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Its all in the Mind

by Simon Hinton

Initiation is by its very nature unimaginable, but if the initiate has a good imagination, mystical realization is much more likely to occur. The following analogy may help to shed some light on this paradox. Imagine being taken to a laboratory where you are told you will witness a new life form from another part of our Universe, which bears absolutely no resemblance in any detail whatsoever to anything ever witnessed on this planet. You are guided to the room and you walk in alone clo sing the door behind you. At this precise moment the lights fail and you are pitched into total darkness, in a place you've never visited, with a life form you are yet to witness, which you've been told is like nothing you've ever perceived. Luck however is on your side, for you were born a creative thinker, and with your imaginative mind you consider innumerable possibilities positively, creating a light in your consciousness. You are totally unaware of the position of the objects in the room, so subjectively you imagine where the fuse box might be. You then objectify your thoughts and take a step into the unknown. Intuition inch-perfect, you place your hands on the box's switch! The room is flooded with light, revealing the unimaginable life form.

Thus I postulate it is with initiation - an imaginative spirit supplies the energy to make that frog-like leap into the unknown, for only then may the unimaginable be witnessed. The word 'initiation' derives from the Latin word initiare, meaning 'to begin'. It is that which is perceived when the lights are switched on - or more accurately, when the opaque veils of manifestation that shroud the light are torn asunder. After every initiation another phase in the journey begins.

The following poem is a demonstration of the spirit of this idea.

Initiations are Realizations

Initiations, initiations, initiations are realizations
Enlightening recognitions enlightening
Inspirational insinuations inspiring
Spirally inspiring, complications unfolding,
Supplying simplistically, intricacies untwining.

In all its a light giving glimmer
From the deeper darkness
From whence we appeared


To which we shall return.
A darker deepness
With only memories of the madness

Intricately untwining, simplistically supplying
Complications unspiralled folding expiring

Intergalactic suggestions were fired:
Enlighten, enlightened, enlightenment.

Realizations, realizations, realizations are initiations.



I have briefly tried to demonstrate that a strong imagination can be a useful tool on our journey towards mystical enlightenment. Magick may therefore be described as imagination in motion, for it is the objectification of the dream. Magick is a fine art, the most elastic of sciences. It is marked by its subtle elegance. In the broad sense it is true, all actions are magical, in that they occur as the result of some will process, but the 'purest' acts of magick never blunder for they create a pure stream of light energy perfectly focused by desire, that is wholly unperturbable. Any fool can create a stress in the ether, but to create a stress so beautifully pointed that the full momentum of the Universe, in the process of equilibriumising the action, satiates the desire without unwanted side effects - now that is an art. The 'fall out' that sometimes accompanies magical workings is referred to by Kenneth Grant as Tangential Tantra, a fine phrase, and his fascinating account of such occurrences in the book Hecate's Fountain, should serve as a strong warning to the casual meddler. Purity of thought is the essential ingredient in a magical act, for success depends on the will process enacting the choice unencumbered by subordinate baggage - clean the mind first!

The O.T.O. is a magical organization, which means it is a vehicle that has the power to aid the initiate in the quest for enlightenment. It is by definition therefore an Order of motion. We do not need to resort to Old Aeon style coarse evangelising while carrying out the Great Work. Instead we should allow the subtle elegance of selective vibratory action, and our enlightening existence as Kingly Ones to trigger, by silent transmission, the necessary changes in consciousness that th e Vision requires. This is the Wordless Way: Hadit in reversal is the ultimate point of non manifestation becoming: Zain not pain. But in the human spectrum, time is of the essence, as the Aeon's birth pangs scare many into thinking that the Child may die. Only by the collective efforts of the Servants of the Star and the Snake, and the magical harmonisation of our thought processes, may disaster be alleviated. I would strongly suggest therefore to all Order members the followi ng collective course of action: let's steal some fire from heaven and jump to the beat, the results I've been told on the best authority are quite unimaginable.

Philogelos 1648

Tradução portuguesa: Sua totalidade na Mente

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