Constitution of the Fraternitas Saturni

Documenta et Ritualia Fraternitatis Saturni

Constitution of the Fraternitas Saturni
May 1928

 "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law, there is no law 
  beyond do what thou wilt."


 Published Aims of the Lodge.

 The Fraternitas in its organisation is perfectly independent, it is in
 no organisatoric relation or connection with any of the existing
 lodges. It will cultivate friendly relations but will never reduce
 itself to subjection.
 The Brotherhood has no organisatoric connection with Fra. Recnartus,
 alias Heinrich Traenker, nor with tho organisation of the A.·. A.·.
 Lodge and with the Master Therion.
 The Brotherhood recognizes no personal authority or Mastership of any
 leader as regards spiritual matters. Its worldly organisatoric head is
 the Master of the Chair, who, borne by the confidence of the brethren,
 functions in his office for a legislatory period of 3 years.
 The spiritual aims of the Brotherhood are in the direction of Mysticism
 (Mystik), Rosicrucian Sciences, Alchemy, Esoteric Astrology, as well an
 the scientific study of the whole of Occultism, and the penetration of
 all the religious philosophies - without any dogmatic stipulation of
 any kind for the individual Brethren.
 The Brotherhood relies upon the personal intuition of the leading
 Brethren and tries - by magical ceremonies and holy traditional rituals
 - to focus itself (to get the attitude upon:) upon the higher Octave of
 Saturn - which is aspired to in the sphere of the esoteric Astrology as
 Religious Philosophy. (the last passage of the sentence is
 incomprehensible.) Saturn as Guardian of the Threshold, as the highest
 planetary intelligence of this planetary system, is considered as the
 spiritual leader. It is endeavoured to perceive the planetary vibration
 of his higher octave.
 On the exoteric plane the execution of this cult must produce itself by
 a certain seclusion towards the "gros" of mankind, by an aspiration
 towards an individual and psychical solitude, by a deepening of the
 whole of the exact knowledge on a spiritual basis, by a maturing of the
 inner man ("Menschentum" — Man-dom) by simple deepening in cosmic
 contact with the higher spheres, by through harmony with the infinite
 The Brotherhood itself - comprising seeking, serious men - wants to be
 a refuge and a retreat for seekers, borne by true fraternity.
 Exoterically it is a pre-structure ("Vorbau"; as in e.g. Ueberbau -
 Superstructure) to a worldly Convent for Spiritual Men and adherents to
 the Secret Sciences, whom a real Ex-Aim (overhauled aim), also
 in a worldly sense, shall be offered later.
 The "Fraternitas Saturni" - by creating the Orient Berlin as well as
 the first German Lodges - puts a foundation stone for a Brotherhood
 which is intended to span the world, borne from the consciousness to
 co-operate in the liquidation (Abtragung = carrying off) of the Karma
 of the Planet Earth - it will thus rescue the Bloom of the Pisces Aeon,
 the Rosicrucianism, across to the Aeon of Aquarius. That is why the
 symbol of Saturn is enclosed by the mystical rose in the secret seal of
 the Brotherhood. Saturnus shall further maintain (retain) in the New
 Aeon the secrets and traditional sciences an Guardian of Humanity,
 until - in later milleniums of the New Aeon - Uranus starts his
 "Through suffering to Understanding, through Night to Light, through
 Hardness (Rigour) to Love".

 "Love is the law, Love under will - compassionless Love".

Fraternitas Saturni Constitution

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