Theodor Reuss - Charter 1902

Memphis Misraim
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

Theodor Reuss
John Yarker
Franz Hartmann
Heinrich Klein

   Gross-Orient des Schottischen, Alten und Angenommenen (33.°) Ritus
                               Souveraenes Sanktuarium
     des Ordens der Alten Freimaurer vom Memphis= und Misraim-Ritus.
                        Bruderliebe, Duldung, Wahrheit!
    an die erhabenen und erleuchteten Brr. Freimaurer aller Systeme in
           Unsern Gruss zuvor auf allen Punkten des Triangels.
 Auf Antrag einer Anzahl Brr. Freimaurer hat sich der Hochleuchtende und
 Hochwuerdige Br. John Yarker, 33.°, 90.°, 96.° Souveraener General=
 Grossmeister in und fuer das Vereinigte Koenigreich von Grossbritannien
 und Irland im Namen des Grand Orient des Schottischen 33.° Ritus der
 Alten und Angenommenen Freimaurer (Cerneau - New=York 1807) und des
 Souveraenen Sanktuarium des Alten und Primitif Ritus von Memphis und
 des Aegyptischen Ritus von Misraim entschlossen, diese bisher in
 Deutschland noch nicht bestehenden System in Deutschland einzufuehren
 und den Brr. Dr. Franz Hartmann 33.°, 95.° (frueher Washington Loge Nr.
 12, Georgetown, Amerika); Heinrich Klein 33.°, 95.° (frueher Pilger
 Loge Nr. 238, London, England) und Theodor Reuss 33.°, 96.° (frueher
 Pilger Loge Nr. 238, London) und den mit denselben verbundenen Brr.
 einen Freibrief zur Konstituierung eines Gross-Orient und Souveraenen
 Sanktuarium des Ritus fuer das Deutsche Reich auszustellen. Dieser
 Freibrief hat folgenden Wortlaut:
         To the Glory of the Sublime Architect of the Universe.
   Do unto others whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you.
        Grand Orient of the Scottish, Mizraim and Memphis Rites.
  In the Name and under the auspices of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the
   Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry, in and for Great Britain and
     Salutation on all points of the Triangle, Respect to the Order.
                        Peace, Tolerance, Truth.
     To all Illustrious and Enlightened Masons throughout the World.
               Union, Prosperity, Friendship, Fraternity.
 Know Ye that We the Most Illustrious Sovereign Grand Master General of
 the Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry in and for the United Kingdom
 of Great Britain and Ireland, having received a Petition from a
 Constitutional Number of Masons in Antient and Primitive form, stating
 that they have the interests of our beloved Rite at heart, and that
 they desire to propagate and extent its Sublime Teachings by forming a
 Sovereign Sancutary, 33.°-95.°, in and for the Empire of Germany by the
 distinctive names and titles of the beforesaid Rites.
 Now Therefore, We, believing that there are good reasons for granting
 the prayer of said petitioners, do by virtue of the powers in us vested
 and derived through the Charter of the Sovereign Sanctuary of America
 from the Sovereign Sancutary and Grand Lodge of France, issue this our
 Warrant empowering our Illustrious and Enlightened Brothers: Theodor
 Reuss 33.° 90.° 96.° to act as Most Illustrious Sovereign Grand Master
 General, Franz Hartmann 33.° 90.° 95.°, Thrice Illustrious Grand
 Administrator General; Henry Klein, 33.°-95.°, 90.°, Tc. Ill. Grand
 Keeper of the Golden Book, etc, with power to appoint the other
 necessary officers of a Sovereign Sanctuary etc. to be holden in the
 Valley of Berlin or other german city, aforesaid by the name and title
 of the "Sovereign Sanctuary 33.°-95.° in and for the Empire of Germany"
 with the customary power to Charter or Warrant subordinate Lodges,
 Chapters, Senates, Sublime Councils, Mystic Temples, and Grand Mystic
 Temples, Councils General, 32.°-94.°, according to the Several Rituals,
 in any or all of the degrees of the A. and A. Scottish Rite 33.°; the
 O.R. Mizraim, 90.°; the A. and P. Rite, or of Memphis 95.°, and we
 furthermore do authorize the said Illustrious and Enlightened Brethren
 to confer the several Degrees of our Antient and Primitive Rite from
 the First to the 33.°-95.° A. and P., 90.° Mizraim and 33.° Antient and
 Accepted, according to the Constitutions, Ordinances and General Rules
 of the Sovereign Sanctuay 33th-95th and last Degree, and in no other
 manner, and this our Warrant shall continue in force until the same is
 revoked by Us or by our successors.
 Done in our Sanctuary where reign Peace, Knowledge, and the Plenitude
 of all that is Good, this the 24. day of the Egyptian Month Shamenah,
 answering to the 24th day of September 1902 E.V.
 Witness our hand and Seal of office
 (Seal.) John Yarker 33.° 90.° 96.° Gr. Master General Ad Vitam.
 (Seal.) Richd. Higham, 33.°-95.°, 90.°, Grand Chancellor General.
 (Seal.) Hy. Hawley, 33.°-95.°, 90.°, Grand Secretary General
 Das Souveraene Sanktuarium fuer das Deutsche Reich und Gross=Orient von
 Deutschland hat somit das Recht, in ganz Deutschland Freimaurerlogen zu
 stiften, anzunehmen und einzuweihen, und die saemtlichen Grade, vom
 ersten oder Lehrlings=Grad (1.°) bis zum letzten, dem Grade des
 General=Gross=Inspektors und Gross=Konservators (33.°-95.°) zu
 bearbeiten. Suchende aufzunehmen und zu befoerdern.

More about all this in: Andreas Huettl and Peter-R. Koenig: Satan - Jünger, Jäger und Justiz

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