Typhonian Talk: Aiwass, Maat and the New Aeon

Aiwass, Maat and the New Aeon

by Simon Hinton

We live in very strange times. The technological advances of the world are outpacing our evolution as the rate of their manifestation grows exponentially. Our consciousness exists within a spacetime curve that appears to be turning in on itself, and as we surge through its super permutated world the configurations of our starry heavens and the subtle influences on our being transform, and we witness: a new pattern has been forged. This is the New Aeon, a new dimension of possibilities, a new age of enlightenment, of Leo the Kingly Man and his Aquarian bride the Queen of Space. For those perceptive enough to tune in to these ever changing patterns a realization and sense of purpose may be perceived. This purpose is sometimes referred to as the Great Work and although it is of a magickal formulation (because it involves action) it is ultimately of mystical essence because it is a realization of a return to the Mother of all. Five hundred years before the birth of Christ the Egyptian Prince Priest Ankh-af-na-Khonsu of the 26th dynasty sensing this purpose and recognising Man's divergence from it wrote on the Stélé of Revealing the following words, which have been translated into English from their hieroglyphic form,

I am the Lord of Thebes, and I
The inspired forth speaker of Mentu
For me unveils the veiled sky
The self slain Ankh-af-na-Khonsu
Whose words are truth. I invoke, I greet
Thy presence, o Ra-Hoor-Khuit!

Unity uttermost showed!
I adore the might of thy breath,
Supreme and terrible God,
Who makest the gods and death
To tremble before Thee:-
I, I adore thee!

Appear on the throne of Ra!
Open the ways of Khu!
Lighten the ways of Ka!
The ways of the Khabs run through
To stir me or still me!
Aum! let it fill me.

There are many different belief systems which have evolved over the ages, most of which contain, to some degree or other, remnants of a wisdom of antiquity, the essence of which, if truly captured and invoked, will deliver essential universal truths empowering the initiate. Unfortunately however, history is replete with those who have taken the allegory literally, or have attached a false reality to the parable. The misinterpretation of spiritual experience has caused enormous imbalance and suffering throughout the centuries, which is why in the course of enquiry we should always do ourselves the justice of keeping an open mind. When filling in a cryptic crossword one needs to apply a little ingenuity, and similarly when dealing with the symbolisms of ancient religions there are rarely straightforward answers. During this discourse I may at times speak in terms that are couched in a language with which you may not be familiar, and in such cases I would ask you to kindly bear with me and to exercise fully your intuitive capabilities in order to capture the spirit of the information imparted. The word occult literally means hidden and occultism is about identifying the source of the power or energy that imbues a system; the power behind the power which may remain hidden to the casual observer. This pattern of energy is what is meant when we talk about a current. The Typhonian/Stellar current is of ancient antiquity and predates the solar, masculine cults by thousands of years. This is the current which Ankh-af-na-Khonsu, the O.T.O. and every 'true' pagan wishes to revive. Although the Draconian current to which I am referring, may manifest in different forms, its central essence remains the same: the light burns within; the Khu is in the Khabs.

In April 1904 the magician Aleister Crowley received a powerful grimoire from a spirit named Aiwass called The Book of The Law. It later became known as Liber Al and was an extremely pure earthing of the Typhonian current and a reflection of the beginning of powerful changes in human consciousness, which tallied with astronomical changes in our starry heavens. The Prince Priest Ankh-af-na-Khonsu attempted to revive the worship of Set-Typhon the 'terrible' God or man's true initiator. ;Furthermore Crowley believed he was an avatar of Ankh-af-na-Khonsu and the magickal memories he invoked of his many incarnations reflected his central role in the Great Work. The three verses that I quoted in my introduction from the Stélé of Revealing also formed part of the third chapter of Liber Al and were interpreted by Crowley along the lines suggested by the following Rosicrucian Benediction:

May thy Mind be open unto the Higher!
May thy Heart be the Centre of Light!
May thy Body be the Temple of the Rosy Cross!

In the material world Liber Al's prophesies were fulfilled with great accuracy as the earth became bathed in the blood of the birth pangs of the new Aeon. The horrors of two world wars and the breakdown in the fabric of society has proven to be an inevitable byproduct of an incomparable period of great transition in human history. These changes were foretold in Liber Al and Crowley further noted the odd fact that every time he published the book a major war would seem to break out nine months he nce. The madness, suffering and general world mayhem that has escalated since 1904 has been the inevitable short term result of a consciousness revolution where the build up of hidden forces and latent energies have been dramatically released. But the pain and difficulty that accompanies such changes can be minimised, and is very much dependent on the rate at which we can accept certain principles and adapt our lives in harmony with them. These expansions of consciousness have triggered, and are triggering, great effects on the material plane as humankind grapples with new modes of perception that are often radically different to conditioned response. As a simple analogy we could think of someone born with a 'silver spoon' in their mouth and eternally reliant on others, only to find a sudden change in circumstance resulting in them having to take full responsibility for themselves - there are bound to be a few teething problems.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, one of Liber Al's central axioms, may appear on the surface to give complete behaviourial license, but this is not the case. In actuality the requirement is for us to take absolute responsibility for our actions by self-imposed discipline. Our love and behaviour should be natural and spontaneous while at the same time subject to our true will, our dharma or essential pattern of being, which brings us to another of the Liber Al's central axi Love is the law, love under will. This further requires the recognition that the only ones that can save us are ourselves. This realization brings an end to the myth that one can only reach spiritual fulfilment through a mediator or saviour. The concept of original sin is therefore a fallacy. The new law states categorically that we can reach the God Head directly. The results of New Aeon thinking are radical: goodbye confessional boxes, goodbye atonement for sins: the onl in is restriction. Aleister 'says', Welcome then my children to the age of the Anti-Christ - the Beast has arisen from the sea. Small wonder then that dear Mr Crowley had all and sundry, superstitiously scurrying for their garlic: the message was bloody scary - there ain't no God but Man!

The Egyptian Goddess Typhon and her son Set were demonised by the latter Egyptian dynasties who were beginning to adopt a paternalistic religious culture which resulted in the male God Osiris at the head of the trinity. This Osirian cult was then plagiarised and worked into the Christian' scriptures completing with powerful effect the hatchet job on the 'real' paganism. The true pagans from different cultures with their initiated gnosis and their great god Pan were targeted as evil heathen worshippers and persecuted. Pan/Set and Satan are but different names that correspond to the same type of idea, that of creative, enlightening energy, which is by its very nature chaotic and difficult to deal with. But it is not evil. A useful analogy might be the force of electricity, which if utilized by a balanced individual can be used to give warmth and protection but if used unwisely can maim or kill.

Shaitan-Aiwass is a form of Set recognized by Crowley as his Holy Guardian Angel but Crowley only truly recognised this fact when he had 'crossed the Abyss' and substituted 'Adonai' meaning Lord with Aiwass. Crossing the Abyss is a technical term which means transcending fully all personal identity by 'dying' to the world. (The death here is not physical but a metaphor for complete dis-identification with the ego, a process which is necessary to enjoy the highest mystical states, as these transcend duality.) In the light of my researches into the Book of the Law Crowley's relationship with Aiwass makes particular sense if we consider the spirit of Aiwass to be the Holy Guardian Angel of all Mankind, or put another way, if we consider Mankind to be an organic sentient entity, there is a force/a current/a being/a pattern which represents that entity's true will. One of the numbers of Aiwass generated by gemetria is 418, which is also the number of the Great Work and results from multiplying 19 by 22. This I believe lends further credence to my suggestion that the special relationship Aiwass has with Mankind is that he represents our true will. The number 22 represents the Universe, being the number of paths on the Tree of Life and the number 19 represents manifestation, being the number of paths that have some existence below the Abyss (in the phenomenal world). When Crowley took the 'jump' from personal initiation, to the full realization that consciousness is a continuum by taking the Oath of the Abyss (which means interpreting all events as a direct and significant dealing with a Unity called God) a fuller connection was made with Aiwass. The New Aeon is an age of direct recognition of this incredible creative, chaotic potential. It is the age of genius. Saturn is the planet that corresponds with Set and as such represents both initiation and the stricture of us facing our karma. It equates on the Tree of Life with Binah the sephiroth of Understanding which rests above the duality of human consciousness (and above the Abyss of the difference) in the Supernal Triad. We have entered an age when the shackles of suppression will be blasted physically, magickally and mystically. The discipline normally associated with Saturn is required to guide us through these chaotic times. Considering the difficulties he was to face in his lifetime, Crowley at the beginning of his magickal career, picked what proved to be a very aptly chosen magickal motto, Perdurabo, meaning 'I will endure till the end', and when the chaos of Set/Horus, so symptomatic of the New Age, was invoked, it is hardly surprising that he was labelled the wickedest man in the world by a world that didn't realize how wicked it had been.

Aleister Crowley had received rigorous training from the Golden Dawn organization both in mental discipline and in magickal and mystical practice. He was also the most learned of Qabalists and possessed a brilliant mind of extraordinary capability, and yet in spite of these exceptional qualities he was not able to discover all of the meanings that lay hidden in Liber Al. Crowley, for all his radical thinking was still a child of the Old Aeon, because he was born before April 1904, and some of his understandings were slanted by personal bias i.e. his subjective conditioning. Although he was the world's most advanced mystic his understandings of the 'big picture' were in many ways limited, that is to say there were certain aspects of the Book which were to remain occult or hidden. But this was how it was intended, for Liber Al clearly states that its message would be revealed over time, and that there were some mysteries contained within that no Beast would divine.

One of the most curious incidents connected with Liber Al, and one often used as evidence that the Book derived from a praetor-human source, concerns Charles Stansfield-Jones or Frater Achad as he is more commonly known. Liber Al stated specifically that the central qabalistic key of the book would be discovered by Crowley's 'child' a One that would follow him. Crowley was a highly accomplished magician and used sex magick techniques constantly through his life. This prophesy in Liber Al had set his mind working and he was eager to produce a magickal heir. To do this he engaged in several workings with his 'Scarlet Woman' of the time, Soror Hilarion (Jane Foster) around the Autumn Equinox of 1915, believing he would achieve a manifestation on the physical plane. But it didn't quite work out that way. Fortunately he kept a magickal journal and exactly nine months after performing an act of sex magick with Hilarion, Frater Achad, who was at that time a Neophyte in Crowley's mystical organization the A.A., became a 'Babe of the Abyss' taking the grade 8° 3 or Magister Templi. The magick had worked and within eighteen months Achad had discovered the main key to Liber Al, 31 which equals both 'God' and 'Not', AL and LA forming one third of the Thelemic Trinity 93 which equates to Agape-Love and Thelema-Will. When the words 'God' and 'Not' are interchanged in the Book the sense of certain obscure passages becomes apparent. Another curious aspect is that Jones took the name 'Achad' which means Unity or One, at the beginning of his magickal career, supplying further proof that he was the 'One' prophesied. Another interesting point is that the numeration of Achad in Hebrew is 13, being 31 reversed, which represents the lunar current or principle, and one in which Crowley and his obsession with the Beast couldn't fully capture, other than through chosen feminine vessels which manifested the current: his Scarlet Women. The Unity of 13 is represented on the Tree of Life when one takes the ten sephiroth and three veils of negative existence. There are 13 full moons in a year.

It is a well recorded fact that Achad went completely 'off the rails' for a good while becoming totally obsessed with his role as Crowley's 'magickal son' and discoverer of Liber Al's key. His imbalance or magickal obsession undoubtedly occurred as a direct result of him taking the Oath of the Abyss without working through the earlier grades of initiation. His ordeal was a long one and he suffered temporary madness resulting in such acts of lunacy as, cavorting around Vancouver clad in nothing more than a raincoat (which he then cast off to demonstrate the removal of all restrictions) and joining the Roman Catholic Church. However, despite this period of insanity, Achad did provide valuable insights into Liber Al that have proven to be creatively viable and which shed important light on some of the mysteries contained therein. Most notably he heralded in the Aeon of Maat on April 2nd 1948, his 62nd birthday and 44 years after the inception of the bloody Aeon of Horus .

Among occultists Achad's announcement certainly caused controversy with most dismissing his claims as the words of a fool. The purists consider an Aeon to refer only to a vast period of time, in fact 2166 years or the length of time it takes our Sun to pass through the Vernal Equinox. There have been others however who have not dismissed Achad's claims so lightly and subsequent events have occurred that suggest he may well have been on the right track. But for those that do take such a fun damentalist stance I would firstly ask, what reason the necessity to always view time in such a strict linear fashion, and secondly, is the astrological technique of dividing the heavens into twelve equal segments, which is the mark of the post-Typhonian Solar cults, the most favourable method of concatenating patterns? Throughout human history there are certainly instances where individuals can be said to have been ahead of their time. A case in point with regards to receiving occult vibrations from future Aeons, has to be that of Dr John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly, who in the 16th century received the Enochian magickal system, although admittedly they did not fully understand it. Rather than viewing time and the succession of Aeons through such a reductionist lens, a more fruitful attitude to take might be to recognize that we live in the Aeon which we project around us. As an example of this variance one only has to look at Christendom - decaying yes - but still very much in existence, and still very much a reality to hundreds of millions of individuals, existing as it does as an Osirian, old Aeon patriarchal structure. From a purely scientific point of view the concept of receiving information from a future time was hypothesized by the American Nobel Laureate and physicist Richard Feynmann who proposed that the atomic particles known as positrons are electrons travelling backwards in time, which by non-physical means impinge on the percipient's consciousness making precognition possible. This theory is one that would most certainly tie in with the idea of an Aeon coming 'before' its time.

So far we have briefly discussed the inception of Liber Al dictated by Aiwass, a form of the God Set, the initiator or bringer of light. In the Egyptian mythos, Set, and Horus his brother, are engaged in a perpetual warfare. Symbolically therefore, we can see Aiwass (as a form of Set) taking on the warlike role where necessary, by initiating, so as to break down old fashion superstitions and restrictions which have in some form or other prevented the light of truth reaching our consciousne ss. Aiwass manifested through Crowley for this general task, and Crowley recognizing this stated quite clearly that he considered one of his chief roles was to restore and present a purer form of paganism to the human inhabitants of this planet. When I speak of a purer form I refer again to the earlier Typhonian current which the Prince Priest Ankh-af-na-Khonsu tried to revive in the 26th Dynasty, and which was suppressed by the later Osirian, solar cults. But the true current of initiation has always survived and after its Egyptian suppression it surfaced again in various Far Eastern traditions, as it also did in Jacques de Molay's Order of the Knights Templar, and other Western groups, right up until the present day.

Aiwass as a form of Set, manifested as the Beast or chaotic, creative force through Crowley. This could be described as the masculine principle corresponding with Hadit the omnipresent point, and one of the two infinities represented in Liber Al. Here it should be remembered that the great initiator Aiwass is the minister of Hoor-pa-Kraat which is the silent or concealed result of the meeting of thesetwo infinities. As such Aiwass must naturally have the pot ential to manifest as the Scarlet Woman Typhon, or the goddess-Nuit principle, the circle whose circumference is infinite and the other infinity represented in Liber Al. The first letter of His name Aleph conceals the mystery of the Double Current, for its numeration is One representing the male principle while corresponding to Nought in the Tarot which represents the female principle. The associated tarot card is the Fool which is the pure Fool of Act 1 in Parsival. As an interesting aside an old name for this card is Mat from the Italian Matto meaning fool and whose earliest derivation is surely the Egyptian Goddess Maat. Maat can quite clearly be seen then as a form of Nuit and these potentialities exist in all human beings regardless of gender. This potentialized state is symbolised by Harpocrates God of silence 'the Babe in the Egg of Blue.' In the truly initiated human being these qualities will manifest side by side in balanced equilibrium. This stat e of natural unfettered balance is that which all initiates should aspire to irrespective of which tradition they choose to align themselves with: the true emancipation of realized potential in total harmony and ease with itself. The meeting of the two infinities Nuit and Hadit results therefore in the microcosmic human being, The Kingdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit. For those who visualize Liber Al solely as a book of the Age of Horus the occultist Kenneth Grant highlights a very valid point for what may be considered a possible imbalance of perspective. Crowley was instructed to change not so much as a single letter of the law as there were mysteries contained therein which would be discovered later. The nature of such transmissions were known as Class A. However the book was originally known as Liber L which Crowley changed after Achad discovered the qabalistic key. L it should be noted is the sacred letter in the Holy Twelvefold Table that stabilizes the Universe. L is the letter which corresponds with Libra, Balance and 'Adjustment' in the Tarot. In the Crowley/Harris Deck this card is represented by the Goddess Maat. This is the true understanding of the Book of the Law: a journey to Universal Harmony.

At this juncture in our enquiry we shall examine the goddess Maat in a little more detail. Maat is the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Measurement and Balance. She is depicted as a beautiful young woman wearing a blue feather her symbol, in a headband. She is the daughter of Ra the Sun God and the wife of Thoth the Ibis headed scribe of the Gods. Maat is an ideal, a principle, and the principle is that of perfection and balance. The Maat principle then is that which should naturally follow the enlightenment that the initiator Set brings. This perfection is for that of the whole human race. The martial Horus destroys the remnants of past philosophies while Maat invokes the future. The planet we live on is in a terrible state and is being destroyed on the Outer. Ecological disasters present themselves to us on the news every day as we poison our Mother Earth. The key to change ultimately lies not in political structure however, but in our minds or rather our consciousness. Self-realization is the key and the internal battle which results in initiation manifests as the Double Current in Liber Al. There is much about the human race that needs to be purged. Swift as a trodden serpent turn and strike! Be thou yet deadlier than he. Liber Al III:42. By our very existing we destroy the past and invoke the future; our past, our future. But the war is in the present, the and Now! The present is Ra-Hoor-Khuit which corresponds to the third chapter of Liber Al and is the most difficult to understand. Above the Abyss there are no contradictions because the inner conflicts of the personality complex have been transcended. Understanding shines and the balancing aspect of Saturn can enact. Set only causes chaos where it is 'needed' and dualistic thinking always requires some degree of chaos. This should not be misconstrued as a carefree license to mess with the Gods: Set is a powerful deity and we must be prepared for upheaval if we invoke Him, in the same that no one in their right mind would allow a completely untrained pilot to fly a Jumbo Jet. When Ordeal X (the crossing of the Abyss) has been successfully accomplished the harmonising features of Maat will greet us and the Unity of Thought resulting from our initiation can de-reflect upon itself and become no-thing. This is the secret of the Mother and her name is Nuit!

The following working has been conceived as a method of visualising in very simple terms how the current of Shaitan-Aiwass operates in a Horus' Aeon sense and how the 93 Thelemic current and its effects, may be moulded and developed in a balanced form so as to tally with the Maatian current/Aeon. It should be understood that these forces represent different polarisations in the consciousness continuum and may be further visualised as a twisting helix which has a corresponding organic representation on the molecular level, our D.N.A.-the very building blocks of life, because when the two infinities Nuit and Hadit meet they spiral and curl. On a larger scale Human Beings possess 46 separate chromosomes and 46 is the number of Maat.

You may wish to shut you eyes for the duration.


Imagine you are standing in the middle of a dark and densely filled forest. The trees around you are all diseased and rotten and the air is filled with millions of bugs that have come to feed on the decaying carcasses of dead animals that lay strewn at your feet. All around you is death and the symbols of death; the putrid smell of rotting flesh fills the air. You cannot move and you cannot see, and just liked the Hanged Man of the Tarot you stand petrified, glued to the spot with no way out. You are restricted, caught up in a guilt ridden world repressed and helpless. Everything is contaminated and there seems to be no hope. So you open your heart and scream out to the God of All My Lord why have you forsaken me? Is there no light left in the world? But the great God Pan laughs at your tragic grimace- You have forsaken yourself. is nature's reply. All experience occurs within, so you must will your destiny.

Instinctively you recognize the truth in Pan's words and pray further to save yourself by enacting your magickal will which means invoking the Angel of mankind to enlighten the dark tunnels and byways of Set.

Your power I plead to crystallise in form
And our true Stardom weave
Its Universal orbit Born-
Less One strayed god perchance should fall
Yes I shall die my Love
Reborn to blaze this path my call!

I summon thee Aiwass!
From all the Gods and energies and powers of the Universe!
Let no obstacle of mind, matter, space or time
E'er come between us!

Aiwass Aiwass as I was
I bid thee come forth!
Shine the light of initiation upon I!

And from the overhead clearing a single spark descends, illuminating the night with a faint glimmer of possibility. You have made the jump of self connection and in response you hear a faint whisper from the God of All If you want the light you must will the light.

So you take heed and will the light causing the spark to catch on a small piece of dry wood which ignites, shedding a river of brightness. And with this light you witness that the gloom and death around you are but a section of the cycle of transition: the netherside of beauty. And then the fire comes - burning, destroying and laying waste to the old, tearing down the lying spectres of the centuries. With the force and fire of creative opposition you have inadvertently invoked the Hawk headed God which succumbs and answers to your Angel's direction. It burns and burns again swift as the trodden serpent in the Kingdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit Now!

This is the initiation of enlightenment destruction.

And you pray further to the Angel of mankind as the horrors of your mind melt away.

Restore the feather of Maat's beauteous balance!
For I to suck the nectar
Flowing bountifully copiously!
A shimmering cosmic orgasm
Of rapturous liaison!
I plead with you my Angel
Come again! Come again! Come again!


Such are the words!

......................................................has spoken!

So mote it be!

The earth has now been purged of its atrocities while Saturn has eaten your sick children: the demons of your mind which had been feeding all their lives on your prana. And now you sit on sweet smelling grass while the sun shines kindly upon thee and there next to you is single blue feather lying on the ground. Ahh..... so this is the truth of Maat: existence is pure joy and all sorrows are but shadows. Initiation is being let into the joke by degrees which is why we'll double up in laughter when the truth unfolds. And from the seed of your consciousness a tree begins to grow and resting in its tallest boughs the honeybee builds its home in hexagonal style. Without a lust of result it tirelessly works, providing warmth, nutrition, security and happiness for its offspring. You are the bee and Shaitan is your nectar, the Unity of consciousness manifests a reflection of itself through you - a mechanism of neurological structure, wired to receive.
This is the initiation of enlightenment creation. This is the initiation of Maat.

The working is completed. Relax and allow your consciousness to fully return to the room.


Since the reception of Liber Al there have been other Typhonian Transmissions that have helped to enlighten initiates further. Of particular interest with regards to this discussion, is the transmission received by Soror Andahadna in 1974 known as Liber Pennae Praenumbra delivered by a spirit calling itself Na'ton. This was a powerful transmission which very much embodied the Maatian current. Rather than supersede Liber Al, which is probably the purest and most potent Typhonian trans mission extant, Liber Pennae Praenumbra succeeds in complimenting it, while delivering fresh impetus to both the Current and its development. The world we live in is not static and new understandings will always evolve. It is important to remember that the manifestation of the twin current is dependent on the neurological structures through which it earths. At the time of the reception of Liber Al for example there was a tremendous world interest in Egyptology and Aleister Crowley was in Cairo. The beauty of the Egyptian mythos as an infrastructure for transmitting thought process is the wide pantheon of the gods it embodies, which can be used very efficiently to explain or isolate certain types of ideas or energies. In a similar way a study of the Jewish Qabalah enables a mystical filing cabinet to be created in the mind of the student in which ideas of all classes can be ordered. Gerald Massey the 19th Century Scholar whose monumental works have provided the pillars of ou r Typhonia, made a perceptive observation when he noted that external currents, forces and phenomena are explained and communicated in the sign language of the day. Today that sign language may embody the terms of quantum physics, special relativity or digitalized computer language, but the sun still shines and the seasons continue unerringly which by way of illustration demonstrates that the Current exists which ever model is used to earth it.

The Double Current which traces its way through Liber Al must be recognized as two strands of the same force. Liber Al 1: 45 states:
The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect and not two; nay are none! To the truly initiated mind therefore this will be perceived not as a conflict, but as the division which comes with dualistic thought process and when we transcend duality we will recognize this clearly as a harmonious Unity . This is the vision of Maat. At this point I would like to quote from Liber Pennae Praenumbra.

The hidden One of the Abyss now gives the two wherein is wrought the higher alchemy: supporting Earth is Chthonos - learn it well, and all bonds shall be loosed for the Will's Working. Surmounting Spirit, there is Ychronos, whose nature is duration and the passing-away thereof.

The two are one and form the Kingdom's essence. Who master's them is the Master of the World. They are the utter keys of transmutation, and the keys of the power of other elements.

Nema the book's transmitter describes in the commentary Chthonos as spacetime, matter energy, and Ychronos as the chart of changes through the time dimension. Both are fractal complexities.

In the next verse the Double Current is identified as being the substance of man. The Kingdom corresponds to Malkulth on the Tree of Life which represents Earth. This is described in Liber Al as The Kingdom of Ra Hoor-Khuit, which as I have already mentioned is formed from the two infinities Nuit and Hadit. The meaning is clarified in the following verse.

Of old ye knew the key of two in one conjoined. Ye have lived and loved
the full measure as NU and HAD, as PAN and BABALON. The mystery of mine own image do ye also know, for such a Truth was for the ancient Orders of the East and the West.

This image is Baphomet, the Goat-headed human figure with an erect phallus and female breasts. This androgynous figure represents the Unity that is achieved when duality is transcended. On the material plane we can see this spirit manifesting when males recognize unashamedly, qualities within themselves that have traditionally been conditioned as feminine, and conversely when females recognize traditionally conditioned male qualities, as part of a balanced whole within themselves. Yes, all of us, both male and female can adopt the symbolism of the Beast and the Scarlet Woman personally, just as we can both give and receive, think and feel. True peace and long lasting happiness is an attainable reality if we truly capture the spirit of the Double Current and mould our realizations into a hamonious Unity.

In conclusion I would like to quote from a small reception that I received from a spirit identifying itself as my Holy Guardian Angel in July of last year. The reception was dictated by an inner voice in what proved to be an unrehearsed and completely natural, free following communication. It formed a small book which I named Liber Omonoia 311 which means Unity in Greek - its numeration totaling 311 which I later discovered. The book's contents have played a pivotal role in my personal initiation and are imbued with the Maatian current, although in no way do I consider the book to be either a new dispensation or even a postscript to Liber Al. What its reception provided was vital additional information that acted as a catalyst for a deeper understanding of The Book of the Law and the Double Current contained therein.

6. One is the key.
Chosen for those that free.
And in the day of balance it shall be three for ye.
7. Thus ye have One and three
Three and One.
Had Unity
Let not one well know the other.
8. In the day of Maat the justified will gain by losing that which they chose to explain.
Negating the effects of pain.
9. And only then shall your Unity be found
And only then Not again shall my children breathe the light without breath. The dark without death.

Simon Hinton 1998 ©

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