Michael P. Bertiaux to Gary M. Kelly

Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua
Choronzon Club
Franco-Haitian O.T.O.

A letter of Michael P. Bertiaux
to Gary M. Kelly / Martin

Michael Paul Bertiaux Gerald M Kelly

 18, Mai, 1979 -
 Birthday of Pope Jean-Paul II
 You're Full of Shit!
 Thelemic Bastards - Spawn of Aiwaz - Arse-hole Fucking Parasites!
 Our Purpose is to Exploit Every Avenue of Thelemic Opportunity in
 Order to Take Advantage of it - by ...iarous - deed, deceit,
 cunning + sheer diabolic Genius!
 You think you know All About us don't you - you curse - Faced,
 Pock-marked Pick-Pocket!
Dear Mr  Kelly - Thank you for your letter - as you know by now we
do not  consider ourselves as the typical Thelemic OTO group. I do
not know why every body thinks we are the same as K. Grant's OTO?
For one  thing the F-H [franco-haïtian] OTO is pre-Crowley - it is
concerned with  RAW Energy!  We  are  not  a  history  club  or  a
nostalgia-buffs' coffee shop by any means -
We are out for sheer power + good times - I say - CHORONZON!
The purpose  of the  CHORONZON CLUB  is to  destroy the OTO + make
sodomized mutes  out of  its members!  It operates here in Chicago
because everybody  else wants to tone it down + that is where they
fail to understand it - it is supposed to be the way it is not the
way they want it to be.
Originally Russel + Culling were big-shots in the CHORONZON CLUB +
"tried" to  keep it  under their  control! They  failed + moved in
1931 to  California. The  CC which  began in Chicago started their
own order known as the G.·.B.·.G.·. etc. They thought the C.·.C.·.
would die  out -  However it  survived! + it is very busy + if you
are interested  in it  you will  have to write + ask more specific
questions. The  C.·.C.·. is  however a  magical society  + it does
have a  "short-cut" method + it couldn't give a shit about the OTO
- including the Franco-Haitian - its nearest neighbour! [...]
The Franco-Haitian  OTO is  open to  blacks +  persons  of  French
ancestry. It  is pre-Crowley  OTO +  different  from  K.  Grant  +
McMurtry. I  do not  know what  K. Grant  does at  all. We  are in
Communion with  the English branch of the CHORONZON Club, which is
the O.·.O.·.O.·.  + they have the "English Gnostic Church." I have
found K.  Grant's people  very unsatisfactory  + highly unsuitable
for our approach to the Field of Magic(k?).
Those OTO  groups are too religious + use religious terms entirely
too much  - i.e.  "supershakti," "goddess,"  "MAAT," etc.  In fact
they belong  in the  long disconnected  romantic movement. So they
are very  unconnected with  reality. We,  on the  other hand,  are
"scientists" + NOT poetic bull shiters!
In our  Club we  are not interested in getting a lot of "religious
drop outs"  we want real bad people! Now the LCN is a course which
the C.·.C.·.  + OTO  group students  can take  through me.  It  is
entirely magical  + includes  Voudoo + Enochiana. It is very up to
date +  practical. If  you want  to know more - ask me in a future
You sound oh - I'm glad your not a typical Thelemic Naive "babe in
the woods."
Write +  let me  know if  you have any questions. I've got to sign
off now + do a few people "in."
At the present time the C.·.C.·. is interested in
(1) Time-travel - past, present, + future explorations.
(2) SEX-magic of a horrific type -
(3) Elemental Explorations + work with very low energies -
(4) attacking any body who get too close to it -
(5) magical mathematical formulae to blow up our enemies!
(6) a  secret method  of control  of the Quantum mechanic world of
 physics via fellatio -
(7) getting more Energies out of our XVI° System -
(8) making friends with like minds in other countries -
(9) eating + drinking -
(10) fucking + sucking -
(11) organizing gnostic Systems or Kliphotic exploration -
 Frater Kliphomynion XVI°
 (Michael Bertiaux)

Michael Paul Bertiaux Gerald M Kelly

ceská verze: Dopis Michaela P. Bertiauxe Garymu M. Kelly/Martinovi




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