Theodor Reuss - Passwords of the 91°-95° Memphis Misraim

Memphis Misraim

Theodor Reuss
Passwords of the 91°-95°

A.B. Pass Word: TRU MAU, (True Light).
Sacred Word : BEKA, (Prayer).
Sign: Raise both hands, palms out, eyes looking toward heaven, (as in
 the act of supplicating Deity).
Grip: Lock the little fingers of left hands.
B.C. Pass Word: FU AMAKH, (Elevated Justice).
Sacred Word: KHERP, (Consecrated).
Sign: Holding a balance; act of taking from the heavy side to place
 in the light weight; (as to add Charity to balance a brother's
 weakness and shortcomings) - to balance the scales of Justice.
Grip: Interlace the fingers of the right hands and elevate them so as
 to form with elbows two squares, and with the hands and wrist a delta.
C.D. Pass Word: ARTAUR, (Flames of God).  Sacred Word: HATTE,
Sign: Shade the eyes with the left hand while saluting with the right.
D.E. Pass Word: USER, (Protect).
Sacred Word: OSIRIS, (The Soul).
Sign: Extend the left arm, partly raised, as if to ward off a blow,
 and point to the forehead with the index finger of the right hand.
E.F. Pass Word: HONTER, (Sacred Libation).
Sacred Word: SER, (Arm of God).
Extend the right hand palm down, as if to place it on the shoulder of
 a companion ; extend left hand partly in front so that the arm and
 body will form two sides of a delta. (Position of taking obligation,
 right hand on shoulder of companion, left hand on enblem and book).
Syllable or alphabet all words.

More about all this in: Andreas Huettl and Peter-R. Koenig: Satan - Jünger, Jäger und Justiz

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