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Thelema and Suppressed Homosexuality

Attention: This article does not reflect the opinion of P.R. Koenig but is a summary of several discussions at afternoon teas with Oscar R. Schlag (1907-1990). It was published 1990 in James Martin's ABRASAX when Schlag still was alive. Biographical details about Oscar Schlag can be found in "Das OTO-Phaenomen". An online English translation is: Did You Know Oscar Schlag ? This book contains many English quotations of O.T.O.-protagonists regarding O.R. Schlag and a polaroid photograph of the man. Schlag's many correspondences with protagonists of the O.T.O.-Phenomenon are facsimilized in "Materialien zum OTO".

Oscar R. Schlag's voice; in English, 1987 (1:13, 170 KB).

His occult library was the largest one in Europe — today it is open for the public in Zuerich.

Oscar R Schlag Wissende, Eingeweihte und Verschwiegene Zurich 1986 Ordo Templi Orientis Hermetische Gesellschaft Leopold Szondi, Albert Schrenck-Notzing, Thelema and Homosexuality, Thelema and Paranoia, Aleister Crowley, Carl Gustav Jung, Karl Germer, Marcelo Ramos Motta, Theodor Reuss, Bomsdorff-Bergen, Baphomet, Carl Kellner, Arnoldo Krumm-Heller, Marcelo Ramos Motta, Jane Wolfe, Phyllis Seckler, Kenneth Grant, Fraternitas Saturni, Eugen Grosche
Catalogue of Oscar R. Schlag's book exhibition: "Wissende, Eingeweihte und Verschwiegene", Zurich 1986, p. 126-127.

Schlag, a homosexual, followed the psychotherapist Leopold Szondi's hypothesis that homosexuality sooner or later ends in paranoia. I must confess that I was a bit shocked to hear that, nevertheless I think his controversial thoughts are worth being published again. It might be noted that Schlag's self-styled heirs wanted to legally block this website. In vain.
The below article is edited.

More photographs of Oscar Schlag.

I recently [1990] had an interesting discussion with an old initiate [Oscar R. Schlag who considered himself to be the re-incarnation of Carl Kellner] who personally knew Crowley's heir Karl Germer [who wanted him as leader of Crowley's O.T.O.], Jane Wolfe, Phyllis Seckler, Hermann Joseph Metzger [who saw in Schlag the highest initiate on earth], Henry Birven, Friedrich Lekve, Gabriel Montenegro, Walter Englert, Adolf Hemberger, Eugen Grosche [who wanted him as leader of the Fraternitas Saturni], the Brazilian leaderof Crowley's O.T.O. Marcelo Ramos Motta (who saw in Schlag the worst enemy), Gerald Yorke, Kenneth and Steffi Grant, the French leader of Memphis-Misraim Robert Ambelain, Ellic Howe, Francis King, Karl R.H. Frick; and was a famulus of Rudolf Bernoulli and Eugen Bleuler [leader of a famous Swiss mental asylum].
Schlag worked as a medium for Albert Schrenck-Notzing and Carl Gustav Jung and created the expression, "Grenzgebiete der Psychologie" to scholarly label PSI-phenomena and such mediumistic phenomena as ectoplasm and materializations. Schlag told me several times that he astrally met Crowley who had a very "special task" for him to fulfil.
Schlag lectured on Graphology and Yoga at Universities in the US and in Zuerich, in the 1930s and 1940s.
A long-experienced psychotherapist, Schlag was convinced that psychopathologies such as paranoia are based on repressed homosexuality. This would certainly seem to be the case in occult circles in general and in Thelema in particular. Let's examine the record ...

Theodor Reuss' activities as singer, spy, Mason and founder of the Ordo Templi Orientis can be explained by his unbalanced life of repressed homosexuality and, indeed, there were some yellow-journalistic scandals (even into masonic circles) of some "nasty" Reuss stories in his time, 1906.

The same was true of Aleister Crowley; up until 1912, he slept mostly with ugly women, mostly repressing his homosexuality. He even had problems with masturbation. After taking over the English branch of the O.T.O., he also accepted the anally oriented XI° and the masturbatory oriented VIII°. A noticeable decline in his works came with his taking over the O.T.O. He lost his inner drives, probably in living out his sexuality. And his ugly behaviour toward his admirers and his pupils is common knowledge.

Passive aggressivity, I assume, was Crowley's motivation for taking over the XI°. The most authoritative O.T.O. papers he signed with "XI°" so it seems clear to me that the XI° is higher than any IX° or X°! [see also Crowley's Order system of 12 degrees where the 11th degree definitely is above the X° and below the XII°]. Crowley received the Logos via his anus and produced the new reality: the most important O.T.O. materials, his child. It's also possible that Crowley had a small penis; in fact, I remember that John Symonds, somewhere [in his biography "The Great Beast 666"], mentions that he did: that he had a part of his penis amputated or lopped off in an accident.

The devotion Crowley demanded from both men and women tended to attract repressed homosexuals. Crowley preferred sleeping with ugly women and ugly men. Ugliness is also an outer stain which may lead to homosexuality. Most gays dress younger than their age, more like boys. Their hair is boyish. Most gays behave shy, or else in an exaggeratedly macho manner (i.e. leather costumes). It seems that gay men somehow dont' reach maturity, and so the XI° produces the elixir of life, which an unmaly person like Crowley needed as desperatedly as money.

Crowley's heir, Karl Germer, had sexual intercourse with women but suffered from paranoia. The Brazilian M.R. Motta told of a conversation with Germer in which the latter said Crowley should have been in love with him, but at the time Germer allegedly refused to be taken anally by Crowley. During his stay in concentration camps in France and Belgium, Germer got into contact with his Holy Guardian Angel, who instructed him to learn sexual passivity. And after Crowley's death, Germer made sexual advances upon Motta, who refused him.
Karl Germer, it's rumored by people who have seen his diary, had syphilis via Crowley, which might explain his well-documented paranoia.

Marcelo Ramos Motta had hang-ups about the length of his penis, which he considered to be too small. He thought it a sign of un-manliness. Motta had problems sexually with both women and men. He was only sodomized once, by a black male. His paranoia grew immensely.

Repressed emotions usually seek their release in either drugs or sex. In my own experience, most of the Thelemites I've known suffer from repressed emotions. Some had problems making contacts and were drug addicts. Thelema as a Gnostic system equates God with Man ("Every man and every woman is a star.") What happens to the Gods and their unreleased emotions? After they've experienced the endless powerlessness of their aims, their magickal failures, their social failures, their failures in the Orders, the vicious circle of creating their own Order, they establish contact with a fairy Holy Guardian Angel who possesses the individual's reality like a huge phallus possesses the anus or the vagina, but tells it freely to do its Will.

In the outer: your friends won't deal with your occult interests. Hush, hush, your divine self tells you to create your own Abbey or take over one in ruins, along with the invention of the hottest new Holy Book in order that you can sexually (ab)use your "new" friends/brothers in sexmagickal ceremonies. Now you throw those out who won't fit you any longer since your sexual and magickal interests have become one. You climbed to a throne, the graceful chariot of Hermes, from which you can throw stones upon those who had the same problems but did not have the impudence to do the same (e.g. which club has the legal right to anal sex as the highest religious sacrament?) — and, suddenly, you've created your Ersatz-family, your Ersatz-responsibility (your failure to have one with your friends). You became your own father-figure and can now live out your powergames.

My experience is that most occult leaders or important occult personalities have suffered from repressed homosexuality and, in their later years, from paranoia. I would add that the homosexual in a repressive society, can be pushed (a) into art, (b) into the occult, or (c) into the business world — fields where there is pressure to improve oneself, in order to compensate for inferiority complexes. Art and the occult support the need for exclusivity. Titles and "secrets" make out of a poor fag poodle a High King. A suppressed gay who keeps secrets which make him undying and supreme walks easier across the steets than he who jumps into the couch of a psychiatrist. A suffering faggot can be recognized by wearing chacha-heels in a psychic or physical form. Both deal with inferiority which leads to the compensation which will be reversed by the idea of homosexuality's first-class exclusivity which easily leads to the first-class fascistoid concept of a chosen initiate (neither into art, neither business ...)

    The Templar's Reich — The Slaves Shall Serve. Aleister Crowley — Ordo Templi Orientis — Fraternitas Saturni — Theodor Reuss — Hanns Heinz Ewers — Lanz von Liebenfels — Karl Germer, Arnoldo Krumm-Heller — Martha Kuentzel — Friedrich Lekve — Hermann Joseph Metzger — Christian Bouchet — Paolo Fogagnolo — James Wasserman.

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