter-R. Koenig: Satan - Jünger, Jäger und Justiz

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