Fraternitas Saturni - Albin Grau - Johannes Maikowski - Karl Wedler - Margarete Berndt - Walter Englert - Wolf Rösler

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Among the more notable members of the Fraternitas Saturni was Albin Grau,
who devised the design for the film 'Nosferatu'.
Albin Grau: Liber I   Das Buch der Null-Stunde, 1928.

Albin Grau Pacitius Nosferatu Albin Grau Pacitius North German Lloyd company PRANA film Dr. Mabuse, Vampire The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Decla Construction Pietro the Corsair Korsar Dr. Robison The Nibelung Fritz Lang Nibelungen Fraternitas Saturni Ordo Templi Orientis Illuminati More about Albin Grau / Pacitius
and the early days of the Fraternitas Saturni.

Johannes Maikowski Immanuel Fraternitas Saturni Johannes Maikowski / Immanuel

Karl Wedler Giovanni Fraternitas Saturni Karl Wedler / Giovanni

Margarete Berndt Roxane Fraternitas Saturni Margarete Berndt / Roxane

Walter Englert Ptahotep Fraternitas Saturni Illuminati Walter Englert / Ptahotep

Wolf Roesler Ramananda Fraternitas Saturni Wolf Roesler / Ramananda

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