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Report on the “Secret Conference in Thuringia in the year 1926”.

In 1925, Aleister Crowley arrived at Heinrich Tränker's house at Hohenleuben in Weida; he was immediately proclaimed world saviour [not OHO]. But soon, the secret German côteries around Tränker split into three groups: Tränker's O.T.O.-Pansophy; Martha Küntzel and Karl Germer's Thelema-Verlag; and a new development of the Pansophical Working Group in Berlin - the Fraternitas Saturni.Albin Grau
Albin Grau

Eugen Grosche (circa 1956):

Report on the “Secret Conference in Thuringia in the year 1926”

by Gregor A. Gregorius
(translated by Richard Tschudi)

To give to the Fratres of the lodge “Fraternitas Saturni” an insight of what went on at this conference, and which was of immense importance for the formation of the lodge and should therefore be preserved for future generations. The current grand master of the lodge gives a detailed report, which he hopes, will make also interesting reading.
The leader of the Pansophic movement in Germany, Master Recnartus, also known by the name “Der Henkelkreuzmann” (the Ankh-Man) – who was also the master of the German Rosicrucians –) brought in the Light to the Berlin Orient of the “Pansophic-Lodge” in 1924. He appointed Fra. Pacitus, alias Albin Grau as Master of the Orient Berlin.
Fra. Gregorius became the secretary of this local lodge.

When in 1925 Aleister Crowley was expelled from France and Belgium, he was forced, for a short time to seek temporary asylum in Germany and take benefit from the hospitality offered by Master Recnartus, alias Heinrich Traenker.

During Master Therion’s stay, a conference was called at Master Recnartus country estate in Thuringia (in the town of Hohenleuben (R.H.). The conference was under the presidency of Aleister Crowley and a number of the then important occult personalities of Germany attended. Berlin was represented by Master Pacitus and Frater Gregorius, Danzig sent Master (Otto) Gebhardi etc. Master Therion (Crowley) came with his chancellor Norman Mudd and his two female secretaries (i.e. Leah Hirsig and Dorothy Olsen). The discussions lasted all day and into the evening. It was decided unanimously to actively promote Master Therion and his teachings in Germany. It was also determined to establish the“Thelemaverlagsgesellschaft” (Thelema Publishing Company) with headquarters in Leipzig and under the management of Frl. Kuentzel. This was supposed to be a proper center to publish the German translations of Aleister Crowley’s books... Otto Wilhelm Barth of Munich, the proprietor of the bookstore “Asokthebu” and the owner of the bookstore “Inveha” in Berlin assured that they would distribute the books by Crowley.

However the most important item on the agenda of the conference could not be resolved satisfactorily. Master Therion demanded that all the Rosecrucian movements as well as the Pansophia movement become part and quasi submit themselves to his world-lodge A.·. A.·.. Because the Berlin delegates and a few other reprehensive from the rest of Germany supported Master Recnartus in his refusal, no agreement was reached.
A few weeks later, the members of the Orient Berlin became aware that Master Recnartus had requested the German Office of the State Attorney to expel Aleister Crowley from Germany. This action showed that there existed a deep rift between Master Recnartus and Master Therion. However, the step that Master Recnartus took seemed to Master Pacitus so enormously wrong that he personally demanded the abdication of Master Recnartus from the dignified position as Grandmaster of the Pansophic lodge. Because Master Recnartus refused to heed this demand, the “Pansophic Lodge Orient” Berlin was dissolved with a solemn and beautiful ritual by the unanimous consent of all its members. In addition, Master Pacitus put himself also into a certain opposition to the World Master Therion; by privately printing the “Buch der Nullstunde” (The book of the zero hour), [this document was reprinted in the August 1954 issue of the “Blätter für angewandte okkulte Lebenskunst]. He felt that he should also give up all his lodge titles. He also refused to accept the leadership of the newly illuminated Lodge “Fraternitas Saturni” although two thirds of the former members of the former Pansophic members became members of the Fraternitas Saturni. Thus the secretary of the former Pansophic Lodge was unanimously elected as Master of the Chair of the Fraternitas Saturni, Orient Berlin.

Under the leadership of Gregorius the lodge maintained a close friendship with Master Therion and also with the Thlema-Gesellschaft in Leipzig, But the Fraternitas Saturni as a German Grand Lodge refused to have organizational connections with the A.·. A.·.. But it was unanimously decided to accept the law of the new aeon which Therion propagated: “Do what thou wilt” and incorporate it into the constitution of Lodge with a few minor amendments.

Even though the above-mentioned facts were and still are regrettable from a spiritual point of view, they can also be considered as an inevitable omen of the end of the whole movement. This collapse was completed by the Nazi government. The manager the Thelema-Gesellschaft, Frl. Kuentzel died in a concentration camp [editorial note: this is wrong]. The leading brothers of the “Fraternitas Saturni” went voluntarily into exile. Also the Pansophic movement never reemerged. An other attempt by Master Therion to build another base in Berlin, shortly before the Nazi take-over, was unsuccessful. He tried this after an exhibition of his artwork at the Gallery “Neuman-Nierendorf “(also known as the “Porza”) but as without success.

In the sense of true mysticism, one can see the Pansophic movement as one of the last flowerings of the Piscean Age, but which had to be replaced by new spiritual organizations, following the flow of the times and which had as their foundation the new magical impulse of the new Age of Aquarius (in astrology Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius. Therefore the name Fraternitas Saturni),

That the well-meant attempt to centralize the spiritual movements at the above-mentioned conference unfortunately failed can be attributed to the fact of lacking insights by almost all of the participants. On the other hand because of those happening, guidelines and a base for the further development of the Lodge “Fraternitas Saturni” were given. These guidelines are: Independence as a Grand Lodge for Germany in close and friendly cooperation with Master Therion and the A.·. A.·..

At the conclusion of the mentioned meeting something happened which because of its strong occult character is worthwhile to be handed down to future generations. Here follows a personal report by Fra. Gregorius:
“The country estate of Master Recnartus was a previous country-inn in a secluded valley in Thuringia, miles away of any other human dwelling. - To recuperate from the intense discussions that took place during the day all the participants of the conference went for an evening walk in the quiet, secluded valley which was surrounded by deep forests. We walked in informal groups along the quiet paths, talking with one another. I myself joined up with Master Gebhardi and we hiked close behind the group of Master Therion. I noticed that Master Therion behaved often strangely during his walk. Sometimes he lifted his hand in a greeting fashion, sometimes he smiled sideways while looking at the ground. Sometimes he was dodging sideways as if he was avoiding an obstruction. I asked Master Gebhardi about the meaning of all those extraordinary gestures and movements. I received from him this most surprising answer: “To greet the Master Therion who is an Initiate of the Astral Light, a great number of elementals from the realm of the dwarf and gnomes as well tree-spirits come running to see him. These beings are invisible to us but they are visible to the Master Therion and he is acknowledging their greetings.”

I must admit that at that time this explanation was met by me with disbelieve.
To my further questions Master Gebhardi explained to me: "An initiated Master can with a certain invocation of a tree-spirit contact all the elementals in the vicinity of ca. 7 kilometres especially in such an ideal surrounding which we have here. The concerning tree-spirit sends out call that an initiated Magus is here. You can be certain that right now we are surrounded by those being of the elemental kingsom and that they accompany us. I can’t tell you more at this time because this secret knowledge belongs only into the hands of a Master, who has received the higher consecrations. You will probably receive the exact instructions later after you have received the grade of a Master. To see those beings only depends on the degree of sensibility of the person.”

Because I did not speak English, I refrained to speak with Master Therion personally about this strange experience, which interested me so much. Unfortunately, Master Therion did not speak German either.

A year later, I received through his chancellor at the direction of Master Thereon, among a number of important documents also the magical instructions for the invocations of the elemental beings. I attempted this magical experiment in 1928 in a very secluded area on the island of Ruegen and I received confirmation by the appearing of two gnomes who heeded my call. For me, I have no doubt about the existence of those elementals (see also the article in study-issue of January 1951 of the “Blaetter fuer angewandte okkult Lebenskunst.”) In there the invocation of the elemental beings are talked about without revealing the above mentioned very secret instructions.

Gregor A. Gregorius.

German original: Bericht über die "Geheim-Konferenz im Jahre 1926 in Thüringen".

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