Omonoia - Unity at last

Omonoia - Unity at last

by Simon Hinton


On July 13th 1997 e.v., I received a direct communication from Aiwass, 418, which formed part one of a short three fold book. This book I later named, Liber Omonoia, 311 (meaning Unity in Greek). Prior to this date I had received a number of short 'written' communications from Aiwass, my Holy Guardian Angel, which had been provided me with vital initiatory information. These were recorded in my magical record for the period. However, although the mode of reception for Liber Omonoia was the same as these previous communications, i.e. by instantly dictated inspiration, the initial trigger to receive the information, on this occasion, was very notably generated externally.

I was midway through a daily Aiwass invocation on 13/7/97 e.v., (which I had been performing for some eighteen months) when I received a distinct message to stop. At this point I banished, prepared a circle as requested and took down the dictation immediately. The information presented was not in the form of an external audible sound, but rather an 'inner voice' which flowed through me with great fluidity. I immediately wrote down what I was 'hearing', with my conscious mind being effectively divorced during these proceedings. The only exceptions to this were a couple of instances when I tried to extract information from Aiwass on the Liber Al cryptogram (II:76) by inner questioning. Midway during the reception of the first chapter, I paused for half an hour and then invoked again according to my instinct. On 16/7/97 e.v. I received the second chapter, and on 20/7/97 e.v. the third and final. After each reception, and particularly the final one, I felt physically and mentally drained by the power of the forces playing through me. The verses I quickly numbered afterwards.

The reader will obviously make his/her own judgements on the reception but I must reiterate that this was a totally uncontrived, unrehearsed and naturally free flowing communication. It was delivered automatically and without any forethought or conscious consideration being applied, other than that mentioned above. Despite this, I admit that when writing the commentary, I recognized one or two of the phrases in the communication as distinctly 'mine', i.e. my 'personal' phraseologies.  I have attributed this to the fact that the communication was grounded via my subconscious mind, which acted as a sort of conductor.

This book came from a praetor-human source, of that there is not a single doubt in my mind, and the commentaries that follow are a record my initial attempts to interpret and communicate Liber Omonoia's essential components according to the Aiwass' command contained therein. These understandings will naturally expand and develop as familiarity with the text grows.

The reader should quickly identify that Liber Omonoia encompasses the balancing forces of the Maatian current and naturally develops the work of such initiates as Frater Achad, Frater Aossic-Aiwass, Soror Andahadna (Nema) and others. In the O.T.O. a strong working lodge (The Lamal Lodge) has recently been established, which I feel prepared the ground for its reception. It interesting to note that when the Lodge was formed, of which I am a member, its purpose was very clearly specified: to make  effective and beneficial contact with praetor-human intelligence and to traffic with wider and deeper ranges of consciousness. Our main work (as the name of the Cell implies) is to make contact with Lam, an intelligence that Aleister Crowley contacted during the Amalantrah working in 1918, and which has particular relevance to the Maatian current. This has proved most successful and Liber Omonoia is in part a reflection of that work.

I should further add that in no way do I view Liber Omonoia as a replacement dispensation, or even a postscript to The Book of the Law, but rather as a spiritual reception which is reflective of my current workings, containing useful initiatory pointers that in particular enable the Double Current present in Liber Al to be recognized, understood and experienced.

As such I consider Liber Omonoia to be a Typhonian Transmission.

Frater Philogelos, 1648. August 1997 e.v.


The content of this channeled information received a very mixed reception and unfortunately at the time was wrongly considered by some to be a claim of a new magical formula (this in part was a fault of my own in presentation.) I once again then I reiterate that this is absolutely not the case but rather that the information received has proved vital in the clarification and marriage of the Shaitan and Maatian currents as they intersect and spiral around the Wordless Aeon of Zain. The understandings of Spacetime and the unification of all partial theories of the universe will be aided by this information and further transmissions, and in this regard the Liber Al maxim 'All prophets are true save this, that they understand a little' should be born in mind. My decision on request to release this information via the Internet arises purely from the need to let this vital knowledge work its effect, and is dedicated to the servants of the Star and the Snake and the gods Set and Maat. May Understanding shine forth in balanced form ... thus as slaves we may serve and find a greater Unity.

Philogelos 1648 April 1999 e.v.

Liber Omonoia (Omonoia 311)

Part I ('Dictated' by Aiwass 13/7/97 e.v.)
  1. For it is written, glare not into eternal fires for fear of solitude. On occasions one may recognize a stray light and cry. But not in vain my children. Such is the diversity of purpose.
  2. The book is its own cipher.
    The code is 13.
    The time code reversed.
  3. Aye listen to the numbers and the letters. Remember the code is reversed.
  4. Hadit in reversal is the ultimate point of non-manifestation becoming.
  5. Heed well this divine law and the Hawk headed one will be no more. Aum.
  6. One is the key.
    Chosen for those that free.
    And in the day of balance it shall be three for ye.
  7. Thus ye have One and three
    Three and One.
    Had Unity
    Let not one well know the other.
    In the day of Maat the justified will gain by losing that which they chose to explain.
    Negating the effects of pain.
  8. And only then shall your unity be found
    And only then Not again shall my children breathe the light without breath.
    The dark without death.
  9. Hark the numbers and the letters.

Part II ('Dictated' by Aiwass 16/7/97 e.v.)
  1. Go forth my children.
  2. Let not one's exuberance manifest against thee.
  3. Bring the One to Men
    For Unity's heart doth bestow a message for Man.
  4. It is not to fathom. For pattern cleanse the mind in subjective consideration.
  5. It is the Abomination of Desolation Child for deeper casts are brought when readiness awaits.
  6. Hurry not my chosen. The Gods do guard thee in thy fate.
  7. The key so sweet will multiply through many veils torn asunder when ye can see.
  8. Depart from thy tail chasing and witness me.
  9. Hark the numbers and the words. Therein the mystery lies. 11
    The twisting helix multiplies according to spacetime pressure once manifest. But the curve of Pi is linked to time. Thus in time the curve will unwind.
  10. Persist with thy might and I shall reveal it to the wise.
  11. Patience a virtue is for you to cultivate.
  12. Everything is happening all the time out of time. The rhythm varies with all the beauteous beats. Multiply and heave with every rise and fall of variance.
  13. Thus the factor unknown dances the dance in unity and multiplies endlessly until there is no more to manifest.
  14. Now I go to a better place O chosen one of little faith.
  15. Behold success is thy proof.

Part III ('Dictated' by Aiwass 20/7/97 e.v)
  1. For it is written, Utilize thy thoughts for Manifestation.
  2. Conscious be not of unbecoming.
  3. Rest a little servant.
    And the delicious fruits will be yours.
  4. Proceed with the wording and comment thereof.
  5. The light shall come. Relax and I shall play through thee as Always.
  6. The learned miss simplicities, so pattern cleanse, for a new light shines O chosen one.
  7. The Lady of stars in her infinite brilliance becomes the spark her child. That moment he is ever there-so with all degenerations though some are less there.
  8. Restrict Not thy thoughts.
  9. Extend thy considerations so it is brought forth.
  10. O shining One, ever to thee will they flock, for ye are but the servant of the star and the snake.
  11. This is for heaven's sake.
  12. The wave will strike in good time and the song in radiant rhyme.
  13. Thus all will be perfected.
  14. Abrahadabra

Liber Omonoia Commentary

'For it is written, glare not into eternal fires for fear of solitude. On occasions one may recognize a stray light and cry. But not in vain my children. Such is the diversity of purpose.'

Recognize the continuum in consciousness of which there are various levels. Do not be afraid. Communicating with higher levels (wider bands) of consciousness may jar one from certain perception conditioning but everything features in the diversity within Unity.

'The book is its own cipher.
The code is 13
The time code reversed.'

Liber Al, of which I then internally questioned Aiwass, contains its own keys for its fullest understanding. One=Achad 13 or Unity. (Hebrew).
In one directional time the key is 31. ( Perhaps relating to p, 3.14) In reversal the key is 13. 13+31=44 (note the time difference in years between the Aeon of Horus and the Aeon of Maat) 1331 =3113 =4444 the square root of which is 66.66. This additional cipher I feel maybe linked to time-consciousness recognition i.e. will provide us with keys for an initiated understanding.

'Aye listen to the numbers and the letters. Remember the code is reversed.'

I had in my conscious mind the cryotogram mentioned in Liber Al II:76 which at this juncture formed part of an internal questioning process during this part of the reception. It should be noted that a similar command is given here as in Liber Al II:75 except 'letters' is used. The numbers and the letters may mean the vibration they generate when spoken. I notice the similarity between the words Omonoia and Onomatopoeia. Amazingly when I check the numeration for Omonoia, t he Greek word for unity, the total is 311.
As well as a reiteration of verse 2 'remembering' here may mean something more, perhaps a form of magickal memory or time travel.

Hadit in reversal is the ultimate point of non-manifestation becoming.

Hadit in reversal I think means reverse AL i.e. LA, Not, Nuit. A reference to Kether? It also refers, I feel to a concept of reverse time. An infinite amount of energy is required to locate a point in spacetime (Heisenburg uncertainty principle) An infinity is therefore by definition unmanifest. But what about reverse spacetime in a manifest state? Nuit is infinite space. Hadit is The Ever Coming One, the Ever Returning One and the marriage is Here and Now.  13 and 31 and the mean result of these two infinitudes is 22, which is the number of the Rota and contains numerous universal connotations! 22x19 =418 Abrahadabra the reward of Ra hoor Khuit who represents their marriage.
Note also 13 to 31 inclusive provides 19 numbers: Manifestation Ma-ion.
Had= 13! (Had)


418+44=462= 2x231 (231=… 1-21 the total number of ways of spelling Tetragrammaton in the four worlds)

Revelation 22:13 Alfa + W= 1332 Alpha and the Omega (1331+1)
1331 =11 cubed.

Heed well this divine law and the Hawk headed one will be no more. Aum.

This I think refers to the balancing forces of Maat, which after the fiery destruction of Horus, will bring unity. The end of the Hiding of Hadit in Liber Al II refers to the discovery of the complementary key 13 and a unified theory of the universe which will naturally incorporate a fuller understanding of time and space. (They are in fact one and the same but can be differentiated as closely related aspects of consciousness, harmonising with a vibratory resonance which we can tap) There is evidence to suggest that our present 4 coordinate mapping of spacetime in its present form may be ultimately proved redundant. Perhaps the key to the spacetime reflection is one space coordinate and three time coordinates. Thus ye have........ Past, Present, Future, Wherever!

Here the reception stopped but was resumed again after approxiamately thirty minutes.


One is the key.
Chosen for those that free.
And in the day of balance it shall be three for ye.
Thus ye have One and 3
3 and One.
Had Unity.
Let not one know well the other.

The key is Unity, Achad, 13, which is the reversal of 31, the central key that Frater Achad discovered of Liber Al and which was prophesied therein. This elucidation will in due course provide a numerous array of further insights into Liber Al and its relevance to the Aeon of Maat. On the Tree of Life glyph it should be noted that there are three veils of negative existence before the emergence of Kether, the first spot of light.

A state of cosmic consciousness is attained when the Abyss is successfully crossed and residence is taken up in the Supernal Triad (as glyphed according to the Tree of Life model). This results in the psychological death of the personality by negating and 'unbecoming' its manifestations (karmic, racial, &c)- a full ego divorce/'death.'
Prior to receiving this transmission (Omonoia) I received a communication from Aiwass at the start of the year which encouraged me to experiment with the Tree of Life. Aiwass stated then that the key was the atomic triangle reversed. In typical Philogelos haste I misconstrued the dictation thinking the key was 'inversed'. After realizing my mistake I achieved a highly satisfactory result by constructing a three in one version of the Tree which I used to correlate the forces and measurement scales on the outer. It came as a pleasant surprised to discover a similar version in Achad's Anatomy of God which I borrowed shortly after. This involved three circles in one when projected onto a two dimensional plane and a spiral when introducing a third.

In a recent private correspondence from Frater Aossic-Aiwass to Frater Ani-Asig, my paper Some Qabalistic Considerations and Associated Initiations was referred to, and mention made of Aleister Crowley denying Adonai for Aiwass after crossing the Abyss. In the light of this reception I would suggest that Crowley substituted microscopic unity 5 x13 =65 (Adonai) for macroscopic unity 6x13= 78, (Aiwaz.) On this point it is worth considering Liber Al II:65 and Liber Al II:78 and Crowley's full commentaries on them.

I have recently been making a study of the New Testament book of Revelation and I think the following bears a relevance.
'And if anyone takes anything away from the words of the scroll of this prophesy, God will take his portion away from the trees of life and out of the holy city, things which are written about in this scroll.'
Revelation 22:19, New World Translation.

The first point which struck me from this verse was the use of the plural when referring to the trees of life, which was one of Achad's favourite Qabalistic branches of interest: the symmetry and fractalization of the Tree of Life (see the Anatomy of God and Hidden Lore, The Carfax Monographs). Incidentally 'fractal' derives from the Latin word fractus meaning to break. The second point of interest is that the Greek word here translated 'scroll', bibilw, means little book. I do not think it is beyond the realms of intelligent speculation to apply this prophesy to Liber Al, which would not for the first time reveal the initiated interpretation of a verse as a being blessing in disguise. Of course Shaitan-Aiwass is a blessing in disguise and the blessing is being revealed as time unspirals. The magnitude of this good fortune is quite shocking but it is only available to those, who like Parzival, align their will to the cosmos and drink heartily from the chalice to become centres of pestilence. The verse numbers of the Revelation text quoted are 22 and 19. 22x19=418, the manifestation of the rota and a number of Aiwass and Abrahadabra the key of the rituals!

Had/Unity=13/1 or 131, the number of the great God Pan. The God of All.

Arachnea is the 13th Zodiacal sign. It is the sign of the spider. This too is being revealed to the wise. An Arachnean grimoire, it has been said, will be presented to the world when a Typhonian prophesy involving a King's return has been fulfilled. Exciting times indeed!
I:7 equates in style and meaning to Liber Al I:50. I think it may be of significance that in the last line of Liber Omonoia the words 'well' and 'know' are reversed compared to the corresponding verse of Liber Al.

'Let not one well know.....' is clearly a reference to the two infinities Nuit or not and Hadit meeting the result of which is man( Ra-hoor Khuit). The creative force in man should be focused towards the goddess Nuit as the instructions in Liber Al clearly specify. To know thyself is the key to success on any spiritual journey.

In the day of Maat the justified will gain by losing that which they chose to explain. Negating the effects of pain. I:8

The harmonious day of Maat will bring calm to the rippling stream of discontent. Balance and strong meaningful joy will be the order of the day. Explanations, conversions and conventional evangelism will no longer be necessary when humankind has self-realized and learns to live this realization with himself. This will result in a more natural and fluid conscious awareness, combining the benefits of multiple layers of perception, all working in harmony; Samadhi will be the rule not the exception. I feel the 'choosing to explain' is a thought i.e. a conscious consideration, a filtered decision based on ego-derivative variables. These conscious considerations will eventually give way to super conscious emancipations tapped from the infinite instinctively. True freedom in harmony and balance with the cosmos; an initiated race enjoying existence to the full when the only pain is a memory!

And only then shall your unity be found.
And only then Not again shall my children breathe the light without breath. The dark without death.

A poignant and beautiful verse. Unity can only be found through balance. Self-realization is the start but there is more. Knowing is one thing, for the demons believe and shudder. The changes in consciousness that the Aeon of Horus set in motion have been producing birth pangs of horrendous proportion as mankind swaggers with a ghastly, drunken arrogance out of the old Aeon of Osiris with its paternalistic, self sacrificing, sensuous-defying, guilt ridden, reduction ist misogynous machinations. Of course pendulums do swing, and in these strange days a multitude of religious cults have sprung up, eager to fill the spiritual vacuum that those dying Gods and their misguided worshippers left us. If like their predecessors, they do not take into account divine law they will perish. The Egyptian Empire lasted so long because it was run essentially on initiated lines. Whenever there's a situation of 'ethics versus evolution', the latter always wins, because self-realization and self preservation are such close relations. But for the Holy Ones this is not a time for despair, for those that have an inkling to align themselves to Lam, the Way, the Tao, help is at hand. Unity is attainable by adjustment. To balance effectively we must recognize all components as aspects of the whole. If we heed well this holographic law the dissolving fire of the Hawk headed God Horus will no longer be necessary. The spring cleaning of man's consciousness will be complete. Out with the old and in with the new!

Hark the numbers and the letters.
A repeat of the earlier command and considering that the cryptogram in Liber II:76 at the front of my mind it is a further reference to listen.

Commentary Part II

Go forth my children. II:1

This is a reference to the children of Maat. Certain initiates have been chosen to develop the associated Maatian current as the foundations for a new form of human society. The key is Balance and Unity, and the tasks involve helping human consciousness to 'catch up' with the runaway technological developments that the digital age has brought upon us.

Let not one's exuberance manifest against thee. Liber II:2

First and foremost I take this as direct admonition from Aiwass to myself not get too 'carried away' with current workings. This reminds me of the warning that comes with the Tarot Card the Ace of Wands. Excessive fire and flame (energized enthusiasm) must be focused with absolute precision. Misdirected, good intentions can cause all sorts of problems. Balance and caution are the key words. Beware of tangential tantras!

In the greater sense these words apply to the acceleration of human developments which are spiralling out of control. Left unchecked catastrophe looms. As the Children of Maat it is our job to initiate and create the environment for harmony. This can be carried out on a multitude of levels magically, scientifically, practically &c. Although
the job appears monumental, exponential growth is the key to rapid change.

Bring the One to Men.
For Unity's heart doth bestow a message for Man.

This is in reference to Kether, the highest sephirah. Kether is the source of everything, therefore it is the key to unity. It is Unity. Unity's heart may be a reference to Tiphereth which collects the divine emanations from the One directly in our manifest universe according to the Tree of Life representation by the path of Gimel. It is for man to recognise that his existence does have purpose and that we are for a reason. Rising to Tiphereth enables each individual to recognize and understand that reason by discovering his true self. This strikes at the heart of Thelema. This verse further suggests that there is a form of spiritual hierarchy in existence, although one should display caution in drawing any analogies with present day, human hierarchial structures, which bear small resemblance to the harmony of the starry heavens.

It is not to fathom. For pattern cleanse the mind in subjective consideration.

My conscious request during this conversation was for information to understanding the cipher in Liber Al II:76. During this chapter I am constantly reprimanded for my impetuousity. I have no doubts that the full understanding will unfold in time. In problem solving flashes of inspiration sometimes occur but to necessitate this we may need to stop thinking at least consciously so that our minds are fertile for reception. New thought patterns will only arise when there is room left to allow them to.

It is the Abomination of Desolation Child for deeper casts are brought when readiness awaits.

The Stele of Revealing certainly holds a key, Liber Al states the only proof. Crowley failed to carry out the command of Aiwass in Liber Al to abstruct it. The time was clearly not right. I am currently making efforts to arrange for the Stele to be brought to London. I am on personal terms with the head exhibition organisor and Egyptologist at the British Museum. I have just recalled a poem I wrote eighteen months ago which has an uncanny relevance to these commentaries.

To Reveal Still

Ankh's stele is still revealing

In a word secrete concealing

aiting never was our forte

Ally's exit not a sortie

Shin fire's spirit link don't miss

Shin man jumped the mauve abyss

Lashtal has it in the middle

Aiwass returns to solve the riddle

Maat Shin King has come again.

Hurry not my chosen. The Gods do guard thee in thy fate. II:6

Speaking personally, I admit I sometimes forget that we are dealing with praetor-human intelligences of vast insight, incredible power and supreme ability. All necessary information will reveal itself in due course and when the Gods decide. Frater Achad's words in Parzival are useful, 'But though we are now nearing that realm wherein 'Time and Space are One' we must not allow ourselves to be rushed forward too rapidly'. Interestingly Frater Aossic-Aiwass in a recent private communication with Frater Ani Asig said he thought Frater Philogelos. was going 'too fast.' In the same week, Frater Samael in communication with Frater Philogelos had written two words in Latin for Frater P. to consider, 'festina lente,' meaning 'hasten slowly'. This is timely considering the Aiwass admonitions to me which this communication contains. I also feel that their repetition may imply an additional meaning to the straightforward interpretation which I fully recognize and accept. One of the problems/keys is how quickly we choose to remember.

The key so sweet will multiply through many veils torn asunder when ye can see. II:7

The fully initiated understanding of the key will create a knock on effect which will harmonize. These understandings will heal the sufferings of duality and change many of our previously restricted ideas, which have inadvertently caused so many problems.
'Behold! the rituals of old time are black.' Liber Al II:5

Depart from thy tail chasing and witness me. II:8

I take this verse predominately as a personal admonition: stop running around in circles forever searching consciously for that elusive key. The ciphers will and are being revealed in the time deemed necessary for their best effect in accordance with natural law. It is better to allow my truer self, Aiwass, to dictate the schedule than His manifestation Frater Philogelos constantly tail chasing on the outer.

Hark the numbers and the words. Therein the mystery lies. II:9

A further reiteration of the previous command at I:3. At this stage of commentary I instinctively feel again that the actual sounds made from uttering the words may have an effect. Also the verse numbers of Liber Al when taken as a proportion of its 220 verses may well be of major significance in the light of the 13/31 relationship. Of further relevance I notice that the total of the numbers in Liber Al II:76 =143 (11x13) (11x31=341) (a metathesis of the p constant 3.14)

The twisting helix multiplies according to spacetime pressure once manifest. But the curve of Pi is linked to time. Thus in time the curve will unwind. Liber I:10

An extremely loaded verse which immediately excited my interest. This sounds like a reference to D.N.A which I think gives us a clue to a fuller understanding of the way the human genetic system is constructed, which is itself a reflection of consciousness unfolding. If, as I intuitively believe, a giant leap occurred in the consciousness expansion of what we now call Homo sapiens to their ancestors (from a less developed species 2 million years ago) as a direct result of alien ingression into the evolving life wave, then the full understanding of the D.N.A's occult qualities should give us a pure reflection of their true source. The world's ancient mythologies all give clues that tally with the concept of external involvement delivered or seeded, as Gerald Massey suggests, in whatever was the sign language of the day. The purest language for analysis that we know is number. It is the best sign language we have for identifying scientific and occult phenomenah due to its purity and universality.

In this regard a private communication quoted in 'Outside the Circles of Time' and its comment tallies remarkably with my instinctive feelings on this verse.

' ' Within the DNA coil of genetic metaprogramming instructions there are unexplained boning irregularities every 23rd angström. If we super impose the twisting DNA helix upon a diagram of the obliquity of the eliptic of the earth-which happens to be 23.5° (23.2+.3)-then the procession of the Equinoces is in the very real sense the unravelling of the DNA coded message.' '

This communication from Frater Teloch to Soror Andahadna is then paraphrased.

'He speculates as to whether Sirius may not be the origin or emanation point for the twenty three pattern, and also that 'the male and female
each contribute 23 chromosones to the fertilized egg in conception. In Sepher Sephiroth, 23 is defined as 'parting', joy, a thread, and life, all very suggestive of birth and the DNA fibre.'

Liber Omonoia's verse seems to correlate and expand with the above comments perfectly. There is an underlying pattern of Unity in the universe which consciousness perceives. It perceives it because it is it. Spacetime is a part of our pattern perception process because it forms the backdrop for our understandings. This backdrop or screen is to be expanded ('subjectively') in the new aeon and our initiations will grow as a result. (Nuit is of course infinite space but we must unrestrict our perceptions of Her). The Pi constant forms part of an internal symmetrical, geometrical system which we must recognize as subjective. The reader should refer to my Qabalistic Considerations essay which explains. Briefly I quote

'Incidentally the p constant is only exact in a Euclidean geometry framework, where gravitational force is absent. In the Einstein model universe, the average gravitation of all stars causes the volume of a space enclosed by a sphere of radius r to be less than 3 4/3 p r. '

Finally, the mutations of DNA necessary for our next evolutionary phase are reliant and connected with our consciousness absorbing a greater perceptual vibration of our current spacetime awareness. This I know holds a vitally important key.

Persist with thy might and I shall reveal it to the wise.

An expansion of this information will be revealed in due course. There will be a greater revealing in time for those that make the effort and become fertile to receive the revelations.

Patience a virtue is for you to cultivate. II:12

Repetition for emphasis. Aiwass obviously detects the need to push this point home. I accept this.

Everything is happening all the time out of time. The rhythm varies with all the beauteous beats. Multiply and heave with every rise and fall of variance. II:13
Within manifestation there is still multiple possibility within parameters. Science recognises that the concept of time is linked to consciousness. From the seed of the unmanifest there is infinite potential. By recognizing Unity we can tap the all. This is the purpose of primordial slime, atavistic resurgence. Chaos is everything happening at once. Order is direction, patterning and recognition. Within all the patterns and frequencies we perceive, there is the infinite factor, the seeds of change, the print paradoxically of chaos. We should absorb the variance by being it ,such is the diversity of purpose. This is the beauty of our cosmos. Those who have crossed the abyss (at any time) will appreciate the deeper implications of this verse.

Thus the factor unknown dances the dance in unity and multiplies endlessly until there is no more to manifest.

This verse complements the last perfectly. The factor unknown is infinitely variable Liber II:32. The two infinitudes meet in the unity of Ra Hoor-Khuit. United together all possibilities will manifest, and then the return to the unmanifest state will occur. This point will be glyphed by the tree folding up and returning to the void but with its memory intact!

Now I go to a better place O chosen one of little faith.
Behold success is thy proof.

Part II is completed and a further admonition is given to Philogelos who at many times displays the qualities of a doubting Thomas i.e. an inherent fear exists that he is the victim of his own brilliantly constructed, intellectual joke. This is his ego-facility rationalising the effects of cosmic consciousness and I accept the counciling. Success which will be absolutely phenomenal on both the material and spiritual planes and will offer the finest rebuff for such negativities. Of that I have no doubt.

The key word of the rituals, Abrahahabra, is repeated again as if to emphasize its myriad connotations. Aiwass 418 departs.

Part III

For it is written, Utilize thy thoughts for Manifestation.

Perhaps this quotation forms part of an unmanifest grimoire. Aiwass in both part one and in a previous communication to Frater Philogelos begins this way. I take the command phrase to mean, prepare the ground mentally to receive the Maatian current.(Ma-ion) The word 'utilize' has practical connotations and therefore I take this as suggesting the magickal/practical/political aspects of the received text.

Conscious be not of unbecoming. III:2

A typical Aiwass multi-meaning verse. Initially I perceive this to mean invoke Nuit by consciously being Her. She is unmanifest and Not being.
Here also we have a double negative which mystically explains manifestation: don't be aware of not being aware= awareness/manifestation. Frater Achad's discovery of the true formula of 93 is summarised in Outer Gateways P73 and is relevant
'BEING (AL) rests on NOT BEING (LA)

The Supreme Triad therefore is LALAAL, 93. (LA=31; LA=31; AL=31)'

By chance when writing this commentary I checked the Greek numeration for Not, not=420 and Isis Isis
This equals 2x210 or 2xNuit 6/50 (Liber Al) 0.12/210 (Nox the formula of creation) manifesting by reflection, in total=Isis. Thus she Is!

210 is also the triplicity of the Greek letter Omicron (70) which in trinity, forms one of the barbarous names in Liber Samekh 'OOO' (3x70=210) O symbolising the eye of Set, thus we have 3 Devils in One Lady! Nothing under its three forms.

Rest a little servant.
And the delicious fruits will be yours.

I take this as a gentler version of part II which continually admonishes Frater Philogelos to 'slow down' and also to still his conscious mind in preparation for understanding (Binah.) The 'delicious fruits' means the joys of this understanding and a fuller realization of the Tree of Life glyph, and its relevance to the New Aeon of our evolving consciousness. The Tree and its fruits (or manifestations) are of course merely symbols for our mundane consciousness to grapple with, and the associated pleasures of these realizations can only truly bear fruit by direct experience.

Proceed with the wording and comment thereof.
The light shall come. Relax and I shall play through thee as Always.

The comment I am currently engaged in and its understandings are unfolding. Aiwass as my H.G.A. is directing the comment which is communicating and simplifying, understandings from the initial reception; the purer form. I cannot hurry this but must relax and let the truth manifest naturally.

The learned miss simplicities, so pattern cleanse, for a new light shines O chosen one. III:6

There are many cases in human history where the established academia of the day missed the point. The purely intellectual scholar rarely makes significant breakthroughs in human thought because he very often gets caught up in a cul-de-sac of ever decreasing academic elitism: the pomposity of reason. The ability to speak a language fluently is no guarantee of conversational worth, in the same way as being able to paint technically does not in itself equate to true artistry. They called Einstein a dull boy at school, yet his intuitive ideas about the universe created effects that have dominated science this century.

The dynamic and mind blowing reality of a daily Set invocation is the continuous challenge and initiated opposition to all modes of perception it generates. It is the constant and instinctive surge towards the bigger picture, and her name is Nuit. New realizations and greater initiations await us all. This is the great challenge presented by Set/Binah/Understanding: to forever keep an open and questioning mind. There must be no 'sacred cows' in our quest.

The Lady of stars in her infinite brilliance becomes the spark her child. That moment he is ever there-so with all degenerations though some are less there.

This is a description of how manifestation occurs and gives credence to the holographic perception of existence i.e. the microcosm contains all the seeds of its Mother. Manifestation is one of Nuit's infinite possibilities and those possibilities only realize (manifest) when the subject objectifies. Thus I would suggest that potential existence is similar in a way to potential energy, which may not necessarily be realized. The first manifestation from non-becoming is timeless and ever there; born of an infinitude, the first One just is. It is the point's constant reflection which serially creates the illusion of time. Imagine the whole universe taking the first subjective analysis of itself as it is born. That Big Bang. One could consider it another way. Unity occurred (Bang) and never ceased to occur. There has been no degeneration just one big manifestation all at once. Within that unity, which is ever here and now (mass sentie nce) self exploration occurred. There was a purpose, a drive forward/backward, a will to why. In simple terms United Sentience wanted/wants to get back to Mother, and to do that United Sentience gives birth to children and watches to see how they return. It is for the chance of union. Aiwass, Aiwass, AS I WAS.

Restrict Not thy thoughts. III:8

Here again we have a verse with a two fold connotation. Firstly a straightforward command and one that even a man of Crowley's ingenuity would have benefited from heeding: be prepared to challenge even your most deep seated and fundamental ideas in search of a higher way. Thoughts are by definitions restrictions (as far as mundane consciousness is concerned.) They are degenerations or limitations of cosmic or wider band consciousness (Not/God/Nuit). By derestricting our thought processes therefore we find unity with Nuit. From this we can logically deduce that a restricted 'Nuit' is a thought.

Extend thy considerations so it is brought forth. III:9

Extension is the quality of Nuit and by expanding our conception of 'Infinite Stars and Infinite Space', our conception of Hadit, or creative force, will be revealed in the Unity of existence. The correct interpretation of Liber Al and the recognition of its true understandings will further manifest, as time unspirals. Mankind is placed at a critical crossroads, and the initiates chosen to bring forth this message must extend their vision. Liber Al will continue to surprise, both in the poignant accuracy of its prophesies, and in its super human wisdom, as it unveils itself again and again.

O shining One, ever to thee will they flock, for ye are but the servant of the Star and the Snake. III:10

When the 'greater' prophesies in Liber Al are fulfilled it will trigger new awakenings and these are destined to avalanche onwards. Enormous energies will be unleashed, and many will be attracted to the light unveiled. Success on a tremendous scale is to be expected as we head into the new millenium. By the process of initiation our truer self may shine (the Star) while our creative energies are stirred and rise (the Snake) This is the privilege of the chosen and we can all choose to be privileged. I quote from a passage in my current Liber Astarte Set working.

In Ancient lands the many turned away
The light shone bright upon a sweated brow
And yet a few gave time a chance to say
Reflected on a higher light and saw beyond for within this beauty lay

And you Great One will be redeemed when fools realize their foolishness
And learn to find themselves, to be themselves of which you stand
The living testimony which we depend
Great opposer, degenerator's destroyer

In Northern Egypt's Arid land did you hold sway
And for a time a glimpse was caught of wonders too true to analyze
Until the guiltmongers turned and screeched within
This is too good! and for them it was, but it needn't have been
They just refused to see
The purer way is for eternity

Dear Mother
To your womb of light we shall return
Dear Father
The seed of life shall ever burn

Oh Androgyne your memory serves us well
For in darkness you are that aren't

Towering above, showing, opposing,
We can save ourselves
Great god Set I do invoke thee


This is for heaven's sake. III:11

Unity is imperative. 311 the chapter and verse numbers; Omonoia. It is to the higher order which we now have chance to conform. The transition may be painful and certainly chaotic but it is the only option. There is only One way.

The wave will strike in good time and the song in radiant rhyme. III:12

Do not underestimate the Gods! Higher forces are instrumental in the human consciousness evolution we are witnessing. Dramatic changes witnessed on the outer, start on the inner. In recent years much worthwhile preparation has been made by dedicated initiates to smooth and prepare for a dramatic transition with much groundwork lovingly laid. According to occult lore the Master of the Temple is to be found tending a garden (at the first station into cosmic consciousness) Admittedly at times some have grown despondent at what they believed to be a stagnation. Not so! All in good time. It is the quiet before the storm. Ordeal X is coming. The rhythms of the cosmos rise and fall but every million or so waves there's a tidal. Mankind's is due. Har-ma-geddon is not an external destruction, but is rather a massive inner 'make or break' for mankind.
There will be survivors. The song of the children of Maat will radiate with the natural and harmonious rhythms of the cosmos. We will see, hear, smell, taste and feel so much more, because restriction will be replaced by a balanced harmony in tune with a wider universe. There is much to discover.

Thus all will be perfected. III:13

For those that dare open their eye, a perfection previously only dreamed of will become an attainable reality. So to all casual readers I would strongly suggest, take that first initiatory step. Personal initiation is the first step towards a greater initiation for the whole of mankind, which is but an organic sentient entity. This is a not peddling of false idealism, but a brilliant and practical scientific reality for a species in desperate need to re-programme, re-learn, re-think, re-question, re-understand and further evolve. There are no saviours except ourselves. This is a fundamental New Aeon realization but if we act in harmony with natural law the God's won't let us down. If we choose to join them, all will be perfected!


The book closes with the key of the rituals, the spiralling balanced word Abrahadabra. This is our reward; our starriness realized. With the force of the breathe of the universe the recension passes.
Aiwass 418 departs.

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