Simon Hinton - Typhonian O.T.O.: Holy Guardian Angel Invocation

Holy Guardian Angel Invocation

by Simon Hinton

From all the Gods energies and powers of the Universe
I summon thee!
My Angel come forth unite with I!
I beseech you!

I am but the earthly mask of your manifesting reality
Breathe into me your marvellous wisdom
As I reflect and shine!
My Majesty- Godhead Divine!
And die to live again
The Kingly man!

Angel! Angel! As I was!
Angel! Angel! Ever there!

Let I be Master of spirit and matter
As I create and formulate my Universe
And all entities within it be subject unto me!
I will slay my demons one by one
Yea! Let the Tiger of fear be slain!
Join I in sweet double dominion!
Our victory, our union, we shall savour
Come forth Angel and grace my world!

This shining centre where we greet
Through Gimel's path from Kether flow
Blasting illumination sweet!
The Holy One's eternal glow!
I invoke thee! I invoke thee!

I am ................................ !
My unconditional love is willed
I cry out with pure intent; Agape!
Bornless one-my Genius my Angel!
I invoke thee! I invoke thee!

I beckon ye! I beckon ye!
Join I in sensual self love!
Awaken I to your infernal essence
While we feast on the congressing of our consciousness!

Ever have you been with I
Through all aeons, through all space and time
Through galaxies shared
Our twin self paired
In unity
I summon thee! I summon thee!

My innermost secret self
Unite in sword of flame!
With all my mind and heart and soul
Passion, emotion and spirit fire!
I invoke thee! I invoke thee!

Shin down my Priestess path so High
Sun centre burn reveal to I!
Your beauteous facets reflecting gloriously
Internally, externally, eternally, infernally!

My Lion-Serpent Sun!
My Thunderbolt!
Begetter of life!

Join I in this feast of spirit
At this immortal table!
To consume by love, my will!
My will to consume my Love!
My Angel ! My Angel!
My deepest secrets I reveal to thee
Reveal the power of your secret light to I!

I invoke thee! I invoke thee!
Come to me! Come to me!

Myself made perfect
Your presence within I
Through our delicious harmony, intensify!
I call to ye! I call to ye!

Your power I plead to crystallise in form
And our true Stardom weave
Its Universal orbit Born!
Less One strayed god perchance should fall
Yes I shall die my Love
Reborn to blaze this path; my call!

I summon thee Angel!
>From all the Gods and energies and powers of the Universe!
Let no obstacle of mind, matter, space or time
E'er come between us!

Hear me my Angel!
Thou Wanderer, Father and Spirit of All!
Hear me my Angel
Thou Lion-Serpent Sun!

I bid thee come forth!
Restore the feather of Maat's beauteous balance!
For I to suck the nectar
Flowing bountifully copiously!
A shimmering cosmic orgasm
Of rapturous liaison!
I plead with you my Angel
Come again! Come again! Come again!


Such are the words!

......................................................has spoken!

So mote it be!

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