Eugen Grosche — letter to Aleister Crowley - Fraternitas Saturni

Documenta et Ritualia Fraternitatis Saturni

Eugen Grosche / Gregor A Gregorius
Aleister Crowley
Founding of the Fraternitas Saturni

Facsimile reproduction of the original correspondence in
Aythos (Walter Jantschik): "Die Fraternitas Saturni", A.R.W., Munich 1979.
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 In the Aequinox of the [Aquarius] 27*  [Mai 1928]
 In the 1. Year of the Understanding.

 "DO WHAT THOU WILT is the whole of the Law, there in no Law beyond DO

 Highly Honoured Master Therion!

   I have the honour to inform you officially hereby, that we have
 formally closed the "Pansophic Lodge of the Light-seeking Brethren of
 the Orient Berlin" on Green-Thursday of this year. A full dossier which
 briefly outlines the events that induced us to take this step, is being
 forwarded to you by same mail. In order not to ruin completely the
 two-years work which was done in Berlin by us, the remaining Brethren
 have decided to combine under my leadership the Master of the Chair to
 a new Secret Lodge, by using the old organisatoric fundaments.
   The constitution and the solemn opening took place on Saturday, May 11.
 The enclosed Aims of the Lodge give you further details.
   We are fully aware that it is a grave undertaking to revive the old
 Saturnlodge of the Middleages, which is disappeared (not known,
 disappeared below the surface) since centuries. We also know that - on
 steep path, through hard ordeals - we will have to face Saturnus the
 (guardian) of the Threshold.
   By the help of cosmic glyphs, however, we have succeeded to harmonise
 in a magical way saturnian intelligences with us so that we are well
 able to say already today: we are at present the sole magic Lodge in
 Germany which works practically - except some Jewish Secret Lodges, of
 which we do not know any details.
   Now we ask, you, highly honoured Master, to lend us your benevolence
 and to let us have your spiritual support.
   As I have personally the conviction that we will succeed in creating
 within a fairly short time in Germany a net of Saturn-Lodges
 subordinated to us, we would be twice thankful to you. I am justified
 in my conviction as we have the support of two important factors: 1.
 Our still strongly visited esoteric Lodge School (program herewith)
 which has proved its virility since 2 years, and 2., as a
 propagandistic instrument, my occult Book-stall.
   Already we are in touch with the most eminent Occultists in Germany,
 and of course, only need time, and money to enlarge our fundament.
   The focus, the Fraternitas itself, consists at present of 5 Fratres,
 and this inner circle will have to be limited always, as the selection
 of qualified people must be severe. Except the Fratres we have the aid
 of a dozen Brethren and, at the moment, 80 students of the School as
 material for study.
   We are prepared to give further information upon request, in case you
 should take an interest in our Lodge. We possess sufficient good, good
 reference works, among them the complete Equinox, to help us in
 theoretical training.

    For the present these brief informations must suffice, the rest you
 will see from the dossier.
   "Love is the law, love under will - compassionless love."

Eugen Grosche to Aleister Crowley about the founding of the Fraternitas Saturni

More about all this in: Andreas Huettl and Peter-R. Koenig: Satan - Jünger, Jäger und Justiz

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