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The McKoenig Menu

In May 2001 Bryony Murds wrote that "I have a horrible feeling that with all these recipes for cooking despicable Americans and innocent Swiss authors flying about, a cookery-book is a distinct possibility..." The McKoenig Menu

Soft Self Portrait

This is what eventually arrived in my mailbox:

Pizza alla Tifoniana
Roast Heidrick en Papillote
Salade Grecque Marcelo Motta

In April 2006 Slaughtered Dove had "Great ideas about the Koenig-burger... I can see a picture taken in a McDonalds (but with all the signs changed to read McKoenigs (using the McDonald font and colours). Stood at the counter (serving) are the Addams family (maybe with different heads?). In the background would be a really nasty abbatoir type scene and the menus (above the counter) could be related to the OTO degree system... Like - The Minerval Salad... 1st deg Strawberry Shake... 7th deg Hotdog... 9th deg McFlurry... etc... etc..."

And this is how it ended [19 out of 21 pages are reproduced here].

[click on small pictures to enlarge]

Title and Content    The McKoenig Menu
Shish-Ke-Bill   The McKoenig Menu
Pizza alla Tifoniana   The McKoenig Menu
Roast Heidrick en Papillote   The McKoenig Menu
Salade Grecque Marcelo Motta   The McKoenig Menu
Have You Tasted Our ... ?   The McKoenig Menu
Meet the McStaff   The McKoenig Menu

Bryony Murds has announced more to come:

"Salmagundy au Sabazius", "Quiche Duquette", and "Staley's Stale Omelette" (because of the fried-egg eyes common among Typhonians). And apart from your cod-orders of W.A.N.K.E.R.S. and T.O.S.S.E.R.S., sure R.O.T.S.B.A.L.L.S. deserves a look-in too ;-)"

Peter-R. Koenig by Slaughtered Dove Peter-R. Koenig by Slaughtered Dove

Postcards by Slaughtered Dove

© by Bryony Murds and Slaughtered Dove

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