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O.T.O. in Denmark

by P.R. Koenig

On 3 September 1921 Theodor Reuss made Carl William Hansen (Ben Kadosh) the X° for Denmark.
Hansen was born on 11 October 1872 in Copenhagen. In 1898 he has been initiated into the Order of the Martinists by the Baron Alphonse Wallen. In 1906 he became a 32°. In 1917 Hansen advanced to become Danish Delegate of the Martinists, that is their chief in Denmark. The 'Wiener Freimaurerzeitung' ["Vienna Freemasonic Newspaper" ] issue 2 and 7/8 from 1929 report that Hansen received the 32° already in 1906 Theodor Reuss sent Hansen a handful of charters in 1921: Gnostic Primas, Memphis-Misraim, O.T.O. and Hermetic Brotherhood of Light.
Hansen obtained the 30° from Joanny Bricaud for the Order of the Martinists in the summer of the same year. Because Reuss did not issue rituals for the high-O.T.O.-degrees, Hansen had his members jumping directly to the IX°.

In 1923 C.W. Hansen activated his authority as Delegate of the Order of the Martinists when he had received a charter from Joanny Bricaud to found the "Grand Orient de la vraie et haute Maçonnerie esoterique et gnostique du Danmark". Eventually he founded the lodge "Sphinxen" which only worked for one year -- it was here where he met his future successor, Grunddal Sjallung (1895-1976). Hansen dissolved the lodge when in the summer of 1924 he received a 33° charter from the "Grande Oriente Italiano degli Antichi ed Accetati Muratori, Zenith di Roma", that is from Eduardo Frosini who had been a member of Reuss' MM in Italy. Frosini was a collaborator of Arturo Reghini who exchanged charters of a "Ritus Philosophicus Italicus" with Aleister Crowley in 1913. It was Frosini who sent the Reuss-rituals to Hansen, finally. Frosini also sent MM- and "Order of Illuminati"-charters to Hansen.
Now Hansen founded a new Grand Orient, called "Den Danske Stor-Orient af gamle og antagne frie Murere" (The Danish Grand Orient of Ancient and Accepted Free Masons). Soon after the formation Hansen made Sjallung a Magus Cancellarius 33°, 95°, IX°. The Order worked according to Reuss' constitution. Soon, the members were puzzled by the "irregularity" of the masonic body of the Order they were in and the Grand Treasurer General made off with the takings in 1928. A meeting was held on 14 April 1929 and a new Order constituted. The newly formed Grand Lodge called itself a "Frimurerlauget" and stated that it would regularize itself.
In 1930 Hansen became unpopular in the Lodge, and he resigned a few days before being thrown out. He moved his O.T.O. and his various other Orders to elsewhere, founding his 12th creation: the lodge "The Three Points".

Carl William Hansen died on 3 August 1936 from a heart-attack. Grunddal Sjallung continued his work. When he took over Hansen's O.T.O. he also took the title of Rex Supremus corresponding with Aleister Crowley (in August 1938) and re-writing the initiation rituals. Nevertheless, Sjallung's version of the O.T.O. was never Crowleyan. Crowley's remark in his diary: "'Strangers, indeed!"
Because some members wanted to focus on the masonic aspect only, Grunddal Sjallung and a number of members decided to depart in 1946, founding the "Sovereign Saint John of Jerusalem Order of Hospitalors" in Denmark. In 1955 the Order bought an ancient abbey, making it a humanitarian home for the poor. From 1971 until his death in 1976 he lived in an asylum, suffering from dementia.

Sjallungs successor was a certain Johannsen who seemingly corresponded with Marc Lully of the OTOA and President of a Chicago Theosophical Society lodge. When Johannsen died already in 1977, Pelle Bull (Per Jorgensen) who corresponded with the son-in-law of Eugen Grosche, Heinz Bolke continued this Danish O.T.O. Already in 1976 Pelle, his wife and two children visited the Swiss Abbey of Thelema under H.J. Metzger. But because Metzger's O.T.O. only accepted regular Masons, Pelle's Danis O.T.O. was not recognized then.
In 1994 Pelle complained that the "Caliphate" had threatened him because he used the O.T.O. insignia.

This is an outline from the German "Das OTO-Phaenomen" (1994) and the English "O.T.O. Rituals and Sexmagick" (1999)
Tradução Portuguesa: Carl Willian Hansen – Dinamarca

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