Walter Jantschik - Ordo Baphometis - WEIRDGLOW INITIATION; THE INCEST RITE

Walter Jantschik

ehemals Grossmeister der
Fraternitas Saturni

Weirdglow Initiation
The Incest Rite

In the Incest Rite, sham morals are inverted to create dynamic potential and magick power. It is for the blessing of Manking for it is the Sacred and Holy Union of Shiva and Shakti; of Osiris and Isis, for it there is not deep love between Brother and Sister, Father and Daughter, Mother and Son then the family relationship become sterile. How can there be love in the world? Love and Lust, and in this Rite, Love with the hands, mouth and pubes which will be anointed with libations. Water which is used to wash the sacred places of the body becomes Holy Water and the Alkahest to eliminate evil forces and heal sickness. All Holy Water should be made this way and the washing of the Lingam and Yoni is the Sacred Water of the Hindus and is revered by the Kaulas. It shall be used in Libations and oblations and initiation rites.

Brother and Sister libation is powerful if they are related by birth but they may also be related by adoption or because they are Brother and Sister (Frater et Soror) in the same Magickal or Spiritual Fraternity. These libations have great power when combined with appropriate chants, mantras or magick invocations. Because of its slight content of Semen, Smegma or Goblin Dew, etc., it is powerful to dispel evil spirits and antivibrations, bad-luck or disease associated with some locations. Of such is the Cream of the Holy Fire. The Desire of the Gods shall be the Joy of Manking.

21/3/85 E.V. / O.T.O.A.

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