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Theodor Reuss: The Gnostic Neo-Christians.

Introduction by Reuss for the first publication of Crowley's/Reuss' Gnostic Mass, in 1917. Also published by the Swiss OHO, H.J. Metzger, in 1955 (Facsimile of the German original in "Der Grosse Theodor Reuss Reader" paper only)

The Gnostic Templars or Neo-Christians. [pages 5-8]

St Augustine writes 340 ad: What one now calls the Christian religion existed long before Jesus Christ appeared with the ancients. The New Testament of the Christian Bible contains countless passages confirming the old "Christos" (Apollo-,Mithras-,Sun-) cult, and which prove that the conception of the Mithras-Christos cult still formed the basis of the new Jesu teaching even after the foundation of the christian-nazarene Church. Christianity as created by the Church Fathers, which still prevails today, is not the Christianity of the original Christians, the first Christians c all primitive or also gnostic Christians but a pseudo-christi anity. The Gnostic Templar-Christians (Neo-Christians, Primitive Christians, Neo- Gnostics) do not seek to found a new religion, but they only desire to clear away the debris which the reigning pseudo-christianity of the Church Fathers heaped on the original Christian religion, so that the true "Christos" doctrine & the religion of the original Christians, the Christian Gnostics, will once more come into its own. The Gnostics are Johannite Christians, not so-called nazarene Christians (Jesus of Nazareth). The Gnostics condemn the doctrine of Original Sin. The Gnostics of the Neo-Christian Church, also called Brethren of the Light of the Seven Churches in Asia or Order of Oriental Templars, make known to misled and suffering humanity the glad tidings of FREEDOM, JUSTICE, LOVE. Freedom in & before God, that is the liberation from origianl sin, through which the reigning christian-nazarene Church has enslaved to their priests humanity from birth. Justice in existence on earth, that is the equality of all adult people who are able to work towards the common duty to work. Because every capable member of the gnostic-christian community has the duty to do a certain amount of work -suited to his capacity- every day. Lazy people, loafers and do-nothings can never become members of the Gnostic- Church, because the purpose of life upon earth is devotion to duty. Love is the crowning of the world. Love is the highest law. Love is God. Love is the reward for active selflessness, for active brotherliness, for the practice of strict self-control, for gaining iron self-discipline, whixh are the result as well as the sine qua non for liberation from original sin. The freedom of the gnostic Templar-Christians is noty indulgence, licence and lawlessness leading to chaos, but : Greatest bond within the Law! That means: Highest development of a feeling of responsibility before God, equivalent to the laws of Karma. A new civilization, a new sustem of morals will arise from the new Christianity of the gnostic Templar-Christians. In order to carry through the above mentioned doctrines in practice the Church of the gnostic Neo- Christians seeks to found communities, existing on a co-operative basis, of sinless, i.e. freed from the nazarene-christian idea of original sin, people. For the formation of such gnostic "Christos" communities only those are suitable who are convinced of the existence of a soul who enables us to g ain reselmblance to God; who are permeated by the understanding that selfish actions are the source of all human sufferings, & that we prepare our fate after death during our life on earth according to the laws of Karma; who are convinced of the truth of Manu's saying: "Only he who has understood the holy doctrine of sanctity of the God- Organs is truly liberated and free from all sins." Accordingly the gnostic-catholic Church is seeking a world-wide community of truly free people, of people liberated from o riginal sin, free from sexual sin. The gnostics recognize that humanity's "resemblance to God" consists in the fact that they are able to grasp and understand the divinity of the earthly act of procreation as a parallel of the divine act of original creation, by which they are distinguished from the animals. And in this sense, according to gnostic teaching, is to be understood this passage of the Bible: And God created man in His image, in His image created He them. Therefore the act of love consummated under the control of the will in God is a sacramental act, a "Mystic Marriage with God", a communion, a union of self with God. The Holy Mass is a ceremonial, symbolical representation of a mystic union of man & God, a communion of man with God through the sacrament of the Mass. [Appendix, pages 42-46] The Gnostic Catholic Church. The Gnostic Catholic Church (Eglise catholique gnostique universelle) pursues the aim of re-establishing the pure original Christianity, of making known to their adherents the unfalsified glad tiding of the true Christos, and of unveiling to same the secret holy miracle of the sacrement of the Eucharist. The gnostic catholic Church does not fight any of the other churches or religions. It respects every honest conviction. But it demands the same tolerance from adherents of the other churches & religions. The Gnostic Catholic Religion is equally open to all. It knows of no difference of race, nation or class. Conditions of admittance are adapted to each candidate's situation. There are representatives in all parts of the earth. Further information from: Prof. Reuss-Willsson Diplom. Hon. professor of the school for applied medical sciences in Paris (Universite de Paris); former director of the college for Hermetic Sciences in London, etc. Box 15268, Basle 21 (Switzerland) ... The Gnostic Catholic Church in Germany, Holland, Austria, Hungary, Russia, America, Roumania, Switzerland, Turkey & the Slavonic Countries is under the personal leadership of the present head of the gnostic Neo-Christians and Oriental Templars. Carolus Albertus Theodorus Peregrinus, Sovereign Patriarch & Primate of the Gnostic Catholic Church, Vicarius Solomonis & Caput Ordinis O.T.O. His leadership is supported by the members of the Grand Synod. Eglise Gnostique Universelle. Primatie de Lyon S.G. + Jean II. Bricaud, Eveque Primat de France, Souv. Patriarche de l'Eglise Gnostique Universelle. + Jean Baptiste, Eveque de Russie. + B. Clement, Eveque des Etats-Unis d'Amerique. + Peregrinus I. Merlin, Souv. Patriarche de l'Eglise Gnostique Catholique. Legate Gnostique de l'Eglise Gnostique Universelle de France pour la Suisse. Notice - and warning to the book trade. This writing cannot be bought or sold in the book trade. Each copy is numbered, stamped with the seal of the order and signed by the hand of the OHO. All copies not bearing these marks have been wrongfully acquired, and will be withdrawn if found without compensation to the possessor. Sole sources of supply are Prof. T. Reuss-Willsson. ... Editorial offices of the "Oriflamme". ... Books having already appeared publ. by "Oriflamme", or will appear shortly: Parsifal, the unveiled Grail secret of Ur-Uter The Gnostic Mass De Arte Magica Ararita (The Magic of the High Altar, in German) De Nuptis Secretis Deorum cum Homnibus (Of the Secret Nuptials of the Gods with Men, in German) De Homunculus (Of the making of the Homunculus, in German) The Eucharist, The secret of the Last Supper. The Erotic Element in Goethe's Faust and the Tantriks. The Cross and the Sex Religions. The Jubilee Oriflamme. [in "Der Kleine Theodor Reuss Reader"] The war edition of the Oriflamme. ["] The sexual element in Theosophy & Anthroposophy, with the vows of the various leaders in the original. The True Secret of Freemasonry, identical with the secrets of the Roman- Catholic Mass. [manuscript in "Der Grosse Theodor Reuss Reader", paper only] Survey of various freemasonic systems and introduction to all the grades. The New Illuminati and their Institutions and Dealings.

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