'Caliphate' archive list without Crowley material - Ordo Templi Orientis

Ordo Templi Orientis
Archive List approx. in 1991

Without Crowley material
This is not the archive of Phyllis Seckler

Page No.     1
Author         Title          Description & Form              Date         AID
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Agape Lodge    Minutes        Dues Allocations, Publishing,   08/02/1946   AL3:
                              666's Health, Agape and sex,                 198
                              Grady, Agape Leadership,
Agape Lodge    Minutes        Special Meeting re. Smith,      08/14/1946   AL3:
                              Grady's Presentation of his                  202
                              Authority, and setting up JWP
                              as Agape head
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Page No.     3
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Ariola,        Germer,        H.P.Smith's accusations         05/04/1973   AL3:
Orrin K.       Sascha                                                      601
Aspey, Stacy   Germer, Karl   Letter re: request for          09/03/1953   AL3:
H. (Sec.                      refusal of application of                    315
State                         incorporation on the part of
Calif.)                       Wilfred T. Smith impossible,
                              not incorporated yet, only
                              recourse is to sue the
                              falsely applying parties.
Aspey, Stacy   Germer, Karl   Letter of response to 8/27      09/03/1953   AL3:
H. (Sec.                      Germer to Aspey, stating that                316
State                         there had as yet been no
Calif.)                       incorporation, and that the
                              process could not be blocked,
                              only contested after the
                               ts. orig.
Aumont,        The Secret     Essay on Weida/Thuringia        ca. 1925     HRC:
Gerard         Conference     conference w/one holograph                   2
(pseud.                       correction
Aleister Cro                   14pp. TSX
Bathurst,      Grand Lodge    Notification of the             01/01/1915   PEN:
Leila          Pronouncemen   suspension of regular                        12
Waddell,       t              dues-collection due to the
G.S.G.                        World War.
Page No.     8
Birven,        Germer,        Letter in German                11/18/1963   AL3:
Henri          Sascha          Ts. orig.                                   635
Booth, F.J.    Germer,        Letter re: Mailing cremated     08/07/1963   AL3:
               Sascha         remains (Possible, providing                 528
                              Forms #2922, #2966, & #2972
                              are filled out). A reply to
                              hers of 8/6/1963
                               Ts. Orig.
Borgert,       Germer,        Letter in German                01/23/1946   AL3:
Anita          Sascha          Ts. orig.                                   631
Borgert,       Germer,        Letter in German                11/19/1963   AL3:
Anita          Sascha          Ts. orig.                                   632
Borgert,       Germer,        Letter in German                03/14/1973   AL3:
Anita          Sascha          Ts. orig.                                   630
Bradbury,      Potter, Rick   Letter remembering Grady and    07/28/1981   ALP:
Ray                           Ray Harryhausen on Halloween,                134
                               1 p. xerox
Brayton,       Burlingame,    Letter re. accusations of       12/23/1969   ALP:
Jean           Mildred        robbery.                                     250
                               4 pp.
Brayton,       McMurtry,      Letter re. accusations of       12/23/1969   ALP:
Jean           Grady L. &     robbery.                                     251
               Burlingame,     2 pp.
Brayton,       McMurtry,      Letter responding to GLM to     05/01/1971   ALP:
Richard        Grady L.       JB 2/2/1971, suggesting                      81
                              Mildred Burlingame as a
                               1 p xerox
British        Germer, Karl   Rejection of British Visa       12/04/1947   AL3:
Passport                      Application.                                 221
Control                        ts. orig.
Page No.     9
Burlingame,    McMurtry,      Corresp.                                     ALP:
Mildred        Grady L.        36 ltrs.                                    3
Burlingame,    McMurtry,      Letters over two decades,       1/52-07/70   ALP:
Mildred        P.& G.         covering most things historic                182
                              thelemicly during those
                              years. ('52 to '70)
                               51 pp orig
Burlingame,    Seckler,       Ltr. re. trip south to see      06/09/1969   ALP:
Mildred        Phyllis        Chuck, Regardie, Jean Schlepp                103
                              [Sihvonen], Jean B.
                               Monty & Helen, pitching in
                              to begin activity.
                               4 pp.
Burlingame,    Germer, Karl   Letter extracts re. Agape       09/08/1943   AL3:
Ray                           Lodge.                                       167
Charles        Ordo Templi    Appointment of Wilfred Talbot   06/13/1921   PEN:
Stansfeld      Orientis,      Smith as Grand Treasurer                     10
Jones          Appointment    General and S.G.I.G. in
(Parzival)                    British Columbia, incl. 1 p.
                              sale catalog description.
                              This was apparently "the copy
                              made for G.M. Baphomet".
Chisolm,       Germer,        Letter re: setting meeting      12/05/1962   AL3:
Gard           Sascha         time and place.                              492
                               Ts. Orig.
Chisolm,       Germer,        Letter re: Petition for         03/13/1963   AL3:
Gard           Sascha         Probate of Will and for                      501
                              Letters Testamentary. Request
                              for signature on and return
                              of same.
                               Ts. Orig.
Chisolm,       Germer,        Cover Letter for the Petition   04/19/1963   AL3:
Gard           Sascha         for Probate and a copy of                    509
                              Mellinger's letter (of
                               Ts. Orig.
Chisolm,       Germer,        Letter re: New Petition for     06/20/1963   AL3:
Gard           Sascha         Probate of Will, as requested                516
                              by SG, enclosed. Request for
                              signature on and return of
                               Ts. Orig.
Page No.    10
Chisolm,       Germer,        Letter re: Enclosure of         11/01/1963   AL3:
Gard           Sascha         photocopy of a letter from                   535
                              Mellinger, and one from
                              Rickless. Also enclosed, GC'c
                              reply to Mellinger's
                              opposition to Petition for
                              Probate of Will.
                               Ts. Orig.
Chisolm,       Germer,        Letter re: Enclosure of         11/06/1963   AL3:
Gard           Sascha         letters referred to but left                 537
                              out of 11/1/63 GC to SG with
                               Ts. Orig.
Chisolm,       Germer,        Letter re: Enclosure of         11/27/1963   AL3:
Gard           Sascha         letter from Ordo Templi                      538
                              Orientis, and an Affidavit.
                               Ts. Orig.
Chisolm,       Germer,        Letter re: Appraiser's visit,   12/18/1963   AL3:
Gard           Sascha         appraiser's card attached                    543
                              (Walter Hunter), and photo of
                              house, taken 12/12/1963.
Chisolm,       Germer,        re. Appraiser's visit,          12/18/1963   AL3:
Gard           Sascha         Appraiser's card attached.                   544
Chisolm,       Germer,        Letter re: return of papers     01/08/1964   AL3:
Gard           Sascha         requested (by SG to GC,                      546
                              12/27/63) (Registered Mail --
                              Return Receipt Requested)
                               Ts. Orig.
Chisolm,       Germer,        Letter re: Enclosure of         02/05/1964   AL3:
Gard           Sascha         photocopy of the Affidavit of                550
                              Ordo Templi Orientis, which
                              was furnished to him by Mr.
                              Elwood Rickless, attorney for
                              Mr. Metzger.
                               Ts. Orig.
Chisolm,       Mellinger,     Letter re: Estate of Karl       04/18/1963   AL3:
Gard           Frederic       Germer, deceased.                            507
                               Ts. carb.
Chisolm,       Mellinger,     Letter requesting position on   09/20/1963   AL3:
Gard           Frederic       Petition for Probate.                        530
                               Ts. Carb.
Chisolm,       Mellinger,     Letter re: Reply to             11/01/1963   AL3:
Gard           Frederic       Mellinger's of 9/25/63                       536
                              outlining his opposition to
                              Petition for Probate of Will,
                              and FM's questions regarding
                              the delay in notifying him.
                               Ts. Carb.
Chisolm,       Rickless,      Letter re: Request for          03/13/1963   AL3:
Gard           Elwood A.      letters of authorisation, as                 502
                              requested by S. Germer, in
                              English, demonstrating
                              Metzger's Authority.
                               Ts. Carb.
Christine      Germer,        Letter re: Condolences, Mrs.    03/02/1963   AL3:
               Sascha         Lucy Mellinger moved to                      499
                              Queens, son 18, studying ART
                              at Cooper Union.
                               Ms. Orig.
Page No.    11
Christine      Germer,        Letter re: Condolences, news    04/29/1963   AL3:
[Mrs. H.       Sascha         of Lucy Mellinger & Son.                     510
Faludi?]                      (similar to that of 3/29/63)
                               Ms. Orig.
Crombie,       Germer, Karl   Letter re: Incorporation not    08/18/1953   AL3:
Georgia                       accomplished yet.                            311
Crombie,       Germer, Karl   Letter regarding the proposed   08/27/1953   AL3:
Georgia                       Smith incorporation of                       312
                              O.T.O., indicating that it
                              had not yet happened, and
                              reccomending that Karl write
                              the Secretary of State. See
                              8/27/53 Germer to Aspey.
                               ms. orig.
Crombie, Joe   Germer, Karl   Letter re: Miller Property.     02/01/1951   AL3:
                              Land Post Mortem, Georgia,                   244
                              Joe, Insane Asylums, Deed to
                              the Land  to whom?
                               Ms. orig
Page No.    17
Crowley,       Charter of     Photograph of X Charter of     10/05/1921   AL3:
Aleister       Frank          Frank Bennett from Crowley                   85
Page No.    19
Crowley,       Culling,       Letter re: Crowleanity,         10/28/1946   AL3:
Aleister       Louis          Regardie, Hubbard & Smith &                  205
                              Parsons (extracted on same
                              paper as 10/14/46 LC to AC.)
                               Ts. copy
Page No.    23
Crowley,       Germer, Karl   Letter re. Parsons, 1003 +      01/24/1945   AL3:
Aleister                      Don Juan, Sascha, Mellinger.                 178
                               ts. orig.
Crowley,       Germer, Karl   Ltr. re. Secrecy, Parsons,      06/19/1946   ALP:
Aleister                      H.A., Agape Lodge                            107
                               2 p. xerox
Crowley,       Germer, Karl   Ltr. re. eyes, need to quit     07/03/1946   ALP:
Aleister                      smoking therefrom, Cullings,                 118
                              Parsons, Betty [Parsons]'s
                              mother, Wilkinson, Achad,
                               2 pp.
Crowley,       Germer, Karl   Letter re: A:.A:. vs. O.T.O.    09/16/1946   AL3:
Aleister                      (extract of letter)                          203
                               Ts. copy
Crowley,       Germer, Karl   Letter from A.C. to Germer      06/06/1947   AL3:
Aleister                      re. Secrecy, Legitimacy, 210,                213
                              authority, Grady
Crowley,       Germer, Karl   Letter from A.C. to K.G. re     06/06/1947   AL3:
Aleister                      Will, Disposition of A.C.'s                  214
                              property, Succession, Agape,
                              Publishing, Post War-time
                              rigours, Spiritual Mettle of
                              A.C. vs K.G.
Crowley,       Germer, Karl   Letter of expected arrival, a   06/30/1947   AL3:
Aleister                      visit from Richard David                     216
                              Ellmann, setting up a Camp of
                              Minerval in England.
                               ms. orig.
Page No.    27
Crowley,       Lewis, H.      Letter to H. Spencer Lewis      12/02/1935   BET:
Aleister       Spencer,       regarding the Clymer attack.                 52
               letter to       5 pp.
Page No.    31
Crowley,       McMurtry,      Ltr. re Mellinger,              04/10/1946   ALP:
Aleister       Grady L.       authorisation [caliphate                     68
                              (attrib. AWI)], Bees, IX,
                              the morass of Budge's books.
                               2 p. xerox
Crowley,       McMurtry,      Letter re. Parsons, V,         04/14/1946   ALP:
Aleister       Grady L.       A.M.O.R.C., and Order                        72
                              finances. (Grand Lodge in
                              relation to other Lodges.)
                               2 p. xerox
Crowley,       Mellinger,     re. Agape Lodge re $ and        n.d.         AL3:
Aleister       Frederic       Publishing                                   3
Crowley,       Mellinger,     Fifth page of a letter from     07/06/1943   AL3:
Aleister       Frederic       A.C. to F.M. re Mass, sex,                   158
                              Agape, movies
Crowley,       Mellinger,     Poem, Smith, Agape              10/30/1945   AL3:
Aleister       Frederic                                                    187
Crowley,       Mellinger,     Photographs, Olla, 'Forth,      05/07/1946   AL3:
Aleister       Frederic       Beast', H.A.                                 196
Crowley,       Mellinger,     8 letters from Crowley to F.    7/45-08/47   ALP:
Aleister       Frederic       Mellinger re. successorship,                 278
                              "Olla", the Marlow
                              Commentary, Agape Lodge,
                              Smith & Parsons. 16 pp.
                               16 p. m+ts
Page No.    36
Crowley,       Shih Yi        Copy of Shih Yi by A.C.         ??/??/1971   AL3:
Aleister                      published by Thelema                         598
                              Publications. Sun in
                              Capricorn 1971 dedication
                              page (from HPS to SG)
                              detached and an inscription
                              from Sascha to Metzger
                              written on the title page.
Crowley,       Smith, W.T.,   Letter to W.T. Smith            01/01/1932   BET:
Aleister       letter to      conferring the IX`, X`, and                  54
                              O.H.O. upon his (A.C.'s)
                               1 pp.
Page No.    41
Culling,       Charter to     Letter of Warrant and           04/17/1971   ALP:
Louis          Carroll R.     Dispensation turning over the                74
               Runyon of      control of the O.T.O. Lodge
               O.T.O.         under Culling to Carroll.
                               1 pp.
Culling,       Crowley,       Letter re: DO = 64,             10/14/1946   AL3:
Louis          Aleister       Crowleanity, Regardie,                       204
                              Hubbard & Parsons, $$
                              (extracted on same piece of
                              paper as 10/28/46 AC to LC,
                              in reply to this.
                               Ts. copy
Culling,       Marc (et       Letter re: personal,  visits    01/28/1957   AL3:
Louis          Frater:.A:.)   from KG, West Point caravan                  382
                              sets off, no provisions for
                              OTO restartup. Helen P. Smith
                              expected to try something.
                              Jane with Karl & Sascha.
                               Ts. orig.
Page No.    42
Fraternitas    "What is the   Broadsheet describing the       n.d.(1979)   ALP:
Saturni        'Fraternitas   Fraternitas Saturni.                         366
               Saturni'"       1 p. orig.
Fraternitas    Manifesto      Declaration of New Aeon         --/--/1979   ALP:
Saturni                       Initiation process as seen by                11
                              the Fraternitas.
                               2 pp orig.
Page No.    44
Germer, Karl   Aliens         Belgian Alien Registration      07/05/1939   AL3:
               Certificate,   Certificate.                                 111
Germer, Karl   All            Proclamation that England was   12/16/1955   AL3:
                              without official O.T.O.                      360
                              activity, aimed at
                              repudiation of Grant's
                              activity. (MISSING FROM
                              COLLECTION) (prob in legal)
                               ts. copy
Germer, Karl   Aspey, Stacy   Letter requesting the           08/27/1953   AL3:
               H.,            blockage of the incorporation                313
               Secretary of   of the O.T.O. by anybody but
               State,         himself.
               California      ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Birven,        Letter in German                03/17/1957   AL3:
               Henri           Ts. carb.                                   651
Germer, Karl   Birven,        Letter in German                06/22/1957   AL3:
               Henri           Ts. carb.                                   652
Germer, Karl   Birven,        Letter in German                11/13/1957   AL3:
               Henri           Ts. carb.                                   653
Page No.    45
Germer, Karl   British        Certificate of Alien            01/04/1934   AL3:
               Alien          Registration in England                      97
Germer, Karl   British        Letter re. purpose in visit     09/02/1947   AL3:
               Passport       to Europe.                                   218
Germer, Karl   Burlingame,    Letter re. Symonds, Liber LXV   07/08/1958   AL3:
               Ray and        (Book 65) in German.                         420
               Material        28pp.x.
Germer, Karl   Certificate    Liberation Certificate from     02/16/1941   AL3:
               of             the Camp de Mille                            121
               from the
               Camp de
Germer, Karl   Charter for    Charter of Kenneth Grant to     05/05/1951   ALP:
               Kenneth        constitute a camp of O.T.O.                  83
               Grant's        in the valley of London,
               camp.          England.
                               1 p. xerox
Germer, Karl   Crombie,       Letter re: receipt of $50,      03/16/1946   AL3:
               Georgia        Fr. V.N., AC transfers,                      192
                              Mellinger with American Civil
                              Government in Germany, visits
                              AC. Three volume Commentary
                              to Max, & 49 Letters
                               Ts. carb.
Page No.    46
Germer, Karl   Crombie,       Letter re:  AC's Estate,        02/07/1948   AL3:
               Georgia        Switzerland Material, Martha                 230
                              Kuentzel, Miller land,
                              Lenwood, Max Schneider
                              natural "chief" of "Lenwood
                               Ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Crombie,       Letter re:  Grand Master of     02/19/1948   AL3:
               Georgia        England expected to visit                    231
                              3/1-3/15, Questions on
                              property. Order non-existent
                              legally. AC material to go to
                              Barstow via L.A.
                               Ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Crombie,       Letter (PS only) re:            09/25/1951   AL3:
               Georgia        Switzerland history,                         263
                              Mellinger initiated Metzger
                              and Lekve. Metzger said to
                              stem directly from Reuss, and
                              thence from Fraulein
                              Sprengel. Request for $3-400.
                               Ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Crombie,       Letter re: Sale of Lenwood      02/19/1952   AL3:
               Georgia        Property, Mellinger staying                  270
                              in Hampton., Jean & Ero in
                              Emmaus, PA, Joe Changing.
                              Plans for publishing,
                               Ts. carb.
Page No.    47
Germer, Karl   Crombie,       Letter re: Explanation of the   04/10/1959   AL3:
               Georgia        California Statement., Smith                 439
                              and others in Europe
                              physical, others more subtly
                               Ts. carb.
Page No.    48
Germer, Karl   Crowley,       Letter re. Equinox Greetings,   03/19/1945   AL3:
               Aleister       money, Grant, Mellinger,                     181
                              Thoth, Books.
                               ts. carb.
Page No.    49
Germer, Karl   Crowley,       Letter re: Money, Sascha        05/16/1947   AL3:
               Aleister       suffers, Schmolke, Lekve.                    210
Germer, Karl   Crowley,       Letter re. money, the           05/16/1947   AL3:
               Aleister       sufferings of Sascha,                        211
                              mentions corespondance with
                              Dr. Schmolke, request for
                              authority to contact Lekve.
                               ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Diary          Diary entries extracted by      05/22/1960   AL3:
               Extracts:      Sascha                                       471
               05/22/55-12/    Ms. copy
Germer, Karl   Diary          Diary entry extracted by        03/01/1943   AL3:
               Extracts:      Sascha                                       141
               3/1/43          Ms. copy
Page No.    50
Germer, Karl   Diary:         Extracts copied by Sascha       1958--1960   AL3:
               1958-1960       Ms. orig                                    476
Germer, Karl   Diary:         Diary section, original ts.     --/--/1953   AL3:
               6/10-17/1953   and carbon, Week of Magical                  292
                              Retirement, found together
                              with clipping of Metzger's
                              testimonial biography from
                              the memorial Oriflamme.
                               ts.& carb.
Germer, Karl   Discharge      Entlassungsschein (with         08/31/1935   AL3:
               from           Commandant seal)                             103
               Esterwegen      Form
Germer, Karl   Earth          Closes Agape Lodge as Xth       09/07/1953   AL3:
                              Degree (paper clipped to                     317
Germer, Karl   Extracts       Three extracts regarding        03-11/1957   AL3:
               from Letter,   European Thelemic Political                  650
               1957           Figures
                               Merlin, Tranker dead,
                              Peterson suicide, M. an
                              enemy, Lekve dead....
                               Ms. copy
Germer, Karl   German         Belgian German Refugee          04/18/1937   AL3:
               Refugee        Certificate.                                 109
Germer, Karl   Germer, Cora   Letter re: Events               10/26/1935   AL3:
                              post-Esterwegen, plans for a                 105
                               Ms. orig
Germer, Karl   Germer,        Letter in German                04/02/1935   AL3:
               Margaret                                                    99
Germer, Karl   Germer,        Letter in German                05/05/1935   AL3:
               Margaret                                                    100
Germer, Karl   Germer,        Letter in German                07/13/1935   AL3:
               Margaret                                                    101
Germer, Karl   Germer,        Letter re: (German) on          07/28/1935   AL3:
               Margarete      letterhead from the                          102
                              Esterwegen (Hummling)
                               Ms. orig
Germer, Karl   Internment     Instrument of Internment to     02/13/1935   AL3:
               Instrument     Konzentrationslager Columbia.                98
               (Columbia       Ts. orig.
               n Camp)
Page No.    51
Germer, Karl   Leffingwell.   Letter re: Grady, A.C.,         03/26/1959   AL3:
               Rhea           Mellinger, Parsons.                          438
Page No.    53
Germer, Karl   Mellinger,     Second Page of letter fr K.G.   n.d.         AL3:
               Frederic       to F.M. (attrib.) re. Grant,                 12
                              Berlin, HQ
Germer, Karl   Mellinger,     Letter re: watching 132 &       n.d.         AL3:
               Frederic       J.W.P, received a letter that                616
                              reassured him. 3rd and last
                              page only
                               Ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Mellinger,     Personal, Agape 132 & 210       10/07/1943   AL3:
               Frederic                                                    170
Germer, Karl   Mellinger,     Letter re: Moving, Invitation   10/07/1943   AL3:
               Frederic       to New York, Intention to                    615
                              close Agape Lodge, Contact
                              with Smith again forbidden,
                              but considers leniency for
                              "those that clung to the
                              Lodge for purely social
                               Ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Mellinger,     'Lucy', $, 9th Degree           04/02/1951   AL3:
               Frederic                                                    251
Germer, Karl   Mellinger,     Typewriter, Metzger, Pinkus,    06/25/1951   AL3:
               Frederic       Reuss, Sprengel                              255
Germer, Karl   Mellinger,     Typewriter, 'Timon of           07/08/1951   AL3:
               Frederic       Detroit' Metzger and Grant                   256
Germer, Karl   Mellinger,     Typewriter, Switzerland,        09/15/1951   AL3:
               Frederic       Germany, 9th Degree, $                       261
Germer, Karl   Mellinger,     Metzger and how to deal with    09/25/1951   AL3:
               Frederic       him                                          264
Germer, Karl   Mellinger,     Receipt of $1,200.00 from       11/17/1951   AL3:
               Frederic       1948 to date                                 266
Germer, Karl   Mellinger,     Letter re: AC insists on        1950--1951   AL3:
               Frederic       initiations being                            617
                              well-prepared with officers
                              knowing their parts
                              "absolutely by heart",
                              Lekve's judgement of Metzger
                              rejected, Yorke, Birven,
                              Tranker, Grosche. 2nd page
                               Ts. carb.
Page No.    54
Germer, Karl   Mellinger,     Letter re: 2 Reuss pamphlets,   01/06/1954   AL3:
               Frederic       Magick Without Tears,                        614
                              Metzger, Dr. Henri Birven,
                              Confessions, Books 623, 106,
                              73, 60, 66, 265, 1264, 49,
                              OTO History, Metzger's
                              authorization a continuation
                              from Pinkus.
                               Ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Metzger, H.    Letter in German.               06/06/1951   AL3:
                               Ts. carb.                                   641
Germer, Karl   Metzger, H.    Letter in German.               12/21/1951   AL3:
                               Ts. carb.                                   639
Germer, Karl   Metzger, H.    Letter in German. (cc. Fra.     08/28/1953   AL3:
                              Kalikananda)                                 642
                               Ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Metzger, H.    Letter in German.               10/03/1954   AL3:
                               Ts. carb.                                   643
Germer, Karl   Metzger, H.    Letter in German.               06/15/1960   AL3:
                               Ts. carb.                                   640
Germer, Karl   Metzger, H.    Letter in German                12/21/1960   AL3:
                               Ts. carb.                                   621
                               Ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Montenegro,    Letter re: Confusion over       09/13/1953   AL3:
               Gabriel        Smith reports, anger over                    318
                              same, renewal of ban on
                              association with Smith.
                              Reiteration of Smith's
                              expulsion. Enclosure of a
                              pledge form.
                               Ts. carb.
Page No.    55
Germer, Karl   Montenegro,    Letter re: Rye-Crisp,           09/04/1959   AL3:
               Gabriel        Prophesy, Archives, Security,                451
                              FBI, Hampton and NY apartment
                              bugged. "Such is life for a
                              Thelemite who stands in an
                              exposed spot. I had to learn
                              all these strange things."
                               Ts. carb.
Page No.    56
Germer, Karl   Noel           A charter being given (Gerald   01/11/1956   AL3:
               [FitzGerald]   Gardner), Fees, Grant, L.A.,                 365
                              Metzger, Aleph, 777, V, VI
Germer, Karl   P.S.           Handwritten                     03/17/19??   AL3:
Germer, Karl   Passport,      American Passport               09/08/1947   AL3:
               American                                                    219
Germer, Karl   Passport,      German passport                 11/25/1925   AL3:
               German                                                      89
Germer, Karl   Protective     Prospectus of Book about his    n.d.         AL3:
               Prisoner       concentration camp                           13
               #303           experiences.
                               Ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Receipt of     Receipt                         01/19/1957   AL3:
               Domestic        Form                                        379
Germer, Karl   Schmolke,      Letter in German                01/16/1949   AL3:
               Herbert         Ts. carb.                                   657
Germer, Karl   Schmolke,      Letter in German re: Metzger,   10/30/1951   AL3:
               Herbert        Pinkus, Reuss, Grosche &                     656
                               Ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Schneider,     Smith's retirement, Grady,      08/08/1943   AL3:
               Max            Phyllis, Helen, Betty,                       159
Germer, Karl   Schneider,     F.B.I., Agape, Censor           08/14/1943   AL3:
               Max                                                         161
Germer, Karl   Schneider,     Decay of 1003 Winona            08/31/1943   AL3:
               Max                                                         165
Germer, Karl   Schneider,     'To ALL POSSESSORS OF THE       01/22/1945   AL3:
               Max            SECRET OF THE IX DEGREE                      177
                              O.T.O.' Billing for dues
                              ($168/yr.) To: Mr. Max
                              132 S. Reeves Drive
                               Beverly Hills, CA
                               Ts. carb.
Page No.    57
Germer, Karl   Schneider,     $, Grady with A.C.,             11/26/1943   AL3:
               Max & Jean     Mellinger, Parsons                           172
Page No.    58
Germer, Karl   Smith, W.T.    M. w/o T., Mellinger's break,   08/13/1954   AL3:
                              Atlantis, Gerald Yorke,                      338
                              addressed to Fr. V.O.V.N.
Germer, Karl   Statement of   Identity Statement for title    08/01/1951   AL3:
               Identity for   companies for property.                      259
Germer, Karl   Student        Certificate of Association      1912--1913   AL3:
               Identificati                                                79
               Generale des
Germer, Karl   Theories       FBI and Agape Lodge             10/17/1949   AL3:
Page No.    59
Germer, Karl   Wolfe, Jane    Letter re. money, Magick        04/24/1954   AL3:
                              without Tears, O.T.O. Yorke,                 333
                              telephone taps, warnings re.
                              Schmolke turning strange.
                               ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Wolfe, Jane    Letter re. I Ching oracle of    02/28/1956   AL3:
                              the morning, Divorce,                        368
                              Schmolke, Mary K., car,
                               ts. carb.
Germer, Karl   Yorke,         Grant, Magick in T. and P.,     n.d.         AL3:
               Gerald         Metzger, H.Q.                                17
Germer, Karl   Yorke,         (p. 3 only)                     03/21/1948   AL3:
               Gerald                                                      233
Germer, Karl   Yorke,         Crowley, Aleister Letters,      07/25/1951   AL3:
               Gerald         Ninth Degree, Metzger,                       258
                              Clymer, Mudd's Diaries
Germer, Karl   Yorke,         Metzger, Symond's Book,         09/08/1951   AL3:
               Gerald         Letters and Diaries, A.A.'s                  260
Germer, Karl   Yorke,         Mellinger, V. and V., Liber     05/06/1952   AL3:
               Gerald         888, Printing, Holy Books                    276
Germer, Karl   Yorke,         Metzger, Genya Jantzen,         11/15/1954   AL3:
               Gerald         Pincus, Chicago May                          344
Germer, Karl   Yorke,         K's Diaries, Kowal's            12/05/1954   AL3:
               Gerald         notebooks, Metzger, AL                       346
Germer, Karl   Yorke,         Cameron, Watt's Introduction,   02/19/1955   AL3:
               Gerald         Mellinger, Leffingwell,                      348
                              Kenneth Anger
Page No.    60
Germer, Karl   Wedding        "Sascha Ernestine Andre         09/23/1942   AL3:
& Germer,      Announcement    Karl Johannes Germer                        134
Sascha                         wish to announce
                               their marraige
                               on Wednesday, the
                              twenty-third of September
                               Nineteen hundred and
                               133 West 71st Street
                               New York, N.Y.
Germer,        Announcement   Card: In deepest grief and      n.d.         ALP:
Sascha         of K.          sorrow I wish to announce                    322
               Germer's       that my most beloved Husband
               death.         Mr. Karl Germer Died on
                              10/25/1962 at 8:55 PM.
                               1 p.
Germer,        Aries Press    Hand Draft of letter re: news   10/03/1967   AL3:
Sascha                        of theft, request for news of                575
                              book sales.
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Ariola,        H.P.Smith's accusations         06/02/1973   AL3:
Sascha         Orrin K.       (handwritten copy)                           602
Germer,        Astrological   Sascha Germer's Horoscope,      02/11/1891   AL3:
Sascha         Chart          2/11/1891, 11AM, Vienna                      74
Germer,        Catalog        Many handwritten pages          n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        attempting to determine what                 20
                              had been stolen
Germer,        Chisolm,       Extracts of K.G. to Metzger     n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Gard           letters.                                     21
Germer,        Chisolm,       Social Security questions.      n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Gard                                                        22
Germer,        Chisolm,       Notes re: Rights of             n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Survivors, Germer's break                    23
                              with OTO members, Shopping
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Price List of        n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Books, Fate of Books.                        24
                              (Version of 7/19/63, 7/20/63)
                               Ms. copy
Page No.    61
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: History of Karl      02/26/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Germer, Financially, from                    497
                              1942  1962
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Estate of Karl       03/20/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Germer, deceased. Questions                  503
                              as to legality, and the
                              whereabouts of Mellinger.
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Chisolm,       Amount of Appraisal             05/03/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard                                                        511
Germer,        Chisolm,       Appraisal Amount, Request for   05/10/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           a new Petition for Probate.                  512
                              (version of 5/11/63 Germer,
                              Sascha to Chisolm, Gard.
Germer,        Chisolm,       Appraisal Amount, Request for   05/11/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           a new Petition for Probate.                  513
                              (2 versions)
Germer,        Chisolm,       Returns Petition, refuses to    06/18/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           sign it, and asks for his                    515
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Value of house,      06/20/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           books, etc. Dispute over                     517
                              appraisal, and fire
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Hand Draft of        07/02/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           6/4/63 Sascha Germer to Gard                 518
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Appraisal            07/04/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Questions                                    519
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Chisolm,       Amount of Appraisal, Value of   07/05/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Library, $50.00 payment                      520
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Price List of        07/19/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Books, Fate of Books, House                  521
                              Appraisal. (hand copy)
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Price List of        07/19/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Books, Fate of Books, House                  522
                              Appraisal. (hand draft)
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Book Price List      07/20/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           (w/ request of return),                      523
                              Petition, Metzger "Official
                              Seat". (hand copy)
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Book Price List      07/20/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           (w/ request of return),                      524
                              Petition, Metzger "Official
                              Seat". (hand copy  draft)
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Price List of        07/20/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Books, Fate of Books, Fire                   525
                              insurance on house & Library.
                              (Version of 7/19/63)
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Price List of        07/20/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Books, Fate of Books, Fire                   526
                              insurance on house & Library.
                              (Version of 7/19/63)
                               Ms. copy
Page No.    62
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Price List of        07/20/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Books, Fate of Books, Fire                   527
                              insurance on house & Library.
                              (Version of 7/19/63)
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Gas Tank, Cows       08/21/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Invade, Disposal of Suits.                   529
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Appraiser's visit    12/14/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           (hand copy)                                  539
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Appraiser's visit    12/14/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           (hand copy  draft version)                 540
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Final Statement on   12/14/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Petition, visit of Appraiser.                541
                              (hand copy)
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: Final Statement on   12/14/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard           Petition, visit of Appraiser.                542
                              (hand draft)
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Chisolm,       Letter re: return of papers     12/27/1963   AL3:
Sascha         Gard            Ms. copy                                    545
Germer,        Clippings of   Clippings of dates.             11/--/1969   AL3:
Sascha         the dates       Newspapers                                  596
               off the tops
               of local
Germer,        Death Cards    Printed Death Notice Cards.     10/25/1962   AL3:
Sascha                        "In deepest gref and sorrow                  486
                               I wish to announce
                               that my most beloved
                               Mr. Karl Germer
                               Died on October 25th, 1962
                               at 8:55 P.M.
                               Sascha E. Andr Germer"
                               Pr. Cards
Germer,        Description    Four documents described in     n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         of Four        German.                                      645
               Documents       Ms. orig
Germer,        Dorey, Frank   Hand Draft of letter re: news   10/04/1967   AL3:
Sascha         W.             of theft, request for news of                576
                              book sales.
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Federal        Letter re: Marriage             10/13/1942   AL3:
Sascha         Bureau of      announcement for their files.                137
               Investigatio    Ts. carb.
Germer,        Financial      Notes of values of books in     n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         figures        various places.                              25
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Geburts-Zeug   Photograph of Geburts-Zeugnis   07/12/1938   AL3:
Sascha         nis            Certificate from Matrikelamt                 110
                              der Israelitischen
                              Kultusgemeinde in Wein
Germer,        Husar,         Letter re: request for          01/28/1964   AL3:
Sascha         Leonard        services                                     548
                               Ms. copy
Page No.    63
Germer,        Immigration    Stamp of Visa granted at the    09/05/1939   AL3:
Sascha         Visa: Nice,    American Consulate in Nice,                  113
               France         France. Quota, German,
                              Nonpreference, No. 6460 for
                              Ernestine Aszkenase. Granted
                              by Chas. B. Beylard.
Germer,        Mellinger,     Extracts of K.G. to Metzger     n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Frederick      letters. (Some German)                       29
Germer,        Memoir         Memoir of attempeted            n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        seduction of KG by JS                        30
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Metzger, H.    Hand Draft of Night Letter      09/12/1967   AL3:
Sascha                        describing the attack.                       574
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Metzger,       Telegram re: RETURN[ED] MONEY   04/02/1963   AL3:
Sascha         H.J. (as       220 DOLLARS . MARCH FIRST.                   506
                              [GERMER]  {Bracketed item
                              hand written}
                               Tg. copy
Germer,        Metzger,       Telegram requesting             03/26/1964   AL3:
Sascha         H.J. (as       Mellinger's address. "THELEMA                552
               THELEMA)        STIEN APP SWITZERLAND
                               TRY UTMOST TO FIND MELLINGER
                              WHERREABOUTS. CABLE COLLECT
                               Tg. copy
Germer,        Names          Names on envelope from PS to    n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        SG                                           31
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Note           Note of answer of request for   n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        Mellinger's address: 3/27/63,                32
                              10:30 AM. (on reverse of
                              change of address card: KARL
                               P.O. BOX 258
                               WEST POINT, CALIFORNIA
                               Telephone: West Point
                              AXminster 3-5875.
                               Ms. orig
Page No.    64
Germer,        Note           Note of sending cable           n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        requesting Mellinger's                       33
                              address: Tuesday, 3/26/63,
                              3:45 PM NLT. (on reverse of
                              printed notice of KG's death.
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Note           Note of Metzger's address.      n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        "to contact                                  34
                               Frater Paragranus X Head of
                              the O.T.O. Grand Mastre,
                              Vicarius Salomonis, Patriarch
                              of the Gnostic Kath. Church,
                              Heirophant of the Fraternitas
                              Rosicruciana Anti
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Note           Note re: Affair between KG &    n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        PS.                                          35
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Note           Note re: gerald Gradner         n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                         Ms. orig                                    36
Germer,        Note to Book   Nasty Note to thieves           n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Thieves         Ms. orig                                    37
Germer,        Notes          Notes re: things stolen,        n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        Speculations on the legal                    38
                              situation, Swiss Lawyer.
                               Ms. Orig.
Germer,        Notes          Notes re: legal actions and     n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        terminology.                                 39
                               Ms. Orig.
Germer,        Notes          Notes re: secrecy, rights,      n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        broken wrists (11/5/55, and                  40
                              what Joe wrote about it),
                              Hampton, courts, and KG's
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Notes          Notes re: books and             n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        quantities thereof.                          41
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Notes          Notes regarding the coats and   n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        other clothes in KG's closet.                42
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Notes          Notes re: Karl's history:       n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                        Going West, and back East,                   43
                              then West again.
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Notes          Notes re: Things Stolen         n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                         Ms. orig                                    44
Germer,        Notes                                          n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Regarding                                                   45
               Income &
               1941 - 47
Germer,        Notes of       Notes of hospital stay, and     n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Hosptital      magical attack.                              46
               Stay            Ms. orig
Germer,        Notes of       Notes of items stolen very      n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Stolen         fargmentary.ulate in Nice,                   47
               Material       France. Quota, German,
                              Nonpreference, No. 6460 for
                              Ernestine Aszkenase. Granted
                              by Chas. B. Beylard.
                               Ms. orig
Page No.    65
Germer,        Notes of       National Census of Activities   n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Temple         in Temple Activities                         48
               Activities      Ms. Orig.
Germer,        Notes on       Listing of what Karl left.      n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Karl's         (several suits and coats, 2                  49
               Leavings       garden machines, a 1954
                              Buick, 2 typewriters, etc.)
                               Ms. Orig.
Germer,        Notes on       Notes re: Smith, Execution of   n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Smith          Will.                                        50
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Notes on       Notes re: Poison Gas from the   n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         poison gas     Walls                                        51
               Attacks         Ms. orig
Germer,        Notes on the   Paper with notes re:            n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Succession     Succession                                   52
Germer,        Notes re:      Notes re: garbled, but          n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Witch Hunts.   suggestive ramblings.                        53
               Gossip         sometimes lapsing into
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Notes, post    Notes regarding specific        n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         4/19/1974,     events, their connection not                 54
               regarding      immediately apparent. April,
               certain        1966, 26 Nov. 65 @ 12
               events.        midnight, Hospitalisation in
                              1968, holdup 9/3/67, 4/19/74,
                               ms. orig.
Germer,        Petition       Petition for Probate of the     10/02/1963   AL3:
Sascha                        Estate of K. Germer.                         533
Germer,        Petition for   Petition for the probate of     n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Probate        Karl Germer's Will.                          55
Germer,        Petition for   hand copy of the form for       n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Probate of     Petion for Probate                           56
               Will (hand      Ms. orig
Germer,        Phone Book     Clippings of dates.             n.d.         AL3:
Sascha                         Book                                        57
Germer,        Postmaster,    Letter re. Burlingame           10/12/1968   AL3:
Sascha         Long Beach,    address.                                     586
Germer,        Qabalistc      Note on Value, and Gardner's    n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Notes          references                                   58
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Regardie,      Letter re: personal, Karl's     07/18/1964   AL3:
Sascha         Francis I.     dedication, Estate.                          557
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Rickless,      Letter re: his of 1/13/1964,    01/28/1964   AL3:
Sascha         Elwood A.      Mellinger's of 9/25/63, and                  549
                              that she was unaware of the
                              proceedings, having not been
                              sent copies. (two hand copys)
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Schmolke,      Copy of a Letter in German      08/25/1966   AL3:
Sascha         Herbert                                                     572
Germer,        Schmolke,      Letter in German                08/25/1966   AL3:
Sascha         Herbert         Ms. copy                                    658
Page No.    66
Germer,        Seckler,       Letter re: request for return   n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Stella         of all material. Drafts of                   59
                               Ms. orig
Germer,        Seckler,       Telegram demanding the return   09/15/1967   ALP:
Sascha         Stella         of the stolen property from                  173
                              the West Point robbery.
                               1 p xerox
Germer,        Seckler,       Accusation of theft and         10/10/1967   AL3:
Sascha         Stella         attack.                                      577
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Seckler,       Accusation of theft and         10/12/1967   AL3:
Sascha         Stella         attack.                                      578
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Seckler,       Letter re: Break-in at West     11/04/1967   AL3:
Sascha         Stella         Point                                        580
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Seckler,       letter accusing S. Seckler of   11/4/1967    ALP:
Sascha         Stella         the West Point robbery.                      228
                               3 p. xerox
Germer,        Smith, Helen   - Card thanking Helen for       ??/??/1973   AL3:
Sascha         Parsons        book                                         604
Germer,        Stower,        Letter re: her will stolen,     06/06/1964   AL3:
Sascha         Edward         needs copy, although it is                   554
                              null and void since 10/62.
                              Wrote then, and why no
                               Ms. Orig.
Germer,        U.S.           Letter re: Marriage             10/13/1942   AL3:
Sascha         Attorney       announcement for their files.                138
                               Ts. carb.
Germer,        U.S.           Letter re: Marriage             09/25/1942   AL3:
Sascha         Department     announcement for their files.                136
               of Justice,     Ts. carb.
Germer,        U.S.           Letter re: Thanks for Notice    09/23/1943   AL3:
Sascha         Department     of Amendment.                                169
               of Justice,     Ts. carb.
Germer,        U.S.           Letter re: Request for change   03/22/1953   AL3:
Sascha         Department     of address of interview.                     298
               of Justice,     Ts. carb.
Germer,        War Bonds      Certificate for Third War       09/--/1943   AL3:
Sascha         Certificate    Loan from the U.S. Treasury                  166
Germer,        Weiser,        Letter re: News of theft and    10/13/1967   AL3:
Sascha         Donald         attack                                       579
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Yorke,         Letter re: request for          n.d.         AL3:
Sascha         Gerald         statement that he sent the                   60
                              material. Local Autjhorities
                              do not believe she had a
                              library or papers to begin
                               Ms. copy
Germer,        Yorke,         Hand copy of letter re: break   11/03/1968   AL3:
Sascha         Gerald         in, losses, California                       588
                              situation, O.T.O.,
                              Nationality, Kellner's death,
                              Motta, Thelema Publishing
                              Company, Xeno ed. Liber AL,
                              ashes, request for copies of
                              lost items
Page No.    67
Germer,        Zeugnis        Photograph of Zeugnis           07/24/1939   AL3:
Sascha                        Certificate from the                         112
                              Polizeiprasident in Wein
Grant,         Heidrick,      Ltr. re. Charter of 1951,       01/28/1984   ALP:
Kenneth        William E      succession, Order philosophy,                24
                              A.C., K.G., G.L.M.
                               2 pp.
Page No.    68
Grant,         King,          Ltr. re. IX` techniques,        12/05/1977   ALP:
Kenneth        Patrick        Order future, 93 Current.                    239
                               1 pp.
Grant,         King,          Ltr. re. receipt of the         02/02/1978   ALP:
Kenneth        Patrick        O.T.O. Newsletter #3, warm                   29
                              regards to the Caliph.
                               1 pp.
Grant,         McMurtry,      Ltr. expressing regret at       05/24/1945   ALP:
Kenneth        Grady L.       missing G.L.M. while same was                92
                              in town, and requesting
                              another chance.
                               4 p. orig.
Page No.    70
Hughes, R.     McMurtry,      Correspondance regarding        5 - 9/1970   ALP:
Glenn          Grady L. &     groups in L.A. in 1970                       272
               Phyllis         Braytons, Morlochs, Stars of
                              the O.T.O., and the notorious
                               26 pp.
Page No.    71
Kaeseberg,     Starr,         Oatmeal and the O.T.O. Wars:    4 - 5/1980   ALP:
Norman         Martin         Correspondance chronicling                   271
                              Norman Kaeseberg's quest for
                              M.P. Starr's lineage and
                               6 p. xerox
Karli, U.F.    Germer,        Letter re: Mailing cremated     03/11/1963   AL3:
               Sascha         remains (Impossible by mail,                 500
                              Send via Air Frieght or Boat.
                              A reply to hers of 3/7/1963
                               Ts. Orig.
Kuentzel,      Crowley,       Post Card re. health and        03/30/1937   ALP:
Marthe         Aleister       bombs.                                       62
(Soror                         1 p. orig.
L.             Letter to      Letter describing the rescue    07/18/1976   ALP:
               Frater A.·.    of the Crowley-Germer                        127
                               3 pp xerox
Page No.    72
Llewellyn      Check for      Check for $500.00 "in           12/02/1974   ALP:
Publications   royalties on   complete settlement of all                   233
               Thoth Deck.    claims for royalties and
                              other compensation in
                              relation to the Crowley
                               1p org +cp
Page No.    73
McMurtry,      Brayton,       Letter to Jean Brayton et       02/02/1971   ALP:
Grady L.       Jean           al., informing them of his                   28
                              awareness of their actions,
                              charging them to come and see
                              him at their earliest
                               1 p.  xer
Page No.    74
McMurtry,      Crammer,       Letter re. Braytons, & Dick     05/13/1971   ALP:
Grady L.       Thomas, Lt.    Brayton letter of 5/1/1971.                  89
                              (Two Copies)
                               2 pp. carb
McMurtry,      Crammer,       Ltr. re. West Point robbery,    10/11/1970   ALP:
Grady L.       Thomas         with details of the other                    190
                Lt.           thefts, 1966-1969.
                               2 pp carb.
McMurtry,      Crowley,       Ltr. re. Parsons,               03/31/1946   ALP:
Grady L.       Aleister       Leffingwell, request for                     64
                              letter of authorisation, bees
                              in 'Modes & Emblems', Resh,
                              Alchemy, Germer, Mellinger.
                               2 pp
Page No.    75
McMurtry,      Germer,        Ltr. re. Brayton gang, Stella   10/25/1970   ALP:
Grady L.       Sascha         Secker's innocence, West                     202
                              Point police, investigation
                              of thefts 1966-1969,
                              Caliphate. 3 copies.
                               1 p. carb.
McMurtry,      Goldstone,     Ltr. re. Dorr Bothwell art      04/12/1972   ALP:
Grady L.       Lou and        exhibit, Alpha State, Korean                 71
               Cynthia        slides.
                               1 pp.
McMurtry,      Hayes, Henry   Four letters re. the            05/--/1971   ALP:
Grady L.       C., Sgt.       Braytons, "A Plea for                        79
                              Religious Toleration", and
                              the Abramelin/Enochian
                               5 pp carb.
McMurtry,      Hein,          ltr. re the Thoth deck.         12/14/1971   ALP:
Grady L.       Margaret A.    contains xeroxs of the errors                244
                              in the first edition.
                               3 pp.
McMurtry,      Letter to      Draft of a letter to the        05/--/1971   ALP:
Grady L.       Jean Brayton   Brayton group, prob. not                     78
               et al. of      mailed. Declares them falsely
               the falsely    named as O.T.O.
               named "Solar    9 ts. 4 ms
               Lodge -
Page No.    76
McMurtry,      Lindstrom,     Ltr. outlining the 1966-1969    10/17/1970   ALP:
Grady L.       Ray E., FBI    thefts, their connection with                193
                              the "boy in the box" case,
                              and the role of the Braytons
                              in both.
                               3 pp carb.
McMurtry,      Lindstrom,     letter re. Brayton case.        05/12/1971   ALP:
Grady L.       Ray E.,         2 p. carb.                                  86
McMurtry,      Notes on the   Notes on the investigation of   06/13/1973   ALP:
Grady L.       Brayton Case   the Braytons and relevant                    104
                              dates and certain events
                               4 ts. 5 ms
McMurtry,      Notes          Handwritten notes re. the       n.d.         ALP:
Grady L.       towards the    investigation of the                         314
               recovery of    1966-1969 thefts and the
               the Crowley    acceptance of the Caliphate.
               Library        (3/8/70)
                               7 p. ms.
McMurtry,      On the IX     Essay by GLM re. the sudden     07/31/1980   ALP:
Grady L.       and            promotion to IX of an                       142
               Accelerated    anonymous Sister.
               Promotion.      6 p. orig.
McMurtry,      Papers         Notes and minutes of the        2-8/-/1959   ALP:
Grady L.       Concerning     First and Second Thelemic                    268
               the Thelemic   Conferences in Barstow and
               Conferences    L.A. in Feb and August of
                               45 pp.
Page No.    77
McMurtry,      Seckler,       list of items sent re.          07/25/1971   ALP:
Grady L.       Paul           Braytons, Caliphate, Art                     132
                               1 pp.
Page No.    78
McMurtry,      The Brayton    List of members of the          n.d.         ALP:
Grady L.       Group          Brayton Group culled from                    297
                              newspapers and personal
                              knowledge by GLM.
                               1 p. 26 c.
McMurtry,      Yorke,         Letter regarding the            11/21/1969   ALP:
Grady L.       Gerald         beginning of the California                  220
                              O.T.O. Thelemic dates,
                              Berkeley days.
                               5 p.
McMurtry,      Yorke,         ltr. re. Heflin, Thoth, Diary   03/08/1970   ALP:
Grady L.       Gerald         of a Drug Fiend, Degree                      51
                              papers, Solar Lodge,
                              Caliphate papers.
                               4 pp.
McMurtry,      Yorke,         Letter re. Braytons, Arthur     08/10/1970   ALP:
Grady L.       Gerald         Lyons, Abramelin Squares,                    150
                              Book of Thoth, Astral Travel.
                               1 p.
Page No.    79
Mellinger,     Chisolm,       Letter re: Objection to         09/25/1963   AL3:
Frederic       Gard           Petition of Probate of Will                  531
                              of Germer, Karl
                               Ts. xerox
Mellinger,     Germer, Karl   Renewal of allegiance           04/02/1943   AL3:
Frederic                                                                   147
Mellinger,     Germer, Karl   Report #2 on Agape, 132 & 210   08/22/1943   AL3:
Frederic                                                                   162
Mellinger,     Germer, Karl   Response in German to KG to     09/21/1951   AL3:
Frederic                      FM, 9/15/51                                  262
Mellinger,     Germer, Karl   Metzger and how dealt with      10/31/1951   AL3:
Frederic                                                                   265
Mellinger,     Germer,        'Lucy', Personal                10/17/1945   AL3:
Frederic       Sascha                                                      186
Mellinger,     Germer,        Personal, Travel in Europe      11/12/1945   AL3:
Frederic       Sascha                                                      188
Mellinger,     Metzger, H.    2nd and last page only of a     n.d.         AL3:
Frederic                      letter ridiculing Metzger's                  644
(attrib)                      claim to O.H.O.
                               Ts. carb.
Mellinger,     Notes on       2 pages of notes regarding      n.d.         AL3:
Frederic       corrections    corrections "made or                         618
               for Magick     suggested" by Mellinger.
               Without         Ts. orig.
Mellinger,     Photographs    three photos of A.C., two of    n.d.         ALP:
Frederic       of A.C.        the human bean, one of his                   356
[attrib.                      'idealised self-portrait',
awi]                          also w/ a card made from the
                              John sketch sgnd
                               4 pc.s
Mellinger,     Wolfe, Jane    Letter re. Parsons,             04/04/1945   AL3:
Frederic                      California, Germers, personal                182
                               ts. carb.
Mellinger,     Chisolm,       Letter re: Criticisms of        09/25/1963   AL3:
Frederick      Gard           Sascha's Probate Petition of                 532
                              Karl's Will.
Mendel,        Motta,         Publishing                      06-01-1965   AL3:
Frederick      Marcelo                                                     568
Metzger, H.    Attest         Statement in German.            01/09/1963   AL3:
                               Ts. orig.                                   638
Metzger, H.    Care Frater    Letter in German                n.d.         AL3:
               et Care         Ts. orig.                                   627
Metzger, H.    Equinox        Autumnal Equinox Card, 1967     --/--/1967   AL3:
               Card, 1967      Orig.                                       628
Metzger, H.    Germer, Karl   Letter in German, written on    12/25/1961   AL3:
               & Germer,      color print of obverse of                    624
               Sascha         Stele of Revealing.
                               Ms. orig
Page No.    80
Metzger, H.    Germer,        Letter in German (Summary for   n.d.         AL3:
               Sascha         Soror Sascha of OTO and the                  636
                              Abbey of Thelema)
                               Ts. orig.
Metzger, H.    Germer,        Letter in German                11/30/1962   AL3:
               Sascha          Ms. orig                                    625
Metzger, H.    Germer,        Letter re: Request for all      02/08/1963   AL3:
               Sascha         OTO material, Affidavit of                   496
                              Election, notarised by M.
                              Charles Hill, Vice Consul of
                              the USA in Zurich,
                               Ts. xerox
Metzger, H.    Germer,        Letter requesting the Library   02/08/1963   AL3:
               Sascha          Ts. xerox                                   633
Metzger, H.    Germer,        Letter in German, requesting    02/08/1963   AL3:
               Sascha         the Library.                                 637
                               Ts. orig.
Metzger, H.    Germer,        Letter in German                07/22/1963   AL3:
               Sascha          Ts. orig.                                   626
Metzger, H.    Germer,        Postcard in German              05/11/1968   AL3:
               Sascha          postcard                                    623
Metzger, H.    Germer,        Telegram in German              02/02/1975   AL3:
               Sascha          telegram                                    622
Metzger, H.    Greeting       Greeting Card in German         n.d.         AL3:
               Card of         Orig.                                       629
Metzger, H.    Manifesto      Manifesto in which Paragranus   04/21/1963   AL3:
                              is elected O.H.O.                            647
Metzger, H.    McMurtry,      Correspondence regarding        6/69-12/77   ALP:
J.             Grady L.. &    lineage, allegiance, and                     275
               Phyllis        mutual paranoia.
                               23ts 19ms
Metzger,       Germer,        Telegram: "OTRA PST MAR 27 63   03/27/1963   AL3:
H.J.           Sascha         0C033 [...] =MRS K GERMER.=                  505
                              FR CD STEIN APP TEL VIA
                               BOX 173 WESTPOINT (CALIF).
                              WUCABLES .=27 1735.=
                               =MELLINGER GISEBRECHTSTR 6
                              BERLIN CHARLOTTENBURG.=
                               Tg. copy
Metzger,       Motta,         O.T.O. succession, A.A.         12-28-1964   AL3:
H.J.           Marcelo        status                                       565
Page No.    81
Montenegro,    Germer, Karl   Letter re: Books bound at       06/10/1959   AL3:
Gabriel                       last, request for more time                  448
                              to read them. Initiation &
                              Ordeals. Proposal to write
                              history of H. Spencer Lewis
                              and Reuss. Krumm-Heller.
                              Request for Reuss's Last Rite
                               Ts. orig.
Page No.    85
Ordo Templi    Oriflame,                                      02/21/1943   ALP:
Orientis       Vol. I, No.     8 pp.                                       38
Ordo Templi    Pledge Forms   Book of pledgeforms completed   Oct. 1914    PEN:
Orientis       of the         by 12 applicants to form                     11
               Vancouver      Agape Lodge in Vancouver.
               O.T.O.         Signatories include C.S.
               Founders       Jones and W.T. Smith.
Page No.    86
Peregrinus     Kadosh, Carl   Copy of Charter for Carl        09/03/1921   AL3:
               Wm. Hansen-    William Hansen-Kadosh to                     84
                              operate a body of the Ordinis
                              Templariorum Orientis.
                               Ts. Orig.
Postmaster,    Germer,        Letter replying to Germer, S.   10/17/1968   AL3:
Long Beach,    Sascha         10/12/68.                                    587
Page No.    87
Rickless,      Chisolm,       Letter re: Metzger claim.       10/02/1963   AL3:
Edward         Gard                                                        534
Rickless,      Germer,        Letter re: Exegesis of          01/13/1964   AL3:
Elwood A.      Sascha         Metzger's claim, and request.                547
                               Ts. Orig.
Rickless,      Germer,        Letter re: Direct Request for   02/10/1964   AL3:
Elwood A.      Sascha         Books and MSS. Metzger offers                551
                              to pay for postage.
                               Ts. Orig.
Page No.    88
Rodale Press   Germer, Karl   Envelope only from the Rodale   --/--/1951   AL3:
                              Press, subscription                          242
                              information places it between
                              10/50-10/52. (10 51 1YR)
Roosevelt,     Germer,        Letter re: request for pledge   07/15/1948   AL3:
Eleanor        Sascha          Ts. orig.                                   234
Schmolke,      Germer, Karl   Letter in German (signed        11/03/1951   AL3:
Herbert                       Ishrah)                                      654
                               Ts. carb.
Schmolke,      Germer,        Letter in German                06/20/1966   AL3:
Herbert        Sascha          Ts. orig.                                   655
Schmolke,      Wolfe, Jane    Letter re. New York & Germer,   01/02/1956   AL3:
Loa                           describing visit.                            364
                               ts. copy
Schneider,     Crowley,       Agape Lodge, Smith, Mellinger   07/04/1943   AL3:
Max            Aleister                                                    156
Page No.    89
Schneider,     Diaries,       Loose-leaf binder with many     12/32-7/46   ALP:
Max            Dec. 1, 1932   loose sheets: 150 pp. ms. &                  254
               to July 16,    ts.
               1946            150 pp.mix
Schneider,     Diary: 1943    July, 1943                      07/--/1943   AL3:
Max            (Partial)                                                   155
Schneider,     Germer, Karl   Jane, Agape Lodge, Profess      03/27/1943   AL3:
Max                           Houses                                       144
Schneider,     Germer, Karl   $, Smith and Liber 132,         07/04/1943   AL3:
Max                           Parsons, Mellinger                           157
Schneider,     Prospectus     Prospectus for the Book of      n.d.         ALP:
Max            for the Book   Thoth                                        363
               of Thoth        4 pp.
Schneider,     Sigil to       Sigil in pen on blue paper to   n.d.         ALP:
Max            achieve a      obtain a radio show for women                351
               radio show.    fo Soror I will achieve
                              through Wisdom and
                               1 p. orig
Seckler,       Germer, Karl   Upcoming Marriage to Bill       04/22/1957   AL3:
Phyllis                       Wade                                         389
Page No.    90
Seckler,       Smith, Helen   Letter detailing the thefts     01/08/1971   ALP:
Phyllis        Parsons        1966-1969 and giving                         13
                              addresses of contacted police
                              and F.B.I. authorities.
                               3 p. carb.
Page No.    92
Smith, W.T.    O.T.O.         Resignation (copy)              09/14/1953   AL3:
Page No.    93
Thomas,        Initiate       Diagrammatic MS on Choronzon    n.d.         BET:
Franklin       Papers         Club letterhead                              13
                               47pp. MSX
U.S.           Germer,        Letter re: search ongoing.      10/16/1940   AL3:
Department     Sascha          Ts. orig.                                   119
of Justice,
U.S.           Germer,        Letter re: She is an enemy      02/16/1942   AL3:
Department     Sascha         alien, and must register as                  128
of Justice,                   such.
INS                            Ts. orig.
Page No.    94
Velle          Midnight       Partisan rag of the Brayton     10/--/1971   ALP:
Trancendenta   Press          group, immediately following                 186
l Research      Vol. I, No.   the "boy in the box" case.
Assn.          3              Excellent examples of occult
                               12 s 11x17
Page No.    95
Weddigan,      Affidavit      Notarized Affidavit regarding   01/06/1963   AL3:
Dorothea                      the election of Frater                       634
                              Paragranus to O.H.O.
                               Ts. xerox
Wilson,        Letter to      Retraction of statement in      04/23/1974   ALP:
Robert Anton   Carl           2/21/74 article re: Level                    75
               Weschcke       Press as publishing arm of
               (sic)          O.T.O. 15 cc.
                               15 pp. xer
Windram,       Charter of     Photograph of Frank Bennett's   11/15/1915   AL3:
James Thomas   Frank Ben      Charter from James Thomas                    80
Page No.    97
Yorke,         Germer, Karl   Achad and his Crowleyania,      03/07/1948   AL3:
Gerald                        Achad's OTO Standing                         232
Yorke,         Germer, Karl   Picture Post, Kenneth Grant,    12/30/1955   AL3:
Gerald                        Magick in T. and P., Switz.                  363
Yorke,         Germer,        re: Break in, Metzger, South    09/24/1968   AL3:
Gerald         Sascha         America, A.C.'s ashes                        585
Yorke,         Germer,        Seckler family, Q's on Break    11/19/1968   AL3:
Gerald         Sascha         in, Documents, Warburg                       589
Yorke,         Germer,        Statement of having sent all    11/19/1968   AL3:
Gerald         Sascha         A.C.'s mss., papers and                      590
                              books, including Stele and
                              Ms. of Liber AL, to KG
Yorke,         Germer,        Lost Parcel, Addresses,         08/11/1969   AL3:
Gerald         Sascha         Grady's O.T.O., Royalties                    593
                              (Held in reserve for legal
                              claims on the Yorke estate
                              mss. WEH)
Yorke,         Germer,        Lee Heflin                      09/09/1969   AL3:
Gerald         Sascha                                                      594
Yorke,         Germer,        McMurtry, Grady L., IX,        10/17/1969   AL3:
Gerald         Sascha         Regardie, Break in, Braytons,                595
Page No.    98
Yorke,         McMurtry,      Letter re A.C.'s will,          08/12/1969   ALP:
Gerald         Grady L.       publishing, Germany.                         153
                               3p. xerox
Yorke,         McMurtry,      Ltr. re. Thoth Deck first       10/14/1969   ALP:
Gerald         Grady L.       refusal rights, L. Heflin,                   191
                              "Diary of a Drug Fiend",
                               1 p orig.
Yorke,         McMurtry,      letter re. Thoth deck, Magus    11/10/1969   ALP:
Gerald         Grady L.       ring, A.C.'s ashes, Jerry                    215
                              Kaye, K. Anger, Lee Heflin,
                              Metzger, & Grant.
                               1 p. xerox
Yorke,         McMurtry,      Letter re. Heflin,              11/27/1969   ALP:
Gerald         Grady L.       A.C./G.L.M. corresp.,                        225
                              Thelemic dating, O.T.O.
                              government & history.
                               1 p.
Yorke,         McMurtry,      Ltr. re. Karl Germer's Will,    07/02/1969   ALP:
Gerald         Phyllis        Metzger, Montenegro.                         117
                               1 p. incom
Page No.    99
Yorke,         Seckler,       Ltr. re. West Point robbery     03/20/1969   ALP:
Gerald         Phyllis        and others. Regardie,                        59
                               2 pp.
Yorke,         Smith, Helen   Letter regarding Metzger,       10/17/1977   ALP:
Gerald         Parsons        Heflin, Skinner, Wasserman,                  195
                              and the Weiser Thoth deck.
                               1 p. xerox

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