PEOPLE'S FRIEND [Der Volksfreund] Funeral of Dr. Karl Kellner

PEOPLE'S FRIEND [Der Volksfreund]

Funeral of Dr. Karl Kellner

The city of Hallein can certainly never before have seen so splendid a funeral as that which was held for Herr Dr. Karl Kellner this last Saturday. A few minutes after ten a.m. the Premier Carriage Hire Company's Pullman funeral car arrived at the railway station, whereupon the District Chief Medical Officer Dr. Karl Ritter von Winnigerode interceded to supervise the officially prescribed transfer of the remains in their splendid sarcophagus to the waiting four-horse glazed state hearse, which was to conduct the remains through the streets. The numerous wreaths from Vienna, which had filled the Pullman car, were arranged on flower-carriages, after which the cortege proceeded to St. Peter's Chapel, next door to the city's parish church. After Vespers at 3.15 p.m., the sarcophagus was brought from the chapel into the church, where it was to lie in state. The floor was covered with black carpets, while the coffin was surrounded with a great many tall silver candlesticks, as well as magnificent candelabra. At five sharp, with the entry of the heavily-veiled widow and her children, the mournful obsequies began with a funeral hymn sung by the Hallein Choral Society. Then the Dean and City Pastor, the honourable and Very Reverend Karl Mauracher, assisted by their Reverences the municipal vicars and the church choir, gave the solemn blessing, beginning with the chanting of the De Profandis. After the blessing, the sarcophagus was carried back to the hearse, setting the seemingly endless funeral procession in motion through the streets of Hallein towards the cemetery in Oberalm.

In Hallein all the electric street-lamps were lit and decked with black crepe, while almost all places of business were closed. Even after the long journey to Oberalm, lights were to be seen burning by every tombstone and memorial tablet.

The cortege was headed by the cross-bearer, followed by torch-bearers, and then some 600 male and female employees of the cellulose factory - all with black mourning-bands on their arms. Then followed the Hallein Builder's Guild with banner, the Oberalm Rifle Association with banner, the Burgfried Fire Brigade with banner and band, the Hallein Fire Brigade with banner, the cellulose factory's fire brigade, the Hallein Town Militia with banner and band, as well as the Hallein Choral Society. Then came three flower-carriages richly laden with large and impressive wreaths, followed by the clergy and the members of the church choir. In their wake came the impressive four-horse hearse and the numerous funeral-carriages bearing the ladies, while behind them the gentlemen all proceeded to the graveside on foot, followed by their empty conveyances for the return journey.

The imposing funeral procession arrived in Oberalm at about six-thirty; here the sarcophagus was brought to the grave and lowered into the ground by means of a special mechanical lift. Foremost among the numerous participants who followed the hearse were the entire management board of the Kellner-Partington Paper Pulp Co. cellulose manufactories; the Mayor of Hallein, Herr Speckbach-er, with the entire town council; Herr Prochko, Chairman of the District Council, with other councillors; Herr Ludwlg Zeller, President of the Chamber of Commerce, with further members of the Chamber; Herr Hans Miller, Chairman of the Board of Works, with many members of Salzburg technical clubs; Chief Executive of the State Council, Count Thun-Ho-henstein; Herr von Kullmann, owner of Schloss Urstein; Dr. J. Sutter; Chief Justice of the State Assize Court, Dr. Sieber; Dr. Angel-berger; Chief Postmaster Georg Kanzler; the cellulose factory's own forest rangers; members of the Hallein District Foreman's Union; deputations from the Royal Gendarmerie Guard Commandos, the Royal Tax Office in Hallein, etc., as well as an unusually large contingent of ladies and gentlemen.

At seven the service of burial, which had taken place without any incidents, came to an end. The departure of the widow and children from the graveside was particularly heart-rending-the dear lady having to help one of her daughters into their carriage, both having fainted at the graveside. Various deputations placed splendid wreaths on the grave: (Dr. H. Senninger, Bad Reichenhall) "The Lignosulphite Consortium to its founder and untiring promoter, rest in peace, may the earth lie lightly upon thee", "To our beloved master in the Inner Triangle"; they spoke heartfelt words of farewell. Among other tributes that were left were:

  1. Light of my life - your grieving wife.
  2. From our adored Papa's inconsolable children Egla, Nora, Edi, Widi.
  3. To an unforgettable, beloved brother-in-law and friend - Julius, Claudius Delorme.
  4. Harry and Mary Davis.
  5. To his dear godfather, from Stuart.
  6. Herr and Frau Dr. Sedlitzky, Berchtesgaden.
  7. Edward Partington
  8. The Kellner-Partington Co., Manchester.
  9. The board of Hallein cellulose factory.
  10. Herr and Frau Oskar Hintze, Frankfurt.
  11. Walter Bradbury.
  12. In gratitude, Hild family.
  13. The workers of Hallein cellulose factory.
  14. Workshop personnel.
  15. Guido Massiadri, Venice.
  16. Oskar Pedersen, Norway.
  17. From the honourable Town Councillors of Hallein Municipality
  18. To its founder and honoured member from the Burgfried Volunteer Fire Brigade.
  19. Widow Schöndorfer and son.
  20. Mr. and Miss Smith.
  21. Pcgöschnig family.
  22. Dr. Mauthner von Markhof, Vienna.
  23. Dr. von Vilas.
  24. Kaltenhausen Brewery.
  25. Karl Spangler & Co., Salzburg.
  26. Karl Spangler family, Salzburg.
  27. The Technical Club, Salzburg.
  28. The Lignosulphite Consortium.
  29. Dr. Gallin and wife, Vienna.
  30. Inconsolable, rest in peace - the Béris.
  31. Dr. J. Kranz, Vienna.
  32. To our unforgettable chief, from his laboratory, Vienna.
  33. From the entire workforce, Hallein.
  34. From his loyal workforce to their dear good sir, Vienna.
  35. Dr. Billitzer, Vienna.
  36. To an unforgettable and deeply loved chief and teacher, Dr. Taussig, Vienna.
  37. The Castner-Kellner Alkali Co., Liverpool.
  38. From the corresponding members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  39. Union of German Cellulose Manufacturers.
  40. Union of Austrian Paper Manufacturers.
  41. To the ingenious founder, Bosnisch Electrical Ltd., Jaice.
  42. Siemens & Halske, Berlin.
  43. Professor Lippmann, Vienna.
  44. Dr. Robert Klauser, Vienna.
  45. University lecturer Dr. Heinrich Pawek, Vienna.
  46. Lionel Leskowich, Brescia.
  47. Katzmann family, Klagenfurt.
  48. Dr. Frank family, Berlin.
  49. Dr. Hugo Koller, Vienna.
  50. Robert Reidhold and Irene Zettel.
  51. Gustav Türk.
  52. Feurich family.
  53. Friedl family.
  54. Hager family.
  55. To our beloved Master, in the Inner Triangle.
  56. From your worshipful honourable Gr. *** W *** Esteemed member Dr. Karl Kellner, dedicated in the deepest grief, Phoenix, Hamburg.
  57. A To Teacher and Friend; B Valued Time and Space.
  58. Quam deploratis magistri progressum, congratulatur discipulus. (The mourned master congratulates the student for progress.)

Apart from these affectionately dedicated wreaths there were many other anonymous floral tributes and wreaths. Mourning banners fluttered from the town hall, while the cellulose factory and even private residences were decked with black During the funeral procession great crowds of people lined both sides of the streets, hi the morning during the coffin's transfer there was heavy rain, but by the afternoon the weather had turned more clement. In Oberalm the sizeable cemetery became very crowded, but it only needed the example of the chief mourners with their banners by the grave, for the assembly to form itself into orderly ranks. A great mass of people had come from near and far, from high and low, to witness the last rites of the dear and too soon departed, leaving their final floral tributes at the coffin of this dynamic man, whose efforts were crowned with such marvellous success. May he rest in peace.

May his memory be honoured.

Der Volksfreund, June 1905.
Translated by Mark Parry-Maddocks.

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