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Soul = and Spiritual Life.
Editor : Dr. Hübbe-Schleiden.
Journal of the Theosophical Association
Of the Theosophical Society in Germany.
IXth year issues. 1894. Volume Ninetheen.
Braunschweig [Brunswick].

Prana Therapy.
By Theodor Regens

Theodor Reuss

In the issue 86 of "Zukunft" [Future] there is an article on Dr. Carl du Prel's sympathetic remedies at Munich. I am a great admirer of Dr. Carl du Prel, but I consider that the public and unrestricted treatment of the subject is a mistake, for with the vanity of the Lights prevailing in our educated and semi-educated circles, that the confidence absolutely necessary for the only correct understanding and the only true appreciation of the subject, of the living "faith", is missing. Things that cannot be detected by spectral analysis or microscope simply do not exist for today's Enlightenment scholars or for the great mass of materialistic-infested indifferentists.
The discussion of an esoteric subject as eminently as the doctrine of the sympathetic art of healing does not belong to the daily press. However, since the discussion of white magic was deployed in the "Zukunft" columns, I would ask for some space to give Dr. du Prel and insert the subject matter, sympathetic healings, into the system to which it belongs, and which he belongs. The treatment of diseases of the human body using externalized Od is a subdivision of general Prana therapy.
Prana therapy is the teaching of the healing art of the spirit of life, prana, Od, vital force, astral fluid, also called organic magnetism or nerves = electricity. Prana therapy includes:
  1. ) Mumial (balsamic) treatment;
  2. ) The sympathetic method of treatment;
  3. ) Magnetic treatment;
  4. ) Hypnotic treatment.
Although these treatment methods differ between them and each can be applied and used strictly independently, very often two or more of them are used at the same time, so that they seem to merge into one for the external observer. For example: the Mummial treatment and the Sympathetic treatment will almost always be used together. Similarly, for the most part, magnetic and hypnotic treatments will go hand in hand. Magnetic and Sympathetic are sometimes used together, but the closer relationships remain always between the methods of treatment a) and b) and c) and d) as well as the closest ones. All these treatments have in common as the only effective remedy the spirit of life itself, Prana.
The treatment methods mentioned differ only in form or type, as the remaining life force, Prana, is provided to the sick body or how it is applied to it.
In the Mummial treatment, the "mummy" or body balm (already explained by Dr. du Prel) carries the healing power of Prana ("mineral Magnetism" of Dr. Fickel).
During the sympathetic cure, the spiritual mummy is the invisible bearer of the healing prana (The "Secret Philosophy" of Satanelli).
The Magnetic treatment or magnetic healing method is so called because under larger conditions vital forces, such as the magnetic, which attract or repel each other, the resulting current becomes the carrier, the mediator of the healing prana (The "Magnetic Medicine" of Maxwell).
In the Hypnotic cure, hypnotic or magnetic sleep confers healing power ("New Remedies" by Professor Dr. Nussbaum).
The sympathetic treatment and treatment of the mummy are already known to Dr. du Prel, who explained using a few examples. So I would like to shed light on magnetic treatment with an example: a 70-year-old woman who lived on Charlottenstrasse Street in Berlin had suffered a stroke. In addition to paralysis on one hand, she also suffered, as is usually the case with such destructive processes in the nerve centers of the head, an intense headache without remission, unlimited agitations, and insomnia. The treating physicians were not able to provide the patient with a much-mentioned relief, as the patient's general condition did not allow for powerful sleeping pills and even when sleeping pills were administered and effective, the patient's sleep was restless and disturbed. When she asked me one day to feel how hot her head was again, I put my left hand on her head so that my fingers would rest on the focus of the nerve fracture. My hand was barely on the patient's head for a few seconds when she said she was overwhelmed by a wonderful feeling of relief, well-being, and comfort of pain. I then made a so-called head-on "(eureka)" and had the great satisfaction of seeing that prana brought to the patient the peace and the help that she dreamed. After a few weeks, his mere presence in the patient's room was enough to reassure her.
The mechanical disintegration of the nerve centers, on which rest afterward from the CVA stroke, cannot be reversed by the prana either. However, it can delay further disintegration of the nerve centers, depending on the body's constitution and the patient's age, maintaining him completely for an indefinite period. Nevertheless, the magnetic cure using prana mainly mitigates the agonizing effects of the CVA, stroke.
Finally, with regards to the hypnotic treatment, which is the most well-known method of treating nerve diseases. With this type of application of the hypnotic cure, nonetheless its general application is far from exhausted.
The surgeon and philanthropist (formerly a private counselor and general physician at Munich), Professor Dr. von Nussbaum said: "In hypnotic sleep, one can obtain any medicinal effect by suggestion, whether the drug is really there or simply false." But at a meeting in the Munich Chemistry Conference Room, this great scientist said later: "I am aware, that, I am taking advantage of the many evidence of confidence which I have. I have experienced it in such a way that I believe I am not considered able to speak for a hoax."
Professor von Nussbaum felt that the general public was not the right place to deal with this subject and he seriously warned against the misuse of this wonderful power. He also recognized that it is only through unconditional trust, through unconditional "faith" that healings through magnetic astral fluid (prana) can be made possible.
Any misuse of the above subject, whether by hypnosis or the mummy treatment, is black magic. Only those who work for God, only theurgists who are strong in their faith in God. From whom every vital force derives, can use the divine force of life, without limit, for the better of their fellow men.

Translated by Fr. Aumgn Thelema Agape, 93 93 / 93 .’.
October 2020.

[From 'Der Grosse Theodor Reuss Reader'.]

Deutsch: Pranatherapie.
English: Prana Therapy.
Français: Prana thérapie.

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