Walter Jantschik - Ordo Baphometis - IMMORTALITY OF THE FLESH

Walter Jantschik

ehemals Grossmeister der
Fraternitas Saturni


This is based upon two distinct doctrines - that of the Undead and of Resurrection. These are to be found within the scope of the slave religions of so-called Christianity and its particular polarity known as the Draconian (or Dracula) perversities. Both of these rest in the recognition that there is a certain sustaining force in Blood, and destructive elements in Solar emanations.

There are many of these techniques that have been dealt with in detail from the lore of the Ugarites to the Magick of Therion. These rites are viable - real and proven, although there are those who miss certain vital aspects of the systems and their preparations.
Let it be clearly stated once and for all that the RED TINCTURE is blood, the best of which is that of a woman in her mensus, and the WHITE TINCTURE is the male semen. Both should be consumed, either separately, at which they are their weakest but still of great Magickal efficiency; mixed as in the deeper sense of the GNOSTIC CATHOLIC MASS; or, best of all, mixed and then ritually consecrated to the Sun so that ALL the essential components for love-force are present.

There are those who drink of the blood of living creatures as in the legends of Vampires or the undoubtedly vitalic Massai warrior of Africa, but there are certain limitations to these exercises which should be obvious, and the most striking of these is the particular applications of Will. The Massai warrior becomes strong and the Vampire continues a dark existence but by and large except in certain cases such as the Vril cult of Thelemic pursuasions, this techniques does not lead to immortality.

Besides all this there are certain drawbacks to immortality of the flesh, if not the restriction which the known techniques display, then at least the tendencies toward natural aging of the vehicle and the boredom with it all when at last the final drop of enticing sensation has been exhausted and the only fresh experience to savour is death.

There are of course certain symbolic traditions such as that of Mithraism and Christianity where another substance such as wine or water is used (or the proximity of it utilized in certain hallucinogenic plants or fungi in cults where symbolic flesh - usually phallic - is eaten) but even though these are but representations of the symbolic devouring of the blood and semen of a "God", the concentration of the Will in these acts suffices in the degree of its intensity to provide an immortality of a sort that is more appropriate to the second classification in that although there is hope of physical resurrection, in actuality it provides nothing more than promise of continuance of the soul - albeit in such classes as a "group soul".

Besides the Osirian/Jesus/Mithraic types of cults this is also manifest in the Ancestor Cults.

15/9/84 e.v.
Frater C.C.D. / O.T.O.A.

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