Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon
XI° Jack and Jill Party in Tajikistan

In September 2004, I received the following emails from Tajikistan by Tim Paigambar:

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: Question's.
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 23:51:38 +0400
 Dear Peter.
 Known you that about these work’s Crowley;
 1. «The Sign of the Seal of Hermes».
 2. «Liber XVII vel IAO».
 3. «Liber Agape, dedicated to Mercury».
 I have 9 books about elixir of the life, what of them is = «The Elixir
   of Life» [with Ida Nelidoff, 1914 E.V.].
 I. Elixir of Life – I = Freemasonry and secrets thereof.
 II. Elixir of Life – II = (The conditions of life ...).
 III. Elixir of Life, Our Magical Medicine
 IV. Remarkable experiment with the elixir of life.
 VI. AMRITA -  (This method of restoring youth...) 1933
 VII. AMRITA - (Experiments begun January 23rd 1933)
 VIII. Elixir of Life, Additional Cases and On Food.
 IX. The Order of the Purifications on Waking
 Respectfully yours Timur.
 93/ 93 93

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: Request.
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 01:39:07 +0400
 Dear Peter.
 Implore; You to send on e-mail book «Liber Agape, dedicated to
 I ask you.
 93/ 93 93

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: Question.
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 03:44:19 +0400
 Dear Peter.
 Explain please, as possible on mail to get your book "How to make your
 own McOTO", how much this will cost?
 Respectfully yours Tanatos.

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 06:24:47 +0400
 Dear Peter.
 Yesterday, my Swedish friend has sent me Photostats 50 pages from Rex
 De Arte Magica (the unpublished diary 1914). If you interest this
 report about sexual magic, I can send its you. In lieu thereof we ask
 facsimile of the Book Agape (NOT KING VERSION) and handwritten
 commentary to him from Warburg collections (Notebook #26).
 PRK: Are you a member of the O.T.O.?
 Respectfully yours Tanatos.
 93 93/93
Attached was his alleged XI° diploma. I was cautious immediately. William Breeze's signature seemed to be a fake and it was obvious to me that Tim had taken it from a previous posting on my site.

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: Books
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 22:43:40 +0400
 28.09.2004 e.v. Sol in Libra, Moon in Aries. Karaganda.
 Good evening!
 I show the assotiative member O.T.O.. Charter was received by me for
 protection of the diploma thesis on 11 degrees. Also, I member Ordo
 Keepers to Deaths (enclose diploma). If you interest, can send unique
 secret documents.
 I have typescript of the second volume, he is dated 1916 e.v..
 Dear Peter, my interest in O.T.O. purely academic. I shall not sell
 the secret. I carefully study spiritual and literary heritage Crowley,
 for especially personal use. I live in Tajikistan so majority of your
 books to me inaccessible.
 Dare to ask beside you version of the BOOK AGAPE DEDICATED TO
 Fraternally, Tim.
 93 93/93
As all my regular visitors to my site already know, I believe all information must be free. I sent Tim a CD full of O.T.O. and A.·. A.·. material that I had picked up on the Net. I was well aware that he was not being totally honest with me, but nevertheless Information must be free.

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: books
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2004 23:49:44 +0300
 How do you do Dear Brother!
 Probably you have not got my letter from 23.10.04 E.V. Once again thank
 you so much for CD!
 Send you interesting material written by To Mega Therion, about XI°
 Regarding, the material of the compact disk want to notice that on him
 no document, which I asked:
 1. Facsimile Liber Agape (NOT FRENSIS KING VERSION) with drawings, from
 your book ‘’How to make your own McOTO’’ and TWO OTHERS VERSIONS OF
 2. ‘’THE BOOK OF SEAL OF THE SIGN OF HERMES’’ – 9 degree instruction.
 3. ‘’LIBER IAO’’ = beside you on disk is presented ‘’ Book of holy
 kisses’’, but she is not Liber IAO!
 Much you ask to send me E-mail books ‘’How to make your own McOTO’’! I
 implore you!!!
 Fraternally your Tim.
 93 93/93
Out of curiosity, I asked him to send me a XI° charter.

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 00:55:49 +0300
 I have not understood, you want to become member my the Ordo Temple of

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: books
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 04:22:31 +0300
 Dear Peter.
 I have executed your request get scan with your charter. I not certain
 that Hymenaeus Beta will sign this document. You get this document
 written on Samarkandian paper with my personal seal plus special
 instructions brotherhood magician O.T.O. and Temple of Priapus, when I
 receive book “How To Make Your Own McOTO” together with two different
 not published versions of Liber C, and a photocopy of handwritten notes
 from the Warburg MS of Liber C.
 Future springtime I shall be on deals in Frankfurt and possible then
 you get full initiation.
 Apropos, together with charter you get Kitab al-Azif which I have found
 in division of the east manuscripts of the city Tashkent (book small,
 is dated 13 ages and has a direct attitude to 11)!
 Your fraternally, Tim.
 93 93/93
So far, Tim had sent:
- Charter for Peter-R. Koenig
- Alleged cover of a Crowley text
- Complimentary postcard from one of Tim's Moscow friends (from the alleged O.T.O. Oasis Pan’s Asylum)
- A word document on the XI°
and some other non-O.T.O. related documents of tantric nature.

I asked for further details as his Charter to me appeared to be another fake. What had Motta's O.T.O. lamen to do with all this? And the pics on this postcard also seem to be taken from my website. The teachings that he sent were a crude mix between Kenneth Grant's teachings and stuff picked up on the Net.

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 03:01:35 +0300
 Dear Peter.
 I was necessary time to answer your question since this photomontage is
 created not me. This is a complimentary postcard from one of my Moscow
 friends (from O.T.O. Oasis Pan’s Asylum). Confess honestly I have not
 added her no importance.
 What has explained me its creator (this is one of the variant of the
 card Tower his own log) this he has selected three great people 11
 degrees. Bertiaux and breeze are on one line since they contemporaries
 (additionally Breeze has got 11 from pupil Bertiaux). Crowley upstairs
 - as founder 11 in the O.T.O..
 Concerning books ''How to make your own McOTO'' (and collateral
 materials and if possible with book ''O.T.O. Rituals and Sexmagic'')
 well, I shall anxiously expect, send on the same address (home I shall
 go not soon).
 We ask you to give me list of all people ever having 11 degrees and
 their e-mail’s. Also, tell about itself, who you in life’s (I read
 biography on your website, but wanted hear in detail; why you have no
 access to your archive? what your relations with caliphate formed? Your
 family tree, etc.). On photography with your site you are found on the
 left or on the right (with a mustache man).
 On professions I archeologist-ethnographer, collect and form
 genealogical tree. Send you my own family tree as sample.
 Your fraternally, Tim.
 93 93/93
 P.S. Expensive Peter, tomorrow I for a long time leave, my confidant
 will send you package document, when will get your package from you.
 Enclose paper. This document I have sent brother Aeon from USA, having
 in its dictation personal archive Russell. To he is enclosed
 instruction written Crowley for Russell (date on stamp; ? February 1921
 Love is the Law, Love under wilt.
 Attachment: document Crowley to Russell
In the meantime I had asked Michael Staley about these XI° teachings that mixed Grant's insights with those of Bertiaux and also asked him how they might fit in with the 'Caliphate' teachings.

Michael Staley:
I really don't think much of it - can't see where it's going or
what the point of it is. I have no idea what "the fine flows in spinal
cord" might be. It's symptomatic of the attempt to squeeze one system into
another. For instance, one can see affinities between R'lyeh and Muladhara
in the context of Cthulhu arising from the sunken city, not dead but
dreaming, but that doesn't make an equation.
I've no idea. I thought that XIth degree in the Caliphate O.T.O. was man on
man, or woman on woman - the old Crowleyan idea, in other words. The
Russian seems to be suggesting the Grant idea, that XIth degree is not
this, but involves operations between male and female during the woman's
eclipse. He goes further, in fact, suggesting that the old Crowleyan mode
of XIth degree operation is dangerous, on the rather unspecific idea that
it involves the dangerous manipulation of subtle currents in the spine.
Even allowing for the poor English, the idea struck me as incoherent.
I wouldn't have expected Breeze, as the Guardian of Crowleyanity, to go
along with the suggestion that not only was the Crowleyan mode wrong, but
that the revisionist Grant was making a valid point. 
Confronted with Staley's reaction, Tim sent another email:

From: "Timur"
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Subject: 11
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 01:02:50 +0600
 I can send you original of the charters provided that after analysis
 you will return his me. Also, I can send you letter of the Breeze
 addressed me. But after I get; receive book 'How to make your own
 Regarding teachings Grant, you better to ask about this Bertiaux.
 Want to ask you to explain me system of the sexual magic of
 O.T.O.A. and please send me on e-mail ritual XI° published in your book
 “ Der OTOA-Reader”. Also want to ask beside you sample of the Chaters
 issued you by Bertiaux.
 You friend
 – T.

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: Hello
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 22:17:56 +0300
 Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
 My dear brother, how do you do?
 Long ago from you no news’s.
 I can send you original of the charters provided that after analysis
 you will return his me. Also, I can send you letter of the Breeze
 addressed me. But after I get; receive book ''How to make your own
 McOTO''. Regarding teachings Grant, you better to ask about this
 Want to ask you to explain me system of the sexual magic of O.T.O.A.
 and please send me on e-mail ritual XI° published in your book “Der
 Also want to ask beside you sample of the Charter XI° issued you by
 You friend – T.
 Love is the Law, Love under wilt.
 93 93/93

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 23:43:29 +0300
 Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
 My dear brother, how do you do?
 Many thanks for your email.
 I can send you original of the charters provided that after analysis
 you will return his me. Also, I can send you letter of the Breeze
 addressed me. But after I get; receive book ''How to make your own
 McOTO''. Regarding teachings Grant, you better to ask about this
 You friend – T.
 93 93/93
I informed Tim that the present head of the 'Caliph' XI°, James Graeb, does not think that Breeze has a 'correct XI°-lineage'.

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: About  XI°
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 05:07:13 +0300
 My very illustrious brother and adviser.
 Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
 I with you completely agree Breeze has not direct inheritance 11
 degrees from Crowley. However, my own charter I have received from
 Breeze! Together with charter I have got the package a document many
 from which I have sent you (including pure forms with Lamen of Motto).
 Package was clamped by of sealing wax seal, but charter waxy.
 I am ready to draw you chater my Ordo Temple of Priapus, but for this I
 must convene advice since not I one have a charter XI°. That you about
 this will say? There was offensively seeing as deal so many years
 applied to ashes.
 I ask you to give me list of all members XI° (including leader of the
 Caliphate XI°) to avoid in the future misunderstandings.
 I ask you to send us book “How To Make Your Own McOTO”.
 You are a known scientist and for us honour to see you in our rows.
 Love is the Law, Love under wilt.
 Fraternal your, Temir.
 93 93/93

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: XI and more
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 03:35:48 +0300
 My very illustrious brother and adviser.
 Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
 We ask your advice and help.
 We have formed letter with petition about issue us charter allowing us
 to work within the framework of XI°.
 To whom you will advise to direct this letter; Kenneth Grant or leader
 of the Caliphate XI°?
 Also we ask you to render us assistance.
 Love is the Law, Love under wilt.
 Fraternal your, Temir.
 93 93/93
 P.S. we enclose letter and constitution of the Temple of Priapus.
 Attachment: Constitution of the Esoteric Order Temple of Priapus [word document]
 Attachment: Letter [word document]

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: About Liber Agape
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 03:37:40 +0300
 Dear Peter.
 Your version Liber Agape (published in “O.T.O. Rituals and Sex Magick”)
 dated 1912, but to her is attached “Grimoirum Sanctissimum” that was
 received in 1914 (“Paris Working”)?
 Explain please history of the reception of “Grimoirum Sanctissimum”.
 Straight-line branch inheritances XI°: Crowley = Russell = Franklin
 Thomas (or Webb): Crowley = Neuburg = Conway??? Explain please.
 Respectfully yours Tim.
 93 93/93
Via email, I had sent him several pages of my "Noch Mehr Materialien Zum O.T.O." book where I had published fac-simile reproductions of several of Patrick King's instructions on his XI°.

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: Greetings
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 02:39:44 +0300
 Greetings and 93!
 Many thanks for given materials.
 We shall anxiously wait charter with your signature and seal!
 All studies and material we shall refer you for exam if you raise no
 Your brothers in the Gnosis.
 93 93/93
As I was highly amused by Tim's greed and persistence, I prepared a backdated XI°-paper for him. I decided to use the date "11 November" as this is the official start of the Carnival over here in Germany and Switzerland. I did not send it yet.

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: 93!
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 04:10:20 +0300
 My dear brother,
 Greetings and 93!
 Many thanks for you email.
 Send documents on address headquarters of Temple Priapus but on my
 present name:
 In Russian: [...]
 In English: [...
 Say pleases your charter gives us right officially to work within the
 framework of XI°?
 Fraternally your Tim.
 93 93/93
 P.S. You may give charter on my present name: Zhumabayev Timur

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: about book
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 10:05:57 +0300
 Guten Tag!
 Agape and 93!
 Dear Peter you read book “Liber LXIX vel Pan-Priapus: Sexual Magick in
 Theory & Practice (A Grimoire)” by James M. Martin (Grand Master Ordo
 Templi Baphe-Metis)?
 Costs spend time for its translation?
 We have recently got it from our Moscow brother’s.
 Respectfully, Tim.
 93 93/93
At that point I sent off the backdated Carnival-XI°-paper, by snail mail.

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: Greetings and 93!!!
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 15:44:34 +0300
 Greetings and 93!
 Dear brother many thanks for your email.
 I was in business trip and so not smog to answer you immediately.
 PRK: By the way: what kind of fee did/do you have to pay Breeze for your XI°
 No, Breeze gave charter absolutely gratis.
 PRK: Can you send a scan of the letter that he sent alongside with his
 Yes certainly in exhibit you will find his letter.
 Say please what date you have sent me XI° diploma?
 And could not you send me some rituals XI° of O.T.O.A.? [Think I am
 able to translate with German language adequately]
 Yours fraternally, Tim.
 93 93/93
 attached: Breeze's letter
I never told Tim about the significance of the date on the XI°-paper that I had sent him. I did not send him any XI°-rituals of the O.T.O.A. Of course, nor did I send him any books.
Tim had finally provided Breeze's alleged letter over email. It was an obvious fake.
At this point, I confronted Tim with my findings.

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: About XI°
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 15:26:02 +0300
 Dear Sir and Brother,
 You it is correct guessed charter and letter is a falsification. I am a
 poor lad beside which no facilities to provide itself material and
 beside which no possibility to leave for border. But which untiring
 working has by itself opened for itself secret of the knowledge and
 which in spite of absence of support was able to become full-fledged
 owner XI°.
 I beg pardon to you Great Master! You refused to communicate with me
 since I not to show member of the O.T.O. so I and falsified whole this
 history since except you me there is no one to help.
 Main documents I have got in gift from Brother NTz 950 (USA). He is a
 former member of the Caliphate. [See below ADDENDUM 2018] 
 From it I have heard main secrets.
 I much long work with technology O.T.O. and that fact that we with you
 befriended is due to Opus XI°.
 In Kazakhstan of no branch O.T.O. but there is much thelemites-alones.
 There is good schools yoga’s (Maharishi, Sahadja etc.). Center of
 transpersonal psychologies (school of S. Grof) and sad known Church
 Saientology (Hubbard etc.).
 To become full-fledged member XI° I need charter which will allow me
 officially to work within the framework of XI° and open training
 organization [not commercial]. Help me in this could only adequate man.
 For present-day day we 16 persons and we wait your official approval.
 I beg pardon to you Great Master!
 Respectfully you’re Tim.
 93 93/93

Addendum 2018

Date: May 2018
From: D. ...

"I was looking for a copy of some of my friend Jim Martin's books when I stumbled across https://www.parareligion.ch/carn/carn.htm from 2004. I was amused to find "Tim" mentioning me in his posts in 2004. Frater NTz 950 was the name Jim gave me as a teenager.

I was born on the 1st of April 1976.
My older sister was a Wiccan and I had gotten into Thelema. Very few groups would correspond with me as I was a minor and it was during the "Satanic Panic". Jim Martin, contacted via the Ordo Templi Baphe-Metis (OTB), was an exception, and actually grew to be somewhat of a family friend.
My family and I never met Jim in person, but had corresponded for many years and my sister sometimes spoke on the phone with him.

Jim typically mentioned my motto whenever he felt moved to comment upon or mention Chapter VI, vs. 10-11 of his Book of Ba Neb Tet: "For Mars shall lie down with Venus, And in their union, a Childe of our Time." as one interpretation of those verses that he held regarded me as the spiritual product of a sex magickal operation. So NTz 950 was mentioned in quite a few places!

I am the one that digitally transcribed the Book of Ba Neb Tet years ago, sans commentary ... My Motto was also mentioned in the Way of the Warrior Magus and the later Baphomet Workbook (page 53, "the reference to 'a Childe of our Time,' is both to Horus and the Daeva's 'magickal son,' Fra. NTz, meaning 'flower' or 'hawk'.")

I do not know who your correspondent "Tim" was. I do not know how "Tim" knew the motto Frater NTz 950 in 2004 as I had not used it in many years. I just found it funny that he dug the name I used when I was 13 or 14 up somehow and then tried to "name drop" me (as they say).
At any rate, as an addendum to this story: in 2004, I had not been using that motto for over a decade, have no clue who "Tim" is/was (at least by that name), and was never a member of the Caliphate. I would not have been in a position to turn over any "secrets" of any group, and surely not authorized to do so in any way if I could. He likely lifted my motto from something Jim wrote."

James M. Martin renounced most of his spiritual organizations years before his death in 2015, becoming a rather militant atheist of the standard variety and focusing on his family.
There's a set of his early diaries at the University of Southern California as part of the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives: http://www.oac.cdlib.org/findaid/ark:/13030/kt6b69r6ww/entire_text/

Back to 2004

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: About Charter 11
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 22:57:19 +0300
 Greetings and 93!
 Dear Brother and Adviser,
 PRK: what documents did he send to you?
 This is complete documents of Lee Heflin, Kenneth Grant, Phoenix,
 Meithras etc.
 PRK: what is the main secret?
 Set, or Shaitan, or Hoor-paar-Kraat (XI°) and Horus as Ra-Hoor-Khuit
 (IX°) (attainable trances etc)!
 PRK: what do you consider to be "official approval" ?
 This is Your Charter XI° which we wait from you together with your
 instruction's! You are a single competent person!
 We ask your supports that world leaders have acknowledged for us right
 to act within the framework of XI°!
 We ask your supports!!!
 Yor fraternally - Tim.
 93 93/93
Tim never acknowledged the receipt of the Carnival-XI°-paper that was sent to him.

William Heidrick's official reaction, Thu, 30 Dec 2004

PRK: "Timuel Paigambar pretended to having "received" the XI° O.T.O. via William Breeze."
WH: "This is a false claim."

PRK: "Is Timuel Paigambar a member of the OTO ? Any OTO, if at all?"
WH: "No."

PRK: "Is it possible that Timuel Paigambar has/is the/a XI° ?"
WH: "No."

PRK: "Has Timuel Paigambar the right to issue papers in the name of the OTO?"
WH: "No.
    93 93/93
    Bill Heidrick
    TG OTO international"

How to make your own McCarnival

Of course, my CD full of O.T.O. and A.·. A.·. material sent to Tim has now become part of his capitalistic exploitation of the cyberhype, thereby contributing to the collective knowledge on O.T.O. and related organisations.

Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 15:43:39 +0300
From: Andrey Chernov
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Subject: Re: XI in Tajikistan
I don't have much details since delete all his correspondence and
already forget about it. One thing I still remember: he trade "OTO & A.A.
CD", full of documents, rituals, A.C. correspondence, etc. (list was
included), and I must scan and send to him some books in exchange, one
book I remember was "The Beast 666" by Symonds. He offered me "How To Make
Your Own McOTO" too his "many foreign friends" will get for him near New
Year. I reply in neutral tone, saying that I have some interest in this
CD, but supposing me to scan 600-pages Symonds book will be unreal in
anycase. Then he start literally to beg me to scan it, saying that I will
have great benefit from his "OTO & A.A. CD", repeating it again and again
in such moaning tone that whole picture becomes clear and I never reply to
him. Since we both speak Russian, inside native language it was easy to
detect mocker just from language constructions he use, before and without
getting any documents or other proofs.

I suppose that Tim with his manufacturing skills is going to use my CD as a sort of open source tool and will inspire occulture, at least Thelema...

Several days after posting this webpage, Tim got so angry that he manufactured another Carnival Piece, cleverly signed by a dead person: Grady McMurtney. The name "Pheredur" and the Lion Seal are stolen from Gregory von Seewald's XI° Emblems.
I, of course, sent Andrey Chernov the same CD, free of remuneration of any sort.
After I commented "thank you for having exposed yourself", Tim couldn't resist:

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: Agape and 93!
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 
Agape and 93 dear Brother!
Send you package documents got by me from frater NunTzaddi 950 (USA).
I still wait your charter 11 degree!
93 93/93

I did not react. Soon thereafter, Tim sent another item he has copied from another source.

From: "Timuriel Paigambar"
Subject: Emblems  XI°,
To: "P.R. Koenig"
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 22:48:26 +0300 
Agape my dear friend!
I have formed short commentary to Emblems of XI°, we ask you to value them.
 Emblem I:  The Eye of Horus—the Anus and the buttock
 The Eye of Horus of course is also consistent with the imagery of the
 Tower Atu. Crowley identifies the Eye of Horus with the Eye of Shiva,
 which upon opening destroys the universe. This destruction is
 consistent with the idea that the ultimate perfection is nothingness;
 giving us a reference to the Ain Soph Aur or more aptly, the fourth
 Power of the Sphinx. With King’s attribution of the anus to this
 Emblem, we find something valid in that anal sex was important to
 Crowley as we learn through such work as the Bagh-I-Muattar. In the
 Ixth Degree, Yesod is the Vulva, and the energy flows upwards towards
 Tiphireth through the path of Samekh on the physical plane. Yet, In the
 XIth Degree, Yesod is the Anus moving down to Malkuth, or into the
 elemental plane.
 Emblem II:  The Blind Eye that Weeps—the Phallus
 Rather than become involved in the XI Degree as the reverse of the IX
 degree on the plane of sexual orientation, we are merely moving from
 the vagina to the anus irregardless of whether or not the act is
 homosexual or heterosexual. The Phallus then becomes the Eye of Horus
 and the semen emitting from it are as the falling men in the Tower Atu.
 They are falling out of Yesod and making their way to Malkuth by way of
 the path of Tau. The ‘matter’ of the anus begins the Alchemical process
 of putrefaction in that the product of the anus is used as a fertilizer
 and in its decomposition, gives off heat as it destroys the seed;
 giving way to the bud.
 The main idea XI Degree is a shaping astral essence corresponding to
 conceived desire (for instance find wealth).
I much wait your answer!!!
93 93/93

Eventually, I asked Tim why he stole von Seewalds 'name' and seal, and why he continues to rob other people's work like above Emblems...

From: "Timuriel Paigambar" 
Subject: answers 
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 23:48:39 +0300 

My dear her Koenig,
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law!
Realy not you reveal not belonging to you secrets?
not being full-fledged member of the miscellaneous order you thieve someone else documents 
and publish them for the reason enrichments!
you obsessed Mamonn!
review on your bathed regalia possible to think that you new prophet, IPSISSIMUS!!!
I offer you business development since have a full right on 11 degrees as well as you!
under your aegis I want to found group 11!
the first in our region, and for her will stand your name!
offer you to give me charter 11 degrees and send on e-mail "LIBER ADONIS"!
Love is the Law, Love under wilt!
93 93/93

O.T.O. and Thelema in Russia: Феномен Ордена Храма
Rocket to Uranus: Anal Intercourse and the O.T.O. — the XIth degree
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