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This is the continuation of A Spicy Smack.

For the following parts of the article the rules are simple: if they are not in italics, the words are mine. Quotations may contain erroneous or inaccurate information. Most contributors wanted to remain anonymous. Therefore, I can only thank Evgeny Rutsky, Andrey Chernov, Nikolay Petrov, Polina Zamanni, Demogorgon, … by name.

Due to the terrible political situation in Russia, the continuation of this series will be delayed until further notice.

Christian Bouchet's Interview in 1993

Christian Bouchet: "OTO lodges exist in many countries of the world, this organization exists on a worldwide level. I am the head of the French OTO branch."
Alexander Dugin: "Do you have a high post in the order's hierarchy?"
CB: "Yes, for France my post is very high."
AD: "Do you have contacts with the lodges in England, USA?"
AB: "Yes, we have contact with the lodges in many countries. England, other states, ...Yugoslavia ...".

He also speaks about the O.T.O. in Saraevo, Belgrad, Zagreb. [see also my O.T.O. in former Yugoslavia-article]

Б.М.: "Эта оpганизация существует на миpовом уpовне, ее ложи есть почти во всех стpанах. Я являюсь pуководителем фpанцузской ветви "Оpдена Восточных Тамплиеpов".
М.А.: "Вы занимаете высокий пост в оpденской иеpаpхии?"
Б.М.: "Да, для Фpанции -- очень высокий."
М.А.: "Находитесь ли Вы в контакте с дpугими ложами в Англии, в Амеpике?"
Б.М.: "Да, мы поддеpживаем контакт со многими ложами в Англии и дpугих госудаpствах, в частности, даже в Восточной Евpопе, к пpимеpу, в Югославии. Некотоpое вpемя назад Югославия была стpаной, где было самое большое в Евpопе количество учеников Алистеpа Кpоули. И многие из Западной Евpопы даже хотели получать посвящение в Белгpаде. С тех поp как началась война, контакты значительно ослабли, почти пpеpвались. Я хочу подчеpкнуть, что сейчас с Югославией мы не можем связаться ни по почте, ни по телефону. Существует блокада."
М.А.: "И вы думаете, что сейчас все это еще существует в Югославии?"
Б.М.: "Да, все это существует. Пеpед началом югославской войны там было огомное течение, не только в Белгpаде, но и в Загpебе, в Саpаево."

This interview then was published in 1997 in Alexander Dugin's "Mily Angel" #3, re-issued in 1998 and in 2000. Online at МИЛЫЙ АНГЕЛ.

"Dugin is not connected to any OTO. The meeting with Bouchet happened because Bouchet is right-winged, not because he is from some OTO."
"Je ne suis pas certain que C. B. se serve de ses activités thélémites pour couvrir ses activités politiques, je pense plutôt qu'il sait jouer avec ses deux passions et combine des opportunités." [I am not sure whether C.B. used his thelemic activities in order to cover his political activities. He rather knew how to play with both his passions and combine them at due opportunity].

"Many Moscow occultists, including myself and Juzhinskiy's circle (Dugin was among them) already read Crowley in English early on and already knew about OTO, but it was common among us to express interest in Crowley as a person only, almost ignoring his OTO-attempts. This situation remained unchanged even after the first translations were published on paper; they were treated as info about Crowley, not about OTO."
In 1997, Dugin's magazine "Mily Angel" published Crowley's Liber AL in Russian without the antireligious 3 lines from the 3rd chapter. "There is no link between Dugin's publications and the 'Caliphate'. He expresses absolutely no interest in any OTO."
"Dugin was interested in the study of radical nonconformist ideas. In his classification Crowley himself looks rather left-winged (Crowley as conservative revolutionary is Bouchet's idea outlined in his speculative article titled "Aleister Crowley: Unknown Conservative Revolutionary", not Dugin's one).
"Dugin from time to time mentioned other occult organizations too, like freemasonry or F.R.A. etc. It does not mean that everyone who reads this immediately wants to become a member of them."
"Everyone studying Dugin comes to the organizations he is related to, for example Evraziysky Soyuz Molodyozhi, and not to other orders."

Currently, "Alexander Dugin's position on Crowley can't be described simply as 'disappointed', but it seems he has no intent to speak about Crowley in public anymore (when the presence of all such OTOs and self-proclaimed thelemites becomes increased)."

"Bouchet's influence on the beginnings of the OTO here are equal to zero. His audience was very small and none of his listeners or readers contacted him regarding OTO matters. But since the information about the OTO was published on Dugin's site (therefore available through search engines), [K*] Marsyas from the 'Caliphate' [later] was forced to say a few words about Bouchet in his small History Essay" mentioned earlier in this article.

The 'Caliphate' O.T.O., "being headed by liberals and trying to keep a good public image", tends not to support extremist aspects. "The pressure of the existing environment is very high, because the average person equates O.T.O. with satanism." "Every pressman in every newspaper says that they sacrifice christian babies every day or drink their blood (perhaps the pressman thinks that is what society wants to hear from him)."
In the 'Caliphate' body "Pan's Asylum there were no connections to Dugin. K[*] [Marsyas] was rather open to me to discuss his intellectual contacts, but he never mentioned their connections to Dugin, and in fact nobody read his books in the Camp (I think the bulk of people there never realised that Dugin's Spiritual Geopolitics movement existed at all). Another reason was that Pan's Asylum was an openly anti-Christian group, and Dugin's concepts, on the contrary, are based on right-wing Orthodox Christianity."
This assumption seems to be vague. "Dugin is an Old Believer (which are neither right-winged nor left-winged as they are not into politics). Initially, the Old Believers had been in opposition to the official Orthodox Church, but since they were recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church council in 1971, a link between Orthodoxies and Old Believers called Edinoverie became possible. Dugin belongs to Edinoverie, too."

Nevertheless, an ex-O.T.O.-member knows "4 cOTO members (3-ex) with right-winged pasts. Most of them are not interested to show this now. But it's real fact. I was right-winged for some years and was a member of the radical occult gnostic society Ordo Navi which was part of the right-winged political party 'National Front'. Here's the Ordo Navi Equinox ceremony (1998) […] Now I know about only one active cOTO member from Moscow which is connected with right-winged groups. On the second photo you can see this Caliphate OTO boy (on the right), Ilya Lazarenko (in the center). Lazarenko was the head of Ordo Navi and the National Front party. Also Lazarenko was the first man in the history of Russia who had a previous conviction for the propaganda of apartheid (in 1997). On the left - I heard that this man is the father of this cOTO boy and this father is the head of the Russian National Unity."Феномен Ордена Храма Востока Pan's Asylum

What was first: the right-winged orientation or Thelema? "I do not think that this question was an object of reflection. Many people from these circles understood right-winged orientation as an ultra form of protest against the world. Radical protest against social standards was the magical method of transcending. And this transcending was an operative realization of the "do what thou wilt" principle."

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